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2:00 in the morning, I must be crazy. But I'm called Barnett Williams... (among other things by my friends). Started paddling ww in the early 70's in Tennessee while in college and have a love for the outdoors that is rivaled only by a predisposition to have a good time. Have never met a person on a river that I didn't like..... well, maybe one, but it's just too damn easy to enjoy yourself on any river to go around pickin fights.
Like all types of water from ww to flat, mountain fresh to salt but get my heart rates up for Gauleys, Arkansases, Coloradoes, Daddy's and Caney Forks.... Best times are going out West with the paddlin brothers (and a few sisters); best trip was a private in'90 where I spent 18 religious days thru the Grand Canyon in a Jetti.... Best carbon dating fact is we were paddlin the Ocoee in late '76 in Blue Holes& Speercrafts.
I've always been considered a open boater and prefer it in gnarly water and yet I've been slipping out (in disguise) for years to "walk on the dark side" in one of my kayaks.
I actually don't own any boats in the veiw of my wife... they're ALL (7 of 'em) being stored for friends. But she and my girls know what paddling means to me. My youngest (19) is an Ocoee open boater and has really made her 31 year old father proud ! (I've had to push my age out a few years since my oldest turned 29 AND just made my wife a Grandmother!)
Can you believe all this !?
Well, if so, give me a call, I want to talk to you.

Lean Down Stream, Barnett