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Araiz, 30 years old, 'nearly single', born and live in the Basque Country (here, near Pyrenees).

I 'stupidly' like running the shuttle, taking photographs, watching paddlers 'dancing' in the river and 'relaxing' while my friends paddle. (...of course they love me!)

Every single year I promise myself I'll start paddling 'seriously'...this year's 'good excuse' : a 'stupid' discal-hernia !

I always liked rivers, kayaks, ... but it wasn't until 5 or so years ago that I 'got involved' in the paddling 'community', and now...I can't left!!!!! :-)
Neither can I switch off the computer if I have something to read on rbp!!
A real adict I am!

I like this and that and tommorrow something else, I studied Art restoration but I'm more on web-page designing right now.

Can't remember anything else by now! :-)


BTW, I also wanted to know who we are...reaaaaally curious I was! :-)