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Oļ to our fellow Punk lovers and welcome to the PUNKLESSLY DEVOTED TO MP3 webring headquarters !!! This cyber organisation was created by Tony and Vinnie (No we're not from the Mafia). So here's how this webring saw day light : Once upon a time from a far far away land called Canada, Tony and Vinnie, two punks...they gotta be geeks too to sit all day in front of their screen, were chatting together soberly. They both agreed that it's such a pain in the ass to get your page in a webring. They both had an idea at the same time : Why don't they do their own Punk Rock webring. One that's faster to add pages than then others and that reunites all the high quality PUNK Mp3 sites of the world wide punk web. Inspired by Me First And The Gimme Gimmes which was playing in their cd player, PUNKLESSLY DEVOTED TO MP3 came out of the blue and became the webring's title. They managed the ring happily ever after...The End. So if you have a kickass punk/ska/hardcore mp3 page, just join us ! WHERE QUALITY IS #2 'CAUSE PUNK'S #1 !!!

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Rules to Join
1. Your site must have 80% working mp3 links
2. Your site should have at least 50 mp3s
3. It must have to do with PUNK/SKA music

Instructions to join
1. Join here
and you will be e-mailed with instructions
3. Wait for your site to be added off the queue (shouldn't take more than 6 hours)
4. Edit your site info HERE if you need to edit it after you've joined



Punks here since august 1999