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Brooks Publishing Limited Communication series
these are the little funny books I've made that are still available.
They are made for my own enjoyment only.
Only because, I am the only one who enjoys them!
if you feel you'd like to feel one and look at it and then you have to email me and ask.

all titles are extremely limited.
all books measure 2.75 x 4.5 in.
all books assembled and signed by the artist.
and are printed in the high quality xerox way!

phoenix sanfrancisco boston oakland

  • PO106
    Koko Sighs
    this book hit home heavily,
    we all are touched.
    by that deaf monkey
    I pluck joyness and celebration
    out of my sorrow for what I cannot have.

  • PO104
    Boobs Are Plentiful
    after I made this book,
    I laughed out loud, a lot. I found boobs everywhere!
    from donuts, to snowmen, the number eight to cowboy boobs!
    for chrissakes, applaud me dammit!

  • PO103
    WHY ARE YOU MAD at me?
    classic brian fare
    where an eternal question is pondered, why are you mad? me? for Christ's sake.
    I wouldn't be surprised if my next book was called Do you like me?
    I'm running out of ideas here, gimmee a break.

  • PO102
    my quest for a companion
    may only be had
    with the help of a hatchet!

  • PO101
    the 21 most commonestly frequented
    tee-shirts of the past six months
    as worn by Brian Brooks

    vol 9 (febuary 14th through august 14th)
    is this life sure getting weird?
    Time seems to keep marching along,
    and bland shirts continue to be worn, how boring? you bet!


  • PO100
    I love the trees, this is true by Jonathan Richman
    by Brian Brooks
    this is a fun and slightly retarded story
    about jonathan's non-existant love for trees

  • POO99
    the Collected Dumbest Movies Never-Ever Made
    by Brian Brooks and Derek Martin

    My friend Derek wrote this funny funny
    collection of really really dumb
    movies that were fer surely never-ever made

  • POO98
    The 21 most commenest shirts worm by
    Brian Brooks, of the past six months

    vol 8 August 20 1999- February 20 2000
    My face may grow uglier as time passes
    but my hot bod sure looks awesome
    'specially with these bitchen shirts

  • POO97
    Barely a hare
    the dillusional thoughts of a
    lonely bear as he comes to grips
    with his bear body

  • POO96
    You Are the One (at a time)
    a visual document and journey
    through the naked love life of the author
    with accurate illustrations of past and future lovers

  • POO95
    David Bowies Lamest Halloween Costumes
    a peak into the past
    of the lousiest Halloween Costumes
    Bowie ever donned

  • POO94
    This is My Book by David Byrne
    by Brian Brooks

    David walks us through a chair
    Brian unintentionally compares the jobs of
    Schneider (One Day at a Time) and Byrne(Talking Heads)

  • POO93
    Bugs Are Sad
    and they cry bug tears

    I'm laying it all out in front of you.
    this is how I feel... This is what I am about

  • POO92
    Morrissey Gets a Job
    who's miserable now?

  • POO91
    el Burrito Log
    a year in Brian's dinner

    what's this I hear? Burritos how often????
    read the book to find out!

  • POO90
    who do I love? and how do I love you?

  • POO89
    21 most commonest shirts worn by
    Brian Brooks, of the past six months
    vol 7 February 13 1999- August 19 1999

    what my upper torso looked like, when I live in Oakland CA

  • POO87
    Hence Some Extra Bugs Noah Forgot.
    This is What They Look Like.

    ever wonder what a 'Snug As A Bug In A Rug Bug' looked like?

  • POO86
    what if 9
    what if instead of skyscrapers,
    we had 'grondticklers'...
    which essentially were just large holes in the ground
    that buisness people fell intl.!?

  • POO85
    Generic Stock Phrases
    and the Professionals Who Don't Use Them
    collaboration with Andrew Gottsfield

    what more can be said, or un said.

  • POO84
    Stupid Metaphors
    step out of your dim world
    and brighten up by being force fed MEANING

  • POO83
    Me & Me
    I love me....I hate me.

  • POO82
    What if 8
    what if lonely people could buy
    cassettes of open-ended conversations?

  • POO81
    What if 7
    what if Eskimos lived in ice cream cones?

  • POO80
    what the hell do those guy-levers do?
    this isnt the boob root for guys, is it?

  • POO79
    Haunted House during the day
    this haunted house isnt empty during the day...
    but it sure seems that way

  • POO78
    Choose Your Own Adventure Island
    is it your destiny or freewill,
    that makes such horrible decisions?

  • POO77
    Dart McWoof
    Brian's best baseball boob book

  • POO76
    zombie boob
    the zombie boob rolls

  • POO75
    under the tree
    who's throwing those boobs at me?

  • POO74
    but boy, are they pretty
    the story of the boob root

  • POO73
    supplementing their income(1993-1998)

  • POO72
    21 most commonest shirts worn by
    Brian Brooks, of the past six months

    of corse I keep track...great book fodder, thats why?

  • POO71
    baa ewe sheep is lamb
    all you need is love

  • POO70
    the saddest camper
    the saddest camper has pooped his pamper
    based on a blues number I wrote
    about my saddness after my sweetie left me

  • POO69
    Canadian Slang
    taking a beating, around the bush, for a walk
    14 optional words for use describing clothing
    worn on the secoond half of the body
    part 2: underwear & pants

  • POO68
    Canadian Slang
    taking a beating, around the bush, for a walk
    14 optional words for use in describing clothing
    worn on the second half of the body
    part 1: shoes & socks

  • POO67
    what if ? vol 6
    what if the hard of smelling wore smell enhancers

  • POO66
    and I cry like a pig baby

  • POO65
    what if ? vol 5
    what if your butt had to be dry cleaned,
    because you were very rich?

  • POO64
    names of people I've never met,
    and what they might have looked like
    had I met them years ago
    and tried to draw them from memory

  • POO63
    wise guy wins/sleep den
    written and drawn with nine drunk Bostonians
    (not the best thing ever made)

  • POO62
    non-existant fruits
    non-existant fruits
    and the fasionable clothing
    they might wear.
    collaboration with Becky Johnson

  • POO61
    whimsical race horses
    whimsical race horses
    with names that inevitability have
    (or have not) been used before

  • POO60
    fakest dragons
    fictitious names of the fakest dragons

  • POO59
    14 more things bad
    to serve on a hot pizza

    need I say more?

  • POO58
    14 things bad
    to serve on a hot pizza

    need I say more again?

  • POO54
    the doglux pizza
    the definate answere
    to what dogs order on their pizza.
    collaboration with Derek Martin

  • POO53
    bee your smelf
    my friend derek
    sure may stink,
    but thats just the way he is,
    and thats allright.

  • POO52
    roly poly pooh pooh
    so you wanna make money for a living?

  • POO51
    what if ? vol 4
    what if mass transit only consisted of Conga lines?

  • POO49
    Die 'GOOBER hath wot
    translation:'the peanut has wit'

  • POO48
    no et al.
    a bored, lonely, prolific, artist
    gets over his sweetie leaving him

  • POO47
    Yoko Ono coloring book
    you ever wonder what yoko looks like
    while driving trucks?
    now its possible,
    without using your imagination
    (as I didn't-in making this)

  • POO46
    the 90210 coloring book
    90210 kids in the Old West

  • POO45
    the Queen colouring book
    the band Queen, as babies, aren't they cute!

  • POO44
    the meatball train
    a gothic short story, very spooky (indeed!)

  • PO42
    what if ? vol 3
    what if an evil squirrel was accidently elected president?

  • POO41
    non-famous sayings vol 3
    non-famous sayings that don't exist, anywhere

  • POO40
    non-famous sayings vol 2
    non-famous sayings that don't exist, anywhere

  • POO39
    non-famous sayings vol 1
    non-famous sayings that don't exist, anywhere

  • POO38
    and I feel sort of sad
    donut feel good to have a friend.

  • POO37
    I hate stuff
    some things I hate, do you hate them too?

  • POO36
    I like things
    some things I like, do you like them also?

  • POO34
    butt if ?
    what if your butt was your mouth?
    collaboration with Shane Tise

  • POO33
    Frank Zappa coloring book
    see Frank learn Values through sports activities

  • POO32
    what if ? vol 1
    this is where it all started

  • POO31
    I was eating that
    the fifteen saddest foods to drop on a dirty floor

  • POO30
    the rescue of major breakfast
    see a veggie dog and French Toast
    recue major breakfast
    who has fallen asleep on his laurels

  • POO29
    the Residents coloring book
    see the Residents in ye olde days
    of castles knights and junk like that

  • POO28
    the GratefulDead coloring book
    a sneak peek at the Dead as goldminers

  • POO26
    the Rutles coloring book
    follow the Rutles as they exercise to their hits

  • POO25
    simple delights of great magnitude
    what a bored, lonely, prolific, artist
    does when his sweetie leaves him

  • POO24
    actual descriptions of eyewitness reports

  • POO22
    the company I keep has fallen asleep
    a scathing attack for your sweetie

  • POO17
    the ubiquitous elusiveness
    a cute questionannaire for your sweetie

  • POO13
    Paul McCartney"let's play sports"
    Sir Paul and the late Linda do sports

  • POO3
    Paul McCartney songs
    Sir Paul and the late linda frolic as children