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Become a member
of the clean plate club.
digest all the crap
that I dish out!

if you are so inclined
as to want to touch and feel
a real-life paper version of my books,
do not hesitate to drop me a line.

All books are guarenteed
to amuse.
and if they fail to do just that,
well... I'll be a monkey's uncle.

To keep the prices low,
for all you hard working people,
and because I have low self asteem,
and to keep out of trouble
for using copyrighted rock'n'roll band names...

We here in the pillowgoat offices
have decided to
only charge for postage and handling and copying.

at these un-prices...
they won't last long,
as these books are EXTREMELY limited editioned
(ranging from 10 to 100 copies)

write me now!
treat for you.
treat for me.