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    Hey there mysterious 'net wanderer. Welcome to Peace, Love, and Hope: A Web Site on Eating Disorders. Please, sit back and have fun traveling around these pages. =) Included here is information not just on anorexia and bulimia, but also on the many other demons that tend to accompany anorexia and bulimia (ie - depression, self-hurt, OCD, etc.) Take your time and relax, and as always, let me know if there is anything that I can do for you.

    UPDATE! -- Hey there! Peace, Love, and Hope has moved once again. My site is now at Healthy Place: Eating Disorders It has basically everything that is here, but that is where I will be UPDATING LINKS and ARTICLES. If you email me asking to have your link or article added, it is on the HealthyPlace site that it will be added. I will keep this site up, just for the heck of it, but all updates will be made to the HealthyPlace site. :) You can either email me from this site, or from the second one. Hang in there everyone!

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            Discalmer: Ok, I'm sure you're sick of seeing these on just about every psych page on the web, but just grit your teeth and let me get this out.:) I am not a doctor, psychotherapist, own an office that even resembles a therapist's office, or have any kind of degree gathering dust on my walls. Furthermore, I will NEVER claim to be a doc, shrink, or any person that's gone through actual schooling to become either of these things (although that'll be a different story eventually). So, if you talk to anyone that claims to be me on the board or chat and they say that they are a doctor, be sure that they are merely posing. And as always, be logical about the tips and advice for recovery that is on here. If a medical professional gives you an opinion on the matter of your life and eating disorder, listen to 'em! Ok, *whew*, I'm done. :)

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