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Parampil Family


Parampil Family is a branch of the Kallarackal Family. This branch got its particular name in the 1860's when the founder member Ittiyavara moved to his new home. The word "Parampu" in malayalam means "the land adjoining one's house". There are different views on how the family got the name. One view is that Ittiyavara's father Mathai bought a property by the name of "Parampil" for Ittiyavara and so his family came to be called so. Another view is that Ittiyavara while staying at the family house bought two plots of land, one at Mannarkayam and another at Kunnumbhagam. When he send his sons to either plots to oversee the plantation, the plots were referred to as this "Parampu" and that "Parampu", causing the plots to be called "Parampil". Thus the family got the name Parampil.

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