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Parampil Family

The Parampil Family evolved during the time of Ittiyavara Kallarackkal. His family came to be called Parampil. How the family got the name is given in Parampil Home Page.

The Founder, Ittiyavara Mathai.

Ittiyavara Mathai, son of Mathai Ittiyavara was born in 1849, as a sixth generation Kallarakkal family member. He married Anna, daughter of Thomman Ezhancheril Puthenpura, Pala. They had nine children.

The Second Generation

Children of Ittiyavara Mathai

  1. Mathai Ittiyavara
  2. Maria Ittiyavara
  3. Achamma Ittiyavara
  4. Eli Ittiyavara
  5. Thresiama Ittiyavara
  6. Joseph Ittiyavara - Born on 21st June 1887, married Eli, daughter of Mathai, Vallikappil, Aruvvithara. They had ten children.
  7. Rosa Ittiyavara
  8. Thoma Ittiyavara - Born in 1892, married Rosa, daughter of Mathai, Kuruvanthanathu, Pala. They had six children.
  9. Varkey Ittiyavara- Born in 1894, married Eli, daughter of Ittiyavara, Pallivathukal. They had four children.

The Third Generation - First Branch

Mathai Ittiyavara's Family

Mathai Ittiyavara was born in 1874. He married Eli, daughter of Thomman, Edinjillathu Kalarikkal. They had six children. They are:

  1. Anna Mathai
  2. Eli Mathai
  3. Mariam Mathai
  4. Ittiyavara Mathai
  5. Thomas Mathai
  6. Rosa Mathai

His first daughter Anna was married to Varghese Puthuparampil Changanaserry. Eli was married to Mathan Kalathoor. Phillipose Kavalam married Mariam. Rosa was married off to Nicholas Pramannil Chirakadavu.

The Fouth Generation

Ittiyavara Mathai (Valiyakunjayan)

Ittiyavara Mathai who is known to the present generation as "Valiyakunjayan" married Anna, Pullukattu Changanaserry. They had fourteen children. They are listed below, but not in the correct order.

  1. K.I.Joseph
  2. K.I.Mathew
  3. K.I.Cyriac
  4. Fr.Abraham Parampil
  5. Thomas Abraham
  6. Ammini
  7. Thresimma
  8. Annamma
  9. Mariamma
  10. Lisamma
  11. Rosamma
  12. Lucy
  13. Achamma
  14. Rani

Valiakunjayan's first daugter Ammini was married to Kurian Njavalli Puthenpura, Karoor. They have 4 sons and 3 daughters. Ammini Kurian passed away in ....

Thresimma, the second daughter is married to Mathew, Asariyathu, Pathanamtitta. She has 3 daughters.

Annamma married to Sebastin, Manathara, Pullingunnu has 3 daughters and 1 son.

Cherian, Aerambadath married Mariamma. They have 2 daughters and 2 sons.

Lisamma and Rosamma who are identical twins are married to identical twins James and Jose, Vettikuzha, Nadukani, Kothamangalam respectively. Lisamma has 3 daughters and 1 son. Rosamma has 5 sons.

Seventh daughter Lucy is married to Immanual, Ramapurath, Pala. They have 1 daughter and 1 son.

Achamma, married to Mathappen, Puthenpurayil, Valianadu, has 3 sons.

The youngest daughter, Rani is married to Joseph, Manathara, Pullingunnu. They have 2 daughters.

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The Fifth Generation

K.I.Joseph's Family

K. I. Joseph, Kunju, married Annamma, Chempumthara, Mampuzhakari. They have two sons.

  1. Abraham, Pappachen, who has married Biji, Kavalakkal, Thayankari.
  2. Philip, who is a student.

K.I.Mathew's Family

K. I. Mathew, Mathaichen, married Marykutty, Madathiparampil, Mamoodu. They have two daughters and a son.

  1. Preetha, who is married to George Joseph, Chirayial Patthil, Kavalami.
  2. Rony Mathew, a planter.
  3. Nimmi, who is married to Shiby, Aykara, Vellapad (Pala)

K.I.Cyriac's Family

Late K. I. Cyriac, Baby, married Accamma, Chakkalackal, Ambalapuzha. They have a daughter and two sons.

  1. Ancy, who is married to Praveen.
  2. Abraham Cyriac, who is employed.
  3. Thomas, who is a student.

Fr. Abraham Parampil

Fr. Abraham Parampil, is the priest at St. Mary's Church, Peerumedu. He is in charge of the Dare Centre, Peerumedu.

Thomas Abraham's Family

Thomas Abraham, Thommachan, married Elsamma, Thundathil, Bharananganam. They have a daughter and two sons.

  1. Abu Thomas, student.
  2. Anna, student.
  3. Mathew, student.

The Fouth Generation

Thomas Mathai(Thommachenkunjayan)

Thomas Mathai married Anna kutty, Palakunnel, Mamoodu. They have two daughters.

  1. Mollykutty, who is married to Joseph Kanjirathumootil.
  2. Anna, who is married to Abraham, Kokkad, Elikulam.

The Third Generation - Second Branch

K.I. Joseph's Family

K. I. Joseph, Pappachan, was born in 1887. He married Eli, daughter of Mathew, Vallikappan. Aruvithara. They had ten children. They are:

  1. Anna (Achamma)
  2. K.J.Abraham
  3. K.J.Mathew
  4. Mariam(Chechamma)
  5. Elimma
  6. Rosa(Oroma)
  7. P.J.Joseph
  8. Thresiama
  9. George Joseph
  10. Celine(Lilly)

His first daughter Achamma was married to Dominic Michael Karippaparampil Kanjirapally.

Chechamma was married to Varkey Kuttiyanikkal, Kootikkal.

Third daughter Eli was married to Thommy, Mapillassarry, Chempakulam.

Sebastin, Kezhakekootu, Kurumbanadam married Oroma.

Thresiamma was married to Ouseph Plakatt, who passed away soon after. She was then married off to Job Manjooran, Ernakulam.

Sebastin, Thekethalakkal, Koratty married Celine.

The Fouth Generation

K.J. Abraham (Ittrachen)

K.J. Abraham married Elikutty, Illimoottil, Pala. They have a son, Roby Abraham. Roby married Mariamma, Chakkalakal, Chempakulam. They have two sons, ie the fifth generation.

  1. Abey Abraham, married Ria.
  2. Renju Abraham, a student.

K.J. Mathew (Mathachen)

K.J. Mathew married Accamma, Karippaparampil, Kanjirapally. They have a daughter and two sons. They are:

  1. Eli (Rajee Mathew),who is married to George Mukkada, Kurumbanadam.
  2. Jose Mathew married Mercy, Vettikuzha. They have two sons, ie the fifth generation.
    1. Mathan, student
    2. Unni, student
  3. Thomas Mathew married Reena, Kuttiyanikkal. They have a daughter and two sons ie the fifth generation.
    1. Akka
    2. Appu
    3. Abi

P.J. Joseph (Appachen)

Appachen born on 3rd June 1923, married Daisy, Mampilly, Njarackal. They have three daughters. They are:

  1. Remani, who is married to K.T. Nicholas, Karimpanal, Kanjirapally.
  2. Anna, who is married to K.K. Kurian, Pottemkulam, Kootikkal.
  3. Maria, who is married to Hormis Tharakan, Velliaraparayil, Kozikode.
Appachen passed away on 7th January 1997.

George Joseph (Varkeychen)

Varkeychen married Gracy, Kuruppanparampil, Changanasery. They have two sons. They are,

  1. Joseph George (Pappachen), who married Biby. They have two daughters, ie the fifth generation
    1. Maria, student
    2. Catherine, student
  2. Abraham George (Ittirachan), who married Lincy, Kallarackal. They have a daughter and a son, ie the fifth generation.
    1. George Abraham (Varkeychen), student
    2. Mary

The Third Generation - Third Branch

Thoma Ittiyavara's Family

Thoma Ittiyavara, Thoma, was born in 1892. He married Rosa, daughter of Mathew, Kuruvanthanathu, Pala. They had six children. They are:

  1. Anna (Achamma)
  2. Ittiyavara
  3. K. Thomas Mathew
  4. K. T. Thomas
  5. K. T. Joseph
  6. Mary

Eldest daughter Anna was married to Joseph Kuruvilla, Thundathil, Bharanaganam.

Youngest daughter Mary was married to Peter Kurian, Malliakal, Kuruppanthara.

Eldest son Ittiyavara passed way in 1939.

The Fouth Generation

K.Thomas Mathew (Manchayen)

K. Thomas Mathew married Kuttiyamma (Anna), Kappil, Pala. They have two sons and a daughter. They are:

  1. Babu Mathew, - wife Maria.
  2. Molly Jose, who is married to Dr. Joslin Varghese, Kochuparampil, Anakal, Kanjirapally
  3. Rajan Mathew, L.I.C. Development officer, Mattannur. Hs wife is Alphy.

K.T.Thomas (Thommachen Kunjayan)

K.T. Thomas married Mary, Aadattukaran, Mala, Thrissur. They have two sons and a daughter. They are:

  1. Mary, who is married to Sebastin and is residing in USA.
  2. Thomas, who is in Russia,
  3. Jose, who passed away.

K.T. Joseph(Ousepachayen)

K.T. Joseph Sicily Sebastin, Nediyakalaparampil, Changanassery. They have four daughters and a son. They are:

  1. Rosamma Mathew, wife of Mathew Thomas, Pullimackal, Parathode, Kanjirapally.
  2. Geethamma Joseph, who is unmarried,
  3. Mariamma Mathew, who is married to Mathew K. Thomas, Kuttiyanikkal, Parathanam, Mundakayam.
  4. Jessy Mathew, wife of K.J. Mathew, Kurisumkalparampil, Fathimapuram, Changanaserry.
  5. Thomas Joseph (Thommachen) who is unmarried.

The Third Generation - Fourth Branch

Varkey Ittiyavara's Family

Varkey Ittiyavara, was born in 1894. He married Eli, daughter of Ittiyavara, Pallivathukkal. They had four children. They are:

  1. Anna
  2. Ittiyavara
  3. Maria
  4. Eli

Eldest daughter Anna was married to Devassia Varkey, Vallikappil, Aruvithara..

Maria was married to Thomas Devassia, Manaykal, Ampara.

Mathew Devassi, Ousephuparampil, Pravithanam, married Eli.

The Fouth Generation

Ittiyavara Varkey (Ittrachen Kunjayan)

Ittiyavara married Accamma Chacko, Karipaparampil, Kanjirapally. They have two sons and two daughters. They are:

  1. Betty, who is married to Thomas Chacko, Chempakamattom Cherpumkal.
  2. Tessy, who is married to Zacharia Chacko, Chempakamattom Cherpumkal.
  3. George (Vijayan), who is in Austria.
  4. Jacob(Sasi), who married Gladys, Valluveli.

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