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Northern Shadow Dancers Photo History

This web site is dedicated to the spirit of Aboriginal Entrepreneurship. Since 1992 I have worked and watched this group perform through parts of Canada and Europe. Welcome.

The Northern Shadow dancers have returned from Aichi, Japan with great pride for representing the First Nations of Canada at Expo 2005! Please view the photo albums for stage photos and our many tourist shots. What a incredible honor to perform for the world

Greece Tour 2008

From May 6th to July 2nd a troupe of 8 dancers from Northern Shadow Dancers will be representing native culture and Canada!! Woo-hoo! Watch for more blog information in the coming days.

Northern Shadow Dancers now have a Southern Agent. For booking in the Lower Mainland and the U.S.A. please e-mail 'Teadancer Innovative Services' at Address to agent. Also reach her in the evenings at 1-778-887-0135.

Acquiring Performances

Our number one priority is providing a very unique and quality performance. Choreography and detailed powwow outfits accentuate each show.

The Shadow Dancers are well adept at constructing workshops on dancing, design and crafts. Outfit design, medicine wheel, culture and history.

The following are just brief descriptions of our most popular performances.

The Loon

A legend of a young boy turning into a warrior for the sake of his tribe. A sacred loon is the main stage for the story. A neighboring tribe kidnaps the loon and war breaks out between tribes.

Wolf's Cry

The most popular performance we have to date. Wolf hunts man. Man hunts wolf. A circle of life is fulfilled through death and visions. A rebirth and celebration of all things alive ends with a show stopping dance.

World Beat

Healing the World through the power of the dreamcatcher, emphasizing the jingle dress dancers. A fallen warrior is brought back to life by the guardians. A spectacle of color, speed and beauty. All dancers are showcased equally with an addition of an eagle or hoop dancer.

'Dancing in the Shadow of our Ancestors'


Donna May Testawich



Vancouver, BC.,

Contact Mark Maltais at:

(250) 782 - 5791

For more information please contact one of the above managers for more information!

NSD History and Performance list

Pictures of dancers
Germany 1991
NSD in the Early Years
Newspaper clippings of NSD in Confolen
Musings of Confolen, France
Confolen Photo Album - New!
Video Footage via Pacific Productions

Expo 2005 Aichi, Japan Photo Albums

Expo 2005 Stage Photos
Expo 2005 Site Photos - New pics!
Expo 2005 Pavillions
Touring Sakae and Nagoya - New Pics!
Canada Day and Alanis Morrisette - New Pics!

Northern Shadow Dancers Today

The newest news
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