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First of all I would like to apologise for the delay in releasing this 4th issue of THE NOISEIST, as nearly 2 years separate the previous issue and this one. But as you all know I always find good arguments and will find good excuses for next issue for sure! For those who do not know I have also moved, so please check my new address.

My choice to spread THE NOISEIST newsletter mainly by the Web was hard to make in order to avoid unwebnauts discrimination. But do not take it wrong I am more than aware from its surveillance and control backwards. Anyway I will try to up-date a site as quickly as possible.

With this new issue I have tried to improve by asking short questions, to give to news or reviews a "human" approach and let the activists have the opportunity to describe a little more their work and involvement. Unfortunately for all of us, some contacts, never reply to me! For these ones you will have just the common news or even none! But it’s up to them to give the information to you, readers & underground members! Another thing is my usual indulgent and enthusiastic tone in the reviews, which can annoy, but I stay objective and hate flattery.

Thank for those who help me! Enjoy its reading and get in contact for next one, all information will be welcomed & featured.

My new address is:
65 rue des anciens combattants d AFN
5990 Quievrechain FRANCE



C/O R.Heldt, 1448Bloor st.w #2, Toronto, ONT M6P 3L5 CANADA.

7HZ is a Canadian label, and Dethfuk is its project. Dethfuk has released so far: Tapes "sex object" (96-C-46), "Afterglow" (96-C-46), "Monolith" (97-C-30), split with Odal (98-C-46), split with Armenia (98-C-60) on bizarre audio arts Ecuador, "Ophtalmologist tested" (C-60) with Stimbox and Bizarre Uproar, split with Fatline Construct (99-C-30), "Dethfuk 96-99" (99-C-46), split with J.Borges (99-C-45), and a split with Sickness (00-C-40). Let It Rot released the Dethfuk CDR "Scythe" from anti-guitar improvisations. 7HZ label will release Apocalyptic Seizure & Dethfuk "Knob" C46. Before contacting this Wacko! Here’s a little interview with delirious Rick. I thought it was essential to present you this crazy guy behind 7HZ & Dethfuk:

Can you tell us more about the future releases on 7HZ?

There were/are a few things planned "peeple" either never follow thru or are real fucking slow (in the head), which works out fine…I have little time & even less money. There won’t be another 7HZ release for a while. Dethfuk have things in the works for release on other labels… "Armenia/Dethfuk" split is out on Bizarre Audio Arts. There’s a 4 way split (not sure who’s on it) on B.A.A. as well…"Let it rot" (P.O. box 57 keene, ONT Kol-2G0 Canada) has released a Dethfuk CD. Thanx Leonardo, Bloomer, Patrick (self abuse), P. Zincken (new noise)…

Explain role in Dethfuk, why did you choose such a name?

I am Dick Dethfuk. I play anti-guitar/bass, anal-og synth, metal/junk, tapes, feedback manipulation, etc…As for the name it is very open to interpretation. I like the way it sounds…Death & Fucking! 2 of my favorite things. Not easy to forget, Standard advertising wizardry, marketing strategy.

Are you satisfied with your split with ODAL?

If I wasn’t it’d never have been released… I esp like our little collab-abortion…

Anything to add?

Yeah! It’s going around that Dethfuk ain’t serious…I’m as serious as Death motherfuckers… I’ve been playing improvised music (& other musics) for over 20 years…pretentious snobs! I am above the law… I’ve recently jammed with MSBR, Government alpha, as well as a regular set guesting w/TADM, serious enough?…"dethfuk", "Sex object", "afterglow", "Monolith" & "dethfuk /Odal" split available thru self abuse or for possible trade contact me (see email address).

I have been playing in a free improv unit known as "Dr.Meathook" which features "Archie Leitch" ex-Nihilist Spasm Band Original Member...we have played many gigs so far... The 2nd gig we played, "Flatline Construct" a harsh noise project (Ont, Canada) opened up for us and we also jammed together for the last set. More gigs incl."F.C.","dethfuk", & "dr. meathook" are also in planning stages...I will continue w/DETHFUK till the end of time...NOISE UNTIL DETH-FUK ME DED. A friend of mine also preparing dr.meathook/dethfuk websites... BLATHERSKITE is also a new group in which I am involved free jazz /sax /guitar /trumpet /trombone /clarinet /electronics /theramin... dr.meathook (aka Archie leitch-ex nsb) makes guest appearances.


This tape was recorded direct to a 70ies mono piece, which fell apart shortly thereafter. Noise sources are synth, metal, vocals, toy electronics, etc… All is harsh noise oriented. Side B is even more saturated into a real tough oppressing noise wall. For pure noise addicts

DETHFUK / ODAL Split Tape [7HZ 004] / co-produce with NEW NOISE

Split tape, coming in a plastic bag between our best Canadian guitar-hero and Hollander long time noisemaker. Odal is a mixing between electronic noise treatments and more concrete sounds. Production lacks of efficiency, but the approach and ideas are original. During this 1 track " Geboren om te verliezen ". (contact: Dethfuk side is divided in 2 two tracks of pure strings molesting recorded in Mono. " Mal-wart " & " Filler " are massive guitar-noise attacks.


This split tape is featuring an hilarious text regarding "musical masturbation'' sexual pathology! Now Flatline Construct is a Canadian unit performing 4 tracks here. Ryan Bloomer is making noise improvisation whether dynamic or random. Sometimes based on concrete sounds or sometimes on electronics modulations. The whole sounds really promising with its typical live recording sound of a tape release. I also really like the choice of tracks titles! Dethfuk presents here the "Sore throat from sucking too many dick"! With a rhythmic electro-treatments loop, DF pulsates some improvised noise layers in their typical way. Noisy noise for noisters!

Flatline construct P.O. box 57 Keene ontario K0L 2G0 Canada /

DETHFUK 96-99 Tape C-46 [7HZ]

This could be considered as retrospective material from 96 to 99. A side features 3 tracks, 2 from 96 and 1 from 97. Rick and his comrade G.Nixon mistreat your ears. First one is a cold experimental track with many voice samples combined into loops. 2nd track is a dynamic noise blast, really brutal and to me nearly of their best one. Real harsh noise degenerating into an excellent mix of sounds including flute delirium; Is that ethno-noise birth? 3rd track a violent noise cut ups in Mono. Then B side has 2 tracks from 99. First one is a delirious noise improvisation recorded in a harsh way. 2nd track is a funny hijacking of Jazz session "Jazz up the ass" by anti-guitar and tenor Sax.

DETHFUK / JON BORGES Split Tape C-45 LIM40 [TERMcs09]

J.B side features a dense wall of noise with a rather small progression, and improvised noise treatments. Not that convincing I would say. The DF brings once again its great view of life "some things are worse than death" through an improvised anti-guitar noise manipulation.

DETHFUK SCYTHE CD [Let it Rot see Flatline Construct]

This is the first time DF is on CD. 56 minutes of melody torture by a guitar on drugs! Minimal raw effects and primitive recording make it sound even more enjoyable! Anti-guitar trip on acid during 3 tracks, last one being a 15 second outro in the way of a maestro! Guitar is the extension of Dick! Take this one up your ears!
This Split tape is the introduction of color in the usual B/W world of 7HZ. DF is a lot better and varied than before. "Beer drinking machine" is a harsh great noise tumult made of astatic Mic, Fx, Toys, percussions,… Now Sickness (check Ninth Circle feature here) side is titled "I have always hated you". Chris G spit 4 tracks full of hatred. Dense noise assaults including succession of sounds' walls or loops. Very varied this powerful side nevertheless avoids the boring edge of random cutups noise. A great promising unit. Recommended Tape! 


C/O Pierre Barthelemy, 27 rue du Javelot, Tour Londres A.49, 75013 Paris, FRANCE.

This French project has self-released several limited CDR. Of 15 minutes all limited to 47 copies! 1rst CD: "My first black album" subtitled "the autopsy of a dead nature", 2nd CD: "songs for the final barbecue" subtitled "this century, we will set you on fire", 3rd CD: "noise napalm and necropsy" subtitled "noise, concrete, flesh", 4rth CD is "Hallali Haboidophrenique". All are professionally packaged with great artworks and available for 47 F postage paid inside France or check Athanor. A collaboration is under work with Melek-Tha "earth extermination: kreate yourself your self-destruction". Pierre commented regarding his project "I would say that to illustrate the rough and raw concepts of 47 Ashes, that I feel in osmoses with radical artists labelled as non-sense, controversounds and anti-music… like Vagina Dentata, The Gerogerigegege, G.X.Jupitter Larsen, Violent Onsen Geisha, Xper-Xr, etc… This explains my extreme conception of what is a "good" recording controversable (a good recording must always create the polemic to last)".


Described to be an authentic urban recording testimony, this release is in fact like 2 sides of a coin. On one hand the idea to record the decadence of the suburb population in its worst mediocrity is marvellous, and show a real artistic search to take the opportunity to spit at the listeners face what is actually happening nearby. With such a thought process 47 ASHES oblige us to react by disgust or anger. On the other hand the recording is from poor quality and the great idea is left un-worked completely. Many more things and thoughts could have been transmitted by this tool of reaction. Anyway Pierre has achieved something crucial to involve himself completely into his work and kick you where it hurts. It’s up to you to decide whether this is music or not and whether this is demagogic, excellent, too arty, gorgeous, racist, true, or anything you want…


14 short tracks of harsh noise in a raw, bare way. But here the minimalist approach is stiffening the direct impact of such noise assaults. A very good initiative that would have worth a longer support. Artwork is still excellent and mixing is also professional. The last 14rth track is quite funny French sample from a film about II Reich occultism. This man really deserves a full-length album on a label with balls.


C/O Pascal BLAUD, 15, rue rossini, 62950 Noyelles Godault, France.

This is a new young French label of Death Metal, Grind Core, Noise and Industrial. He has released so far:

-MALIGNANT DEFECATION comp.tape vol.1 $5; MALIGNANT DEFECATION comp tape vol. 2 $5; NOISE CORPSE/NOISE MIGRANAAA split tape $4; SPLATTER !!! / INTESTINAL SLAUGHTER split tape $4; THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL 4 way split tape $5; LONG DREAM DEAD / INJUSTICE SYSTEM split tape $4; LONG DREAM DEAD / FUCK THE FACTS split tape $4; INFECTED PUSSY / ANAL BIRTH split tape 4$; DOMI-NATION split tape w/ CHAOS V.G. / MURDER LEGENDRE $4; MOURMANSK 150 / ECHO SYSTEM split tape $5; PROPULSIVES SYMPHONIES tape comp vol.1 $5; MOURMANSK 150 "Erasing" Cdr 80 min. $8; CLIMA X - MRMNSK150 / SUPERFUCKERS split Cdr $8; SMILE ! You on camera comp Cdr $10; EKEL UND GRAUEN comp Cdr $10; NOW It’s WAR split tape with LARB and ZANOISECT $5; NOISE DILDOS / MOURMANSK 150 split tape $ 5. Upcoming soon: BOILING REMAINS & PULMONARY FIBROSIS Split demo 2001 4$, KERBEROS (NL) "ROUGH Rehearsal 2001", and Cdr from OUTERMOST.


Tyler Davis PO Box 3003, Ashland, OR 97520 USA.

Stephen O'Malley, Po box 2339, Stuyvesant Station, NYC, NY 10009 USA.

Some information before starting: "The word Ajna is Sanskrit in origin. It is used to describe one of the main chakra points located on the human body. It is often described as the "third eye" and linked to spiritual perception. It is located just above the brow line above the eyes. It is the sixth in a series of seven that start at the base of the spine in the pelvic area to the top of the head, where the crown chakra is located. The awakened crown chakra has been depicted as a glowing white light or halo in many different religious paintings through the years. The location of chakra points on the body corresponds to the position of the glands of the human body. For example: Crown-Pineal, Brow-Pituitary, Throat-Thyroid, etc. This association is used as a model for many medical practices such as acupuncture and acupressure. There has been a renewed interest in such practices by Western doctors in the past decade. When your intuition is right on time and you feel connected and aware, Ajna is awake and working. At other times it is dim and you may feel a little out of touch. The beauty of this model of belief is that it facilitates our consciousness of different states of B-ing. What one chooses to do with this awareness is totally up to the individual".

This great American label and publisher of the monstrous DESCENT Magazine have announced in the past a 2LP compilation "How terrorist Kill". State Art as a CD (check review) has finally released it. For the last productions look to the reviews.

Tyler has also commented that "Other happenings at the AJNA camp include a Wolfskin CDR that will come out sometime in summer LIM188. Also seek out the Wolfskin 7" on WKN. Lotus Eaters, featuring Herr O'Malley will release an LP on AJNA and Hydra Head, or HH's side label, or something like that. It will be a short run and as intense as ever. Other items that are most certainly coming sooner rather than later are two more singles: one by HEMLOCK that nefarious NYC black metal act and the other by THRONES who will be contributing to the artist interpretation series with a few songs based upon the work of Stanislav Szukalski. There has been more talk of re-issuing the Tiermes CDR that came and went, but all queries should be directed to O'M. Same goes with any questions relating to Descent, which for all practical purposes is DEAD!" And in fact TIERMES CD-R is out now limited to 79 copies and available at Stephen's address for $10.

ROBERT X PARTIOT and the white devil conspiracy / VOLUPSA SPLIT EP [ajna02.2000]

He is back the unchallenged demented US warrior! Tyler said that "Most importantly the Robert X Patriot track for compilation "How terrorist Kill" has been retained by us and is appearing on this split 7ep". Here is an excellent track with vocals and industrial drones. "How to succeed against business is a melting of voice samples and vocals into a structured manifest. Now regarding Voluspa "from Norway, which is none other than Maniac from Mayhem's fine tribute to his homeland" I was a bit deceived by their track "Morism"; which is a guitar-noise based on low tuned metal axes, with invocating vocals. Get this one for Bob’s track anyway!

DEN ODHINN’S RING EP [Ajna0100] [$8 overseas]

"DEN is Lesiu who does the Muzphellheimr journal and a few music projects. It is intense repetitive reflections upon aspects of Norse cosmology. Graced with the post-modern artwork of Vernon Gross these sound sculptures convey the link between the archaic and the present. Meditations upon Draupnir in three chapters dripping with symbolic significance". This Ep on the Draupnir ring theme is coming in white vinyl. The music is whether calm or tough. 3 different tracks are featured here: 1 with piano melancholic introduction in the Death In June way, One is a folk march with flute and distorted vocals in the Blood Axis way, and the last one is a cyclical ritual war drumming. A promising new comer on pagan scene.

PSYCHONAUT ZOS VEL THANATOS EP [Ajna02.1999] LIM300 [$9 overseas]

This Ep in red vinyl, from side project of Valefor is dedicated to Austin Osman Spare. "Michael Ford eclipses all past musical associations and embraces an approach akin to some of the more obscure ritual acts. Sex and death continue to motivate!" has commented Stephen. It is true that we are far from Valefor. "Zos vel thanatos" and "lunar emanations" are pure ritual music with incantating vocals. The mix of echoed wood sticks hits and soundscapes give a rather authentic side to this invocation of the Greek god of the dead. For occultists.

ULTRA LIFESTYLES CD [ajna05.2000.01] LIM500 [$12 stateside or check at in Europe]

The CD is commented by many to be some of Jon's best work to date. I think it is definitely a very good release knowing also that it is his 5th full length one. The CD comes in a white box design with 5 posters of interesting black and white artwork in a slipcase. A fresh, diverse, original and varied work showing the experience of the composition skills of this unit. A kind of journey through the mind and the life of a nowadays existence, whether calm and melancholic or full of anger and sombre to finally explode in noise parts or exhausted suicidal soundscapes. Get into such a huge intelligent work! Check Jon Carlson work on

Check also The Ultra Ep "Impressions to Hans Belmer", LIM300 (with 26 lettered & signed ones), art assemblage. Stephen comments "Not like much of anything we've heard around lately, sparse textures of disarticulations and inconceivable constructions of sound from the Ultra lads, joined on one song by Mr. Anomalous". Check Drone mailing list for this one.


After the excellent #4, here is (the death issue), volume 5 from of this American extreme music zine. The size has changed and the lay out is little bit too sombre (the reading is often very difficult), but the inspiration is still there melting the 2 scenes: Industrial & Extreme Metal that few among us really appreciate both. The interviews range from industrial with likes of Blood Axis, Coil, Control Resistance, Der Blutharsch, Ernte, Genocide Organ, Orplid, Psywarfare, Boyd Rice, Turbund Sturmwerk, Valefor & an article done by Kadmon. But it also features Black / Death Metal bands with Angelcorpse, Darkthrone, Destroyer 666, Enslaved, Marduk, Mayhem, Pentacle; & also Sludge-core with cult band Eye Hate God & Doom with Sleep. A colossal & essential work to own, with lots of involvement and beliefs. An initiative to support for opening some narrow minded from both scenes. Undethronable stuff in the genre worthing Death & even beyond.


PO Box 666, Station R, Montreal Quebec, H2S 3L1, CANADA.

Three new releases are now available from Alien8 Recordings. They are Monstre's "Sucre 3", Artificial Memory Trace and Brume's "1st Encounter" and Christof Migone's "Quiteing". Still available AUBE "Sensorial inducement" LP & Bastard Noise "The analysis of Self destruction".


THIRDORGAN is a very famous Japanese Noise project from AKIHIRO SHIMIZU, who has also his own label ALIENATION.

Some Sold out releases : [su04] Thirdorgan/Guardian Angel "Ver.1.1su " anthology CDR; [su09] Skin Crime/Tunami CDR; [su10] Government Alpha vs Thirdorgan split CDR.

Some available releases: [su05] Outermost vs Thirdorgan LIM70 split 2 x CDR in handmade metal box set, [su06] INTERNATIONAL-COMPILATION CDR feat. cd_slopper, Osaka Bondage, Astro, Japussy2000, #/Tau, i.d, Technoise, Pita, Thirdorgan, Russell Haswell; [su07] INTERNATIONAL-COMPILATION CDR_2 feat. Zbigniew Karkowski, Evil Moisture, Owstone 2001, Alienlovers in Amagasaki, Flutter, Contagious Orgasm, Warmdesk, cgc, i.d, Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock, Pimmon, Pita, Beautyon ; [su12] japussy 2001/unconditioned reflex in semen CDR ; [su13] Thirdorgan/Don't Communication over the Mobile network CDR ; [su14] Thirdorgan+Hermit/Deadtech Machine Gallery LIM150 split/collaboration CD ; [su 15] PimmonS " Have an egg " CDR ; [su 16] cgc CDR (Chris Clepper's solo work of a member of "BAR" from Chicago) ; [su 17] Beautyon CDR ; [su 18] Zbigniew Karkowski/HEAR CDR ; [su 19] Helmut Scheafer/Environment Soundscapes CDR ; [su 20] Audiotopsy " she dropped a cigarette on her nylon nightie " CDR (UK) ; [su 21] Alienlovers in Amagasaki " eTAN513_517 " CDR ; [su 22] Lambent " Distorted Blank " CDR ; [su 24] qt? " L-R Explosion " CDR.

Some forthcoming releases : [su 08] i.d CDR ; [su 11] Owstone CDR (B) ; [su 23] INTERNATIONAL-COMPILATION CDR_3 feat. William Basinski, Leif Elggren, Helmut Scheafer, Le Depeupleur, BAR, wrench, qt?, Audiotopsy, Billy?, pheromonsterdisk ; [su 25] Flutter CDR (USA) ; [su 26] svstriate CDR.


C/O Kohei Gomi 2-5-11-201 Toyotamakita Nerima-ku, Tokyo 176 JAPAN.

Label & contact address for the great Japanese noise harsh-electronics project PAIN JERK. AMP usually releases some ultra limited 7" and his tapes such as "pain jerk", "thrill killer", "rocketry" (002), "tape bomb" (AMP 006), "brutalica" (007), "damaged" (008), "" (009), "loud acoustics for nude-mobile" (010), "alchemistry" (011), "fatamorgana" (012), "aktion bruit" (013), "Epistastis", "Pleonasm", "Cacophony of a thousand pleasures", "It has been raining since this afternoon", "Spitfire", "Snuff electronics", "trashware 2" (022), "V" (023), "autocatharsis" (024), "savage extreme" (025).

But you should also check these releases such as "transcription of piss angel" Tape (BLOODLUST 007), LP like "spitfire" on (HARBINGER), both excellent split EP with SKIN CRIME (SELFABUSE), and with STRICT (ART KONKRET), split CD with DOGLIVEROIL "snake charmer's daughter" (B.W.C.D 1997), split Lp with USE YOUR PAIN (DREIZEHN), "exhibition of electro disease" tape (GROSS106), "great invisible crashing" (BWCD006), "trashware" CD Pure series (RRR), or "Recycled" tape on same label, "Retrogress" Tape on Self Abuse, "From Nothing to Nothingness" Tape on Less than Zero, "Neurotten" on Slaughter Pord. And "gallon gravy CD on Creativeman Disc.


Italian Label which has released many releases in Atmospheric/ambient music:

Alio Die "Suspended feathers" CD, Alio Die & Yannick Dauby "Descendre cinq lacs au travers..." mCD, Arcanum "s/t" CD, Attrittion "Kissing a virtual angel" mCD, Aube Millenium serie January CD, February CD, March CD, April CD, May CD, June CD, Aube "Triad Thread" CD, Black Tape for a Blue Girl "With my sorrow" mCD / 10", Boots Ron "Of desolate places and urban jungles" 3’CD, Brennan Thom "Beneath clouds" CD, "Path not taken" 3´ CD, Djen Ajakan Shen "Crows heading for point blank" 3´CD, Grassow Mathias "Dissolution" CD, "Himalaya" CD, "Namaker" CD, "The Fountain of remembrance" CD, "The Fragrance of eternal roses" CD, Grassow / Baghiri "True North" CD, Grilli Gianfranco "Il tempio di karnak" CD, I Burn "Infraharmonies" CD, Nerel Loren "The venerable dark cloud" mCD, Nono Orchestra "Angel Breakin" CD, Oophoi "Mare Vaporum" CD-R, Oophoi / Grassow / Baghiri "Due Arque Collection" CD-R, Oöphoi "The spirals of time" 2CD, Oöphoi / Klaus Wiese "Wouivre" CD, Roach Steve "Dreamer descends" 3´CD, Stearns Michael "Light in the trees" 3´CD, Stratosphere "Introspective spaces" 3´CD, Temps Perdu? "The day the earth melted" 3´CD, TUU "The Frozen Land" mCD, Vidna Obmana "Transcending quest" 3´CD, Runes Order "Il sonno del sogno" CD.

[Arya] is a sub-label with: Amir Baghiri "Autumn" CD & "Bluebox Collection" 4CD

[LUNAR] is a sub-label which has issued:

Modell, Ron "The Autonomous Music Project" CD. Quest "Electro City" CD.


This nice CD comes in an A5 format packaging with photographs of water. This ’98 work of Akifumi is as you have guessed based on water sound. It features 5 long tracks; the last one is nearly 22 minutes long. The All is very hypnotic in the ambient evolving way of recent Aube releases. The rhythmic given by the drop and the softness of the sounds provided by water make this album a very relaxing soundtrack. The title says it all by making the sound rebounding Akifumi obtained hypnotic loops that transcend the listener’s mind. Excellent.


This Italian label is representing these following artists: Never known, P.O.S.K., Tombstone & Black Mountains Chronicles, Formal Logic Decay, Ukrivolsa. They have released so far: [WAN001] Formal Logic Decay "Apocalypnosis", [WAN002] Black Mountains Chronicles "Archaic Arcana", [WAN003] Formal Logic Decay "Empternity", [WAN004] Tombstone "The Citadel", [WAN005] En Velours Noir "En Velours Noir".

The sampler CD "The Suns of Lutetius", is a co-production ANAEMIC WAVES FACTORY & OKTAGON Records, coming in a Deluxe A5 packaging, in a limited edition of 200 copies, with tracks from: ATOM INFANT INCUBATOR, N.ASHVER.N, NENIA, MURDER CORPORATION, ORNAMENT, DIAZEUSIS, TANGRAM ,RUNES ORDER, FORMAL LOGIC DECAY.

The last release is: [ACT005] Immortal Agony "The Queen of Heaven and the Queen of Hell + A Virgin among the Living Dead" CD Originally released as simple tapes during 1995/96. These works signed by E.Lago (Tombstone) is coming in a unique CD enclosed in a plastic bloody case limited to 100 copies [Centiens series].


C/O Marcel Herms, postbus 6359, 7401 JJ Deventer HOLAND.

This is a Dutch label which has already produced 4 CDR all available for $5 postpaid: LOKI "Malitia" [AMNCD001]; NOISEBTCH "suck on this" [AMNCD002]; SKT.ADOLF "Horror Vacui" [AMNCD003] you can check the 2 former releases at; [AMNCD004] a collaboration NOISEBITCH Vs S.U.I.C.I.D.E.-Propaganda "nice Brainache".

The upcoming release should be collaborations with Javier/Industria Masoquista, Monobrain, The Mindripper, Matjaz/SIST-EN-343 & Zend Avesta.

Marcel has also released 2 Printed Matter: [AMNPM001] "Burn, Knit and Erase" A5 format $3; [AMNPM002] "Hoet moet Onverstaanbaar#" 24 pages of artwork $4. Both are bilingual.


Po box 22195, Seattle WA 98122 -0195, USA.

It’s sad to say it, but Eric is in my opinion a narrow-minded guy that doesn’t try to help the underground zine like THE NOISEIST. Anyway he has recently released: Agog "Dust is Their Food and Clay Their Meat" LP NOM5 LIM533, Jonathan Coleclough "Period" LP, NOM4 LIM530, "An Uncommon Nature" LP NOM6 LIM1065 compilation, and HANDS TO "Egress" Lp.

AUBE Cerebral Disturbance LP [NOM2] LIM625

A very nice picture disc coming in a printed plastic sleeve. This Lp features the re-issuing of a previous tape released on Gross. 2 sides with same structure track of harsh noise using the sounds of brain waves and electro-encephalogram as source material. A very good released of the first harsher period from this Japanese artist.


C/O S.ALT p.o. box 1257, 93135 lappersdorf, GERMANY.

The famous label from Stephan Alt have released recently, Act105 ASCHE "distorted disco" CD, Act106 SILK SAW "4th dividers" CD (, Act109 SQUAREMETER "kopyright liberation" LP, Act110 ULTRA MILKMAIDS "disco 2000 EP" 10'', Act112 VERUSCHKA "the secret" 10', Act113 CONVERTER "blast furnace" CD, Act114 HYPNOSKULL "electronic music means war to us" CD, Act117.1 SYNAPSCAPE "positive pop" CD and box set, Act119 Black Lung "profound and sentimental journey" CD-EP / 12", Act122 MONOKROM 12" vinyl.

Some other news: Olivier Moreau destroyed Imminent Starvation, and change it to Imminent, Mental Destruction after years of announcement has released the 7" vinyl, Vromb at the moment is working on several music - projects for Canadian film companies. The release date of the forthcoming album 'episodes' has moved to later in 2001. Converter, Asche & Morgenstern are currently working on a collaboration-release "erode" CD-EP (act123), available at their forthcoming concerts in Europe and America this year & distribution. Future releases are David thrussell "the voices of reason" CD; Azure Skies "finally" a project by members of mental destruction & sanctum.


This AUBE ‘s release comes in a very nice packaging for this CD in a cardboard box with a zipo lighter. As you may guess the sound source of this material is fire by salt. Is there any reference to mister S.Alt? The whole is very ambient but very electro-organic, and even soft. The 5 tracks are quite different from one another by their sounds but similar by their atmosphere. Interesting but not as great evolution as it could have been.


This is a very nice picture 10" with a beautiful photographs and Japanese writings. The structure of Contagious Orgasm music is still efficient, by creating dark soundtrack with many samples and layers. But on this one a drums and percussion’s approach with an additional member gives a more rhythmic tone to this work. I would even say an exotic or African touch with this tribal drumming distorted into an electro-ant-zen sound. Average stuff.

CONVERTER Shock front CD [Act83]

This CD revealed a great newcomer. The music of this American unit is rhythmic machinery noise pulse with harsh and distorted sound. Powerful and brutal beats but also well structured compose the 10 tracks ranging from 5 to 12 minutes. I really recommend this release to all Ant-zen fans but also to people who usually like harsher stuff.


This German unit appeared previously on this label with a split with ASCHE. Now they are coming back with a full-length album. During these 10 tracks the music ranges from whether dark atmospheric experimental music, or sometimes-rhythmic harsh electronics, and even on the 6th track a tribal-ethnic loop track. A diversified work to discover.

VROMB PERIMETRE 3" CD +10" LP [Act101] LIM472

This is a very nice item with one picture disc and a 3" CD. The 3" CD features 3 tracks of minimalist trance rhythms not so good. The 10"Lp is a mixture of ambient sequences and noisy transmodulated frequencies. The first side track is great with the typical Vromb French voice sample and low techno bass beats. The second track which begins slowly degenerate in an ultra fast, I wouldn’t dare to say junglish tone, but not very great as well. Deceiving.


This CD is announced to be not an album, at the most some extracts for the next album "Episodes"??? I am puzzled, why does Ant-zen release something, which is not finalised? Anyway he more Vromb is going in their releases the less interesting they are. Being a big fan from his first release on Tesco "jeux de terre"; I have never really appreciated the technoïd direction of his following works even if his second CD "le facteur humain" was great. The whole is average but such a talented man should concentrate and more complex stuff than basic rhythmic techno.


New CD for this German project which I find less interesting than the previous one. It is still a mixture of several styles such as cold power electronics a la Soldnergeist, hypno-beat of saturated rhythms and dark ambient soundscapes. It is still correct but maybe lack of precision and specific direction. Let’s wait for next release.

[DUËBEL] sub-label has released: MSBR "die lebensmittelvergiftung" LP ltd to 300, Brume/ Telepherique "dans le silence" 2LP ltd to 500, Ultra Milkmaids "peps" CD.


This collaboration LP between German sound experimentalist and Japanese master of sounds from elements is as expected very good. Their mutual work by recomposing something from each other material has produced a rhythmic mixture of loops and drones. This work is to advise to the electro-exeperimental music. Excellent

DANIEL MENCHE Rusty Ghosts 2 Eps [Whöl 6]

This was one of the last releases from this great American concrete music artist before he stopped for a resting break. Hopefully he is now back. Inside the very nice packaging with heavy embossed paper and blue insert, you will find 2 Ep of a great ambient noise. The whole is really organic and somatic but still intense and especially clever. Daniel has produced here another item from the introspection of the hidden human edge.


sub-label has recently released: VENETIAN SNARES "DOLL DOLL DOLL" CD; SOLARX "CHANEL NO. 303" 12" vinyl. L’USINE ICL. "freak ep" lp_Y028, SCORN "greetings from birmingham" cd_712, SNOG "relax into the abyss" cd_711, SOMATIC RESPONSES "augmented lines" cd_713, STARFISH POOL "illusions of move - chapter red" lp_029, SUBSTANZ T. "tripped experiences" cd_714, BOCHUM WELT " in fashion" 3''cd_403. CONVERTER. "Firebloom" lp_Y026 AMMO "the age of terminal irony" cd_03

forthcoming are: XINGU HILL & SQUAREMETER collaboration CD; COMPILATION CD/12"; NEUTRAL "driving backwards" Lp (in collaboration with mad monkey records) CD; ARCHITECT CD/12"; L’USINE ICL "slipthrough" Lp.


This is the return of the crazy drummer from Birmingham. Since its beginning Scorn has been considered as a new explorer of Dub-ambient music very far from previous Mick Harris project Napalm Death. With this release Scorn music is getting even more experimental with more electronics effects. The bass-drum lines of Dub are still marked with his particular sound, but the treatments make it a lot more original. For rasta smokers.


C/O Petak Postfach 778, A-1011 Wien AUSTRIA.

Aorta  is  an  art  organisation  run by Kadmon,  leader of Allerseelen well-known European post-industrial act. He also writes very interesting zines called Aorta and Ahnstern. Each issue is linked to a specific subject. Theirpublication has now been stopped as Kadmon intended to concentrate much more on his music.Allerseelen last CD is called "Venezia". This CD seventy minutes long was inspired by various magical mystery tours to the fascinating surrealistic city Venezia. It contains various poems by Rainer Maria Rilke, Ezra Pound, Friedrich Nietzsche and Jean Cocteau. Then some US dates are planned in September. Ajna in the United States should release a CD with early Allerseelen recordings, it will probably be called Heimliche Welt (Stealth World)

Can  you  tell  us why did you choose the photo of Leni Riefenstahl for your EP Alle Lust will Ewigkeit / Traumlied? How do you consider her works? Can you explain both track concepts?

I  chose  the  photo  of  Leni Riefenstahl. She was and still is a beautiful and powerful  woman.  She  reminds me of the Tarot card Forza - the woman or goddess with the lion. I recently saw her in a documentary - she is still very charming, very active. I sent some copies of this blue vinyl 7" release to her in Bavaria and got a very friendly answer.  She was amazed  and surprised  by  this  release. She was a dancer before her career as filmmaker. One of her dances was called Traumblüte - Dream Blossom. I dedicated this  7"  to  her because Traumlied means Dream Song and Alle Lust will Ewigkeit (All  Lust  Wants  Eternity)  has for me a deep connection to Leni Riefenstahl's beautiful  movie  Das  blaue  Licht  (The Blue Light) about a girl living in the mountains,  guarding  a grotto with blue crystals. This blue light is the reason why  I  chose  the  colours  silver and blue for the 7". I also wanted to release something, which is easier to listen to by people who are not that much into the darker, industrial works of Allerseelen. Though I am not really sure whether she really liked the songs. Due to the Allerseelen maxime to collaborate only with the very best artists, I contacted her some days ago again: I invited her to contribute exclusive and unique artwork for a 7" "Canco de somni/Marques de Pubol" I am preparing with the female Catalonian singer Rosa Solé from the group Circe. I am still waiting for a positive or negative answer.

What about your future releases for ALLERSEELEN?

I am preparing this 7" release with two songs. Rosa Solé translated my texts into Catalan. One song is a cover version of the old Allerseelen song Traumlied. The other one is a new recording about the strange relationshipbetween Amanda Lear and Salvador Dali, about her last visit in his castle - this song is called Marquès de Púbol. These songs are very beautiful – Leni Riefenstahl might like them too - maybe. The singer of this 7" "Canco de somni/Marques de Pubol" is Rosa Solé is participating also to the project Circe.

I am already working on the CD Abenteuerliches Herz which is inspired by a surrealist book by the German poet Ernst Jünger about dreams and plants and landscapes. Some songs already have finished. Some of them have a Spanish touch - I spent some time in this country due to various reasons and will go there again very soon. I am also preparing a split 7" with Allerseelen and Dakshineswar. Dakshineswar is a band from Barcelona, I really love their music. It is sounding like Allerseelen "Traumlied", DAF "Der Räuber und der Prinz" and little bit like Novy Svet. I am also thinking to produce a CD from Dakshineswar:

Have you issued new editions of your magazines Aorta and Ahnstern?

No - Aorta  was  stopped  with  issue  20.  Most issues are still available, some are already  sold  out and won't be reprinted. The last Ahnstern issue IX dealt with the German  UFO  engineer  Andreas  Epp  who  died two years ago in Bavaria - he was involved  in  the  construction  of  flying disks in 1933-1945 and continued his researches  after  the war. Again: Bavaria - a very beautiful, magical, powerful landscape  with lots of artists and researchers. Also the mystical writer Gustav Meyrink  and  the occult composer Carl Orff lived there, very close to the house of  Leni  Riefenstahl.  I  grew up quite close to this region. I have been there again some days ago - good friends of mine are trying to make alive again the fin-de-siècle atmosphere of Munich one hundred years ago.


AORCDOl Cruor, AORCDO2 Gotos=Kalanda, AORCDO3 Sturmlieder, AORCDO4 Stirb und Werde, AORCD05 Neuschwabenland, AORCD06 Venezia.

Compilation: "Bluttaufe" on compilation CD Mysteria Mithrae by Athanor, "Sturmlied" on the 2xCD compilation Riefenstahl by VAWS, "Gletscherlicht" on compilation CD Cavalcare la Tigre by Sigill, "Alle Lust will Ewigkeit" & "Traumlied" on compilation CD The Nitha Fields by Ultra, "Flamme" on compilation CD Lucifer Rising by Athanor.

Compilations appearance:  Bluttaufe on compilation CD Mysteria  Mithrae  by Athanor, Sturmlied on the 2xCD compilation Riefenstahl by VAWS, Gletscherlicht on compilation CD Cavalcare la Tigre by Sigill, Alle  Lust  will Ewigkeit & Traumlied on compilation CD The Nitha Fields by Ultra, Flamme on compilation CD Lucifer Rising by Athanor.

ALLERSEELEN Alle Lust Will Ewigkeit / Traulied EP [AOR702] LIM500

The opener is an excellent powerful march with low rhythm and it’s hunting horns melted into a sound like Tibetan trumpets and the lyrical voice from the female echoes like pure crystal incantation. The other side’s track is slow mixing of piano, flute, whispers and heavy bass line. The whole is looping into a hypnotic circle not far from Morthond. Comes on Blue vinyl.


This CD comes in a crystal box with luxurious booklet. Title can be translated as "Die and Become". The 14 tracks are produced with a high quality level of sound. This album shows one of the best edges of Allerseelen, ranging from martial grandiloquence to freezing poetry. Recommended and so far the best in the genre.

ALLERSEELEN Nornar Nagli / Panzergarten [AOR703]

I have to admit that sometimes Allerseelen is excellent or disappointing. This Ep is the 2 sides of a coin: the A side is to mind some material to forget. Whereas B-side track is full of these old influences that has begun to appear on his last CD, with so specific mixing work from this Austrian activist. Comes in grey vinyl.


This CD is as usual coming with a very nice presentation, It deals with an icy landscape, with the myth of the emperor hidden inside a mountain, surrounded by his knights. I have to be frank, even if Allerseelen is to my mind a very good and intelligent project, my previous fears become true. This album fall into very accessible music which is too far from what I like. I am sure it will please some of the pagan dark-folk scene, as it is calmer than usual releases from Kadmon. But I would prefer personally that this great scholarly artist to come back to his roots!


The packaging and artwork is still very good and luxurious. Production is also excellent. Now regarding music it appears now more and more clearly that Kadmon is tending to a more melodic and easiest approach tone. Inspired by the Italian mysterious town of Venezia, this LP is difficult to appreciate for me. Some parts are ok like opener or last track but majority of the album is too clean for me. Anyway the composing work is undeniable and I am sure it will lost some old fans but gain also many new ones.


This issue is dedicated to Andreas Ep who has dedicated his work and life to flying saucers. This very detailed inquiry is really interesting to read. Once again the subject is original, the information are precise, the whole is definitely a stuff to get.


Guenter Schroth, Muehlgasse 31, 60486 Frankfurt/Main, GERMANY.

This new label from Germany has released recently the CD from GUENTER SCHROTH "Barcode music". The previous releases were: GON 1004 Six And More "Oisi Voci", GON 1003 Six And More "Blue Q", GON 1002 Six And More " Do Not Open!", GON 1001 Négligé - electronic underwear "Pränatal Inferno".


11 Impasse de la Vallée 44800 St Herblain FRANCE.

This French label has released several tapes. M.Nomized "dimensions" C-60 ltd to 88, NO "ymir" c-90 ltd to 55, C.Bascomb "eating with the Spanish or hidingt" C-60 ltd to 77, & compilation God’s Children #1 "why would a holy father want sinful children" C-60 ltd to 70, featuring Dachise, Brutum fulmen, Klood & Mourmansk 150. Plans are a C-60 compilation "bue comp" with De fabriek, Telepherique, & The Violet Grind.

MOURMANSK 150 SM & Punishment Tape [AR001]

Before going any further you have to know that this tape is now available on CDR to Novaya Zemlya, the label from Mourmansk 150 (see file). This recording is meant to occur during s/m play (?). It is in fact harsh electronics with distorted vocals; here and there some samples. The whole can be considered has an obscure work. But it remains an uncompleted feeling whether regarding the sound production or the average music composition.


175 19 AVE #10, San Francisco CA 94121, USA.

Finally the American dream of this French underground "wanted" guy is becoming true. You won’t have any further information as this frog has forgotten his compatriots by denying answering me! Come on everyone knows who you are! Anyway the products are well and originally packaged and finally out, other releases are CD from OVMN "visions of autoeretic excess" & RADIOSONDE "Somnambul".


This over delayed release is coming a bit too late, as many releases from Mike Dando have been produced since this recording. This album sounds of course like older power-electronics style with some production lacks. This gives a more real and unclean aspect: something true and dirty hitting your face. Con-Dom is definitely engaged. The packaging is as well unbelievable; it comes between 2 heavy plates made of slate!


This true crime electronics CD is coming in bullets' box. It features 12 tracks from ultra brutal power electronics with shouted vocals. The whole album is like an ordeal by fire. You have only two choice: whether you quit which means that you are becoming a victim, or you walk through fire blessed by the sadist propaganda and you will became a night prowler. In both cases "you were asking for it"!


Once again a nice packaging, (A5 embossed paper with a strange metal seal, hiding some inside skull photographs of Fragonard works), for this album from Patrick (Self Abuse). 7 tracks from ‘95 to ’97, including 2 live ones, of structured noise created by the melting of concrete and eleoctro-acoustic sounds and harsh electronics treatments. I recommend this great original noise unit with his specific way of composing.


Waldemarstr. 7, 18057 Rostock, GERMANY.

Last release is a Video from Japanese noise master Merzbow: Live in Germany 1996.


This is the 2nd release from this German act. This CD comes in a digipack with nice red and black concept with statues’ photographs. It features 8 tracks from 6 to 14 minutes. Musically it is a kind of mixture between Mental Destruction and Minox Lay. The whole is less violent and aggressive than their 1rst 2LP. It is very dark a bit in the early recordings from Cold Meat Industry vein. Some titles have vocals whether high or low, most are based on percussive poundings with machinery linearity. Recommended to the fans of the above mentioned acts.

ART KONKRET Global Media Inc.

C/O Markus Kropfreiter, Uhlandstr. 41, 76135 Karlsruhe, GERMANY.

The latest releases on this popular German label have been: [ART29]: Nymph Faithest "longing for the other world" CD (12 DM), a side project from Jane singer of In Slaughter Natives, with 2 tracks written with Peter Andersson from Raison d’Etre (42 min). Further Info see http://www.algonet.sel~nymphl. [ART30]: THO-SO-AA 2nd CD "index 1.0 coma" ltd to 500 copies, (19 DM), coming in a total silver artwork (64 min). After the second soundwork "Epoch Pt.1", their third release. [ART31]: LUPO DI GHIACCIO "II" CD, (21 DM), [ART33]: THO-SO-AA "Absorb" CD limited to 500 copies. This is the third part of THO-SO-AA ´s sound creations (70 minutes). Plans should be a Narbenerde and then a PPF release.

Concerning Markus’ Drape Excrement project, the split CD with Catharsis is out on Malignant/Black plague, titled "homo homini lupus" (Death Industrial), as well as the split Ep with Soldnergeist on Self Abuse (check review here). Plans are a 12" on a Berliner label, and a CD on Art Konkret.


P.O. Box 33 9432 Walzenhausen, SWITZERLAND.

Since the split of THE MOON LAY HIDDEN BENEATH A CLOUD in may 98 (After breaking up, Albin Julius went on to develop Der Blutharsch, please check WKN), everybody was waiting for the "Rest on your arms" CD.

It is available for [DM30]: "It’s a CD with all compilation & vinyl tracks plus one extra track (especially made for Sweden about Sweden" says Alz. The other item is the "Book of Lyrics" [DM60 p.p], ltd to 777 copies with 313 pages "containing all lyrics & special thoughts of Alzbeth (the author & singer). This book will clear up many questions about personal interests and motivations for the music, influences & personalities in the band" describes Alz. So get ready for orders!


Box 12011, 402 41 Gothenburg, SWEDEN.

ART-IC Culture was founded in 1998 "to spread good culture to a wide and interesting public". Their ambitious aim is to release 1000 releases! That’s why they have started at [-999]! They want produce cheap CD but at good quality. Their releases so far have been: [ARTC-IC-998] DAN FRÖberg /GUSTAV SÖDERSTRÖM 3 MOT ALLA. This CD is limited to 500 copies [7,6 US$] (all prices includes postage).

AUBE SHADE AWAY CD [ART-IC-996] LIM500 [8 US$ (includes postage)]

This is a ’99 released from Akifumi project, based on Glass sound. It comes in a A5 package format, a bit disappointing regarding the printing quality which is a pity face to the great black and white photographs provided by the Japanese artist. Anyway 6 tracks from 6 to 13 minutes, once again in an atmospheric way based on layer upon layer soundscapes construction. The glass tones give a rougher side to this work with sharpen and cutting edges. Another great hypnotic mind focusing work. Exists in a sold out special edition of 50 copies with a packaging made of Glass.


C/O Donna Klemm, Taunusstrasse 63b, 65183 Wiesbaden GERMANY.

The edition department has released: Romain Slocombe book: "Japan in Bandage" with 30 colour paintings, photos [DM54] & Philippe Fichot book "the visionary garden" with 180 pages from S/m photos [DM86].

For the audio label Asmus Tietchens/Ockko Becker CD "Totentanz" LIM500 and the exclusive distribution from "Glimmen" CD on Erostrate LIM100 and a video Merzbow + Ian Kerlchof (Dutch filmmaker) "Beyond ultra violence" shot in Tokyo.


18 Pilton Place, Edinburgh EH5 2EX, SCOTLAND.

Assemblage is a Scottish label run by David Wells rising from the ashes of Vigilant. They propose as well distribution catalogue and host the great power electronics act HAILSTORM. Regarding the latter David comments "What can I tell you about Hailstorm...Well, not been much activity since the 7" and gig years back although. There are mp3's on the site Hailstorm began around 94 although there had been recordings going back to 89/90 but there was no name. There is a backlog of material to be released. Compilation appearances are on Open Wound CD, Ambient Intimacy #4 CD and forthcoming DLP comp on Harbinger. Hopefully soon will be the Spirals CD that features mixes by Dachise, Scumwave.... And a collage of all recordings dating back to 89/90". But David is also working alone "There are three CDs due on AP of my solo work, 1 from The Digitariat and others. All this will be announced soon".

Another CD release from them not review here is, [A004] MLEHST "another cross to bear" (also re-issue from a previous Vigilant tape); [A005] MLEHST "Jack of Bulbs" CD (LIM100). Four remixes from the Pessimistic/Pedantic sessions from 1998, coming in Heavy A5 Card wallet with Black/white/green print inside and out);

Future releases are [A002] DAVID WELLS "Perchance of decay lathe cut" 7"/CD-R, [A003] HAILSTORM "Spirals" CD, [A006] HAILSTORM - SCUMWAVE/SLUG GATE MCD-R and [A007] THE LAST PYLON (UK compilation with CON-DOM, DACHISE, DIGITARIAT, GREY WOLVES, HAILSTORM, HEX MINORA, MLEHST, SATORI.

Some other possibilities are THE DIGITARIAT "I created over a million jobs" (LIM200). Featuring new studio tracks plus their entire second performance at Hinouema Club in London; AX ORIGAMI AND THE 1, 765 ALLIED FORCES OF LIGHT "10 Year Anniversary Album" DCD Available in full as mp3 download from or available through A.P. An excellent compilation of the factions of the origami collective from UK, USA, Canada, Switzerland, Australia, Argentina and Norway. Flowing compilation of experimentalism, techno, electro-acoustic pieces, electronics, cut-ups, radio pastiche, etc, etc, etc. Origami Republika, Origami Anarchika, Origami Angelika, Origami Artika, Origami Ballistika, Origami Christianssand, Origami Diskordika, Origami Galaktika, Origami Inertia, John Hegre's Origami Replika, KA, Origami Lorika, Origami North Amerika, Origami Opna, Origami Pharmaceutica, Origami Replika, Origami South Amerika, Origami Strangika, Origami Synergika, Urd Barbarian, Hornorkesteret, Matt burt, LCA, Medit, Lasse Marhaug, Reynols, Exlex, Kaptein Kaliber, I quit!, My Glass Beside Yours, Kobi, b9, Del, Mrs.Hippi, Boe/Krey/Jarboe, Clop Neclat. And another porject is DAVID WELLS "EVACUATE MID".


This is a CD re-issue version from a ‘97 tape on Vigilant label. This English Project has mainly based this work on electronic components, beats, turntables and prepared guitar in fast paced cut-up style. The first 80 in special mailer sleeve with hand printed and assembled sleeves by Paul D. Knowles himself. The 6 track strange from 2 to 17 minutes. I am not a big fan of non-linear noise cut-up, but hopefully only few tracks are in this vein. Whereas the rest is definitely very good ambient experimental music with dark tones and noise treatments. Worthing your interest and available for Limited (80) edition: Europe £I2, Everywhere else £13, Standard edition Price: Europe £1l Everywhere else £12 (price including p.p. w/ airmail).


Richard Cronin, 301-5500 Arcadia road, Richmond BC VOX 3P5, CANADA.


This MCD from German side project of INADE is coming in a special packaging. It is the result of a collaborative project between Ex.Order and the painter Charles Acethorpe. The culmination of this combination has been an exhibition in Toronto (check The 3 tracks are in the typical Ex.order way, Cold power German power electronics. The last track "flesh pumping" is a pure brutal loop in the Genocide Organ way. This is an excellent release that confirms the great potential of this project.


C/O Anthony Saunders, RM 302 155 summit Str. Newak, NJ 07102 USA.

This newsletter is now on the web. Anthony said "APF is less focused on noise now, instead of being strictly themed it now covers everything that I am interested in, primarily through on extreme metal, sci-fi/horror, noise, and techno. Anyhow the print edition of APF is no longer frequently printed, nor free. The new issue is about 48 pages, half sized (reached #7)". No update since end of ’99, can say that APF is no longer existing. Anyway you can still visit the site with interview among the others of HYDRA (New York great power electronic act).


C/O Benoist Arnaud, 8 rue du Dr Mordret Appt 86, 72000 Le Mans, FRANCE.

This is a new French label, which is also doing a Noise, HC, Punk distribution list called TAKE EFFECT.


This is a 10" from the electro-noise project from France Sonie who has previously release a split auto-produced CD with a punk band Naplam Dance. The music itself is a kind of simple heavy Techno rhythm which is mistreated, tortured and abused through various effect and noise filters. No need to swallow a pink smile peal to appreciate it. Then there are also some cut-up songs very simple and with a poor sound from which I am not really into. The field explore by Sonie is quite dangerous as it is surely too noisy and scratchy for dance ravers, and perhaps a little bit to rhythmic or simple for noisters. Not convinced. Anyway Mlp is available for $11 post paid.


B.P. 294, 86007 Poitiers Cedex, FRANCE

ATHANOR / ARS REGIA is a label and distribution catalogue from France run by the interesting Stephane. He has now built a strong deserved reputation in the underground, through releases like: [ATNR001] Mysteria Mithrae deluxe compilation CD with Les Joyaux de la Princesse, Blood Axis, Endura, Ernte, Allerseelen, Scivias, Lonsai Maikov, Dissonant Elephant. [ATNR002] Split 10" picture disc Les Joyaux de la Princesse/ Muslimgauze. LIM315. [ATNR003] Mental Measuretech "Songs from Neuropa" re-issued CD. [ATNR004] Deluxe boxset edition of Mental Measuretech. [ATNR005] Lucifer Rising compilation CD with Endura, Chod, Blood Axis, Der Blutharsch, Dawn Dusk Entwined, Allerseelen, Ernte, Bobby BeauSoleil, Changes, Waldteufel and Ain Soph. [ATNR006] Chod 7" "Ishtar aux Enfers".

The current available titles are: [ATNR005] Lucifer Rising compilation CD; [ATNR007] Psychonaut "The Witches' Sabbath" CD; [ATNR008] Exotoendo "Push Kara" CD; [ATNR009] Tribe of Circle "Rien ne disparait jamais vraiment..." CD (after a 7" on WKN/Hau Ruck). Check the website:; [ATNR010] Karceral Flesh 10"; [ATNR 011] Organisation Toth Red Order 10" Sold out. Book: [ARS 01] Trevor Brown "Minomushi" silkscreen book ltd 199 copies, co-produce with JINX (USA), 32 pages book about 29 Japanese bondage suspensions.

The new releases are: [ANTR012] BARDOSENETICUBE "Necklace" First CD of Russian formation. & [ANTR013] PSYCHONAUT Liber Al Vel Legis. Check reviews. [ATNR014] Organisation Toth "Follow the red order" 10".

Forthcoming releases on Athanor will be [ATNR015] Zero Kama "The Goatherd and the Beast" 10" (OUT NOW!); Zero Kama "Live In Arnheim" CD; Andrew King "The Amfortas Wound" CD; Nothus Filius Mortis CD and 10"; Ain Soph "Ars Regia" CD w/book reissue; Chod "Les Autres Dieux" CD; Ljdlp/Blood Axis 10" Absinthe project. And perhaps Forces Occultes 10", Ursprache 7", & Etant Donnés CDS.

LUCIFER RISING Compilation CD [ATNR005] [115f exc.p.p.]

This Compilation CD is featuring strong projects of the "New pagan" Style. British Endura with good dark medieval track, the stormy music of French Chöd, American Blood Axis with another version of "Electricity", Austrian Der Blutharsch with its Teutonic compositions and Allerseelen’s "Flamme" from Stirb & Werde, German Ernte from Cthulhu Rec. less accoustic than usual, American Waldteufel (ex-Crash Worship) with a whistle ballad in German, minimal ambient from Italian Ain Soph, even Bobby BeauSoleil from the Charles Manson’s family who is now out from his jail, Odin’s hyppies from Changes, militarist march from Dawn & Dusk Entwined. This compilation is the follower of "Mysteria Mithrae"; the whole concept being not far from the Cthulhu Records ones "the lamp of the invisible light" and "Im blut feuer". If you are into this style you should get this great work with a nice booklet.

CHÖD "Isthar aux enfers" EP [ATNR006] LIM323

This is the first 7" from this dark French project. I was quite surprise by this release, not so original but efficient. The 2 tracks sound like funeral march with pounding drums and wolves howls. The whole has a ritual atmosphere enhanced by bells and low bass rhythm. A band to keep an eye on in the future.


This release from French project is firstly brought with an artwork from long time French painter Jean Marc Dauvergne that I advise you to check These 6 tracks develop a low dark atmosphere with electronics rhythms. A pounding march on "tout est nuit"; a pulsating loop like on "stuka dance"; an electro arrangement of a kodo session like on "agitation", or a martial soundtrack of percussion on "defile 2". To note is the collaboration of Eric from Les Joyaux de la Princesse, on this release.


This CD from this unit from St Petersburg is the re-issuing of the Black Dead Rabbit production ’99 CDR. I was curious to hear an eastern countries project knowing that Stephane said that it was an excellent release. And I have to admit that I have been surprised. Not at the first listening but once you get into their original dark electronics manipulations then you have to continue till the end of the CD. A very good stuff indeed quite far than usual sombre ambient stuff. More personal and with some old school industrial tone and mastered by Andreas Resch / Minox Lay. Get this one, you will not regret it!


Here also I have been surprised by this release. I am not a fan of Valefor! On the other hand the Ep of this side project on AJNA was promising. But this album is one of the best occult ritual one. Dedicated to Aleister Crowley, for once a very good artwork on the beast! Michael Ford conducts this magical ritual like an experimented wizard. All the elements are here for a perfect atmosphere, strong voice, invocation, incantation, drums, flutes, layers and soundscapes. Regarding the technical side of the ritual it was "for the Attainment of the Knowledge and Conversation of His Holy Guardian Angel. This working includes living in a secluded area (or away from human contact) for a period and performing the operation of the Sacred Magick of Abramelin the Mage. Liber AL or the Book of the Law (given to Crowley by his own Guardian Angel) represents a dawning of human ascension into Godhood, becoming through a well-developed Body of Light. This can be also referred to as Lucifer, the ideal of Light and Wisdom, Faustian Knowledge". An excellent stuff!!

Official Domain of Psychonaut:


I do not have his previous Lp on same label, But I have listened it at Stephane’s home once and it sounds a very interesting repetitive occult stuff. For this release the atmosphere is also filled with esoterism. Hypnotic tracks based on loops constructed by inverted orchestration or vocals with delays and effects. The result sounds really hypnotising with a raw mix in the old school industrial way. One track is unfortunately a trip-hop stuff, Which I am not fond of; I have no sense of humour. The whole sounds very ritualistic music, and proclaimed as "red light magic" soundtrack. Olivier can be contacted at


C/O Ronan, Stang Menelec, 29500 Ergue Gaberic, FRANCE.

I sadly announce the end from this noise label. But I think you can still contact him for available tapes to order (check the previous issue reviews).


Warning new address: PO Box 100152, 50441 Cologne, GERMANY.

This is a German magazine, label & mailorder for experimental music. New CD release is: Anemone Tube "Existence" CD, limited to 500 copies coming with a 10-page fold out booklet. Previous releases have been Brian Ladd: "the unsubmitted themes from hellraiser" (ltd. numbered edition 501 copies) & sold-out Asmus Tietchens: "monographie/monography" book plus 3" CD with unreleased material 250pp. Book about the German master of abstract sound manipulation, with texts both in English and German with full commented discography. Auf abwegen hosts the official Asmus Tietchens webpage at: The new magazine: Aufabwegen issue (#30) features interviews with Merzbow, Zbigniew Karkowski, The Sons of God, Otomo Yoshihide, Suppose, Kim Cascone, Shitkatapult, etc. mostly in German.


This is a brand new release of this great German Noise activist (check TRANSFIXIONAL Ent.). 7 tracks of original Noise from violent to ambient, with many sound sources and great arrangements. The impression of new sound is felt while listening to this great work mixing many influences but in a very personal manner. Atmospheric parts a really mind escaping invitations and powerful ones will pulse your brain. Definitely a Great project to discover or to follow if you want something new in noise sound construction. Get this one now!


P.O. Box 605488 Cleveland, OH 44105 USA.

This is a very good American label run by John. The recent release is [Reset.01] BAD SECTOR "The Harrow" CD limited to 584 copies (and nearly sold out in the first three weeks of release).

Up next is [Reset.02] TWO MINDS OF MURDER compilation CD "the dark evolution of electronics" Vol.3 featuring two exclusive tracks by each artist: Schloss Tegal, Anapthergal, Baal, Morder Machine, Slogun, Deison, Pain Nail, & Gruntsplatter. Future releases will be: [Reset.03] CONTAGIOUS ORGASM "seven sounds unseen" CD; [Reset.04] AUBE "Comet" 2CD set with 10 tracks, ltd to 500 & done with ice & space sound sources; [Reset.05] BAAL BERITH-IllumiNATION CD lim500, [Reset.06] LEFTHANDEDECISION "Fuelled by Electronic Hate" CDR lim100; [Reset.07] BAAL "E.xploration in H.yperdimensional R.ealities" LP, [Reset.08] ARISE "The Law of Man" CD limited to 500 copies.

John is also doing the project BAAL and the discography can be found at ...all recordings are completely sold out and out of print at the moment. A new project titled BAAL BERITH has a track on Live Bait's Salvation Bloodletting compilation CD (which is available now) and a forthcoming CD on Reset entitled "IIllumiNATION" due out in July of this year.

John comments "AVA has finally stabilised as AVA/ES1 Reset...yeah a long name but it went through a ton of mutations since 1993/94. I look forward to a lot of great upcoming releases now with the new Bad Sector being the first. I think all the elements are finally in place with sound, concept, and packaging being equally important in putting out good productions. As for Baal, right now starting this year is the Baal Berith collaboration with Stephen Petrus of In Death's Throes & Murderous Vision & Live Bait Recordings founder...although I am going to be working on new Baal material as well. I'm also looking into starting a label just for Baal releases which will be very limited vinyl & CD".


C/O Massimo Magrini, Via Laucci 402, 55050 Massa Pisana – LU, ITALY

A growing reputation is following this Italian act. The recent acceleration of his outputs and participation to Deadly Actions IV festival accentuate this phenomena. The split Tape with Contagious Orgasm "Vacuum Pulse" has been reprinted on CD by OEC. New releases should be "Toroidal Body" 7''+CD single box, on Pre-Feed Records (I) & "Survival Tools" 3 inches CD on Cohort Recs (USA). This subtle mixing of ambient and atmospheric soundscapes with many different source types lead to a reliable Sound maker. Someone to watch closely and follow a great sound and emotions manipulator.

The last fourth (after Ampos, Plasma and Dolmen Factory) new CD "The Harrow" is out on AVA/ES1-RESET Reset.01  Limited to 584 copies. Check "11 tracks of 55 minutes of material which could be described as somewhere between "Ampos" & "Dolmen Factory" but even better in concept and execution. Used on these recordings were: Impulsive sounds obtained with a PKCB104 Digital Geiger Counter using Radium as a gamma radiation sound source +air, naval, and military radio bands scanned with a AOR 2000 Wide Range Monitor receiver + original voice treatment software developed by Massimo Magrini. The artwork for this release depicts a Stealth Bomber delivering 46 bombs taken in infrared (when have you ever seen a Stealth in attack??? probably never because the pictures are extremely hard to come by!!!) and the inside booklet details all the specs for the Stealth culled from the military websites of the designers. The disc itself depicts a night bomb scene in gold and black print. All this is summed up by the inside quote "Whatever commandment the condemned man has transgressed is engraved on his body by the harrow....".

By waiting here’s the interview:

1) What has done the project of a CD on Loud with Sshee retina stimulants?

Paolo (Sshe Retina Stimulants) has a really great technique in digital remixing of audio material. I was interested to make a 4 hands track with him. He accepted, and so we did it. Starting from basic sounds I made, he remixed it adding his personal taste. Even if it's just an experiment, I think it's an interesting track. In the CD I added some remixed tracks I've originally used for live performances, while Paolo added some new material.

2) Can you tell me what has motivated you for such a work through Bad sector? Why such a name?

I came from academic electronic music. After some years of activity in the Computer Music Lab of CNUCE (an institute of the National Research Council of Italy), I really get bored with these emotionless serious computer music, so I moved to something different, less "politically correct". Just from the beginning, my target was to build an "organic", deep sound. Sometimes I developed my personal electronic devices and software, just to give more "life" to the recordings. Anyway, It's very difficult for me to describe my sounds. I cannot explain all the emotional/phylosophical implications of the sounds in my structures. Actually, I think that when you try to explain something with an aesthetic value (whatever it is), maybe you risk destroying it. As far as the name: Bad Sector is a damaged part of a computer disk.

3) Can you tell us more about your futures plans as a band member? Releases, featuring, dates, package, labels...?

There will be a CD reprint of the Dolmen Factory tape on Membrum Debile Propaganda (Germany) and a CDr reprint on Old Europa Cafe of the collaboration tape I made with Contagious Orgasm, on the same label. The new Bad Sector CD will be out on AVA/ES Records (USA). I am currently rebuilding my live set-up, and I will re-start to do live performances in the future. Also, I am working on some other fronts, including a side project in collaboration with Where (Italy) isolationist audio project, involving special underwater recordings, is now in progress (final mastering phase). The Institute of Clinical Physiology of CNR (I) will use Bad Sector music as soundtrack for CD-ROM multimedia presentations of the most interesting clinical cases

Selected discography: ZE, Tape Slaughter (I, 1994); Ampos CD God Factory/StaalPlaat (NL, 1995); Dolmen 7" EP Drone Records (Germany, 1995); ZE, Vaccum pulse, Tape Old Europa Cafe (I, 1996); Pressurised Music freedom from. (USA, 1997); Plasma CD Old Europa Cafe (I, 1997/98); Polonoid CDr Bastet Recordings c/o VUZ Records (D, 1998); Dolmen Factory, Tape Soffitta Macabra (I, 1998); Jesus Blood 10" EP Loki/Power and Steel (D, 1998); Transponder CDr Blade Recs (I, 1999); Dolmen Factory (reprint of the tape) MDP (D, 1999).

Compilations appearance: Docili Fibre CD Wide (I, 1996); Sonderangebot CD StaalPlaat (NL, 1996); Prayer of Mankind double tape SSSM (J, 1997); The Answering Machine Solution CD StaalPlaat (NL, 1997); Manifesto Industriale Italiano (Tape Box), OEC (I, 1997); Ambient Intimacy II CD EE Tapes (B, 1998).


New address: C/O Crusade, P.O. Box 16, Bexley, DA5 2ZU, ENGLAND.

This English label run by All Brentnall is not only the home production for MLHEST material, but also some other acts such as BRUME, SMELL & QUIM, RUNZELSTRIN UND GURGELSTOCK as split releases.

Recent releases are Mlhest CDR "milk tourist" (BHP72) [£13 p.p]; "the difficulty of crossing a field" [£11p.p] (BHP73). "fabulous favourites" CDR (BHP74) [£13p.p]; "secret history (gathered by hermaphrodite)" (BHP75) [£13p.p]. MLHEST, what a strange name? While explaining this name All says "an abstract word with no meaning, people always spell it wrong and also wonder how it is pronounced. I’ve chosen it because it looks good on the page!".

For the future plans he says, "only to have all the planned material for release to be release! Meaning: Trilogy of 3 LPs: "pessimists", "throwing it all away from a lie", & "a thousand fools"; a reissue BHP cassette as "groupmilk" 2lp; new material "secret harvest" CD; 2 mini LPs: "a final gesture of disgust"/"miseries lie broken" & "you lose everytime" and LP "a glass of ice"/"wrapped up in black". He also adds, "I really do want to see the 4 LP box "black letter ballad" released. Any labels interested to release or co-release it, please get in touch!". The CD "The pain does not belong to me" has been released on Self Abuse (SAD-09).


New address P.O. BOX 34965, Los Angeles, CA 90034 USA.

AMK is currently working on the new B.P.’s catalogue, which will be about L.A. his new hometown. The previous BP’s catalogue feature the drive-in movie theatre edition excellent reading full of the spirit for the so "cliché" old America, and many funny testimonies. You can order releases from AMK of course (see detailed list w/interview), but also tons of nice price stuffs. The Haters, "breakthrough" EP ($4) "the subsequent rip" tape ($5), AMK/ Speculum Fight/ MSBR "damkbr" tape ($6) ltd to 100, John Hudak tapes "tick tock" or "slumbrous breathing" ($6 each), Francisco Lopez "paris hiss" tape ($6), Chop Shop "discrete emissions" EP ($4) ltd to 500, Chop Shop "powerdrunk" CD ($10) ltd to 100, AMK / GX the 2 guys tapes series of 7 different works for ($6) each, blackhumour "constraint" tape ($3), Small cruel party "the subtle body" EP ($4) & "but life a child kept still" tape ($5), Embraced (s/t) double tape ($7), crawl unit "chime vortex" tape ($5), smell & quim "retract your balls" tape ($6), Radiosonde "sad letters" tape ($6) & "evil dreams" video ($15), tac "try my hand" tape ($6), zipper "spy" tape ($6), daniel menche "the chrome homicide" EP ($2), k2 / runzelstrin & gurglestock EP ($4), k2 / aube EP ($4). All prices excluded postage. Fight against the Petrol cartel, and bring your support to B.P. Remember Amoco cadis, Torre canion, Exxon Waldheim, recently Errika and Danemark event! When will this all ends!!!!!! Blow your local gas station, piss in your fuel tank & Order to this true underground activist the sound of NOISE!

After AMK shut his label for one year due to one the worst event a man has to face during his life. I was very pleased to see this Noise pioneer back with so much dedication to his work. The label's 100th release has been put out! Entitled 10x10 it is a 5 tape box set with 10 artists: Small Cruel Party, Damion Romero, Francisco Lopez, Gen-Ken, Chop Shop, M. Stavostrand, John Hudak, Leif Elggren, M. Behrens and Daniel Menche. Each tape is a c-o2 with each artist getting one minute. This interview will take to the roots of broken noise.

1) What has motivated you in making noise? How do you do it?

Well when I was young I used to play records on my hi-fi set and found I was always interested more in the scratches and skips that it made, than the actual music on the grooves. I started to scratch all my records and play them, and I came upon the idea of combining cheap flexi-discs together and playing them. With this I became unlimited in the sounds of broken records. Now years and hundreds of flexi-disc montages later I still get surprised and amazed by each new one I make.

2) Do you sell them like that?

I have from time to time sold the montages as is, but generally I use them with a turntable as my instrument. Just like somebody would use a guitar or a blowtorch.

3) Is there any new AMK releases?

Quite a few in fact, P.A.L. put out a flexi-disc & l.p. in which all the material on the Lp. is made from cut-up versions of the flex-disc. The second side of the Lp. is an actual cut-up flexi. I also have new cassettes on a few American labels and a c.d. on the wholeness records label and one on my own.

4) The Salton Sea edition of your banned production catalogue is very interesting, what do you plan for your new catalogue?

The new catalogues theme is drive-in movie theatres. The drive-in is I believe a uniquely American phenomenon. So in this one there are stories by people on their experiences at drive-ins, lists of favourite movies, photos of theatres and a history of them. It's a very full catalogue, I also have all my labels releases in it too.

5) How has the threatened lawsuit from British Petroleum over copyright infringement of their logo resulted?

It was really no contest. My tiny little label vs. the second largest oil conglomerate in the world. And I was stealing the logo, there was no question of that. One interesting note, is that I was using the BP logo since almost the inception of my label, I used it in ads, t-shirts, on all my releases, everywhere I could. When I made a banned production web site it was not up for two days when I was contacted and sued by British Petroleum lawyers. That says something about the internet, whether it is good or not I do not know.

6) What is new and upcoming for banned production?

In the catalogue there is seven new releases by chop shop, amk, TAC, zipper spy, blackhumour and a video and cassette by radiosonde. Upcoming is a CD by Damion Romero (Speculum Fight) and maybe a live AMK CD.

7) What is the scene like in the San Francisco Bay Area '?

I'm not the right one to ask, I spend more time in Los Angeles, where I know more people like, Damion Romero, Fin, PAL Records, Solid Eye, Spastic Colon and the like. To me the scene in Los Angeles seems much more vibrant and exciting.

8) Any final thoughts?

I am looking forward to the end of the millennium. I always like to think of new years as turning the page and this year will be like opening a new book.

Last release: AMK "A to Z" CD ($8)

" Every sound uttered by AMK on a computer " 65 tracks of montage loop samples remixes, scratch mixes, voice samples, unreleased material and everything else that ends up on the hard drive. A great collection of pieces as is, but sounds even better in random mode on your player.

AMK selected discography:

Cassette release: amk/amk2 - banned production, recycled – RRR, residue/ scrape - Kinky Musik Institute what you think / order toll free - Ladd-Frith phonic - Old Europa café airdrome - Sink or Swim christdome – Spite Vinyl releases assemblage 2 (w/gum) - korm plastics hi-gi-banned production needle hit the groove - flexi & LP - PA.L. ($12)

Cd releases: play – PURE, A to Z - banned production, recant - Wholeness Recordings ($8).

Collaborations: amk / Runzelstirn &Gurglestock / factor X-, Helicopter - Inner Psyche productions, Helicopter (on a donkeys tale) - Bandage hand, Helicopter - Old europa café, amk / PBK l Hands To - System Music End - PURE ($6), amk / K2 / The Haters - Three Phenomena Vinyl Communications ($10)

Compilations: Accidents have no holidays – powertech, Insomnia vol. One – Staalplaat, As yet untitled - Realization recordings, America the beautiful – RRR, World Noise Federation – SHF, America Salutes Merzbow - Vinyl Communications, Links Outta Here - Generator Sound Archive, Squeezing Being 2 - Wholeness Recordings


Thomas Gith, Von Hess Weg 13, 20535 Hamburg, GERMANY

Very good German label, unfortunately I do not have much news from them. I nevertheless recommend to all of you the excellent tape from ANEMONE TUBE FORGET HEAVEN [BTP#15]. Thomas has not only released great Tapes but also Eps: Alchemy of the 20th century "Liquid Metal" 7" & Aube "Maze Head Shift"7".


C/O Phil Todd 7 woodside, Madeley, curve, cheshire CW3 9HA UK.

The excellent English label/distributor has a good distribution catalogue. Write or check web page for ordering loads of noisy items at nice level of price. Phil is also the man behind Dogliveroil, Ashtray Navigations, Tea Culture, Inca Eyeball, Thee Electrocutionists, and probably two dozen others.

The last releases are: A WARM PALINDROME / FEVERDREAMS / BADGERLORE "THREE OWLS SIX EARS" [£6.00], ASHTRAY NAVIGATIONS "TRISTES TROPIQUES" [£6.00] New CD Co-released with Blackbean and Placenta in the USA and Rhizome in Australia, REYNOLS "-" [£6.00] Argentina trio (Downs Syndrome drummer/vocalist, high daytime TV profile, opera for thousands of chickens, live show given to an audience of plants, conceptual CD of tape hiss etc. etc. etc.). Co-released with Blackbean & Placenta in the USA. Still available: Green Monkey "the lotus flower will no longer blossom upon your island" CD (£6), Anna Oplaneta double CD (£9), Monostat 3 Cd (£7), To live and shave in L.A. "Tonal Harmony" CDEP (£4.50), Ashtray Navigations "four raga moods" (£7), Ashtray Navigations/Universal Indians split CD (£6), and the very good Dogliveroil/Pain Jerk "The snake charmer’s beautiful daughter" (£7.50)


C/O P. Markulla, Suopurontie; 1 E 32, Fin-02920 Espoo, FINLAND

This is a Finnish grind-noise-core project, which has also a split CD with BIZARRE UPROAR & BASTARD NOISE available to the above address.

BIZARRE UPROAR Antibliss MCD [Mass1999] LIM050

This is crude, raw noise track of more than 12 minutes sounding like an industrial-noise version of old grind core weirdoes like Sore Throat, 7 minutes of Nausea, Fear of God, etc… The main backward is the cymbals sounds which is a bit ahead compare to the rest. I am sure this trio had a good fun while recording such a crazy mess. I personally tend to think that such noise is better to listen live in a second state with strong body involvement. So please organised a tour in small clubs and get ready to kick some asses.


C/O Emilio Crescenzi, Via F.lli Rosselli 11, 20021 Bollate (MI), ITALY.

To be honest this is what I hate most in Industrial underground! This young Italian label is releasing some ridiculous package trying to be original with metal and painting. He has already reached 12 releases! But this shit looks like a primary school object done in manual initiation course! The first release was the re-issue from the Grey Wolves tape "Incarceration", having the original one, I didn’t need this one. But in fact all of his releases are just tape re-issue. He is like a parasite making money on the underground. This pasta bastard make CDR for $21!!! So please stop to encourage such wanker’s initiative. A SLOGUN CD has been hopefully co-released with EIBON and maybe an INTRINSIC ACTION LP is planned. SAY NO!


To see that a project like Contagious Orgasm used to nice presentation trust such fucking thief, it makes me wondering. No review.


Be Careful new address: Po Box 6091, Chicago, Illinois 60680-6091 U.S.A.

I’m more than proud to edit this interview from MARK SOLOTROFF, and this for several reasons! First of all If you’re used to the reviews from the previous issues you already know my enthusiasm for all his works: firstly as a member of the NY sado-electronics INTRINSIC ACTION, then in BLOODYMINDED & under his own name through different solo projects and also in SURGICAL STAINLESS STEEL. MARK is not only a great tortured-electronics provider but also the instigator of the excellent label BloodLust! rising from the ashes of the legendary AWB. So let him speaks and give him the exposure he deserves!!

11th of August will see a live action from Bloodyminded and Slogun! And the most important news is that Mark is currently thinking to make something new with INTRINSIC ACTION!!!! Mark adds "I am looking at old I.A. lyrics, thinking about how I can update/rewrite them, to make them more interesting for me to want to perform them again". So beware and stay aware!

How do you see the INTRINSIC ACTION experience now? Do you know the G.G.F.H. (American electro-satanists) cover version of the AC/DC classic "Night Prowler"? (For those who don’t know: This song was listened by the Californian serial killer Richard Ramirez, while hunting at night for preys)

It is difficult to summarise over ten years (1984-1995) of work in a brief statement, but my work with Intrinsic Action was important in establishing the great relationships that I have developed with people around the world. I am very satisfied with the majority of the work officially released under the name Intrinsic Action, and the live shows carried out between 1986 and 1995 were generally great experiences. I learned a lot of things that I have applied to how I am working in BLOODYMINDED, and past experiences have made the new band even more successful in my mind. Yes, I have heard the GGFH cover but I am not a fan of their CD's. The Intrinsic Action 12" picture disc was not intended for release as it appeared, and it is not authorised. I do not like the material, and I wanted to submit different tracks. The Intrinsic Action 7" on BloodLust! Have the songs that I would have preferred, and that is why we released them after-the-fact. Our version of "Night Prowler" (recorded in 1992) was not a successful recording as far as I am concerned.

Why did you change AWB to BloodLust!?

Along with ending Intrinsic Action and starting fresh with BLOODYMINDED, the point of BloodLust! was to start a label with a clean slate, and with new people involved, getting rid of the baggage that built up over the years with AWB Recording. I wanted to stay very clear of any political connotations as they were not necessarily my interest with AWB Recording in the first place, and they have absolutely no place in how BloodLust! is being run.

Why did you change your sound with BLOODYMINDED into something ultra-violent? Not far from grind core stuff? Do you know this style with acts like Anal Cunt, 7 Minutes of Nausea or Fear of God and Sore Throat?

I do not think that the sound is so different between Intrinsic Action and BLOODYMINDED. Elements of the new band were always there. The first Intrinsic Action CD, "Sado-Electronics", already had short, blasting tracks in the second section (Surgical Stainless Steel). Maybe the similarities are more obvious regarding the sound of live shows. The point of BLOODYMINDED was to strip the sound down to a more powerful, minimal attack, using less of the pulses and waveforms that characterised Intrinsic Action's electronics. I also wanted to drop the references to s/m bullshit. From 1984 until now, the music has evolved in a more raw, powerful direction. The sounds have become more straightforward, and my vocals continually develop in a more violent and hard direction. I no longer use effects on my voice as I am concerned with my lyrics being clearly delivered, while at the same time, I can do more with my voice now, ranging from straight delivery to guttural screams and shrieks. The connection to grind-core is certainly there. I have been listening since the early Earache and Peaceville days, and while I dislike the silly aspects of a band like A.C., I will admit to a track like Napalm Death's "You Suffer" as being a huge influence on how things have developed. The five years that I was in New York allowed me to see and hear a lot of grind, as it is a thriving style there. Lastly, Discharge was always a major influence, even down to the design of Intrinsic Action's record sleeves.

Can you tell me more about the 2nd BLOODYMINDED CD "True Crime"?

"True Crime" is recorded and mixed, but we still have to do the mastering. We finished it during the week between Christmas and New Year's Eve of this past year. It took a long time to finish, considering it was started in New York in 1997. The CD is comprised of ten songs, all around five or six minutes in length, built from an average of sixteen tracks of vocals, synths, and sub-bass frequencies. Guests include Paolo Bandera (Sshe Retina Stimulants/Sigillum S) and Akifumi Nakajima (Aube/G.R.O.S.S.) on synths, as well as John Balistreri (Slogun), Jonathan Canady (Dead World/Deathpile), Andrea Chiaravalli (lugula-Thor), and Xavier Laradji (Timeless magazine) on vocals. "True Crime" is an ambitious project with dense layers of vocals and electronics. It is both the pinnacle of what I have been striving to do in the Power-Electronics genre and the launching off point for the next three CD projects that we are already developing.

BLOODYMINDED "True Crime" CD update:

The CD was re-mastered to include a video track. The clip is for the song "Chinatown", which appeared on the first BLOODYMINDED CD, "Trophy". The video was authored at Alien Arts in Chicago, the multimedia companion to Alien Soundscapes, the studio that mastered the CD, as well as recent BloodLust! 7"s. The video was shot by Chicago artist Dan Fiedler in Chicago's Chinatown. BLOODYMINDED "True Crime" Final track listing: "Angel of Darkness", "The Killer Department", "Blind Fury", "29 Below", "Deadly Thrills", "Bound to Die", "Rites of Burial", "The Misbegotten Son", "The Killer Next Door", "St. Joseph's Children", bonus track: "Chinatown" (video)

Can you explain to me if you are a member of Surgical Stainless Steel? How did you manage to depict such an odd atmosphere of a victim being tortured on the "Murder Series" e.p.?

I did not think it was any secret that I was doing Surgical Stainless Steel as it was a part of the first Intrinsic Action CD, as well the name that I have used for various production credits (... this is a Surgical Stainless production). I plan to use the name for the infrequent solo projects that I do, as opposed to using my own name. The single that I recorded for the Self Abuse series was built up from layers of vocals with very little in the way of synth parts. Vocals continually hold more importance to me, so based on your question, I will assume the recording was successful. It is always an issue of finding the right energy and power in the studio, which can be very difficult without an audience in front of you.

Are these five tapes the only releases from your solo project: "A Venom in the Blood" ; "Evidence to Suggest Postmortem Sexual Assault"; "Instrumental Demonstration of Death Noise'; "The Biology of Rape'; and "In the Mind of a Monster"? What has motivated you to do this solo project? How do you compose? With what? Influences, etc.

In addition to the tapes that you listed, I released "Sexual Homicide" as part of the BloodLust! cassette series. I also collaborated with Paolo Bandera of Sshe Retina Stimulants on a four-cassette box set on BloodLust! called "Excellent Manipulation of Distorted Tape Death". There are also a few compilation tracks floating around. Super Eight Loop was another project that I completed, mostly during the transition from Intrinsic Action to BLOODYMINDED. As for the solo tapes, I thought, at the time, that there was an opportunity to try out some different ideas as various labels were willing to put out the releases. Aside from "Instrumental..." and "Excellent..." on BloodLust!, I cannot get too exited about any of the solo tapes. There was really no need to release the cassettes, other than as a response to the courtesy offered by the labels. I think that the material is a poor representation of what I generally create, and out of all of the releases that I have been involved in, these would be the ones that I most regret. The tapes are generally murky layers of vocals, none of which rise out of the mud. I tried to use a minimum of synths on the tapes, and on the first BloodLust! cassette, there were no keyboards at all. The Super Eight Loop series is more interesting to me. Comprised primarily of 50 one hour cassettes (with a few special editions of certain specific tapes), the releases successfully portrayed my interest in older "cult' Power-Electronics artists such as Mathausen Orchestra, M. B., etc. I used a variety of analogue synths, one per tape, building up layers of electronic patterns with absolutely no effects. The project was a bit obsessive and was really only intended for friends and fanatics.

You said that you were ripped off by Tesco with the Fuck Yourself label? What is the whole story?

While we once had a mutually beneficial relationship, we had a lot of misunderstandings that ended up with certain things that were supposed to be released not released, and two recordings that were not authorised by me being released. Those would be the "Groupies"/"Night prowler" 12" picture disc, as previously mentioned and the Intrinsic Action "Electro-Death Suite" CD on the new Tesco label, Fuck Yourself. Great name! While I think that the picture disc is pure shit, the CD is brilliant. They mastered it from a rough demo cassette, reproducing my liner notes almost perfectly, with a few funny changes. I have to admit that I listen to it a lot. It was actually supposed to be the second Intrinsic Action CD, but it functions as a rough blueprint for the first BLOODYMINDED CD, "Trophy". The tracks were re-recorded twice; once by me in the studio using overdubs, and once with "live in the studio" sessions with Angel Ramos (ex-Intrinsic Action and BLOODYMINDED) and John Balistreri (Slogun) who also played live with both groups. Neither version struck me as more successful than the demos, which remain my favourite. As far as Tesco goes, to me, their attitude and their politics are ridiculous.

What about the second volume of Ensemble Sacrés Garçons? Why such a name in French?

Another long-term project... the second ESG CD is still in the works. I thought that we had finished it before leaving NYC, but after several careful listens, I knew that I was not 100% behind the final master. Andrea Chiaravalli and I will both add more "up front" vocals to the tracks, and we will probably eliminate some songs from the running order. The CD is over 70 minutes long, and it just seems too long. We can use the remaining tracks for a future release. It is probably obvious that I am in no hurry with any of these projects... I have been doing this for 15 years, and at this point, I just want to do things in a satisfying way, not necessarily quickly. As for the name Ensemble Sacrés Garçons, Andrea proposed it, and it seemed perfect. It personifies our friendship and our working relationship.

What are the future plans for BLOODYMINDED, Mark Solotroff, Surgical Stainless Steel, and BloodLust! ?

BLOODYMINDED will soon have the "True Crime" CD available and we will continue working on three future full-length releases. A new, limited 7" called "Mothercare" will be out this year, containing two live "blast" tracks. I cannot imagine releasing anything new under my own name, and as for Surgical Stainless Steel, there are no immediate plans. BloodLust! will continue to release the singles that have been coming out (BLOODYMINDED, Intrinsic Action, Slogun, Sshe Retina Stimulants, Deathpile, lugula-Thor, The Sodality, Jim Goodall, and Murder Corporation) with records by Mathausen Orchestra, Final Solution, Atrax Morgue, etc. Compact discs will eventually see the light of day by lugula-Thor, Sshe Retina Stimulants, and Intrinsic Action ("Sado-Electronics" remaster/re-release, "Bad Jack" re-master w/new tracks, and a collection of all of the 7" singles).

What are your favorite films, books, and items on serial murderers?

This question could be an interview in itself. There are answers in various Intrinsic Action and BLOODYMINDED releases, though.

Anything to add?

Thank you for your support, and especially for your patience. I know that you have been waiting for an interview for a long time. I do not do them often, as I would rather let the music speak for itself at this point.




CAT. N0.








Intrinsic Action




Fold-out Goya prisoners cover







Fold-out snake vertebrae cover

Atrocity Network





3rd ed.0f 50

U.K. licensed edition






1st ed.0f 50/2nd

1st ed. W/booklet

Atrocity Network





3rd ed.0f 50

U.K. licensed edition

Arbeit Recordings


Bad Jack




Special booklet edition cancelled

AWB Recording





1st/2nd (updated cover)

Target cover

AWB Recording





Ed.0f 500/black vinyl

Fisting cover






Numbered edition of 100

Live show video



Male Payment



Numbered edition of 100/black vinyl

Whip cover






Numbered edition of 500

Deluxe book packaging



Male Payment/Shock Pit



Promo only

Demo for live bookings (from CD)



Manhattan Power Surge



Ed.0f 500/red vinyl

Times Squarel Taxi Driver cover



Electro-Death Suite



Promo only

Demo for unreleased 2nd CD

AWB Recording


Groupies/Night prowler



Promo only

Demo for 12" picture disc

AWB Recording


Adult Books and Video



Promo only

Pre-release cassette for 7"

AWB Recording


Adult Books and Video



Ed.0f 1000/black vinyl

Poster sleeve



Male Payment/Groupies



Promo only

Demo for live bookings (CD/live)

Old Europa Café


Ensemble Sacres Garcons



Numbered edition of 1000

Collaboration with lugula-Thor






Ed.0f 100/grey marble vinyl

Only offcial version of "Groupies"











12" Picture Disc



Unauthorised release

Fuck Yourself


Electro-Death Suite




Unauthorised release

BLOODLUST! Catalogue:

Compact discs: $15.00

BloodLust! 001 BLOODYMINDED "Trophy" (ex-Intrinsic Action- Heavy power-electronics- 74’)

BloodLust! 013 Dead World "Thanatos Descends" (crushing industrial-metal and dark electronics)

BloodLust! 033 Mathausen Orchestra "Raising Vapours" (New work from classic Italian power-electronics hero)

"Buyer's Market" (AWB) (Peter Sotos of Whitehouse- Serial murder, child killings, victim's families...)

records: Bloodlust 7" $15.00 each AWB 7" $5.00 each

BloodLust! 028 Sshe Retina Stimulants "Amplifiers" 7" (limited to 100 copies on blue vinyl)

BloodLust! 032 Intrinsic Action "Groupies" 7" (limited to 100 copies on grey marble vinyl)

BloodLust! 034 The Sodality "Confusion" 7" (limited to 100 copies on pink marble vinyl)

BloodLust! 035 Deathpile "Abominations" 7" (limited to 100 copies on red vinyl)

BloodLust! 036 Iugula-Thor "Night!" 7" (limited to 100 copies on blue marble vinyl)

BloodLust! 037 Murder Corporation "Gaydog" 7 (limited to 100 copies on gold vinyl)

BloodLust! 038 Jim Goodall "Sacred Prostitution" 7" (limited to 100 copies on green vinyl)

BloodLust! 042 Mathausen Orchestra "Lost in Boyz Town" 7" (limited to 100 copies on grey marble vinyl)

Final Solution "Do As You're Told" 7" (AWB) (Classic NYC power-trio)

Intrinsic Action "Adult Books And Video" 7" (AWB) (4 cut 1993 tour single- poster sleeve)


BloodLust! 011 Deathpile "Gashbutcher" (ed. of 100 in vinyl case w/color cover) $10.00

BloodLust! 021 Mark Solotroff and Sshe Retina Stimulants "Excellent Manipulation Of Distorted Tape Death" $30.00 (Ed. of 50 - 4 x C-90 in vinyl box) (Heavy, grinding electronics - 6 hours of misery)

BloodLust! 024 Dead Body Love "Repugnance" (ed. of 100 in vinyl case) $10.00

BloodLust! 025 Atrax Morgue "Extended Autoerotic Death" (ed. of 100 in vinyl case) (Remix/remaster of out of print B! cass- reworked by Mark Solotroff-w/sick art!) $10.00

BloodLust! S8L Super Eight Loop (limited box set of 50 x C-60) $350.00 (Of BLOODYMINDED/Intrinsic Action- Heavy, dense analog synth work from mid '90's)


BloodLust! 029 TBA

BloodLust! 030 Ensembles Sacres Garcons "II" CD (delayed due to additional recording)

BloodLust! 039 Atrax Morgue 7" (limited to 100 copies on colored vinyl)

BloodLust! 040 BLOODYMINDED "True Crime" CD

BloodLust! 041 BLOODYMINDED "Mothercare" 7" (live "blast" tracks from Chicago's Empty Bottle)

BloodLust! 043 Final Solution "Strip Search" 7" (limited to 100 copies on coloured vinyl)

Ordering Information: -Foreign orders, please add $3.00 per item for AIR MAIL.

Last Minute: BLOODYMINDED - T-shirt "Power-Electronics Chicago - New York - Toulouse". $17.00 Air Mail (postpaid). BLOODYMINDED "True Crime" – button $2.00 Air Mail (postpaid). INTRINSIC ACTION – button $2.00 Air Mail (postpaid).


This is the official version of this great track, as Tesco picture Lp one is considered as a bootleg. During title-track the powerful voice of Mark orders the slave to obey upon a minimal electronic loop sounding. The whole track is unhealthy sweating sadistic desires on one side and salvation and fear on the other one. This track is very simple in his structure but deadly efficient! 2nd track "Wisdom" is a dense wall of sado-electronics finishing in a spoiled sample of easy music. Comes in grey marbled vinyl.


This is an exhumed recording material from a former Whitehouse member, re-produced by Mark. The whole is dense noise wall in the typical 80ies sound. This should please the MB nostalgic ones. Comes in grey vinyl.


This is another new recording from this Italian early electro-sadist. The electronic manipulations featured here are dense with a typical raw sound in the early steps of power electronics. Title track describes a journey in the country of all possible lusts, under the Asian humid and suffocating heat. Pleasures at all costs.


Radioshow and magazine from France. First issue is available for 30FF p.p. It is written in French and all along 50 pages you will read stuff on Sol Invictus, Haus Arafna, Bad Sector, Nuit & Brouillard, Einleitungszeit, Rosa Crux, Propergol, Costes, Mourmansk 150 and Sysigambis.


C/O Carole, 231 av. de Lyon, 73000 Chambéry, FRANCE.

This is an association with a label CATHARTIC Release and a distribution catalogue + a newsletter called Dead Mouth.

C/O Piero Stanic, Via Romagna 66, 34134 Triestre, ITALY.

Here is a presentation from Piero of his project: "Cazzodio was started in 1996. Before, I was creating a sort of "soundtrack-ish" dark ambient under the name Pulsar. The original idea with Cazzodio was to create music to be played during riots, and I thought that rhythm and noise were the right choice. For some time, actually, I was influenced by more extreme noise (more or less in the Japanese vein) but then I decided to stick to stuff with beats. More or less, what I do is force power electronics in a more rhythmic, structured scheme. I try to make it sound like if the noises were about to break the structure itself, but for some reason they failed to achieve such result. This is in some way a metaphor of the relation that runs between life and authority in the present society.  As for the name, it has a blasphemous content and I suspect it can't be published legally in Italy. I chose it so it will help the project to keep itself well far from alternative rock magazines, local newspapers' concert reviewers and such disposable people who can only water down any message I may be trying to spread. This, unluckily, only in Italy: for the rest of the world the name is just nonsense. Anyway, I think the word itself sounds good, I think, it's short, easy to remember... During the year 2000 a Cazzodio CD titled "ad negantem  usum  significationes", Latin  for  "directions towards  a negative practice",  was released  on  Eibon records in Italy and a CD from  my  side  project  Lupodighiaccio has been released  in collaboration by Verbrannte Erde Productions and Art Konkret. As for the future, I am working on new Cazzodio material, which will likely be released by Eibon. I am also working on a drum'n'noise collaboration with the guy behind HPP and Typhoid. A collaboration with the Grey Wolves is planned and may happen sometimes in the future". Check both reviews on Malignant and Eibon label respective file. 

Discography (including other projects):

Tapes:  Pulsar- s/t  (Corprolith), Cazzodio- Il rumore dell'insurrezione come insurrezione del rumore (self-released), Cazzodio- Rumore insorto (Interferenza Monotona), Cazzodio- Victory series (Corprolith), split with Disposable, Lupodighiaccio- s/t (Interferenza Monotona)
CDs: il tempo della locusta (Black Plague), ad negantem usum significationes (Eibon), Lupodighiaccio - II (VEP/Art Konkret),

Selected compilation tracks: Cazzodio - processione di larve cristiane- in Exoskeleton 2 CD (Possessive blindfold R.), Lupodighiaccio - flowers, teddy bears and knoblauchsuppe- in Madness incarnate tape compilation (VEP) Cazzodio - per un'etica selvaggia- in Deafness is not a gift CD (deafborn), Cazzodio - chiuso in una stanza senza pareti- in Colliding frequencies CD-r (Frozen empire media), Cazzodio - la deflagrazione definitiva non sar_quella in cui avevamo sperato- in Depth of beyond tape (Troniks), Cazzodio - Indarra- in Battery sentinel 2 CD (Crunch pod media), Cazzodio -rovesciando i cani da guardia del mondo rovesciato- in Total war against state and capital (upcoming: contact for further information) Remixes: Thread featuring Jarboe -in sweet sorrow (Sensory expansion), Biped -Adiaphoren (Pre-feed) (upcoming).


P.O Box 170277 San Francisco, CA 94117-0277 USA.

Famous American label run by Mason. He wrote me "The news is that after on more release "Land of the rising noise, vol.3" CD of Japanese underground bands, I will stop activities with Charnel music. The label will stop so that I can have the time I need to work on my own music". Talking about his solo project he says "I have a solo CD out from Monotremata Rec., called "midnight in the twilight factory", it’s very atmospheric guitar textures, including two live tracks with some collaborators. I also have a collaboration CD coming out from Acid Mothers temple Rec. in Japan. It’s with Makoto Kawabata from Mainliner/ Musica Transonic/ Acid Mothers Temple". Moreover He’ll keep on playing for SubArachnoid Space: "we’re starting to record our next album now, and we hope to do some touring of the U.S. this year". He adds, "I have another project, Flue, which is very experimental recordings using guitars, bass, and synthesisers, plus any other sounds we can find. I think our first release will be a 7" single from Obuh Rec. in Poland, if plans work out".

MASON JONES Intrenational Incident [CHCD-31]

This is a nice digipak for a live in Japan CD of this musician. During 5 tracks recorded with 5 different guests in 4 different towns. Japanese artists like Null, Akifumi Nakajima, jojo hiroshige, tsuyama atsushi, kawabat makoto & yamamoto seiichi, are playing on stage with mason. The whole is very oriented through experimental guitar fixed with atmospheric soundscapes in a delirious way to produce a destructured and improvised material from 95 and 97. Mason is even handling the drums on one track. I like the 1rst and last track, something really different from what I am used too. I would recommend this to improvised music lovers.


Steve Fricker, 783a Christchurch road, Bournemouth, Dorset BH7 6AW, ENGLAND.

This is an English label. Face to this strange name I’ve asked Steve why such a choice? "I think I chose the name, firstly for the irrelevance of it, and also due to the meaning of cheese in English can mean something of extreme quality. Also at the time I was a great cheese fan, I was interested in it’s dreaming qualities (but not anymore)", "I don’t really have a favourite/most hated cheese", he continues, "I do tend to eat mature cheddar's for sandwiches, pasta dishes, etc., and sometimes soft cheeses such as brie & havarti for biscuits. I’m not really a fan of blue cheeses (except dolcelatte), & I can’t eat stilton at all. I’m always impressed by the most malodorous cheeses, but I’d think twice before eating them". You all know that France is the land of Cheese and especially stinky ones!

Music wise, You can order these 3 CD for £9 each: Smell & Quim/Onomatopia "Fanny batter" collaboration, K2 "Metal dysplasia" (see review), & Brume/Nomusic "transports" (see review in previous issue). Concerning the future release Steve informs that "next up is a full length CD by Onomatopoeia "a marble holder from andover"; this is my personal project. The sounds on this disc vary from delicate ambience to noise using tape manipulation of many instruments and found sounds. I’m also considering starting a Cdr sub-label, in runs of 100 only". "I’m proud of all my works on C.I., but if I had to pin down a couple I’d have to mention "fanny batter" & "continuum" (Merzbow Kapotte Muziek). As for Onomatopoeia I’m really pleased with "anal almond" (due to Akifumi's fine packaging ideas) & "interesting train journeys..." as I think they are fine recordings". So please contact this cool guy and get into his true underground label. Become cheese addicted!


Joint release with Kinky music institute [KMI021], this 4rth album features 3 tracks of 23 minutes each. K2 work is a mixing of harsh typical Japanese noise electronics with metal junks. Falling like hail of steel in fusion this dense noise is following no precise structure. The whole sounds quite live. The metal junks always give to me a human approach to the noise, as its implicated human intervention. On another hand effects give more depth to this raging fury sounding like the nightmare soundtrack of a welding man. Metal on Metal!


C/O Laura Maes, Mijlsteen 10, 9031 Drongen BELGIUM.

This Belgian label has been created by Laura Maes (Known for her appearance with Militia) and Kevin Van Volcem. They have already done tapes in very special hand made packages (in order) from: M.S.B.R., Aube, Noise-Maker's Fifes, The Hearing Trumpet, Asche / Morgenstern, Klangkrieg, and Troum. Recently a brand-new Klangkrieg CD "Radionik" was released and two 3" CDs on a side label Kling film, one from Brume and one from Kazumoto Endo. Pictures of releases can be found at above website address.(nice site!)

Future releases will be the long awaited fairy tale compilation CD with Kazumoto Endo, MSBR, Big City Orchestra, Klangkrieg, Mnortham, THT, Klood... and a 7" from Za Siodma Gora. At the moment the main activity from Cling Film is organising concerts! Last festival was in Gent, Belgium on the 16th of December 2000 with Daniel Menche, Klangkrieg, Noise Maker's Fifes, Troum, MSBR and Ramerkundung. Another event has been Felix Kubin and groenland orchestra, 8/5 at Vooruit, Gent.

Laura is also working in 2 projects named Cling Film & Strona Starza. I have asked her what are her current plans: "At the moment I am in my final year at my study of classical guitar and unfortunately don't have much time making my own music... I play in a classical guitar duo, saffraan, together with Elke Soenens. Recently we got the public price at a chamber music competition organised by "music en euroregion" in bergues (france). I just finished some electro-acooustic pieces that I made together with Kristof Lauwers. The pieces should be released on CD (no label yet) and a film is made for live performances (18 june at Logos, Gent). I released some tracks under my own name on compilations on MSBR-records. Strona Starsza and other releases will hopefully be for after this school year, when I have a bit more time! Kevin Van Volcem (Kevueq) is going to release a split CD with the next project from Brume (no label yet)"

CLING FILM has also 2 sub-label KLING FILM which has released so far KAZUMOTO ENDO (see review) and BRUME "Erection" 3"CD, There will be a third 3" to this trilogy. Then PINK FILM is the 2nd sublabel with a release of Za Siodma Gora in plans.


This CD was one of my first experience with this Japanese noister. I have been really impressed because as the label says He is one of the few sound workers who can create really a constructed noise with intro, blasts and fury or calm ambient tones, and a conclusion to his track. Using analogue sounds or typical harsh noise these 3 tracks are really great and original! I would recommend this to all noise people who wants more structures than random cut-ups but still powerful moments.


Villa Eko, 595 41 Mjolby, SWEDEN.

The K. Family move but the Po Box is still available. Last releases are: Ataraxia "Suenos" CD (Cruel Moon), Desiderii Marginis "Deadbeat" CD (follower of the "Songs over ruins" CD), Ordo Rosario Equilibrio "The Wedlock of Equilibrium" CD 2nd. part of "Make love and war" which both parts are also available in a 2LP, Nova "Utopica Musa" CD, Sophia "Aus der Welt" 10". Last releases are Letum "The Entrance to Salvation" CD, Sophia "Herbstwerk" CD, Des Esseintes/ Negru Voda Split 10".

Regarding forthcoming releases the long awaited Anenzephalia s/t Live CD, Coph Nia : Holy War EP, V/A "Perception Multiplied, Multiplicity Unified" CD, L.E.A.K. "The Old Tea House" CD, Institut "Unto Last Man" 2x7", Folkstorm "For the Love of Hate" CD, MZ.412 "Domine Rex Inferum CD" & B.D.N. : 1890 LP (nov).

Now for MZ412: "Before the release of the 4 x 12" box (Infernal Affairs) there will be another MZ. 412 release on CMI. The title is -DOMINE REX INFERUM- and it will be released on CD only. It is a ritual prelude to Infernal Affairs, and thus not a "klassik" MZ. 412 album. No release date yet, but it wont be long..."

"Folkstorm (side-project by a member of MZ412) is no more. Or almost. The planned releases will be published (one CD on cold spring, and one on CMI and a MCD on Troniks a 10" on OEC and a 7" on Philosophy Shop Records), but no new material will be written. If you want to get more, very quickly, and send him 25$. In return, you will receive 3 CDR of Folkstorm material before the year is over. Act quickly, only the first 23 people to do so will have get these discs".


This is a masterpiece recording coming from a direct digital soundtracking of live show in winter in Sweden, as part of the Cold Meat Industry l0th Anniversary feast. Luxuriously presented whether CD or gatefold 2lp, this album is definitely the best Blood Axis material. Grand, heroic, sinister, dark the music of Michael is strength. Mixing cold martial and pagan music with some symphonic or folk influences. A MUST!


This is the first released from this Swedish electronics project. This is quite atmospheric electronics, influenced by likes of Dagda Mor or Anenzephalia. Not really convincing and quite linear.


This Lp in white vinyl is the excellent 4rth album from the Swedish Black Industrial kings. The whole is very martial and solemn. A powerful and percussive hymn to war, with ritualistic percussion, samples of deep German language, and even a speech from Tomas Pettersson of Ordo Equilibrio. Maybe their best release since first opus "Malfeitor". Now re-issued in CD with an extra track.


This double Lp comes in a "crust/crass" influenced packaging with a poster sleeve including Roger photograph from the cult Belgian concert theme "I wish I were a little girl" (inspired by famous Marc Dutroux). Some were coming with a limited edition of a one sided EP. This has been re-issued since then in CD with the EP track. The 6 tracks go back to a more raw way of composing with Bass and tapes: "Anarchy and Violence". This release is in fact coming from his guts more manuals, human, true and full of insatiable hatred. Excellent.


This compilation has been an excellent surprise, because it shows that CMI was still in contact with the hard-core underground and also because it presented the new generation of Swedish bands. Featuring: Apostasia, Bad Kharma, Blod, Bodies Drowned Natural, Born of Fire, Dodsdomd, Institut, Irgun Z'wai Leumi, IRM, Iron Justice, Janitor, k.l.a.n., Moljebka Pvlse, Nod, Obscene Noise Korporation, Ovum, Persona, Proiekt Hat, Tape Decay, Thurnemans, Treriksröset, Vehm. Music ranges from pure noise, dark industrial, music concrete, and power electronics. It comes with a nice detailed booklet. You have to discover this great initiative.


This is the 2nd LP from this Swedish electronics project. The best parts are the one mixing rhythm structure with vocals like on "Shabesh". Better compared to 1rst release, with metal junks and samples. The cover of a skull covered by lichens or so in a deep green is very nice. Continue improving.


This is typical new generation of power electronics inspired by the decadence of our society. I.J. was featured on compilation CMI70. During 13 minutes this Ep inflict vicious attacks of power-noise with vocals. Coming in heavy vinyl and an 8-pages booklet, names like Slogun or Sutcliffe Jugend come to mind while bearing their mistreatments. Recommended


IRM is a Swedish new comer in Power electronics featured on compilation CMI70. Jarl strikes with 7 tracks of new European power electronics generation. This pink vinyl Ep is very powerful with brutal vocals, the G.O. influenced has been assimilated to produce a personal sound. Most of rhythm electro-loops are coming with furious propaganda type of vocals. The whole create good atmospheres like Mike Dando’s ones. Recommended.


This is the 3nd LP from this Swedish electronics project, and so far the best one. Catchy electro-loops, noisy drones, and powerful tones with even tribal rhythms: in summary power electronics. Comes with grey photographs of decomposed unburied corpses. Check a track like "Pigeater"!


This is the 2nd release of this project but the first full-length album. Coming in white vinyl, these 6 tracks get one illustrating postcard for each. Music is harsh power electronics with violent vocals mixing Euro-influences like Con-Dom or G.O. and US ones. A very promising and efficient band dealing with world decadence. Very Recommended.


4 Bands for each side of this compilation work coming in a nice Black & White gatefold cover. Unfortunately I don’t understand Swedish so I can not translate the texts featured inside. But a very good point in the fact that projects present their texts which is unfortunately rare in this type of music. IRM confirms all the good I was thinking after their first release. 5 tracks of Harsh-power electronics with excellent vocals. INSTITUT was also a project presented on "Estheticks of Cruelity", and play 2 tracks. One based on car crash noise samples, and another in a more improvised way lying on rhythm structure. This is original electronics but my style. NOD was also on CMI70. It’s excellent original powerful electronics. During each tracks Daniel Wihlst depict strong atmospheres. 1rst one has many child’s samples, 2nd and 5th ones develop a strong climate with the voice of a young girl upon Death Industrial structure, „About myself and I" is really sounding like confessions, 4rth track is in the vein of BDN but cut by Jazzy parts (??). The lyrics are great but his handwriting is as difficult to read as mine. Excellent newcomer! SHARON’S LAST PARTY is brand new act. They bring original electronics with vocals based on unconventional sounds. A project to look closely in the future.


New Ep from the church burners under the sign of war. The Cover represents an old painting of knight riding into battle, with the crowned Swedish coat of arms, in colours blue and yellow, which gives a nationalist touch to it. The 2 new tracks are heavy Death Industrial getting more and more in a hard-electronics way. This powerful release is eroding the boundaries between FOLKSTORM and MZ412. Recommended.


This is the 2nd release of this project based, which is coming in a very nice design red and black. The whole confirms the 1rst release but in a more atmospheric way (If even this word is appropriated). On the other hand I definitely prefer first Lp and Nihil featuring.


The last new and full length CD of the Swedish children lover is coming in a carved CD white box with the Necrose logo. The cover photo is a famous porn shot of an Aryan girl with naïve glance but with face covered with sperm. After his Anarcho back to the roots 2LP, this new shot shows a current influence of revival of violent electronics on Roger’s music. The 2 first tracks strikes by their noise intensity, I don’t really like the 3rd one, the rest is more in the usual BDN way, 5th song make me think of G.O’s "Burn". Very Aggressive album.


This is the 4rth and last releases of this Swedish act. The 8 tracks of Cold electronics treatments made of this album a dark atmospheric work with improvisation. Some parts are convincing power electronics some other is average level. Definitely not their best release.


This is the farewell item of the Swedish master of Death Industrial. This release includes the 1rst and long time deleted Lp "songs from massive darkness" as well as the second album and 1rst CD "Beyond the shadow". Both CD are mixed down by P.Anderson and U.Söderberg, If you do not have the releases then you have to buy this. The digipack is nicely presented and includes a complete discography and a farewell note from Peter.

[DEATH FACTORY] is a subsidiary Of CMI. CDs planned is Anenzephalia "s/t". Each $18.


This is the re-issuing of the cult 8-tracks tape from ‘97 co-released by Labyrinth and C.O.S reviewed in the first issue of the Noiseist. This is a great work of true power electronics dealing with serial killers. Influenced by Whitehouse music, this released has been the revelation for me to this great New York newcomer. This is the spiritual son of David Berkowitz, watch out because at night he hunts! A MUST.

SUTCLIFFE JUGEND When pornography is not longer enough CD [Death982]

No need to present this project of Kevin Tomkins ex-Whitehouse, (see interview in previous issue). This is the first real new work to be released recently and it still hurts. It is maybe the most sadist (each track is an ode to murder) and violent project in power electronics, a pure display of hatred and brutality. A MUST.

SUTCLIFFE JUGEND The victim as beauty CD [Death991]

I could not expect another second released so closed to the previous one. It is still the unchallenged ultra violent power electronics with an incredible force and convincing power. "Based on a day in the life of Mr Hyndo Carney" this opus is divided into 2 scenes one in "the car" and the other one "in the house". This guy play with his guts, that‘s why some we feel sick at the end of the listening of such tormented work. A MUST.


New and last release in date, of UK most violent outfit. The 2 tracks are quite different than usual, created in a progressive manner of alternation of brutal assaults with crescendo violent vocals and calm atmospheres. This succession of ambient and harsh moments is driven by the most demented vocals you have ever heard.


8 Wellspring Blisworth, Northants NN7 3EH UK.

COLD SPRING has signed LAIBACH for exclusive album "Neu Konservativ" which will be available from 29th October. A low-priced compilation will be available from mid-October and should retail for no more than $8 tentatively titled "CHAMBER" it will feature tracks from all the latest releases, and future albums! Line up: LAIBACH, VON THRONSTAHL, BAND OF PAIN, SHANE EMBURY / NAPALM DEATH (new dark ambient project), MARK SNOW, KARJALAN SISSIT, FOLKSTORM, ENDURA, KEROVNIAN, NOVATRON, and STREICHER.

Here are the last releases for CD: REMANENCE "Apparitions" (CSR26CD), PSYCHIC TV "were you ever bullied at school – do you want revenge?" (CSR27CD), NOVATRON "New rising sun" (CSR28CD), 1rst in a Solar Death trilogy, run by Anthony DiFranco bassist of Ramleh, Skullflower, and founder of AX; But also KEROVNIAN "From The Depths Of Haron" CD, as well as "Dead Beyond Death" 7"; VON THRONSTAHL "E Pluribus Unum" CD; GENESIS P-ORRIDGE / Z`EV "Direction Ov Travel" CD; SCHLOSS TEGAL all singles and comp tracks CD; FOLKSTORM shirt; KARJALAN SISIT "Karjalan Sisit" CD; ENDVRA "Contra Mundum" CD (with killer Dennis Nilsen lyrics written for it); MARK SNOW "Death....Be Not Proud" CD (composer of X-files & Millenium); SLEEP RESEARCH FACILITY "Nostromo" CD. Still projects were CD from Hazard "the law of a world without a future", Susurrus Inanis "Underneath such Heimal bows", Einsturzende Neubauten "Stahlmusik", Psychic TV "southern comfort (when wolves gather)"; & Reissues CDs from Psychic TV "Those who do not", Ignis Fatuus "the futility Goddess". The label also runs a full mail order catalogue, you should check.

Concerning SATORI from whom Justin is one half, they’ve recorded a new studio album…he also comments "There are new recordings, and I have been offered three album deals, but just cannot find time to complete these new pieces. The newest is on the DEAFBORN compilation - a new track called `BRING ME THE HEAD OF PGK`...."


This is the re-issuing of the first LP from this German project well known for its fascination for war. They have created their own music made of melodic but dark atmospheres. Military, Stormy, Heroic, this is quite accessible listening with clear parts or strange percussion’s. There are definitely some Laibach's influences there. Not really my taste but definitely interesting for Allerseelen, Der Blutharsch, and Blood Axis fans.

MELEK-THA De Magia Naturali Daemoniaca CD [CSR22]

This is the second release form Lord Evil, which is more matured and frightening than his first CD "Astrum Argentinum" on Adipocere. The whole is a mixture of orchestral arrangements with many samples, screams, and noises. It then becomes the soundtrack of the most satanic death industrial music ever created. After that the early Cold Meat Industry bands have set the rules, Melek-tha is transgressing them on the altar of diabolical occult rites. A title describes it perfectly "Hell on Earth"!


This new project from Croatia makes some dark ambient music. The tracks feature low distorted vocals upon soundscapes. The whole sounds very inspired by magical rites. It is frankly unexciting dark atmospheric music, with no light or peak. Just Inner low sounds for ritual, so reserved for those who pray, kneeled naked in a pentagram and a cross in the…

SCHLOSS TEGAL Black static Transmission CD [CSR25]

This is the 3rd awaited album from these American darkness explorers (after "Grand guignol" and "Oranur III" both on Artware audio). These sound researchers develop high quality dark atmospheric music. This is a concept album based on the ‘"anti-world" which is parallel to ours and can be reached through "frequency bands of electro magnetic oscillations", the other theme involved is the lobbying of the medical industries to restrict its access. On this CD En Llewellyn from Crepuscule is joining the Duo. S.T. is staying one of the best projects in a style where you can easily get boring. Great stuff of sombre ambient exploration.


This is the 2nd release from this side project of MZ412 featuring 10 tracks of very powerful power electronics. I do not see clearly the reason to create such a project. MZ412 could have progressed into such a more electronics way. This is an album strong and sharp for simple but efficient violent music. Recommended.


The concept is very strong with artwork and photographs inspired by Laibach. The 14 tracks album of 59 minutes is even dedicated to the "Division Charlemagne and the idea of the imperium europaeum". This kind of mixture of Laibach and Turbund Sturmwerk, with deep voice and orchestral parts. But it is very melodic to me and even has some "gothic" sounds. So I think that these fighters should play less soft to get my involvement. (


I have to admit that I do not know very much the previous work of this British act. This CD is in fact the soundtrack of the film "Sacred Flesh" from Nigel Wingroves, dealing with possession. It is well adapted to the concept even if I haven’t seen the film the inner booklet shows many images from it. A very dark and ambient music. "suffocating" and "claustrophobic" have been used to describe this work. It’s a very latent evil stuff with epic sounds in the old CMI releases way, melting drama and lust.


2 Farnley Lane, Otley LS21 2AB UK.

Regarding the forthcoming 2lp on Tesco Mike comments were "The title is "the colour of a man’s skin". The theme is white hate/black hate with one disc devoted to each. One black vinyl & one white vinyl. The cover will feature all texts. there will also be a set of circular cards with artwork & a one-sided 7" picture-disc featuring the track "Ebony+Ivory". "The very long awaited TESCO dblLP/pic 7" should be out in the next couple of months. All artwork and Packaging are manufactured and by now the master should have gone to the pressing Plant. I have no definite Plans for future releases but am beginning to plan some new recording for late this year - for compilations: maybe a collaboration 7" or MCD/MCD-R maybe a long Planned split 10" or 12" with THE GREY WOLVES for POWER & STEEL. In the next weeks I will also start to think about the next major CON-DOM projects to be recorded sometime in 2002. I have no immediate Plans to release any more old tapes on LP or CD. But maybe "Scorched Earth Policy" with MILITIA will one day is re-released. Perhaps also the very limited tape that was released on BLOODLUST!" There is also a project from a tape in special packaging on Bentley Welcome Careful drivers titled "Bible right".


PMB 105, 4644 Geary Blvd, San Francisco CA 94118, USA.

This is the home from very active Scott. This man is behind Gruntsplatter, Crionic Mind label, and participated to Blunt Force Trauma (see CD’s review in previous issue). Crionic Mind has released so far:

CM001 Torture Chamber/Gruntsplatter - Bisect: Split CS (sold out), CM002 Cinder Skin "Sunken" CS, CM003 Gruntsplatter/Slowvent Split CD, CM004 Umbra "Perish: A Live document" CDR (sold out), CM005 Lefthandeddecision "Instinct & Emotion" CD (sold out), CM006 Deison "Dirty Blind Vortex" CD, CM007 KK Null/Moz Split CD, CM008 Wilt "Wither" CD

Next release will be WILT's "Wither" CD, following the previous CD "The Black Box Aesthetic" on The Rectrix, and will be followed by a full length for the new Label Adnoiseam. After WILT planned releases are from NEVER PRESENCE FOREVER, and EXSANGUINATE (a Death Industrial side project of Black Plague recording artist CONTROL).

GRUNTSPLATTER is featured on upcoming compilations: the long awaited "Dark Electronics" from Live Bait Recording Foundation, and "Krach Test" from the label Adnoiseam, which is a 3 CDR set limited to 227, and following that will be "Funeral Songs" which is a compilation of projects interpreting their idea of funeral music... This will be a joint release between Crowd Control Activities and Relapse/Release Entertainment.... There will also be a Split LP GRUNTSPLATTER/CONTROL on Troniks, a split cassette with WILT for his new upstart label Organic Conversations and finally there will be a CDR release of some old, rare and unreleased tracks and possibly some additional live studio recordings on Infectious Records out of Germany. This CDR will include at least a partial selection of tracks from the impossible to find split cassette with ARMENIA.

Crionic Mind is also hosting a sub-label BINDRUNE RECORDINGS that focus on Black, Dark and Doom Metal. handled by Marty Rytkonen, partner in Worm Gear the Magazine also made by Scott.


This is a new American power electronics outfit with distorted vocals and harsh sounds. During these 8 tracks you will bear ultra dense power-noise. The impression while listening is near to feel the burning and the blast of a constant explosion. The left-hand path through its pentagram of blood will open your eyes, so it did for Richard Ramirez (The serial killer of course). This is definitely a great newcomer to watch and take seriously.


B. Edwards/C.I.P. Po box 378681, Chicago, illinois, 60637-8681, U.S.A.

Blake is not a common person. He is the instigator of Crippled Intellect Productions label and also the noise activist behind VERTONEN. If you are interested in VERTONEN you can also check non-C.I.P. releases like "calibrations" (cassette on loud cat), "Trigger Field" (CDR on Solipsism, reviewed here). I take the opportunity to ask him what has been so far the complete discography of his label: "before the vinyl started up, I released a series of ten cassette-only releases, all of which are out of print. These cassettes more or less documented most of the sound projects I was involved in from 1988 to 1998.

[C01] Charlie-Core "Charlie-Core" Lo fi sound experiments (pretty much all recorded in a two day period), with six tracks revolving around the theme of freeing Charles Manson, Juvenile at best. [C02] Sound & Vice "Sound & Vice" More lo-fi sound experiments. Also juvenile at best, noodlings which hopefully panned out into more interesting material. [C03] Derail Release "Conceptual Disaster" a primarily percussive trio with some more traditional noise experimentation as well. [C04] Vertonen "Sound Knots and Orchestrations First solo release. Tape manipulations, processed field recordings, more noise experimentations. [C05] Ehnemho / Arc "wax/finite" (split) Ehnemho was an improvisational, percussion-driven creation with guitar and electric clavichord on top. Arc was a little more ambient/experimental, still with percussion and electric clavichord, but the guitar was more loopish / percussive /abstract, and we added a banjo. All Arc recordings, like Ehnemho, were improvised. [C06] Loopspool "Loopspool" Again, all improvised recordings. Loopspool was even more ambient and, as the name implies, loop driven. [C07] Vertonen "anastasia" A more rhythmic sound, with close to side-long pieces dominating. One side was a little more "ethnic" with detuned guitar, and percussive elements; the other side featured a more "mechanical" interpretation. [C08] Vertonen "There is Peace in Providence" An aural interpretation of a time and place and the events which shaped the (inevitable) temporal existence of such a place. Pretty "Zoviet France-y" by any standard. [C09] Handmaiden Synergetics "Handmaiden Synergetics" A collaborative project with former Derail member Marcelo Cavallari. [C10] Vertonen "The Captive" Compositions somewhat of a noise companion to "peace in providence," recorded while living in an illegal basement apartment in Queens, NY".

Now regarding vinyl there is the five record 7" series:

1) Vertonen: Lock up! 1-15 b/w Seizure. Edition of 300, released summer 1994. still available. lock grooves backed with an atmospheric piece. 2) Vertonen: Strip Mining/Camche. Edition of 200, released fall 1994. Out of print. 3) R/B: "two nights." Edition of 200. Original material recorded summer 1994, released summer 1996. Out of print. The only non-Vertonen release in the series. As the booklet says, "Two Nights" was the result of two nights of recording with Reni Tulsi while I was on vacation. Improvised dronish retreats and attacks. Clear bluish vinyl, Japanese rice paper jacket, and the record and booklet were then wrapped in used typewriter ribbon. 4) Vertonen: The Women Men Leave Their Wives For (A Crush of Petunias b/w Dies Irae). Edition of 400, released February 14, 1997. Still available. 5) Vertonen: Heat (Wedding Engine b/w Shake and Two-Die Town). Edition of 300, released April 1, 1997. Still available. The last in the series.

Then there are other 7"ers:

*) Autonotext is scheduled to be a three record series focusing on vocal and text treatments with other audio supplementation. Each record is in an edition of 200 and comes with a booklet and various inserts. The first volume, which features material from Sherman Johnson and myself, was released May 1998.

*) Soundtracks for Locations: Crawl Unit/Vertonen split 7" edition of 303. limited quantities remain. (Crawl Unit: Phase for South River Road in Rain; Vertonen: Wards Island Circulation) Joe and I had discussed a split release for a couple months before deciding on the concept of making recordings for, or deriving recordings from, a specific location. Comes with descriptions of the locales.

*) Coeurl/vertonen tour 7" edition of 133 in hand-screened covers, computer skritch and squeal from coeurl, phasing and feedback from vertonen.

Finally for CD, CIP has released also:

*) Z'EV: an uns momento (life sentense and save what?) I believe Z'EV is one of the most versatile, important, and sadly underrated musicians the U.S. has produced. Known primarily for his innovative percussive work, Z'EV's short-lived (1980-82) uns project combined his interest in sound poetics and voice treatments with dense sonic landscapes; the result was-and still is-challenging, unique and rewarding. This 70 minute CD combines two long-unavailable recordings: Life Sentence, originally released by Subterranean as a retrospective in 1986 in a cassette-only edition of 100, and "Save What?", a document of the final us performance, originally released by Kremlin in 1982 in a cassette-only edition of 50.

*) Crawl Unit: Everyone Gets What They Deserve. Released March 1999. The fourth Crawl Unit CD, which I'm happy to say has been considered by more than a few folks to be one of his finest. drones, field recordings, and other electronic sound all deftly assembled and processed by Joe Colley.

*) Gunshop: The first CD by Chicago's premiere experimental duo. gunshop (Joe Mason and Jason Soliday) create improvised compositions utilising rewired, rebuilt, broken and home-made electronics, including toys,

effect processors and household appliances. The resulting sounds range from sonorous minimal drones to jarring bouts of electronic noise and everything in between. A challenging and enjoyable release in a nice anti-static bag.

Bhreus Kormo: This CD is one of my favorites because it accomplishes two things: presents some fantastic underrepresented and/or new sound artists, and all proceeds are going to the Howard Brown Quality of Life study, the first study to look at the differences between lesbian and heterosexual women with breast cancer. artists include brutum fulmen, irr. app. (ext.), skin crime, seam pith, coeurl, bran.... pos, negative entropy, seafoam, john wiese, vertonen, and josh norton cabal.

*) Nuisance Beacon: the first CD release by the sound artist m.o. cavallari. dense, layered drones and rhythmic pulsing.

To go further in my investigation I ask Blake several simple questions:

Why did you start such projects, The choice of name, Their aims?

I start any project for the same reason: to create something, which gives me satisfaction; to fill a void. This has also been the aim of all the projects. As for name choice, the label name, crippled intellect productions, was something I came up with when I was about 17. I don't think it really reflects what the label has been about for about 10 years though, so I prefer to simply go by C.I.P. and maybe I'll assign new words to fill in the acronym. The spider logo was something I just sketched out one day and since I really liked it I just sort stuck with it. As for choice of names, vertonen is German for "set to music" and I feel like what I'm doing is gathering sounds, assembling them, and setting them to, or rather into, I suppose, music. Derail was decided on by the three members in the band; I think our reasoning was that a lot of our life stuff sounded like a train wreck... arc, god knows where we pulled that from. Ehnemho is a phonetic rendering of NMO, which is how I labelled all the practice tapes for that project. "NMO" actually stood for "ninety minutes of..." and we left it at that because we couldn't think of a band name. As for the autonotext project, I think I was just into word-banging at the time and came up with that... it does have bearance on the fact of the project being based on text, be in textual permutations, pieces for voice, etc.

What do you currently listen to?

On recent rotation: ennio morricone, non, alu, phonophobia, patsy cline, sun city girls, misfits, the user.

How do you create your tracks?

Usually compose on four tracks.

What is your most wanted wish?

It's not exactly a "most wanted," but I’d really like to learn first hand the entire record manufacturing process; from cutting the lacquers to plating to pressing the vinyl.

What will be your future releases for CIP and Vertonen?

future projects for C.I.P.: *)panicsville/vertonen collaborative 7" *)brutum fulmen CD *)hanged man's orgasm CD *)A Z'EV 10" with two tracks from a 1993 performance at the Performing Garage in NYC. In metal jacket, limited to 333 copies. Each jacket is sequentially hand stamped and each inner jacket is autographed by Z'EV. The project that would never die. Or, rather, never be born. As of July 2001, we're at one year, seven months and counting. future projects for vertonen include: CD on the groundfault label possibly a CD on my own label


821 White Elm Dr., Loveland, CO 80538 USA.

This is an excellent prolific American label to count with. James Grell has released many different CD from completely different styles. Previous releases were Atrax Morgue "Slush of a maniac", Discordance "Supremacy", Hybryds "ein phallischer gott", Brume "Drafts of collisions", Alio Die "The hidden spring", Dissecting Table "into the light", Consono "ignoto deo", Svasti-Ayanam "sanklesa" & PHC "pissed playground". Dissecting Table "Kaiboudai" (3 CD set with first 7" & Lp, compilation tracks, and 1985 unreleased material).

Future releses should be compilation "Funeral Songs" featuring unreleased songs from Raison D'etre, Amber Asylum, Agnivolok, C17H19Ho3, Shinjuku Thief, Alio Die, Gruntsplatter, Dreams in Exile, Nasopharyngeal, Chaos As Shelter, House of Low Culture, and 27.  "Each artist was asked to contribute a song that they feel would be appropriate for a funeral, but utilizing their own style of course.  This disc was compiled by Crowd Control and is being marketed world-wide by Release Entertainment". Then the 2nd record by Tertium Non Data titled "Hers Is Blood". 


This long collaboration work between Jonathan Canady (Deathpile, Dead World) & Michael J.V. Hensley (Yen Pox & Blood Box), is really a good surprise. This CD co-produced with Malsonus Label features 5 tracks of one hour of very dark ambient electronics. The work is really disturbing because introspective. Constructed with layer of sound upon layer, this collaboration creates a harrowing atmosphere full of despair. The long tracks develop a kind of suffocating claustrophobia to the listener. Good disturbing work.


Negru Voda is a side project from Peter Nystrom of Megaptera. The tracks are highlighted by samples from John Carpenter’s film "the thing". Very dark ambient Death Industrial with Laibach type of powerful percussions. third Eye is the first project from The Protagonist aka Magnus Sundstrom. Here also dark ambience is prominent inspired by In Slaughter Natives or SPK. The work is dedicated to Dr Konstantin Raudive. This is a powerful album, firstly edited as a split tape on Slaugther Productions in ‘94, which finally received with the CD format’s sound it deserves, plus 2 bonus tracks from each artist.

ALIO DIE C/O Stefano Musso, Loc Percangiola 4, 5408 Villa Franca (MS), ITALY. []

I will take the opportunity of these both following reviews to speak about Italian ambient act ALIO DIE. Stefano Musso has begun his project in 1989 with 2 CDs, and by that time he also decided to create his own label Hic Sunt Leones for the distribution of his works, as well as other projects. Stefano has released with Alio Die & collaborations more than 15 Cds. "Sit Tibi Terra Levis / Introspective" CD HSL 000-001-1990/91, "Under an Holy Ritual" CD HSL 002/Pro 039 –1992, A.D/ORA "The Door of Possibilities"CD HSL 006 -1993/94, "The Flight of Real Image" MCD HSL 007 –1993, "Suspended Feathers" CD Amplexus A 9602 –1995, Robert Rich/A.D. "Fissures" CD Fathom 11076-2 –1997, "The Hidden Spring" CD Crowded 004 -1993I97, 5000 SPIRITS "A Tapestry for Sorceres" a collaboration CD with Raffaele Serra and Runes Order SM 004 –1995, "Password for Entheogenic Experience" CD HSL O15 -1997 A.D. / Yannyck Dauby "Descendre cinq lacs au travers d'une voile"MCD Ampl.1997, Antonio Testa / A.D. "Healing Herb's Spirit" CD Crowd Control Act.-1998, 5000 SPIRITS "Mesmeric Revelation" CD (with Raffaele Serra)Crowd Control Act.-1998, Vidna Obmana / A.D. "Echo Passage" CD Musica Maxima Magnetica –1999, A.D. "Le Stanze della Trascendenza" CD HSL 016-1999. Through all these releases Stefano has developped his own style by melting dark ambient atmosphere from its beginning with meditative & introspective matured natural source experiments. In fact ALIO DIE has become a reference in the atmospheric/ambient genre. The future plans are: SOLA TRASLATIO "Ad Infinitum" CD, ALIO DIE new -as yet untitled- CD, AMELIA CUNI / ALIO DIE -as yet untitled- CD.

Contact: Stefano Musso, Loc Percangiola 4, 54028 VILLAFRANCA (MS) ITALY


This is the second release for this project of collaboration between Stefano Musso (Alio Die) & Raffaele Serra, after "a tapestry for sourcerers" on Hic Sunt Leones. Regarding Stefano's work please check the above file, no need to present this great Italian artist. Serra is renown for his musical efforts in a more therapeutic vein. This ambient experimental electronic music is mesmerising through different atmospheres inspired by ethno-music. To be considered as a relaxing meditation soundtrack.


This collaboration work is great ethnic album. The whole sounds like a ritual, with many tribal instruments, which list is too long to be printed here and shamanic soundscapes remixed in an atmospheric electronic way. Stefano has sculpted with drones and atmospheres the Antonio Testa utilisation of hand made and ethnic instruments. A very good work. Natural and invigorating.


Tertium Non Data was formed in 1994, from a collaboration work between John Bergin (C17H19No3: who I do not know & Brett Smith (CAUL: from which I have read the review of their good CD on Katyn "songs of faith". Both are also doing together Trust Obey project. This release assembled a kind of Best of from their previous numerous compositions. No surprise if I say to you that they are creating a cold atmospheric music. Tertium Non Data is Latin for the third is not given. According to Mr Bergin, "It is an alchemic term which refers to the process of combining two disparate elements to create a new, third element. The process of transformation is a mystery - an unknown". Sometimes improvised, melodic, or rhythmic their music is not far from Raison d’être darker side.

SOUND OF SADISM An international Power Electronics compilation CD [Crowded016]

This great compilation was previously planned on Jonathan Canady label Malsonus. Hopefully it is now finally available. Sub-titled as "An International Power Electronics compilation" this CD features all the best acts in the genre. Deathpile opens with his powerful voice the titletrack "the sound of sadism", then Andrea’s Iugula-Thor "Sex cuts", followed by excellent wall of noise with keith vocals of Taint "victim's family", Skin Crime "dirt" and their so particular concrete-noise electronics, Atrax Morgue "the strangler" minimal analog eletronics but on which vocals are not to good, Scott"s Hydra "service not rendered" maybe one of the best track, Gruntsplatter "carnivean" not so good, Mark’s Bloodyminded "moonwalker" with possessed vocals, Con-Dom "gagged by my own genitals" always great, Richard Ramirez’ Black Leather Jesus "electro-corrective conditioning", Paolo’s Sshe Retina Stimulants "darwin NT", John’s Slogun "moments and mine", Discordance "sister", Stahlnetz "mehr uber gummi". Very Recommended!!


Since Mikael Stravostand (ex-Archon Satani) is now working under his own name as a project, you may expect this CD to be his last release under this project. After several albums in a symphonic Death Industrial way, the project moves to a very dark ambient subliminal music. The pervious release on Dark vinyl "nothing" is dating from 1994 was really deceiving. With this one he tends to get even more minimalist, and definitely fall into unexciting music made of low frequencies improvisation.


This is a side project from Peter Andersson from Raison d’être which has already released a CD "Underneath The Spirit Of Tranquillity" on Cat’s heaven. This project is calm and quiet music mixing electro-acoustic and natural sounds. It is very soft and calm soundscapes with some concrete sounds mainly from water. I would rather listen to his other projects especially Stratum Terror, but atmospheric addicts will find this great for sure.


This is a new American project from the Crionic Mind manager. This is the first full-length album of Scott. Music presented all along this album is ambient noise tending to Death Industrial based on low frequencies. It is really like a new way of composing Death Industrial. Definitely something interesting and to care about for the future.


This is an American project of atmospheric and ambient music with acoustic guitar and vocals. This duo has been even hepled on this one by Belgian well-known project VIDNA OBMANA. I am not appreciating such style so it is difficult to judge this release. Nevertheless I do not think it is an interesting release. Check www.dreamsinexile.

BLACK MOUTH S/T CD [Crowded21]

Black Mouth is a collaboration between Jarboe (ex-Swans) & J.Bergin & B.Smith from Tertium Non Data. Music is dark atmospheric tracks like on previous Tertium Non Data album but with the vocals dimensions added to it. This should enjoy most of obscure and goth fans but not me.


This CD comes in a nice simple printed cardboard sleeve. It is the project from Aaron Turner of Doom Stomer label Isis/Hydrahead Rec, in the States. The music is guitar experiments, whether acoustic, classic, noisy, hard, tough riffs, doom drones, psychedelic, all along 12 tracks. I was a bit disaponted by this stuff, regarding the man behind. I personally prefer other stuff, but guitar rebel should check this one. For those owho likes slow riffs check legends such as for Metal: Saint Vitus, Penance, Pentagram, Sleep, Candlemass, Sorcerer, Coun Raven, or for Sludge-Core: Eye Htae God, Buzz oven, Upside down Cross, It is I, Doom Snake Cult,…


This is a new American project, which has produced an ENDLESS release. This is a duo made of Brendan Krause from Metropolis Rec. and "the priest". In fact only one very long track of improvised minimal electronics beat rhythm in the BlackHouse type of sounds. During the 2 third of it delirious electro-experimental improvisations lie upon this beats in a good way, without request much attention but sounding pleasant. Then the last part could have been cut. Something funny to listen to, not captive but ok when you want to read or so.


I was bit surprised by this release. It is the third album from this Israeli project and it is actually a 2 CD set. I am always suspicious when I see titles like "Amen" or "In nomine Patris", and considering their origin too. Anyway musically this long work have some very dark good parts, and some others more into the usual atmospheric tone. The Middle Eastern ethnic influences are definitely vibrating through their music, which incorporate also drones and concrete elements. A spiritual release to advise to ambient music fans.


This unit is project from Clint Listing and members of Long Winter’s Stare. Music and artwork are based on the concept of war. This album is following their debut split release with Veinke on Dragon Flight Recordings. It is a folk-inspired militaristic soundtrack that will appeal to all the fans of the fans from the Euro-pagan-wave. It is well done and nicely produced, with nice harmonies or dark oppressive parts. But for my part I feel no guts here. Vocals are a bit too simple, as well as sometimes music. These guys should come with me on some of the 1rst world war cemetery around my area on winter evening, reading some soldier’s testimonies, and then they will have a better concept idea of what is massacre. It will surely appeal to blind masses anyway.


I would say that this release is quite different from previous one. Moe accessible to listeners from other background, this 2nd opus of American duo is surprising. First of all the female vocals and the drums give a melodic and rhythmic dimension to their dark atmospheric music. Some tones of Voice make me think of Bjork, and some drums part is not far from Scorn. There are many ideas melt together into a dark work showing the talentuous skills of the duo regarding arrangements. The CD features also a re-modernised version of LED ZEPPLIN classic pounding blues. Even if the whole is sounding more "easy" or "melodic" for listeners, I still think that I appreciate more this 2nd release that the previous one, thanks to their original new direction. Worthing your attention.


C/O Willi Stach Postfach 200465, 47424 Moers Germany.

This Famous German label (check previous issue description), is not so active recently. The last release is reviewed here after:


New CD from this Hungarian music art collective whom aesthetically is a lot inspired by Laibach. To be frank I’m not fond of that kind of European folk. All the more that this has nothing to do with Death in June or Sol Invictus. In fact the singings sound like local choral society of young Christians. It is even laughable as they sing in their mother tongue language. Too enthusiastic and naïve to get my involvement. When you are playing the role of the law of the strong you should be convincing. That is not Actus case. Sorry.


41 rue Jean Moulin, 78480 Verneuil sur Seine, FRANCE.

Alex is running this French label & magazine. The last new zine issue is n°14 (Winter 2001), 64 pages, includes the new Cynfeirdd MCD release "OTHILA" (NOT a CDr, lim493 copies, only available with the mag). Both English / French written, with interviews/articles with Kirlian Camera, Karnnos, Dies Natalis, Tor Lundvall, Hide & Seek, Puppets Love Dreams, Hollenfurt, Neimad, Mecano, more than 100 reviews... US$ 6 inc. P&P (World: US$ 7).
Regarding the label activity the next output will be a tribute to Sol Invictus. Still available is Portuguese KARNNOS "DEATHARCH CRANN" Debut CD album of haunted folk music and dark soundscape. Presented in a nice lavish digifile with full coloured booklet, in a limited edition of 919 numbered copies. Available for US $15, including P&P over Europe (Cash in registered mail, cheques or IMO out to Cynfeirdd or Paypal). And also Oran Môr: "Moddion-O-Gair" Split 7" with Nothvs Filivs Mortis and Omne Datum Optimum. This is the third and last part of the Oran Môr Trilogy, a series of vinyl including works of Omne Datum Optimum, Gaë Bolg and Nothvs Filivs Mortis. Full colour cover and large insert, limited edition of 333 numbered copies. Available for $10 including P&P over Europe. The REGARD EXTREME 96 album "Resurgence" has been also re-issued in CD.
Cynfeird is distributing a band called OMNE DATUM OPTIMUM ( which has released an EP titled "SATOR" (Antiphonaire premier), Limited In a very luxurious presentation. 11 minutes of sacral and martial music, inspired by the middle age. Available for: US $10 (inc. P&P). 


P.O BOX 46, 9120 Beveren, BELGIUM.

Belgium well known label run by Dirk Ivens aka DIVE. Latest release has been MONOLITH "Labyrinth" CD, Eric van Wonterghem (Sonar member) 3rd album.


Dive is, for those who don’t already know it, a solo project from Dirk Ivens (ex-founding member from The Klinik). Since 1990, with no less than 19 releases and many live gigs, Dive has become one of the leaders of the electronic scene of today. The characteristic of Dive is the powerful beats emerging from its minimal approach of saturated sounds with strong vocals. With this new release of 4 tracks you will find a title-track which will become a live hit as well as "Blindness"; But I’ve to admit that "waiting & burning" is too rhythm (dancing) for me. Anyway a good shot before his album "True lies".

Discoraphy: 1990: Dive Lp Body Rec.; 1991: Final Report MCD Minus Habens; 1992: First Album CD & Broken Meat CDS both on Minus Habens; Live Action CD Daft; 1993: Images MCD + BOOK Minus Habens, Inside Out Lp Hard Records; Concrete Jungle CD Minus Habens, 1994: No Pain No Game CD Discordia, Extended Play MCD Discordia, 1995: BOX DCD Discordia, Grinding Walls CD Daft, Obsession Split MCD Discordia, Scraping Tokyo '95 Live CD Gift, 1996: Night Shadows Split CD fast forward, Reported MCD Daft, 1997: Snakedressed CD Daft; No Pain No Game / Reported DCD Triton, 1998: Obsession (Rerelease) Split MCD Triton.


This popular Belgian act that provides ritual music based on ethnic & dark industrial do not need to be presented. These 8 Live tracks are taken from their show of the "Mistrust authority - promote decentralisation" project based on both CD "tectonic overload" & "cortex stimulation". The duo Magthea & Yasnaïa give to their live sound a more electronic orientation. I am personally more interested in their pure ritual old stuff. Anyway it is a good opportunity to check them in a different environment which impact on the tracks approach.

With this recent Live CD, I have thought that a retrospective view on this huge tribal project, could be a good idea. So they provide me with this official biography:

"HYBRYDS since mid of the 80-ties is working in the ritual - mythical and magical music scene. This band is known for its mind-expanding sound. Primitive ethnical and contemporary industrial influences are blended to create a unique style that has influenced many that were looking for spiritual dimensions. In the beginning of the 80-ties, Magthea, the male side of the HYBRYDS was involved in THE KLINIK; in mid of the 80-ties he worked on his own personnel music style. Based on ancient influences and modern technology, the first tape demo: "Mythical music from the 21st century " did not get any reaction in the music scene. "Octahedron " a limited 7 inch followed but again no one was interested. At the start of the 90-ties Yasnaïa joined the HYBRYDS concept adding her clear vocals and acoustic instruments. They released the first CD "The ritual should be kept alive part 1". An ethnic styled trance piece. Suddenly the music scene discovered the original, eclectic and powerful HYBRYDS sound. Many CD releases followed, each release covering an aspect of the path Magthea and Yasnaïa were walking. "The ritual should be kept alive part 2", contained collaborations with other musicians and remixes of the first demo tape in "Music for rituals" (ARTWARE) the pure magical sound of HYBRYDS became reality, a struggle between female and male energies gave birth to one of the most original releases. "Soundtrack for the Aquaria of the Antwerp Zoo" mysterious deep ambient music. "The ritual of the rave" their answer on the commercial rave scene, "The atavistic Fetish" an industrial mini CD were the next steps in their evolution. Each release different from style, yet it is HYBRYDS. "Dreamscapes from a dark side", their most dark and deep ambient masterpiece, was the reflection of 5 years studio work. A CD so strong and intense, a trip in your personnel subconscious’s. Although many think "Cortex Stimulation" is a break with their musical past, all the elements, which makes HYBRYDS so different, are still there. Sound that crawl into the brain and brings the listener in alternated states, this time not with ethnical techniques but with LO-TEK technology. " Tectonic Overload" their release on ANTZEN goes on and over the edge of industrial music, dead techno influenced rhythm tracks and hypnotic industrial noise brings HYBRYDS closer to the dance floor. Each release being accompanied by spare live performances, "Cortex Stimulation" and "Tectonic Overload" gave birth to their new live project: MISTRUST AUTHORITY- PROMOTE DECENTRALISATION, dedicated to all LO-TEKS (and William Gibson), in their fight against political and religious suppression. A project dealing with the media, virtual reality and the future of the human race. This time they take the meaning of industrial a step forward. If you have never seen HYBRYDS live, you have to be warned. This project balances on the edge of tolerance. Extreme, structured sound, frequencies that goes straight to the brain. Blended with the mystical and emotional vocals from Yasnaïa, the noise evokes trance. Trance evokes spiritual dimensions. With "virtual Impact" (Daft) the cyberproject ends. The millennium as doorway to new project in the fields of music and digital art and communication. On the end of 1999 we bring a new live project on stage: "HYDHRA"; In co-operation with Leigh Hunt, the computer is used as the only instrument. No other concept than Dance to Trance. And Na-Dha, dark and experimental power electro: CYBERSPACE INFO: ". Contact them at


PO Box 1221 90539 Eckental Brand GERMANY.

This German label is known for exhuming old classics works but also for its many sub-labels gravitated around as D.V., Paragoric, Atmosphere, & Memento Mori who has reissued material from Die Sonne Satan "Archive Compendium" CD & Runes Order "1988-2022" Cd + 2nd CD from Valefor "Invokation ov forneus" presenting 9 tracks of total of 71’ music of Megaptera meets Wumpscut.

The recent release on Paragoric is debut album by French band Hollenfurt "Blood For Dinner" CD as an hommage to the old Vampire legends, mixing gothic-dark wave and dark ambient. Phallus Dei New CD is planned for this summer. But still available are Sator Absentia "mercurian orgasms" CD which is a collaboration work between No festival of light and an ex-Asmorod member and also Autumn tears "Winter and Broken …" LP. On Memento Mori is available Mysterian "A Rose For The Dying" CD. AT the same address you can reach Going Underground distribution catalogue for mail orders.


Another release from Ludo. This one is once again very satanic, cover and artworks shows the real face of Lord Evil! This is a demonic manifestation of pure Evil! A maelstrom of samples of cult films such as the 3rd Exorcist or Blade (not so good this latter), personalities such as Anton Lavey, War, Storm, and all the usual ingredients of M.T. music. There is even one track with Crest of Darkness member playing guitar and growling. Another great blasphemous work.


Mikael Krause, Wieserseiler 2, 88069 Tettnang, GERMANY.

This German Label is also the contact address for the interesting project Yggdrasil. Some available releases are Yggdrasil "1970-1970" Tape [P&V004] $4, Yggdrasil/Anemone Tube "Wald" split Tape [P&V008] $4.5, Compilation Natura Magica "the power of nature" Tape [P&V010] $4.5 featuring Disumana Es, Anemone Tube, Use Your Pain, Telepherique, Ytong, No, Yggdrasil, Jürgen Eckloff, Tesendalo, T.B.C., Psychologische Abwehrfront, Expose Your Eyes, Das Rythmische Ornament, and finally a Tape from No "Not" [P&V011] $4.5.

Prices exclude postage.


This is an original release from these 3 Noisecians engaged to fight for the Nature rights. Yggdrasil is really interesting dark and droning ambient noise. A good surprise for me. Austrian act Eciton, is more raw noise in the old school industrial way. Anemone Tube, is original harsh noise. A good introduction to these 3 projects.


I was quite surprised by this German Power Electronics unit from which I have never heard before, except that it is a side project form S.R.P. The whole concept is dealing with mind control. This Ep features 3 powerful tracks with German vocals. To watch closely.


C/O Richard Ramirez, 17010 Blairwood Drive, Houston, Texas 77049 USA.

May be no good news from this artist & label. A web site last year said: "D.N. Recordings has been on hiatus since October 1997. Mail orders or Deadline have been backed up, but are in the process of being sent. I strongly apologize. I have not forgotten about them. I am also a fashion designer (couturier - See the Richard Saenz Collection). This now takes up all of my time. I may also be moving in 1999- I have hardly any time to devote to my noise work anymore. The future of Deadline is uncertain. I have considered giving the label to someone else to handle, but that's not working out. However, there are still a few tape releases upcoming from Deison, D.L. Savings TX and Armenia; plus a private limited edition CD by Black Leather Jesus ('90-'98 R.I.P.) A private edition CD of my solo work may also be released".

On the other hand Deadline Noise Recordings had planned the maimed artist(s) CD series. Each release is either ltd to 10 or up to 50 copies only in special/handmade packaging! 001-Black Leather Jesus "Event" (ltd to 50), 002-Fetus Furs "Tightropes". Announced are Atrapadas (this project features members of Black Leather Jesus and E.E.E.), Raised In Armor (ex-B.L.J. member), Black Leather Jesus (‘90-’99) final release, & Richard Ramirez "Solar pulse" (4th solo full-length disc). Write for a new catalogue!

Richard Ramirez Selected Discography:
Deconstructed Hand Device (CD), Science of Dissecting Society (LP): collaboration with Merzbow, Scrapyard (picture disc LP) split w/ Black Leather Jesus, Birthright (7") split w/ AutoErotiChrist, Cultural Blockade (CD),
Amplified Tactics (LP), I Keep My Stuff Inside (LP), Contaminated Material (CD), Crime Scenes (7"), Split w/ Grunt (LP), Memorial CD.

Black Leather Jesus Selected Discography: (Black Leather Jesus is: Kevin Novak and Richard Ramirez.)

Bondage Playground (7") split w/ Merzbow, Sonic Destruction (LP) split w/MSBR, Scrapyard (picture LP_ split w/Richard Ramirez, The High Cost of Funerals (7") split w/ 666 Volt Battery Noise.

Last Minute: RR seems to have issued many recent CD check Self Abuse catalogue!


Lutz Bauer, Brunnenstr. 20, 40223 Dusseldorf, GERMANY.

To introduce this new German label I prefer to ask directly to its ruler Lutz: "Deafborn records started in 1998 with the aim to publish & promote quality music in the much underrated noise & industrial genre. We are generally not looking for the most underground, the most reknown, the most extreme artists and sounds, but for high quality in this area. As production prices of compact disc media is as low as ever, the result is that there are too many releases with inferiour quality, esp. by larger labels in the noise/industrial field. deafborn has set itself the aim of making good music heard, while maintaining a low release frequency. deafborn is a fully self-financed label run by enthusiasts. We would not care about people using the term "underground" or "independent" label but we prefer not to call ourselves like that, as these words are overused far too much for businesses, which do not deserve these terms. We do not like people to buy music out of a collector’s fetish, without true appreciation of the aural content they acquired; this is why we do not do hand-numbered limited releases and the such. We produce small runs only, as the market interest is low. We are happy with this, as this keeps us from compromising with any other entities. Profit is for sure not our goal. Besides releasing audio recordings, deafborn records also organises the "Noise Transmission" series of concerts in Germany". They have released so far the Noise Transmission CD with Morder Machine feat. Atrax Morgue, Cazzodio, Irikarah, Rectal Surgery, and the Carsten Vollmer / Rectal Surgery 7" vinyl, and Various tape releases. The Upcoming release should be a yet undisclosed album release by a dark eletronics / dark ambient band planned for end 2001.

DEAFNESS IS NOT A GIFT Compilation CD [dbcd02]

This CD compilation featuring tons of great noise artists creates the surprise! Production is good, choice of acts is also clever, veterans, newcomers, in good proportion. It begins with Cazzodio death-electronics in an efficient structured mix. Then Grunt brings a good track with no voice and noise collage of broken glass structure. One good surprise is Narbenerde with a great structured noise track. Organisers from Rectal Surgery play their noisy mix of vomiting vocals with harsh eletro-mix and drums. Then Anemone Tube plays his so personal concrete-dark-noise ambient music evolves like a Daniel Menche track. American Death Squad spit an old-school power electronics-fucking track with ultra powerful vocals in a live tone, always so sublimely suicidal! After such pain that no mercy for your ears, Macronympha plays an aural rape with great concrete stereophonics effects! Alternating into a hypnotic harsh-electro loop. Murnau (ex Eisengrau), is blasting a primitive pulsating saturated beats with distorted vocals in background but not that efficient. Then DL has a track dare I say ambient based on sample loops and electro oscillations, average. Irikarah is following with concrete mixing of a crackling noise with shouting vocals in back ground, excellent ultra violent assault! Einleitungszeit offers a strident over reverbed live sounding track, with distorted echoed vocals and voice samples. Lefthandeddecison, with a very rhythmned saturated dense noise track, a bit too based on beats for me. Government Alpha with Japanoise larsens, piercing high frequencies at its best, great! Mourmansk 150 with a saturated harsh noise with a lesser mix and distorted repetitive vocals. Satori the great English dark unit mixing power-noise with dark-ritual soundscapes. Finally Skalpell produces a great cold power electronics in the Soldnergeist way. This compilation is A MUST!!!!


Check RELAPSE address

If you know THE NOISEIST well you already know that DEATHPILE is among my Favorite projects! That’s why even if I have interviewed Jonathan in a previous issue, it was worthfull to ask him some questions for this issue.

How do you usually work for creating a song? Do you use improvised vocals?

I always do the noise first to determine length and the approach I should take to the vocals and lyrics. I write lyrics most of the time although I have improvised on a few releases, my RRR Pure CD for example, and live. When I want to get drunk before a DEATHPILE performance I improvise the lyrics.

Have you tried some new things with "on the prowl"? What has influenced you for such album? Personnal prowling or famous serial killers ones (richard ramirez, david berkowitz, ted bundy,...)?

There was no specific influence aside from the name of the release. That came from a series of porn videos by Jamie Gillis. There are songs that deal with serial murder on the CD but just as many about sexual violence. I read quite a bit of true crime so that does come through into DEATHPILE often.

3) Can you tell us more about your project The urge within? releases? plans? Why such a different act?

I just have done one release and one live show. The tape is called "Rage" on Labyrinth/Circle of Shit. Both that release and the live show were my attempt to do analog noise similar to MB. I started this project as an outlet for non-vocal and conceptual experimental noise but I haven't done anything with it in a long time. Perhaps I'll do another release under that name one day.

4) Any new material from Dead World?

I am currently working with my friend David E. Williams on some new songs that may or may not use the DEAD WORLD name. My hesitation stems from the fact that what we have written so far is vastly different from previous DW material. There is no heavy guitar and the songs are much more subdued. I would compare this material to early COIL crossed with later SWANS although there are many other influences and approaches going on.

Check their excellent new CD on SOLIPSISM review.


Benndorf + Picicci gbr, rosenthaler str 39, 10178 Berlin, GERMANY.

Promoters of strange music DENSE Communications are promoting various label. Here is an non exhaustive list: A-Musik (D),Alice in Wonder / Noise Museum (F), Angelika Köhlermann (A), Audioview (B), Bip-Hop (F), Charhizma (A), Cross Fade Enter Tainment (D), Disaster Area (D), domizil (CH), Elevator Bath (USA), empreintes DIGITALes (CAN), Entenpfuhl (D), Fylkingen (S), Grob (D), Hands (D), Heimelektro Ulm (D),Iris Light (UK), Lucky Kitchen (ES), Mego (A), Mitek (S), Moloko+ (D), nbi (D), noise factory records (CAN), Sonig (D), Sulphur Records (UK), thilges (A), tomlab (D), Trost (A), Vocal Art (D), Werkzeug (A), Zangimusic (D). Regarding the aim of DENSE Annibale precise "DENSE communications increases the presence of experimental/strange music in the international press. We concentrate especially on the needs of difficult and usually neglected music styles. In order that these special and valuable quality releases don't get lost in the immense flood of records that are being released every week, we take care of these in the appropriate way. We spread promos, event dates, information and also help the labels with various matters such as advertising and distribution".


B.P.8 94221, Charenton-Le-Pont cedex, FRANCE

New French label run by cool Ange which has released an Ep from French project Derniere Volonte "Commandements" limited to 300 copies. He will release a compilation LP "La Liste Noire" featuring French projects and the first Ep from The Soul That Creates project.


After their 2 tapes on La nouvelle Alliance (check review here) and another Ep on Hau ruck, this Ep presents 2 tracks. Both a very militarist. One features French vocals upon a total martial rhythm, and the other one is in a more mournful tone. A good release confirming the potential of this newcomer in the European unity front.

LA LISTE NOIRE LP [Advance] Lim600

This compilation will be a good shot for some of the French underground activists. Even if there is a king of unity and cohersion all along this sampler, It shows good and great units for Tommorrow's generation. CATHARSIS brings a mystical dark track. This great appearance is a mix of low drones and religious chants. CHÖD follows with churched echoed monks' song combined with progressive electronics and tribal drums and flute. ILHEVS plays his dark atmospheric music sounding like an underworld soundtrack. Nearly sub-aquatic the title is reinforced by desperate cries and metal strings percussions. DERNIERE VOLONTE makes a track based on Breath sounds whose tempo creates a rhythm with percussions and synth arrangements, plus a piano theme in the early-Death In June way. DUSK OF HOPE has doomed vibrations with echoed effects and concrete samples sounding like metal sheet bashing. TAEDIUM VITAE side project of CATHARSIS is more melancholic and melodic with some LES JOYAUX DE LA PRINCESSE tone. BLASTERKORPS performs a good mix between death Industrial for the menacing edge and cold Power Electronics. I.C.K. continues in his own style of dark rhythmic industrial. This compilation will certainly become a must for all Death Industrial listeners!


I do not know very well this project. Anyway this release sounds quite promising. One track of tribal drums in a dark way delayed voice samples. One track sounding more mystical with distorted vocals and a cold electronics edge in the way of Ex-Order. Keep a close eye on this promising newcomer.


Daniele Armenante, Via Chiassetto S. Marco 10, 56100 Pisa, ITALY

DIKTAT is definitely one of the best recent European Power electronics newcomer. After a tape "tools of power" on Slaughter, plus a participation to the Italian/American compilation "Listen & Die" & 2 split-tapes with Discordance & Lasse Marhaug, Emanuele is back with his 1rst Full length release on TACTICAL. An excellent album, showing a lot of improvement! Regarding the choice of the name Diktat, Emanuele told me that "it’s a good word to describe our modern times: a deceitful form of fascism called democracy, media manipulation, power of multinationals, religious fanaticism and so on". Regarding future plans Emanuele comments: "After the "Justice" LP, a new 7" split w/Irikarah is now out on Multi National Disaster (Germany). A new track is now on the compilation "Tabula of slaughter" from Tabula rasa (Spain). A new track will appear on the forthcoming "Multi national disaster" compilation. A new 7" will be out on sept./oct. on Troniks (usa) and a full-length cd will arrive on Blade rec. (Italy) on sept./oct. Keep an eye on this new talent!


C/O Arnaud Clergue, 1 rue Lacroix, 69003 Lyon, FRANCE.

This French project of Dark Industrial is temporary or definitively stopped, Arnaud doesn’t know yet.


P.Jonsson, Dackegatan 12B, 59 532 Mjolby, SWEDEN

This new project from Sweden is really interesting because of its own personal sound approach. Unclassifiable I am really interested in such a different electronics music. Patrick the instigator told me regarding the act debut: "I did a tape-release in 1984 called Dodsdomd. It was just shortwave radionoise and ground hum with chanted "lyrics" taken from obituaries. In 1997 I heard noise compilation CD and it reminded me of what I did in 1984, so I asked some friends if they wanted to help me do another Dodsdomd recording, more up-to-date. It ended up as the CD on Solipsism. The next song we did ended up on "Estheticks..." CMI compilation. The new recording will soon be out on some label don't know which yet - but we have some offers to choose between. That's the story so far". In fact a second CD has been issued by SSSM (check review); and an Ep on L.S.D.Organization (check review). Regarding this latter production Patrick said: "I know the result of the satanic theme didn't turn out that great on the 7". But he asked me if I could do a song with lyrics, so I thought, "why not give it a try", and I had those lyrics laying around from another project I was in. By the way. I'm not sure you can call it "loops" in my music, since I don't use either sequencers or synths. Only noise and outboard equipment". I was also interested to know what such a moniker means, and what inspired Patrik: "It fact it means "Condemned to Death" in Swedish. My inspiration sources are everything that happens around me. I use the music to express my anger and feelings". So If you like strident stuffs and look for a new noise approach, check DODSDOMD!


C/O Kajolan Witanski, Saalestr. 12 A, 35260 Stadtallendorf, GERMANY.

German Label who has released so far: Dead Body Love / Use your Pain Split Tape LIM30, Merzbow / Kadef "Soft" 10" LIM200 &Use Your Pain / Pain Jerk "Use Your Pain Jerk" LP.


This split 10" comes in a transparent yellow vynil, to present Japanese and German artists. Hiroshi work here is very atmospheric and mournful. U.Y.P. is delivering loops of drones in a depressive way. The whole is dark ambient music. Good release but not essential.


Stefan Knappe, Bohnenstrasse 14, 28203 Bremen, GERMANY.

Self Proclaimed as Non-Entertaining-Muzak Drone Records is a German label working since 1993 under the management of Stefan Knappe (ex-Maeror Tri, Troum). He only produces 7" singles usually limited to 250 copies in coloured vinyl and then re-released once the first edition is sold out. DRONE offers also mail-order distribution list reachable at: Last releases are 3 Eps reissueing: DR-28 CRAWL UNIT - Tucson, Mon Amour, DR-30 KALLABRIS, DR-44 CRANIOCLAST - (THE) L.K.A. SONAR KIT. Latest releases were DR-46: REUTOFF - ReuTRauM IV, DR-47: DWELLING LACUNA - cheap dynamite for expensive silence/the drone Ep. DR-48: CHAOS AS SHELTER - new Jerusalem now! TUMULT Records will release a CD compilation collecting selected tracks from old Drone-releases.

The 3 last new releases are [DR-49] ESO STEEL Two ways (ESO STEEL is a one-man project from New Zealand, currently residing in Japan). [DR-50] ultrasound Death comes from the left. (Coming originally from Texas, the trio ultrasound (partly ex-STARS OF THE LID) are now located in Den Haag, Netherlands, and Austin, Texas, USA. [DR-51] MULTER Quantenengel Subdrüse (MULTER is one of the new discoveries of the German electronic & ambient experimental scene. All 7"s, are in a limited first run of 250 copies.

Stefan is also doing the project TROUM. So TROUM has a new CD "Tjukurrpa 1" (part one: harmonies) out on label TRANSGREDIENT. This is the first part of the Tjukurrpa-trilogy: "harmonies", "drones" and "pulsations", First edition of 500 copies in a special circle-cover. More information on:

Phil C. is dealing a radioshow in the Reims area (France), as well as project DUSK OF HOPE. This dark-ambient-noise / death industrial project has been running since 5 or 6 years now. A tape as been issued in ’97 on Slaughter Productions, titled "Fin de Millenaire". A recent track should be featured on the compilation "La Liste Noire" on French label DICTATURE , with projects ICK, Derniere Volonte, Catharsis and Chod. The first DUSK OF HOPE's CD release "Flexible Response" is planned on Malignant Records.


Eriek Van Havere, Clement Heirmanstraat 10, 9100 Sint Niklaas, BELGIUM

This Belgian has released so far 70 products! Last ones have been ET69 Dieter Müh "Cari Saluti" CDR, ET70 Ambient Intimacy volume 4 Various Artists CD R, with Brume, MNEM, Jliat, kirchenkampf, Xabec, Tesendalo, The Hailstorm Muitimedia Group, TBC, Stream Angel, Cryptic Vault, C. Reider. Lim to 200 copies.

New CD-R announced: Art Apart 'Various Artists' (ET 60); Maeror Tri (ET 72) reissue of the 'Yearning for the secrets of nature' tape on Fool's Paradise; Big City Orchestra (ET73), Konstruktivist (ET 7l), The Infant Cycle (ET74), Cor Gout & Friends (ET7S) and …

They have a yearly organised festival generally in April called this year: the 13th independent music and arts festival.


Via Folli 5, 20134 MILANO, ITALY.

This Italian label has produced CD from several units such as: Never Known, Caul, Where, Amon, Nothing, Canaan, I Burn, and CDR from No Festival Of Light and Sshe Retina Stimulants, and also a CD+7" of Bad Sector; and Sola Translatio "Ad Infinitum" CD featuring the well-known artists ALIO DIE and OPIUM.

Future releases will be: COLLOQUIO have finished recording their new "Va tutto bene". ORDEAL are still working on their new album "Ma|an". In late November this year will be released the new CAUL CD. SIGILLUM S album titled "An epidemiological revision before birth" will be released in late 2001. Gathering lost/rare/remixed material from early 90s, including a part of the songs originally intended for the "Malattia" 3d chapter. The WELTSCHMERZ saga will have the second CD "Capitale de la douleur" completed. Norwegian SVARTSINN will have their first CD released.


Second release for this great newcomer from Italy. This album is featuring 12 tracks of brutal Death Industrial. Piero forge harsh percussions with heavy pounds rhythms in the way of Mental Destruction, and incorporate distorted vocals a la Death Metal way. Influence of BDN is strong but the whole is developing its own interpretation. This release confirms the previous CD on Malignant (see review as well as Cazzodio’s file). Good shot in a nicely black and white cardboard gatefold cover.


Except the fact that this release has been co-produced with Blade thief this one is a MUST!!! 150 comes in a so-called special packaging of 2 black plastic plates with the project Log. The inside poster sleeve shows known black and white photographs of decapitations and decomposed bodies. This album features 16 tracks. The opener sounds to me like it has been played at Deadly Actions performance. Vocals even if saturated and distorted are here also clearly understandable. I would even say that they sound like the venomous breath of a killer on your back declaring his intentions in your ears. Noise walls and layers are getting more combined and progressive, increasing their power efficiency. On the 5th track vocals are used in a great different way, "Four walls from Hell" even bring a rhythm in the words. This Album is showing a constant improvement on John's side! Varied, excellent, essential, trip in the mind of a killer! YES YES YES! FTW!


It is very difficult to speak about such a project. How can I be objective? It is maybe impossible but never mind I just want to feature some lines for one on the greatest and maybe most popular act in Industrial. Their last CD EINSTÜRZENDE NEUBAUTEN "Silence is Sexy" [CDSTUMM182] is once again, like at each release pushing further the boundaries of EN music. Luxurious digipack with heavy booklet and great recycled/live tools artwork, is featuring 2 CD. 1 is the so-called "album" and the other one is a long track of the recording from an improvised soundtracking of metal stripes and electric drill motors installation. This latter bring back EN to the primitive sounds of Industrial hypnotic loop. The album will definitely puzzle listeners at first audition, but that what is great with EN: Listen, Assimilate, and Project. If you have experienced like me their Euro-tour in 2000, then you have understood that EN is definitely a live act! And moreover the new joining members are bringing their skills in the composition work! Once you have went through their live performance then you will discover a new dimension to this varied album. Tracks like "Zampano", "Sonnenbarke", or "Redukt" are definitely killers! The ultra successful production and mixing give to all instrumentalists a new dimension. I you are not a false underground fashion victim get this masterpiece!


Po Box 230316, Grand Rapids Michigan 49523-0316, USA.

2 the cliff, seaton carew, hartlepool, TS25 1AB, UK.

This is an American label which has already released: [eaj001] compilation "elsieandjackandchair" with Crawl Unit, Shifts, Rapoon, Totemplow, Fuxa, Brume, Monera, Mlehst, Pregnant Pause, Flutter, and Tabata with tatsuya yoshida. [eaj002] Shifts "pangaea". [eaj003] Tabata "'brainsville". [eaj004] Subarachnoid Space and Walking Timebombs "the sleeping sickness". [eaj005] September Plateau "'occasional light". [eaj006] Aube "pages from the book" (check review). [eaj007] Fm Synthesis "how to destroy the reputation of the greatest secret agent". [eaj008] Brume "zona ventille" (the final Brume cd). [eaj009] compilation "rewriting the book" inspired reworkings of the Aube recording with Aube, Brume, Coeurl, Disco operating system, Drekka, Flutter, Fm Synthesis, Hood, B.Lavelle, Monera, Merzbow, Outerdrive, Pefkin, Persona, Phosphene, Princess Dragonmom, The Remote Viewer, Sirconical, Steward, Totemplow, Vir, Volcano the bear, V/vm, Wheaton research. [eaj010] compilation "elsie and jack and nick drake" – "sculpting from drake volume one", the following artists put their own take on nick drake tunes Archer Prewitt, Au Revoir Borealis, Flashpapr, Ben Vida, Northern Song Dynasty (jessica bailiff/jesse edwards), Electroscope With Zurich, Warn Defever, Drekka, The Autumns With Simon Raymonde, Ray Speedway, [eaj012] Monera as a group are distinguished from all other organisms largely by negative features.

On the mar/ino label have been released: m/i000 compilation of new + exclusive tunes from all the e+j artists. m/i001 outerdrive "hallucinations". m/i002 kawabata makoto - 'you are the moonshine' - sounds from the ether. m/i003 tabata - 'last exit to brainsville'. m/i004 martiensgohome - 'savibal'. m/i005 drekka - 'exactioning'. A split between Airborne Virus and mar/ino: av009 : m/i009 compilation "19 ways to avoid the draft" with Like Millions, Electroscope, Steward, Ms. Black, Static Films, Fed Cast and the spiders from mars, Empress, Women, Nylon Coated Cats, Gang Wizard, Halkyn, Katrina Esp, Monera, Mminmae, Drekka, Cloud dead, Moral Crayfish, Seaworthy.


This Album from Akifumi Nakajima has a great concept. The sound source is only by using the Bible, despite the fact that I do not think that this Japanese is Christian, so this remove the blasphemous interesting part of it. I think it is a very different opus as it is a lot more rhythmic than usual. You still find the long movements but structures are based on nearly beats. So I wasn’t really impressed of this one.


Deutsch Nepalische Generalstab, Fredbergsgatan 3A, 414 65 Göteborg, Sweden

The upcoming releases to come on Entartete label run by General Lina from DEUTSCH NEPAL & FROZEN FACES, are Janitor CD, Frozen Faces CD [EM07] & "A. Hitlerville" EP, Psychaliche Jugend EP; Cyclotimia 10" (a Russian project) & a CD from Bocksholm [EM08] (a project with Peter Andersson from Raison d’être "But not sounding like what we use to do in others projects I think" says Lina. He adds "The idea is to explain the causes why we became what we are today through an assault on our old home-town Boxholm…We hate it!"

The release news given by Lina have been "Thurnemans: Wilhelm Format: 7"Label: Entartete Musikk Harsh rythmic high-energy industral music from this eminent duo. Continuing their homage to the Killer-Yogy and leader of the Sala-ligan Sigvard Thurneman. $5. Njurmännen was the project that Lina B. Doll worked with for almost 10 years before starting with the later Deutsch Nepal. Njurmännen has re-issue a 12" Lp Format, MiniLP on label Konduktör Rek. This Mini-Lp was released in 1986 and could be an interesting document for the most committed fans. $9,50."

What has motivated you to form Frozen Faces?

F.F. appeared as my equipment broke down and I was forced to do the music in an a more primitive way… In the end the sound was so alien from the sound of Deutsch Nepal, that I decided to call the project something else… As a matter of fact there were some releases that should have been F.F releases but came out like D. Nepal, like the "Environment" EP on Ant-Zen and others… I mean as you thinking of it in this day. Also there are other differences Deutsch Nepal might come from my brain and Frozen Faces more from my Heart & Gender.

How do you usually compose?

I don’t know!! It’s more like you have a premonition about something is on it’s way out… You bring box with hundreds of collected Kz of sounds, speeches… working for some days with different treatments and suddenly you have a track… Technically I work a lot with samplers, tapes, voices… but the composition work are more like automatic or may be psychologic (what ever that is). My influences are from everything that surrounds me… at this moment I’m in a very depressive and violent period of my life… It will be interesting to se how that will influence the sound of my projects in the future…

What about your future plans?

I wish I knew myself, hahaha… But there are some things that at least are 90% sure (See the upper lines). There will also be a Deutsch Nepal release on Cold Meat Industry. If I only get my fist out off my ass & record the material. Maybe I go to Vienna to finish some material with Albin Julius… When I get in balance and there are other still abstract plans. But At the moment I just concentrate on surviving. Death is a love so hard to resist…

Check the first review in previous issue of [EM01] FROZEN FACES excellent debut LP "Broken sounds of a dying culture" LIM500.

FROZEN FACES They who became enemies t their ancestors TAPE [EM02] LIM100

After their excellent LP, this tape is a MUST! of 10 tracks coming in an amazing metal box packaging with many inserts. This album is ranging from excellent power electronics a la G.O. like on opener, to melodic track with vocals a la old Death In June. Deutsch Nepal usual great sound is sometimes appearing, or cold atmospheric soundscapes. Whether you receive a hammering pulsation of violence, whether you feel re-inforced by an epic electro-folk anthem. Mechanical metal resonance loop creates hypnotic low rhythm in the pure power electronics way. You have to find this one!

THURNEMANS Punishment as reward EP [EM03] LIM300

This is a good Swedish newcomer in the power electronics. Their actions are dedicated to the killer Sigvard Thurneman. The Ep is coming in great black and white poster sleeve. A promising debut, which offers rhythms harsh electronics with, distorted vocals.

JANITOR Richie LP [EM04] LIM800

Collaboration LP between Lina (Deutsch Nepal) and Benny (Morthond/Hazard). 96-99 material made this 4 tracks Lp which is a tribute to "Poison" movie by Todd Haynes. Music is dark atmospheric with voice samples, sometimes melodic and ambient, or Dark rhythm electronics in the vein of Deutsch Nepal. The excellent 3rd track is a noisy catchy loop with dense and powerful pulses. The whole is great combination of both artists world and sound.

FROZEN FACES Religion of Hate EP [EM05] LIM500

This is the most recent release for this very good side-project of Lina. 2 tracks: "Religion of Hate" which is a slow oppressing track with reverbed great vocals changing to strong power electronics . "Over the barricades" which is a construction of percussion beats is a bit deceiving as too easy listening to me.


J.Trümper, Westend str. 3, 65195 Wiesbaden, GERMANY.


I am always impressed by this act not because of the age of its initiator, but more by the intensity of its music. This coloured vinyl Lp is a live recording from the now well-known German artist. This live action is described to have occurred "in and on an iron boat of 6m x 5 diameter filled in the bottom with water situated in an Norwegian harbour". This sounds really odd but damned exciting. The result is very dark soundscapes with powerful atmospheres, and a live feedback with metallic tones. Excellent stuff to get for sure!


C/O Franz Nigil, Postfach 323, 1171 Wien, Austria.

ERDGUT is the contact for the great Austrian project ALLGRENA. They have recently participated to the 7'' Compilation with ALLERSEELEN / ALLGRENA / NOVY SVET / DER BLUTHARSCH which is titled "WO DIE WILDEN KERLE WOHNEN" [ATS100] Available for DM15 (see review here). Please check the previous issues for the review of their Tape and Ep. The next CD should be called "URSPRUNG" for 2002. And before perhaps a collaboration Ep with Kadmon from Allerseelen.


Excellent video confirming the good potential from this dark ambient act. The whole is dedicated to water, fire, earth, & air, performed as rituals in covens. While talking about how he usually composes, Franz says "the raw material arise from spontaneous music, which I recorded with DAT or a 8-track tape recorder. I rarely use samples, most of the time I’m working with my hands... Then I’m working conceptual, I change the speed of the tape, or I let the tape run backwards...or I use 2 or 3 sounds for one track!" A really good visual illustration from their dark ritual concept.


This is the first full length is very good. 10 tracks for a total time of 68 minutes from cavernous ritual music. The production is very live recording, you can almost easily imagine you inside an underground cathedral watching them play. The addition of classical instruments like violin or clarinet taken away from their original sounds, metal, water, gives an enhanced intensity. The 3rd track is excellent! Attractive sub-ground ritual music!


Gerald Stevens, 460 Amherst. Dr., Goleta CA 93117 USA http://www.silicom/~planet5/erinys

Check the review of their excellent debut CD on Tesco. A 3" CDR "Monophidelic" of 2 tracks and a video from a live performance LIM50 was able to the above address Furious recordings technologies, as well as a CDR gathering 3 artists OLD MAN’S FURY BLACK LABEL.


"A completist guide to the assorted oddities of SIGILLUM S / SSHE RETINA STIMULANTS / KOMPLET / IUGULA-THOR / THE SODALITY / SIMM / ASHES, SOMMA / HELIX / E.O.E./ FREQUENCIES and other sonic specimen".

Refer also to the following for download of a large number of releases (incl. samples):


SIGILLUM S has been going through different line-up phases, but Paolo "NG5361" BANDERA ("PB") and Eraldo BERNOCCHI ("EB") have always been the original members with Luca Di Giorgio, going and coming back a number of times… The forthcoming releases will be the third part of the "Malattia." box "AN EPIDEMIOLOGICAL REVISION BEFORE BIRTH" will be released by EIBON. The awaited studio CD "S/M-TEK SHI" featuring Mick Harris on drums is scheduled on HANDS (Germany): there will be also a Ltd edition with a bonus live CD "ITERARTE 93". Another new CD, "Happening Whenever", is scheduled by PRE-FEED. The release of the CD single "Sociopath" is being re-discussed too.

Besides working under the SIGILLUM S logo it is well known that the above-cited members take part in a number of other activities.

HELIX is a side-project, featuring PB and EB and described as gloomy ambient / noise / dub territories, where no percussion exist and beats are generated by electronic frequencies only. A full length CD "Numbers" has been recorded.

APOCALYPSE FANFARE is about recycling, modelling and transforming sound sources from improvisations and our circle of friends) or from ancient, unreleased SIGILLUM S sessions. Tracks appear on compilations Hypermuseum CD Minus Habens; "Manifesto Industriale Italiano" 4 tapes Old Europa Cafe.


Check Andrea Cernotto’s project last release a 7" "Confusion" on BLOODLUST!

OUTOFFBODY EXPERIENCE collaboration started with the "Ghost Paradise" record. Other joint efforts materialized only into a P.NG5361.B remix version on the OOBE "God is the owner of the world" CD.


After a contribution by PB/EB to mixing/recording of their CD on AMPLEXUS, PB has now started playing live with the Italian electro-acoustic group. A new CD, "MUSICA HUMANA", has been completed.


For a full detail of Eraldo’s solo refer to the following web sites, where you can find also SIGILLUM S related data: and


Recent releases not reviewed here are "Monitors" CD on MAINTENANCE, reissued by EIBON. "Supreme Underground" CD-S on by MURDER REL.

Forthcoming productions will be a track on compilation LP to be released by HARBINGER. IBvsSRS "subfried traffic perfection" an I BURN Vs. SSHE RETINA STIMULANTS, collaboration CD to be released by STATE ART. TEDDY BEAR which is SRS feat. KOMPLET with a track on compilation CD to be released by AFE. And "Heaven 39" CDR to be released by BBE. "Customised Chromosome Sushi" CD to be released by Bloodlust!. "Central Node Recording" CD. "Remote Aktion" 12" EP. "Orgastic Demise" tape to be released by Somnus. 3 tracks for Khali-Ma tape compilation on Bbe/Somnus. Out Of Concrete Vol. 2 & 3 video tapes to be released by Old Europa Cafe. ANTIMONY which is SRS feat. EKS-KOMPLET with a track on compilation CD to be released by ICE AGE. ANTIMONY EP. And finally a CDR to be released as Private Edition.

KOMPLET is PB’s newest venture with a CDR "Fewer Molecules than Deserved" (100 copies) on AFE.

IUGULA-THOR is well known project from Andrea Chiaravalli. His recent productions not reviewed here are PROCESSCENES CD on JINX the reissue from the tape Bloodlust!; "Becoming an animal 99" CD on MURDER RELEASES. The Forthcoming releases will be "Despoiled cuts" Dbl. LP on JINX; "Blessed boys" from ENSEMBLE SACRE GARCONS 2 a collaboration CD with BLOODYMINDED on BLOODLUST!; and "Spoiled" new CD on Bloodlust!; tracks on KALI-MA, tape comp. BBE/Somnus.


C/O Elias Fabien 12 rue de Lorraine 57180 Terville FRANCE.

Free French written Newsletter: N°5 features an interview from Roger Karmanik (BDN) & 32 reviews, N°6 features an interview from Scott Gibbons (Lilith) & 37 reviews. Contact them!


P.O Box 4062, Appleton, WI 54911-0062 USA.

About future plans Jason Verhagen says that "the Inanna + Wintermoon 7" have been cancelled due to the fact the bands haven’t replied in ages I have the covers done & the DAT tape ready, but I’m not going to release something & put my $ into bands that don’t keep in touch. I heard Inanna wants out of the scene. Maybe Wintermoon broke-up? I don’t know". He adds "All Fever Pitch works make me proud, but I’d say the Megaptera CD [FP18 for $10] is a big step for Feverpitch, I never thought I’d release anything but tape+records+magazines when I started". Jason also has a solo project Eyes To The Blind "which haven’t really worked on since ‘94, because I’ve been busy releasing other stuff, but I’m really going to resurface soon, and on the other hand I play drums just formed an instrumental band in the vein of Slint, Breadwinner, Trans Am, Golden, Tortoise, for fun of course". The last releases are 2 tapes from Morbius Nacht "In the realm of dark ages" [FP21 for $5] & Autumnal Twilight "Solis Sacerdotibus"[FP22 for $5] (8 tracks of dark ambient). Add $2 for P.P. overseas. You can order the good Fever Pitch MAGAZINE Issue#4 for [$4]. It is featuring interviews with Amber asylum, Sanctum, Scanner, Liminal Lounge, Namanax, Tomas dimuzio, Mental Destruction, Rachel’s and more.

Last Minute: FPM has just released the OVUm (swedish project) MCD "EPEPE" in digipack.


P.O.Box 182, 03-700 Warszawa 4, POLAND.

This is a Polish label, which has released so far many stuffs. The last releases have been [Dragon16] NORTHAUNT "The Ominous Silence" CD; [Dragon17] ASK EMBLA "Questions Asked" CD. Still available are: dragon 04 ONTARIO BLUE "Shine", dragon 05 PUISSANCE "Mother Of Disease" CD, dragon 06 WIERZBA "1999 Earth Termination" CD, dragon 07 PUISSANCE "War On" CD, dragon 08 UMBRA Ater CD, dragon 09 TRIPWIRE Intellavoid CD, dragon 010 ILDFROST You'll Never Sparkle In Hell CD, dragon 011 SIMPLY DEAD's Structure Of Minds CD, dragon 012 PUISSANCE Hail The Mashroom Clouds CD, dragon 013 TEMPLE OF KILOWATTS V/A CD, dragon 014 NO FESTIVAL OF LIGHT If God Lived On Earth, We Would Break His Windows CD, dragon 015 AbOVO Triode CD, dragon 016 NORTHAUNT The Ominous Silence CD.

The last releases are NORDVARGR / DRAKH Cold Void Of Nothing dragon 0.21 (ambient side project of MZ412, who has already released an Lp on LSD Organisation "Northern Dark Supremacy"). DRAGONS' REALM Windy Witches12" heavy Vinyl 220g dragon 0.20 lim477. KUROTOKAGE Call To The Deep dragon 018 (side project of Asmorod). The future plan is next ASMOROD Lp.


This is the 5rth CD from this Swedish Duo introduced by Cold Meat Industry (2 CD "let us lead" & "Back in control". They have been then on the polish label for 2 CD "Mother of disease" and "War on". The opus is structured in 4 acts of symphonic and orchestral martial music. The sound and production is very near to In Slaughter Natives. For all the nostalgic of CMI early days.


PO Box 4392, London WC1N 3XX, ENGLAND

Flux Europa Web Newsletter "cutting a path through the cultural vortex" is worth giving a look at, featuring music and other art domains. April news featured: AENIMA, ANTONY AND THE JOHNSONS, ATARAXIA, AUTUMN TEARS, BRIGHTERDEATH NOW, DORNENREICH, LOUIS DUFORT, INADE, IRM, KRAANG, LUXINTERNA, THE MACHINE IN THE GARDEN, NAERVAER, OSTARA and SORROW. MARC BLACKIEON-LINE EXHIBITION.


P.O Box 63, Herne Bay, Kent, CT6 6YU, UK

A full distribution catalogue is also available to this label address. Another thing to point is that SPLINTERED has change their name to become THEME. Check the compilation CD "Four years in 30seconds". Contrastate "Under the line laying north" EP; HijoKaidan "Ferocity of practical life" 10".

[DIRTER] has released releases like Band of Pain "Reculver" CD; Contrastate "English Embers" mCD; Dominator "Forbidden Pleasure" CD; and 2nd CD; Machin / Pittis "Guitar & Electronics Music" CD; Merzbow / Slugbait "Split" CD Box, Merzbow "Pinkream" 2x10"; classics from Pessary "Inward Collapse" CD and "Laid to rest" CD. Slugbait "Medium to heavy flow" CD.


PO Box 21, 15141 Lahti, FINLAND.

This is the new Northern star blinding us with its icy light: a true active project dedicated to the underground media with a label, an excellent zine & all the more 2 projects: Grunt (ultra-violent power electronics) & Alchemy of the 20th Century (ambient). The label produced very ltd items, see the full list here after, as well as reviews. The last 2 releases from FA are Ep both limited to 300 copies from TAINT "Harming Obsession" & GRUNT "Welfare". If you don’t already got F.A.zine #12 you should better order it right now! Here’s the interview of Mikko the new herald of SUOMI.

What has motivated you in making a zine linked to a label?

-My motivation is high interest in quality noise / power electronics. There is no real reason why name of the 'zine is same as label. And why some of the bands included are bands that have done records for Freak Animal is simply because I interview the ones that interests me and I release records for same reason, it naturally links these two together. I am not really "self promotion". Freak Animal is not really made for promoting my label or own bands.

What are you future plans?

Since Freak Animal is small label, release dates tend to change depending on my personal financial situation. Some plans have been changed (like Lps will be Cds...). Latest releases have been "Dogs of Total Order" CD in 2000 and after it; came four 7"s, by: Taint, Order, Grunt and Pain Nail. Freak Animal will continue supporting Finnish bands in future. Now sold out V/A "Degenerating Finland" CD got very good responses like all Finnish p.e./noise releases recently. In plans there are LP's by: Pain Nail, Clinic Of Torture, Nicole 12, Neurocomponent ('s noisy side-project), Skin Graft,... All from Finland and will be manufactured 100-200 copies each! Future CD's will include Nicole 12/Taint "Candyman" collaboration CD and more... There are some foreign bands going to be released, like Irikarah and Survival Unit. Freak Animal has done also some CDr's, from Grunt, Barrikad (swe), Clinic of Torture and in future there will be re-releases of some Streicher (Australia) tapes as well as old Grunt tape materials!

Freak Animal magazine was re-born, when together with KAOS KONTROL label boss Jukka Mattila, I started to do magazine called DEGENERATE. It's same style what Freak Animal used to be, but better! 1st issue out and 2nd one planned for late 2001 or early next year.

Freak Animal has also own newsgroup in internet. Members receive updates & lists via e-mail, others can join or just view lists and other information in this address:

A tape was kindly sent by Mikko included some amazing Grunt tracks proving the huge potential from this act, let him described the whole:

"Mannerheim", "Belyi Smertz", and "Valheen Jäljet" will be (with one more track) on Grunt/Cloama "Valkoinen Kuolema - Belyi Smertz", split LP released by new Finnish label. White Cloning live track will probably be on Freak Animal Festival V/A LP. (studio version of cloning -theme V/A CD and one other live version on another V/A CD). "Beware what you wish for" and ''No More Calmness of Tolerance" (both studio and live) is not yet decided where they will be. Live version is simpler and less noisy because it was performed before studio version was finished. Also live metal beating wasn’t recorded with microphones, so it was just acoustic noise what can’t be heard well on mixing board recording. It can be heard on video. "Age of Degeneration" studio version will be on Grunt LP. I assume, but about this live version, I'm not sure... This split LP is based on Russia vs. Finland war propaganda from 1939-1945. LP should include reprinted old flyers and posters and texts in booklet. Cloama is very good Finnish band, which have been developing from harsh noise to interesting power electronics. The guy of Cloama is also member of Strom.EC.

Can you tell me more about Clinic of Torture? are you a part of this project?

There will be full length LP coming next in FA! Pretty much same style, but I think it's better. Yes, it's my side project. Different motive and methods of recording than in grunt. It's all studio-live to analog tape.


1993: Grunt / Total Headfuck -split C-20 Nykto tapes/lnsecure prod. (Fin); Grunt / A.N.H. -split C-60 Nykto-tapes/Insecure prod.; Grunt "Industrial Madness?" C-30 Nykto-tapes.

1994: Grunt / Futile Existence -split C-16 Scattered Productions (Fin); Grunt "One Mimal Above the Others" C-30 Freak Animal Records (Fin)

1995: Grunt "The New Form of the organic machine" 2xC-60 Freak Animal Records; Grunt "Collapsing Welfare State" C-30 Freak Animal Records; Grunt / Pile of Eggs -split C-90 Egg Scab Radio (usa); Grunt / Oral Climax -split C-30 Freak Animal Records; Grunt / Wanting to Work With Clay -split C-30 Freak Animal Records; Grunt / Outermost split C-20 Cat Move (Jap); Grunt "040695-080895" C-60 Kubitsuri tapes Intemational (Jap); Grunt / Bizarre Uproar split 7"ep Freak Animal Records/ Bizarre Uproar (Fin); Grunt /Japanese Torture Comedy Hour -split C-30 Freak Animal Records; Grunt / Yggdrasil -split C-30 Freak Animal Records /Darkness prod.(Ger)

1996: Grunt / Woundead / Bizarre Uproar -3-band 10"LP Freak Animal Records/ Merwi Records/Bizarre Uproar (Fin); Grunt / T.D.B. split & collaboration C-30 Freak Animal Records; Grunt / Krachgau -split C-40 Bawler tape prod. (Ger); Grunt / Gestörte Nachbarn -split C-30 B-Gore records (Spa); Grunt "Night Havoc" C-30 Freak Animal Records; Grunt 'Two Episodes" C-16 Scattered prod.; Grunt / Lasse Marhaug "Mad Emperor Anal" split & collaboration C-30 Freak Animal Records; Grunt / Aube -split 7"ep Freak Animal Records; Grunt / Aube -split 10"LP Freak Animal Records; Grunt / Hermit -split 7"ep Freak Animal Records/ Garbage Society Communications (Can); Grunt / Love Hole -split 7"ep Freak Animal Records/ Mies Levyt (Fin); Grunt / John Olson "Oats Omen" collaboration C-60 American Tapes (Usa); Grunt l Alchemy of the 20th Century -split C-30 Kadef (Ger); Grunt "Theories of the dream machinist" C-60 Worthless Human Flesh Records (Can)

1997: Grunt / Kapotte Muziek -collaboration 7"ep Freak Animal Records; Grunt / Cosmonauts Hail Satan -split 7"ep Freak Animal Records/Secret Devil Records (Uk); Grunt /Richard Ramirez –split & collaboration LP Freak Animal Records; Grunt /K2 collaboration LP Freak Animal Records/ Kinky Musik Institute (Jap); Grunt "Perfect World" CD Les Disques Bruitistes (Fra)

1998: Grunt / Macronympha -split LP Freak Animal Records; Grunt / Facialmess -split LP Freak Animal Records; Grunt "On the Other Side of the Walls" C-30 Nail Releases (Ita); Grunt "Someone Is Watching" C-60 Force Majeure (Fra); Grunt / Deison "Control Zero" split C-20 Loud! (Ita); Grunt "Europe After Storm" C-30 Spite (Usa)

1999: Grunt "Addicted" 7" Kubitsuri Tapes; Grunt "Live - Lahti" video Freak Animal.

2000: Grunt "Terror and degeneration" CD-r

2001: Grunt "Europe After Storm" CD Force Majeure; re-release of tape +40 minutes bonus material; Grunt / Sickness -split CD-r Ninth Circle Music (Usa), Grunt "Welfare" 7" Freak Animal

V/A recordings: "Degenerating Finland' CD (Freak Animal Records); "Evolution of the Mutants Species" -comp. C-60 (Chaotic Noise prod, Usa); "Freak Animal Festival" CD (Freak Animal Records); V/A "Freak Animal Festival" video (Freak Animal Records); "Freedom compilation" 2xtape (Distorted Vision, Usa); "Grey Minds from an Empty Hole" –C60 (Bizarre Audio arts, Ecuador) Grunt + 3 other bands; "Loud! in your Ears" (Loud! Italy); "Madness Incarnate 1" (VEP, Germany); "Mandatory Marathon" 4xC-90 box + booklet with 15 minutes of Grunt. (Amendment records, Usa); "Neuropeanoise" tape (Loud! Ita); "New Catastrophic Forces" C60 + C-90 set (United Syndicate, Jap); "Penus Rectus" 3xC-90 set (New Noise, Hol) tracks of about 30 other bands too; "Rudi Rat#6" 2xCD (Ecocentric Records, Usa); "Terrorist project" CD (Spastik Kommunikations, Usa); "The Rain of Fish" tape (Split eye); "Transmissions of Power" CD-r (Open Wound); "Deafness is not a gift" CD (Deafborn records); "Porno hurts" CD-r (Taint entertainment); "Crust X Grind compilation" CD Grunt mixing Irritate! (No Fashion rec).


Freak-tape: 001 Human Garbage #3 compilation, 002 Bambi Polo/T.N.P. split, 003 Yesmeansyes "Live in tour '93-'94", 004 Grunt "One Animal Above the Others", 005 Human Garbage #4 compilation, 006 Peaceful Threat –demo, 007 Grunt "'The New Form of the Organic Machine" 2xtape, 008 Grunt "Collapsing of Welfare State", 009 Grunt/Oral Climax split, 010 Grunt/IWanting To Work With Clay –split, 011 Building Of Gel/ Futile Existence –split, 012 Headless Piss "6.12.94 3.06.95", 013 Noise Waste -demo '95, 014 Yesmeansyes/ Mexican Power Authority –split, 015 Grunt/Yggdrasil –split, 016 Grunt/The Japanese Torture Comedy Hour –split, 017 Grunt/T.D.B. split & collaboration, 018 Grunt "Night Havoc", 019 Grunt/ Lasse Marhaug "Mad Emperor Anal" split & collaboration,

Freak-ep: 001 Noise Waste/ Cause For Effect -split 7", 002 Grunt/Bizarre Uproar -split 7", 003 Grunt/Hermit -split 7" 004 Grunt/Aube -split 7", 005 Noise Waste/Seven Minutes Of Nausea -split 7", 006 Grunt/Cosmonauts Hail Satan -split 7", 007 Grunt/Love Hole -split 7", 008 Aube/Noaidi -split 7", 009 Grunt/Kapotte Muziek -collaboration 7", 010 Freak Animal -zine + compilation 7" (Aube, Bastard Noise, Macronympha, Black Leather Jesus, Richard Ramirez)

Freak-Lp: 001 Grunt/ Bizarre Uproar/ Woundead -10"LP, 002 Grunt/ Aube -split 10"LP, 003 Incapacitants/ JunkDrome -split 10"LP, 004 Tiermes -10"LP, 005 K2/Grunt "Gears and Shafts" LP, 006 Richard Ramirez/ Grunt "Modern Beliefs" LP 007 Macronympha/ Grunt "Eye for an eye" split LP, 008 Facialmess/ Grunt -split LP, 009 Einleitungszeit "L'accouchement des machines humanes" LP, 010 Emil Beaulieaul/ Frans De Waard "Destroyed Music: Charcoal" LP,

Freak-CD: 001 C.C.C.C./Jalopaz/Alchemy of the 20th Century –CD, 002 Aube/Haters "Splinter Clear Cut/ Joyous Smash" split –CD, 003 Grunt/ Lasse Marhaug/ Bad Kharma "Scandinavian Noise Manifesto" CD, 004 Freak Animal #11 zine+CD, 005 Bastard Noise "The Symptoms of A Failing Equilibrium: Bastard Noise Hails The Finnish Sound Masters" CD 006 Taint "Victimology 2: Daughter" CD, CD 007 Degenarating Finland compilation, CD 008 Storm EC "Dogs of Total Order".

Freak-Video: 001 V/A Freak Animal Festival, 75 min, 002 Grunt "Live - Lahti" 25 min


Once again F.A. proves its mandatory existence for the industrial-noise underground. Mixing quality with positive spirit and attitude, this issue is a must. With interviews and tracks on CD from: Con-Dom, Merzbow, The Grey Wolves, Death Squad, Taint, Stimbox, Deathpile, Fluter, Abfall, Kazumoto Endo and R.H.Y. Yau. But also some labels such Harbinger, Spite, Nihilistic Recordings, Loud and Recalcitrant Noise. Extremely well presented and full of true underground spirit, this zine is the bible for power electronics and noise!!!


Freak Animal #12 is still very good as previous issue, but it announced a very bad news: Regarding the lack of response from underground projects, Mikko will stop his Zine! The zine itself is less big and there is no CD as planned! So you should all take a little bit of your time and write to Mikko to support him. Anyway The good news is that "FREAK ANIMAL have decided to join forces with other Finnish label KAOS KONTROL and together - hopefully with other contributors - create ‘zine dedicated to noise, power electronics, ambient, death industrial, etc. Back to this last issue: the format of this one is A5 with ultra shocking shots as a cover, with great black and white aesthetics. All along the 36 pages you will find interviews: from Dagda Mor, Ground Fault Rec, Dieter Müh, Troniks rec, M.S.B.R. / Magmax, K2, and of course tons of reviews. The price is 3$/Europe, 4$/Worldprices include airmail postage!! You have no choice but get this one!

DEGENARATE issue 1-2001

This the right inheritant of F.A.The lay out, the size, the contents are nearly the same. You will find a long extensive and interesting interview from STREICHER, but also ANEMONE TUBE, IRON JUSTICE, ALLEGORY CHAPEL LTD., DRAPE EXCREMENT, HAUS ARAFNA, DEATH SQUAD and MNEM. There are also reviews and articles. Some done by French Nicolärm, a notorious regional psycho. I have to say That I feel better now knowing that a Phoenix is born from the ashes of F.A. Worthing your support. If you think you are an underground listener of power electronics, noise, ambient, industrial, experimental, then you have to get this one as quick as possible!


Excellent split CD in a nice black and white cardboard package. The 3 tracks from AUBE are evolving ambient to noise glass tracks, like crystal bells forming a huge insect song or saturated electronics with percussive loops and at the end an unearthed resonance. THE HATERS track is pure ultra violence and smashing noise, illustrating very clear words from Jupiter X larsen.

SCANDINAVIAN NOISE MANIFESTO Grunt / Lasse Marhaug / Bad Kharma CD [FCD003]

This compilation CD for these 3 Scandinavian projects, each from a different country, comes in a blue as cold arctic ice cardboard box package. Bad kharma from Norway made a track with notorious Wasa crispbread as soundsource: the whole is crusty! Then follow Lasse Marhaug from Sweden, with 2 live tracks, without a correct sound. I think it is more something to experienced live than on support. On the other hand the 2 studio tracks a strident ears drillers! Last but not least Grunt brings 7 power electronics tracks with furious vocals and skull crushing soundtrack. An excellent CD to get!


Subtitled: Bastard Noise Hails The Finnish Sound Masters / The Symptoms of A Failing Equilibrium, these 9 tracks CD is an excellent collaboration between this US act and Finnish noisters. Many diversity in the tracks, ranging from heavy oppressing sub guitars noise, to power-noise with ultra violent voice in a grind-core way. Finnish project appearing on this collaboration album are Bizarre Uproar, Woundead, Order, Junkdrome, Grunt, Skin-graft and All-out. Definitely a very good release.


Are you ready to experience the brutal truth of children murderer? If you haven’t heard this blasting work as a power electronics addict then you don’t know what tortured mind of Taint is able to deliver. Firstly autoproduced as a tape this work definitely deserves such a support. TAINT is the aural description of Peter Sotos literature. Ultra powerful sadistic assault based on children molesters CD comes with a little girl soiled with blood buttock. Maybe the best release from TAINT so far. A glaucous MUST.


Finnish extreme noise compilation in an A5 format with a booklet featuring a page for each of the 13 projects. Great Power electronics acts like Grunt, Strom-ec, Order, excellent Pain Nail with impressive vocals, Death Industrial electronics from Detonator and Moozhead, I Corax, Dark oppressive electronics from Cloama and MNEM, Guitar noise delirium of All-out, as well grind-core electro-noise of Bizarre Uproar, Concrete gloom atmospheric from Wounded, Great minimal electronics with voice samples sounding like a confessional interview maybe in Finnish which creates a sea-green atmosphere form Nicole 12. Excellent omen for this country scene active and supplying quality projects. Recommended


Even if the Ep on Kaos Kontrol has been published after this CD it was earlier material than this CD. This is the first full-length album from this Finnish power electronics unit. The presentation is nice grey photographs of old destroyed industrial sites (like my neighbourhood). This release is a lot better than the Ep. Featuring 12 tracks for a total lead-time of 43 minutes of original and great electronics. The sound sources are quite diverse and varied mixing old type of Industrial tones and new harsh blasts. A very good CD which can be advised to the ones who like Con-Dom.


Such good initiative as the F.A. festival held the 26/9/1998 with Storm.EC, Pain Nail, Grunt, Chapter 23, Radiosonde, & Death squad deserved to be spread as VHS support. 75 minutes of selected best moments of this night in Lahti. A good initiative to follow, and to counter lack of concerts


Excellent, ultra sadist works. I was really surprised and pleased to discover this CD based on torture. The lack of information on the origin of this act and no title track names as well as the ultra violent artwork and noise bring a Snuff touch to this great work. This can be considered as a live studio recording without mastering. It is linear dens wall of noise with ultra painful screams and yells of tortured objects and female servants. Some other tracks are more into usual power electronics compositions. The great side of this recorded is that screams and electronics are distorted and melt into one single soundtrack. The completion of electro-torture. A MUST! And in fact a Mikko side-project!


New CD from the most popular Finnish power electronics act. Really excellent as usual Mikko is creating 10 tracks into 2 parts "Degeneration" and "Terror". Despite the fact that it is a CDR, this new release is coming in a great poster sleeve package filled with lyrics and usual S/M, Unabomber, guns, terrorists photographs. The tracks oscillate between ultra-violent and noisy power electronics like on "automatic death machine" and dark oppressive menace like on "Terrorist Threat". Take this one in your face and bleed.


I don’t have much information about this Finnish project but I was really surprised by their Ep. So Mikko give me some details "It is continuation of U.N.D. (name is "woUNDead" sometimes). U.N.D. started in '91 and did some tapes and vinyl releases. With Woundead name he has done 3 band 10" w/ Grunt & Bizarre Uproar, some compilation songs and one C-30 tape + this 7". He has a lot of new stuff done, but nothing is released. I personally like early UND even more. He was using more diverse sound sources and sound was very harsh and primitive. Especially 3 band 12" with Bizarre Uproar and Man Is The Bastard called "Sources of power from another world" (came in '92-93 or so) is excellent!". The design is also very good, in the typical social decadence genre. Musically the 2 tracks are droning electronics in an analog way. The whole is harsh atmospheric stuff very oppressive. A really promising release.


Another new Finnish project of power electronics, a bit in the German style of Soldnergeist. The design and cover photographs are maybe usual or cliché for some of you but I find them good. Their music particularity is very repetitive structures, like hypnotic loops of electronic and voice samples. The whole creates a reflection of echoed noises with harsh vocals. A really good debut item, which I would recommend. Strangely one of the Ep message is to smoke pot (?), why not, but I do not think you will get in the right mood to appreciate their music.


WOUAH!!! I wasn’t so impressed by their performance on the festival video but this Ep is kicking some asses. Pain Nail is the best recent outfit! Excellent debut Ep for this Finnish power electronics project, bringing 2 tracks mixing tough-eletronics and powerful vocals. Very dense basis and classical old industrial sounds like metal percussions and structures create a mix of power electronics and Death Industrial. The whole is enhanced by ultra persuasive vocals. BUY or DIE.


2 new track from Herald of Icy torment! The production and the mixing are really great. All the different layers combined with force, whether the low drones loop giving the hypnotic edge or the improvisations of larsens and free-electronics treatments. The whole is enhanced by furious and raging vocals and some concrete metal junk plus percussions explosions. You can't deny it GRUNT is becoming a reference!! Very recommended!


Some new material from Keith is also welcome! Both tracks beguin with vicious vocals turning into noise. These 2 assaults of ultra violent electronics melt noise manipulations with the distorted voice becoming noise. I really like the artwork made of teens growing outside naiveness but facing brutal truth of rape soon. With this Ep Taint confirms that he is one of the few units playing such a brutal noise but keeping an extreme concept that sweats and stinks! Feel the perversions growing all along these tracks, you will not be able to deny these pulsations! Very Recommended!

[NORTHERN HERITAGE] P.O.Box 21, 15141 Lahti, Finland

To the same address you have also a record label and distribution of extreme black metal ask for list. "All releases sell out really fast. All releases underground black (/death) metal, the most cruel stuff what Finland has to offer. Northern Heritage has also large distribution of very harsh bm tapes/vinyl/CD, what commercial labels aren't willing to touch.

NORTHERN HERITAGE DISCOGRAPHY: Most sold out, only couple latest ones available. All Finnish bands except Deathspell Omega (fra).

[001] Clandestine Blaze "Fire Burns In Our Hearts" LP 200x, [*002] Nightside "Ad Noctvm" 7" 200x, [003] Pest "Belial's Possessed Wolves" 7" 200x, [004] Clandestine Blaze "On The Mission" 7" 200x, [005] Bloodhammer "Monastery of thousand blackened lusts" 7" 200x, [006] V/A "Northern Heritrage" 5x7" BOX (inc. 002-005 + 5th 7" (with 1 track by each band), ltd. 100 copies), [007] Bloodhammer "Ancient Kings" CD (rerelease of 10" + 4 bonus tracks) 500x, [008] Deathspell Omega "Infernal Battles" LP 200x, [009] Clandestine Blaze "Fire Burns In Our Hearts" CD 1100x, [010] Incriminated "Illusion of Love" 7" 300x, [011] Clandestine Blaze/Deathspell Omega -split LP 300x, [012] Exordium "s/t" 10" 400x, [013] Annihilatus "Annihilation" 10" 400x, [014] Pest "Towards Bestial Armageddon" 7" 300x.

coming in future:

[015] Incriminated/Bloodhammer -split LP, Uncreation's Dawn - 7", Satanic Warmaster "Black Metal Commando" LP/CD, Bloodhammer - LP/CD, Incriminated "Miracle Of Purity" LP, Deathspell Omega 2nd LP.


PO Box 445 Camberley Surrey GU16 5YY UK

A new address but unfortunately Peter admitted "I’ve given up releasing anything new on Freek as money running low & I’ve contracted my efforts on working full-time, plus my wife & I have just had a son & bought a house, so three mouths to feed". Anyway you must support Morgan’s family!!! order the incredible release reviewed after or the Brian Lavelle & Richard Youngs "Radios 3, 4, 5" CD triple set for £17.30. Refer also to previous review of the SUTTCLIFFE JUGEND CD.

AX ASTRONOMY CD [FRR027] (£9.80 p.p.)

AX alias Anthony Difranco member of Skullflower & Ramleh gives here his 1rst CD of incredible noise treatments, after 2 vinyl releases "Nova Feedback" & "ax II". The extreme heavy bass formed massive walls of noise. An unmissable work to get immediately!


56 rue du Fbg St Antoine 75012 Paris FRANCE.

A distribution catalogue is available with many great releases at low prices! On the other hand do not forget that GMBH is also a reliable label and concert organisers. The last releases have been Small Cruel Party/ Toy Bizarre/ Steve Roden- S/T CD. The upcoming plans are: CHALEUR – V/A LP with: Toy Bizarre, Seth Nehil, Gen Ken Montgomery, Patrick McGinley, Manon Anne Gillis, John Hudak, Bruno Moreigne, Jonathan Coleclough; Key Ransone "A Tangible Bridge" 3"CD, A 7" of Manon Anne Gillis.

G.M.B.H. discography: GMBHTV 01 – "Experiences" V/A VHs Pal 75’ LIM100 Sold out / GMBHTV 02 – "CONDEMEK Video Ordeal" VHs Pal 60’ LIM50 Sold out / GMBHTV 03 – "SHIMPFLUCH GRUPPE Do-Ku" VHs Pal 45’ LIM64 Sold out / GMBHLP 01 – "SMALL GRUEL PARTY Islands of sleep" LP LIM365 Sold out / GMBHCD 01 – "ULTRA Roman Holiday" CD / GMBHCD 02 – "DANIEL MENCHE Scourge" CD


After 5 years of silence, here comes the 4th album from this influential American project. Jon Carlson experiments with synths, electronics, guitar, piano through several dark atmospheres. I really enjoyed the emotions spread by some tracks. This album is a varied work full of ides and feelings. A strong album, very personal and original, It makes me think about Con-Demek for the clever music structure. I will recommend this to all those who want to revive with the true spirit of Industrial music.

DANIEL MENCHE SCOURGE "That’s her name" MCD [002]

This very nice packaged 3" CD has been one his last release before his resting period. As you may know now He is back! The American master of concrete/organic music offers us on track made of 2 atmospheric soundscapes ending in a pure concrete manipulation. Once again the evolution of the tracks mix pure sounds into layers. Maybe not his best work but a cheap and good way to get into his so specific and delightful work.


This is an excellent video which transcript the madness of this Swiss project. It features some parts of their excellent appearance to the GMBH experiences concert which was a progressing scene involving a sunk into the abyss of pasta dementia. Both artists were facing the audience with microphones in mouth and some other ones in hands hidden under the table. In front of them 2 plate filled with pasta and tomato sauce. Then followed a crazy degeneration of what the maddest meal you ever seen can be. Visually and even strangely hearing wise this was an excellent experience, that now you can live or re-live through this tape. It also covers some other happening in outside public areas (real fun stuffs). Recommended if you want to grasp the madness hidden in their minds and if you are into performances.


C/O Akifumi Nakajima 412 Higashianekoujicho Sanjo-agaru Furukawacho higashiyama-ku Kyoto 605 Japan.

GROSS last release is a split tape Aube with Nagisanite "metalmollification" based on metal, still available are GR tapes [1300yen] & GRS as well as GRE tapes [1400yen] (prices included post payment).

AUBE last releases are: a CD on Alchemy Rec. "Suppression disorder", a 2Cd "Comet" on Ava/Es1, LP: "Sensorial Inducement" on Alien8 Rec. (Canada) made with 1 Monophonic Analogue Synthesizer/Roland SH-2. CD "365-2001" [Handmade 12X3"CD-R+2001 Calendar] (Field Recording In Kyoto) G.R.O.S.S.-Art Space Niji/Japan; CD "Set On" (Stone) Manifold Records/USA. Then on Armonika/Italy a collection of CD: "Triad Thread" (Metal) / "Millennium - Ianuarius" (Water) / "Millennium - Februarius" (Water) / "Millennium - Martius" (Water) / "Millennium - Aprilis" (Fire) / "Millennium - Maius" (Fire) / "Millennium - Iunius" (Fire).

You will find in the review file these recent products:

"Blood-brain barrier" CD on Ytterbium (F), "Ricochentrance" CD on Lunar (I), "Shade away" CD on Art-IC (SW), "R-S+C" collaboration with Telepherique on Duebel (G), "Cerebral disturbance" pic-LP on Anomalous rec. (US), "Embers" CD on Ant-zen (G), "pages from the book" CD on E+J (US), "substructural penetration" 2 CD on Iris light (UK), "108" on OEC (I), "Deglaze" Lp on OEC, AUBE & ZBIGNIEW KARKOWSKI split CD on ERS, split Cd with THE HATERS on Freak Animal.


P.O Box 2111, 38011 Braunschweig GERMANY.

This famous German label with luxurious packaging, has released excellent stuffs please refer to the previous issues for reviews and informations. Recently they have issued:

HAUS ARAFNA The last dream of Jesus EP [G009] LIM520

This featured the hit opener of the second CD from H.A., powerful vocals full of hatred shouted on a very rhythmic electronic assault. One of the best track from "children of god" CD, in fact in the style of their great debut "Blut". Then this is followed by 2 unreleased good tracks "die like a man" and "paranoia". The latter has something from darkest side of Bauhaus, I can’t define what, may be the voice tone.

KARL RUNAU Beyond frequencies LP [G010] LIM307

This is the first full length album of this project after their split Ep with Haus Arafna "take one get two" [GH05]. I really like the concept and design of this record. Music wise it is frequency oscillations in an old type of sound a bit out of date. The slow and cold parts have a good minimal approach, but when the tracks are rhythmic with beats, this is not pleasing me a lot. This 10 tracks produced by analog instruments are also available on CD. Interesting for people into back to the past and origin of electronics.

NOVEMBER NÖVELET From Heaven on earth LP [G011] LIM650

NN is the solo project of Mrs Arafna. This is the first Lp after the "more satanic heroes" Ep which was still at this timing the result of the duo work. It is old school minimal electronics with analogue sounds from synths and sequencers. The atmosphere is cold, melodic dare I say melancholic work. This is quite emotional stuff with a feminine touch, but do not take it wrong nothing silly. This will surely appeal to all nostalgic of early days of electronics and cold wave.

HAUS ARAFNA Für Immer EP [G012] LIM1690

Well, "children of god" was announcing it, this Ep confirms the evolution of H.A. into a softer genre. Previously their typical rhythmic electronics were sounding like electro-chocks, now the rhythm, dare I say beat, cover the power of their sound. Ok this is not like Synapscape or Noisex but it is to pronounce for my taste. The first track is very Joy Division influenced, even the vocals reminds these unchallenged masters of depression. "Amputation" is based on very mechanical structure where the sample is not so well cut. "No right to live" is too dancy, with unsurprising chorus. Only Last track "rebels have no king" is correctly dark but too short.


A newcomer in the confidential world of G.H. which is usually only few projects: Haus Arafna, November Novelet, Nightmarish, Karl Runau. This first full-length album of 12 tracks is very interesting. The influence of Haus Arafna is undeniable and the fact that the composer admits it by thanking them is a thought process, which has to be praised. The sound quality and the mastering are excellent. It produces a saturated electronics loop like an unstopping soundtrack. There are many voice samples and some vocals. A very good surprise of depression and oppression music.


C/O Olivier Argagnon 8 impasse des sillons 31170 Tonnefeuille France.

It’s a label & distr.-list, at same address: a newsletter L’acoumanayré (issue 2 available as an insert in the 10" from Headway a Hard-Core project from Olivier), & a zine Nocif (N°3 out). Besides Cabal Olivier works on 2 other project: Caganha & Mëspretz.


This EP is edited in collaboration with 2 other labels: Bizarre Leprous & Cho Jin. The 2 projects are playing grind core noise. The production is not so great, But it makes me remind the old days of previous fanzine interviewing and reviewing early Carcass "Reek of putrefaction" Lp, Exit 13 Eps or Xysma’s demos stuffs. For guitar noise addicts only.


Denise Ritter, P.O. Box 10 25 25, 66025 saarbrucken, GERMANY


Do you remember the previous debut release "Einsatzstoffe & Energie" CD LIM500 review in a previous issue? This German duo had auto-produced their CD. For this one also but the duo split and the project is now handled only by Denise. This CD presented in a digipack of 7 tracks was composed about the recent or historical, real existing persons and human beings standing behind the machinery of coal mining iron and steel only. During 34 minutes she plays rhythmic harsh electronics made by percussions. Sometimes filled with old industrial concrete sounds, the whole is quite diversified. This could appeal to Ant-Zen fans but also to ones who prefer harsher stuffs.

GENERATOR Sound Art Inc.

P.O. Box 1168, NYC, NY 10028, USA.

GENERATOR SOUND ART INC. is run by GenKen Montgomery & Scott Konzelmann (aka Chop Shop). "It is a resource for Sound Artists and Sound Art, and has been established to produce and disseminate original recordings by dedicated sound artists. They are not operating as a conventional record label... Percentages of all sales are set aside to directly benefit the artists involved, and to establish a "Fund for Future Projects" which will provide a direct and tangible resource for the sound art community". They have released so far: FRANCISCO LOPEZ - Untitled 1998 CD GSA-01 / GREGORY WHITEHEAD - Bugs CDR GSA-02 / JOHN HUDAK - My Eye My Son's Eye CDR GSA-03 / CHOP SHOP - Kaput 3" CDR GSA-04 / GEN KEN - DRONESKIPCLICKLOOP four 3" CDRs, a portable sound installation GSA-05 / DANIEL MENCHE - Blackwing 3" CDR GSA-06 / HEINZ WEBER - 6-Pack With Interludes CDR GSA-07 / SMALL CRUEL PARTY - Scalar Redoubt 3" CDR GSA-08 / DIRECT ART, LTD. - The Sound Of Failure CDR GSA-09.


PO BOX 4923, DOWNEY, CA 90241, USA.

Erik Hoffman used to do PINCH A LOAF which is now Groundfault. This very active label is structured in 3 different types of music: * Series I - quiet, Series II - medium, Series III - Loud. G.F. Discography: GF001 Zipper Spy "Icki Beats" CD (series II)*; - GF002 Eric La Casa "The Stones of the Threshold" CD (series I)*; - GF003 Radiosonde "Meter Sickness" CD (series II)*; - GF004 Government Alpha "Sporadic Spectra" CD (series III)*; - GF005 Jean-Luc Guionnet "Axene" CD (series I)*; - GF006 Lockweld "Eutectic" CD (series II)*; - GF007 Jazzkammer "Hot Action Sexy Karaoke" CD (series II)*; - GF008 Crawl Unit "Stop Listening" CD (series I)*; - GF009 RHY Yau "The Hidden Tongue" CD (series II)*; - GF010 Kiyoshi Mizutani "Bird Songs" CD (series I)*; - GF011 RoboChanMan "Struggle Diver" CD (series III)*; - GF012 KK Null/David Brown "Terminal Hz" CD (series II)*; - GF013 Alain De Filippis "Petites Musiques De Bruits" CD (series II)*
- GF014 rsundin "sleepwalk" CD (series I)*; - GF015 Brandon LaBelle "Music on a Short Thin Wire" CD (series I)*. Check out the article that was written about me in a large free weekly publication here in Los Angeles...


This is an American outfit with a lady! Their music can be considered as power electronics but in a strange and original way. Their noise is made by a mix of samples, concrete recordings, metal percusssions or tooling. It was the first time for me to get into them even if they have many releases CDR on TDT Music (Puerto Rico), "May Day" and collaboration with Bastard Noise Both on Vinyl Communications. Some tracks include vocals and the whole is quite heavy and intense. Interesting own sound to experience if you are into sanding machine!


Gaya Donadio organizes regular live actions (especially in Hinoeuma) in London. Contact her if you would like to play in London! She is also featured on Extreme Music from Women sampler reviewed here on Susan Lawly. She Has released a video compilation "La'-Bas" 90 minutes VHS from the different live performances they have organised. It features projects like DeathSquad, Radiosonde, Sshe Retina Stimulants, msbr, Dachise, Putirifer, Costes, Government Alpha, Skrol, Void, etc… Limited to 100 copies. (Europe £12 post paid).

Check Hinoeuma Malediction 28 SEPT. 2001 A Powerful Harsh Special Night! Whitehouse Live Action 93 / Anenzephalia / Con – Dom. Special guest DJ Noiseindex from N.Y. venue: RED ROSE, 129 seven sister rd,n7 London.

Leeds 29 SEPT ! Termite Club: Whitehouse Live Action 94 / Anenzephalia / Milovan Srdenovic venue: The Royal Park PH Queens Road, Burley Leeds (


N. Bork Missundestr. 52 44145 Dortmund, GERMANY

"1654 the cave II" compilation is available for 25 DM exc. p.p. with Orphx, Sigilum S, Pal, Winterkälte, Hybryds, De Fabriek, Ravenloft, Ah Cama-Sotz, Vidna Obmana, Needle Sharing, Woe is Me, Blink Twice, IMM, Explotando O Sam. M2 Squaremeter "Parsec" Cd; Needle Sharing "My kind came first" CD; Xabec "Seelenschiff CD; 5F_55 CD.

220N This is a sub-label from Hands productions.

MAGMAX Magamagenome LP+EP [220N1&2]

This is the first release from this side-project form MSBR, and believe me your ears gonna bleed! Coming in a nice limited package to 300 copies, are both vinyl: a Lp presenting a live and studio side from this power-noise act, and a yellow vinyl Ep. Ultra powerful noise-power-electronics with extreme screaming vocals. One of the most interesting new project to emerge from Japan, combining the noise experienced treatments of the "Japanoise" and the brutal vocals of power electronics. A MUST TO HAVE.


Warning there’s a new address: C/O Steve Underwood, 57 west street, Nottingham NG5 7DB UK.

Excellent British label please check the reviews of previous issue with albums of PAIN JERK, THIRDORGAN and CONTAGIOUS ORGASM. Future plans are: The New Blockaders "Live at anti-fest" MCD, Small Cruel Party "stain on pure glass" LP+book, compilation 2LP "…and the vultures miss nothing" featuring MSBR, Con-Dom, Taint, Putrefier, Macronympha, ThirdOrgan, Nammanax, Governement Alpha, Pain jerk, AMK, Skin Crime, Richard Ramirez, Evil Moisture, Onomatopoeia, Smell & Quim, Expose your eyes, Dogliveroil, Mlehst, Small Cruel Party, Contagious Orgasm, S-Core,..., and There is also the Limited edition record series with Thirdorgan / Putrefier "armed & extremely dangerous" (20 copies sold out), Government Alpha "drowsey eclipse" (25 copies £15), Mo.Te "chlorodyne / wet room" (25 copies £15), Deepkiss 720 "pace x friction" & Pain Jerk / Expose Your Eyes "decomposed" (50 copies £12), and announced are AMK, Culver & more!


This is the first vinyl album with ‘97’98 material from this long time noise project from the mid eighties. Mark Durgan has already released 3 CD on Batarr "cilium to Mkd structure", Pure’s "trace element syntax", "Maebashed by fuzz ball licks" on MSBR. This one is ltd to 500 copies, comes with many inserts and 1 track on each side. The music is based on spontaneous noise treatments with an excellent live feeling and sound. The whole is in the unexpected noise attacks style in the efficient way. Next release should be a collaboration work with K2.


This album is a kind of ambient harsh noise improvisation. To be frank it’s interesting but not that excellent enough to kneel in front of it. I have heard better stuff from this prolific English artist. Never the less a deserving work to ear once, after it’s a matter a taste, you are into noise for noise cut ups, this one is for you.


C/O Pascal Bourdon, 8 rue du Capitaine Guynemer, 16100 Cognac France.

The project Catharsis is on the split CD on Malignant with Drape Excrement. Catharsis will also have a full length CD on Force Majeure (Nuit & Brouillard) + a participation to a 2x10" compilation + a video "Pascal Catharsis -The end". The other project from same man Taedium Vitae will have a LP out soon.


C/O Tim Oliveira, 118 Polk St. #14, San Francisco, CA 94109 USA.

This label is the contact address of Tim Oliveira maybe the most Japanoise addicted American! Regarding the strange label name, I was curious to know why such a choie, so Tim says "The reasons for choosing my label and project names are kind of silly, so I don’t feel like explaining them in detail. Stimbox comes from a bastardization of "Stumbo", the wiseblood song. H.L.A.S. comes a long involving a Japanese friend’s butchering of the English language".

This label shelters Stimbox, one of the most Harsh-noise act in America. Tim’s way of playing & sound can’t deny his interest in the Japanoise, moreover he toured twice there, & he’s really interested in Asian cultures. During a long time Tim has been a co-member from Joseph Roemer’s Macronympha, he also works with Michael C. from Deathsquad (see A.U.M. excellent split CD review in previous issue).

Future tapes plans for H.L.A.S. are a collaboration Stimbox/Macronympha, Knurl, K2, a 2 live tapes from Stimbox, & 2 collaboration tapes: one with D.Wright (not breathing) & one with Flutter.

Concerning Stimbox’s upcoming releases on other labels, you can expect split tapes with Japanese Torture Comedy Hour on Spite, with autoerotichrist on world made flesh & with Feces Munchers on Varricocele. 1 CD one on Armed & Loaded; one on BWCD with Dogliveroil (of course) & one on Solipsism. Wouah!!

Check reviews of the excellent Ep in the murder serie of Self Abuse, the Split tape with Seed Mouth


C/O Phillip Hermisson, Kaiserstuhlstr. 20a. 79106 Freiburg Germany.

Unfortunately still no news for the 4rth release of this excellent label. I sadly think they have stopped. They have never the less released master pieces such MERZBOW "Holes" CD, M.S.B.R. "Collapseland" CD, "The Mind of a missile" CD with AUBE, SCHLOSS TEGAL, JOHN DUNCAN.


This is Stephane Fivaz web-zine with interviews of Whitehouse, Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio, Ostara, Hagalaz Runedanceand Neutral. There is also a complete review of the last Les Joyaux de la Princesse masterpiece "Croix de Bois Croix de Feu" with the live report from LJDLP action in Czech Republic and last Sol Veritas Lux festival.


48 Rue Leonard Danel 59000 Lille, France.

HERMETIQUE is the French association/label that is producing CD and Video and especially for PROPERGOL, power electronics unit. Hermetique considers "music as a weapon". The label has released the first 2 Cd album of Propergol: "Un dechainement de violence" (reviewed in a previous issue) et "Cleanshaven" (reviewed here). This one man’s project has tons of future plans, that should be: An Ep on label Pre-Feed (Italy), An album coming in a special packaging (slip-case) on label Force Majeure (France) "redemption", An album coming on Tesco or Functional (Germany) "renegade", An album on Malignant (USA) "Program : vengeance". But also a sampler participation to "resistance/widerstand" on Stateart (Germany) 2CD, and a collaborative work remixed by phil "Stone Glass Steel/IHD" and "Navicon Torture Technologies" on Malignant (perhaps as a vinyl),

Regarding the visual activity, Hermetiqque has worked on a video project "Foundgorage", presented in Lille and Paris during 2 night parties regrouping each more than 300 people, including the "night of the EXTREME" organized by members of BIOGENETIX (Fetish and SM dress code, site:


I wasn’t really convinced by Jerome first album, some tracks were omening good progression and some others show a lack of work. With this wait the end of the intro then you will be stabbed in the ears by one of the most clear violent and brutal track I have ever heard. Only for this track you have to get this album! Lots of improvement have been done in the way of composing and the sound density and intensity. A pure display of torturing aggression. Propergol is whether heavy electronics blasts in which Jerome succeed whether atmospheric cold and dark parts That I am not to fond of. Anyway we have here an excellent newcomer in Power electronics with large potential for future releases. Support this project or die like a piece of trash.


Prenneg. 6 C, 223 53 Lund, SWEDEN

T.R.O.Y. is the man behind Hidden Power enterprises compilation CDs. "The CD will be out sometime this summer. Part one will be released and part two will follow it immediately approximately one or two months later. The bands that are lined up are Bomb20, Wage class Slave, Militia, Bastard Noise, Unicorn, Hermit/Jalopy, Jacinth, Ates, creed of <water>, ShiftPlus, NJDF, Dyslexis Coup, Wendy-O Matik, Inst!gator, ENE, Chirstoph de Babalon, Eugene Chadbourne, Kamp Chaos, Cazzodio, and some more. Part one will be more noisy than part two which is more diverse, weird stuff. The CDs will be limited to 500-1000 copies". Good luck to this new rising label.


Dominick Fernow, 2 College St. #768 Providence, RI. 02903 USA. www

This is a promising American label run by Dominick, which has released recently :

RICHARD RAMIREZ / FLATLINE CONSTRUCT / PRURIENT collaboration CD $10; WHOREBUTCHER "libertine" cd-r in DVD box themed on the yorkshire ripper. limited to 70 copies $10; ARTFAG zine + "INFRA-RED HEALING" 3" cd-r comp. with collage art, bookmark and postcard. interviews with THE HATERS, VOK, JOSHUA NORTON CABAL, and BLACK LEATHER JESUS. comp: with: the haters, richard ramirez, sickness, government alpha, gasolineman, flatline construct, tef, bargain basement, whorebutcher, asd, domstar, prurient, cornucopia, furisubi, and macronympha. limited to 100. $10; PRURIENT "mummification and prayer" 2xc30 in double case $8; PRURIENT "white plains leather:black river falls" in soap box $10; PRURIENT "mater dolorosa" 3" cd-r $10; ASD/PRURIENT "hunt in couples" split 7" $4; RICHARD RAMIREZ "amplified tactics: live in mexico/texas" 2xcd-r $12; BLACK LEATHER JESUS "in/out of uniform..." 3xcd-r retrospective re-release in binder with rosary. includes 40 bonus min. not on the original lunch box version. including audio interview with R. RAMIREZ $30;

Other releases are GOVERNMENT ALPHA / PRURIENT split c30 Comes packaged in plastic resealable envelope w/ xray scraps and real medical reports, color insert. limited to 50 copies $6 p.p.; STEGM "clocked" c20 $4 p.p.; GASOLINEMAN/PRURIENT split 7 min. tape with full color cover. limited to 50 $4 p.p.; VOK "2nd Phase, Part One" 2xcdr +c20 vok remix with Prurient and Window Cleaning By Ian. packaged in a hand made fold out plastic and paper sleeve, with extra letter press tape insert. Ltd. to 25! $11 p. p. world; SICKNESS/PRURIENT split cdr reissue. $9 .p.p.; JOSHUA NORTON CABAL/PRURIENT cdr reissue $8 p.p.; RICHARD RAMIREZ "trick" c60 bound in black vinyl melted cord. Ltd. Ed. of 40 $6 p.p.; BARGAIN BASEMENT: "Self Titled" (C60) come in cloth bag in plastic case with a dolls' head. Limited. version $9 p.p world Standard version $6; SPYROCYST TACHIAI: "The Image Of Decrease" (C110) All packaging is unique. $10 p.p.; VARIOUS ARTISTS: "Bad Timing" (C70) Hos. Prod. first compilation features Macronympha, Christmas Trees, JNC Cabal, WCBI, Noisegirl vs. Disaster Area, The Mongoose Men, UAAU, Nuclear Pig Shit, Prurient, Domstar, Neb Is An Isosceles Triangle and Noose Ensures Survival Wants And Needs. Comes in hand sewn painted bag, including large full color insert, with a pair of scissors. $9 p.p. Ltd. ED. of 200.



C/O Greg Scott, 690 Castleton Ave. 4B; Staten Island, NY 10310, USA.

Greg is Hydra, one of my favourite American power electronics act, (he was a former member of the old cult American power violence unit Final Solution (now defunct).

Let him presents us his project: "I’ve chosen the name Hydra, because of reasons cited in "Timeless" interview, mostly because it’s short & violent sounding. I am aware of the mythological implications so as a symbol it’s appearing to me. There are also biblical connections about the upcoming apocalypse. My group started when I was invited to do tapes by Death Squad & BloodLust!, So it’s 94 or 95".

Now to discuss about recent releases Greg said "About future releases I’m waiting for the compilation CD "Sounds of Sadism", and there should be a 7" studio single for Xn Recordings Italy. It’s quite an honour as they have released Con-Dom, Grey Wolves, Hijo Kaidan, Matahausen Orchestra & a BDN 7". So I’m in a good company. The themes will be deformed children + a critique of the noise scene (text). There may be a live CD Death Squad/ Exercise in Disgust/ Hydra to be put out by Noizguild of NYC. It’s still in the planning stages however.

Looking to the few but high quality releases from Hydra: (The Bloodlust Tape "Power" LIM50 (check review in previous issue), the Ep on Xn Rec., the compilation track featured Sound of Sadism, the split tape with Death Squad "Neurology" on Spastik Kommunikations (in 2 edition of 50 copies each), and a participation to MELT sampler), I was wondering why such a low composition activity?

Greg said: "Regarding other Hydra future plans I don’t network much and prefer to pace releases, and plan them according to the situation, I work slowly. I don’t like to rush. Whether I put out 100 releases or 4 (that’s all I’ve done so far). It’s only the work that's matters & quality. For IDS future plans I’m hoping to release a series of live releases (9 tapes set of live by Final Solution in a special packaging with flyers and inserts). Check Also the C-4 "An exploration Into explosives" 4 cassettes box set of HYDRA, MSBR, STIMBOX and DEATH SQUAD. This is carrying the idea of C-4 explosives into audio tapes".

I will recommend also the interview in Assume Power Focus, and Timeless. So Get into this excellent Power electronics unit and face the chilling eyes of the HYDRA.


C/O Brian Rafferty 2771 Wyndliff way, Marietta GA 30066, USA.


This ‘989 promo tape lim25 is including 5 tracks of the best Power Electronics debut ever heard. For the 1rst shot, this one is a strike. Hypnotic dense harsh loops of heavy electronics with ultra distorted vocals. Design, photographs and titles clearly shows the interest into true crime and serial killers. "To be a victim is not to be cursed", "Silent Stalker", "God Machine", "In the house of the butcher", "coiled", all these tracks are based on infra bass drones and low vibrations plus terrifying growls. This is a must for all Deathpile fans.


c/o Lirim Cajani and Johanna Rosenqvist, Skepparegatan. 3, 602 27 Norrköping, SWEDEN

Some more informations regarding this Swedish project:

"OK, I started with this in 1990.In the beginning I played under my first name LIRIM, I made two demos in a very limited edition (20 each) and I also had a couple of performances all located in Malmoe Sweden. It was during 94/95 sometime when I decided to change the name to INSTITUT and it was also then I invited my girlfriend to join up which she did so now we are a duo. Together we made some tapes and some live performances a11 around Sweden In -98 Cold Meat Industry announced for bands to participate on their CD-comp "Esthetics of Cruelty", we thought it would be fun so we send them two of our tracks and the rest you know. We also have during the year -99 recorded our first CD "Great day to get even" which has been released on Cold Meat Industry. We are apparently working with new material for future INSTITUT releases and also for a comp-album together with Harsh bands all located here in our new town Norrköping. You also wanted to know the meaning with INSTITUT. Wel1 as we fee1 it and see it; it is to make much rhythm and noise as possible and also to play live as much as we can. If you want us to play in your country just write and we will be there".


C/O Chrys Blazen V.Rivoli 186, 00123 Roma, ITALY.

Gender less Kibbutz was "conceived by John Sharp to denote and create a market for the music of Blazen Y Sharp, and others artists such as Daniel Menche, Aube, MSBR, Endo and others (see "D mibnor" one sided anti-tribute compilation LP)". Now Blazen Y Sharp is defunct (see discography), so the American G.L.K. (Nashville) is still possible to contact, but the Italian G.L.K. has been dissolved into Intrasuoni. Chris is also carrying with 2 projects: "Sloth" (Blazen, Sharp & Gerber), who has issued an EP (see review) and will have a CD out; & Bassifondi Orchestra whose 1rst CD is "Sogni Dei Bassifondi" and will have a CD out on Solipsism. The others projects are Lab Report "on fire" 7" & Deep Ambient International Project. Blazen Y Sharp discography: ‘94: "Con Gracias" 7" on GLK (Us); ‘95: "Con los muchachos" MC on GLK (Us); ‘96: "Embarazode toro" MC on Self Abuse; ‘97: split 7" w/Kazumoto Endo "ask for it by name" GLK (Us) & split CD w/MSBR "mass for dead insects" GLK (Us) [available for lire10000] (check its review in previous issue).

LAB REPORT All your little pieces makes me a whole CD (Lire 15.000)

Out on American Gein Rec., this CD is the soundtrack to support a gallery of the own sculpture of Matthew Schultz the composer here. The album is 8 tracks created only by using sound cube samples. These manipulations give a menacing atmospheric soundtrack on which the voice of Jeffrey Dahmer’s defence attorney is added in background. Very concrete ambient sombre industrial with a high composition work to experience.


BLAZEN SHARP & GERBER SLOTH EP [GLK10] (Lire 6000 exc. P.P.)

This is a ’97 material EP of the 3 above artists collaboration work. Music is nice calm a quiet music made with concrete sounds. The thing you can listen to for wakening you up, when you can stay lazy in your bed and appreciate real sloth.


55 Hawkens way, St. Columb. Major Cornwall, TR9 6SS UK.

Last releases are Penumbra "Skandinavien" CD, Marconi Point "Compilation" CD. Do not forget 2 Aube CD are (RE)LIGHT 3 & 4, as well as a collaboration between Aube & Zoviet France.


This is a retrospective release on the early works of Akifumi. 2CD with 10 tracks each previously released or not on many various labels between ’91 and ’95. Unavoidable if you are into electronic noise manipulations. Sound sources varied from water, fluorescent and glow lamp, lungs, voltage-controlled oscillator, steel wire, and magnetic resonance spectroscopy. Noisier and harsher than the current albums these tracks show the spontaneous dynamism of the early recordings of AUBE but also the latent structure and construction process developed by this great Japanese Artist.


Rickard Freden, Bergslagsresan 75, 757 55 Uppsala, SWEDEN

Iron Justice is a very promising project from Sweden. I thought it was interesting to get more informations from them. Check the reviews of their releases in this issue.

When did you start I.J.? Why did you choose this name? Are you pro-self justice?

We formed IRON JUSTICE in early 1998, along with an ambient/industrial project. The band consists of the same, original members today. There isn’t really a short and simple answer to this question. Firstly, because we didn’t have very big intentions with the name, as its function is just to label us two members and to represent our sound. Secondly because the name can have, and has had, several meanings during the development of the band, which makes it difficult to remember what intentions we even had back then. In brief, to us "IRON JUSTICE" stands for "the hegemony", no matter if its a military regime or the top-down oppression in the post-modern capitalist/consumption society.

What have you released so far and what are you planning to release?

Our discography this far consists of three releases: THE EXIT (WMJ/C-45/98), TELL ME (CMI/7"/99) and MANUFACTURE OF CONSENT (CMI/LP/00). During the summer/fall 2001 the American LSDO-label will release a 2x7" box, with tracks produced in 00/01. This material is different from the releases on Cold Meat Industry, and most of all more rhythm and more structure. We are also producing new tracks, hopefully to be release on CD some time. So far we have no label-deal. It is not decided if the new material will be released as IRON JUSTICE or as a new project.

What are you influences and how do you usually compose?

We have always used PC-editing for our releases. The sound-sources have changed over the time. There’s rather obvious that we have used more analogues, more junk/metal and more organic sounds on the early releases than on the new material. Today, we mostly use digital equipment for a clinical and sharp sound. Our musical influences are not to be recognised in our music, at least not anymore. We listen to a lot of different music, mostly "actual music" which has very little to do with power-electronics and industrial. That helps us to create something, which hasn’t already been done by everyone operating in this genre. Lyrically we get influenced by literature and different cultural expressions and by commonly and constantly beholding people and their behaviour.


New American label which has released 2 CD so far, one from Slogun reviewed here and the re-issuing of the IUGULA-THOR tape on Bloodlust! Label "Processcenes". Jeffrey has also done the TREVOR BROWN book with ATHANOR. The last release: Brighter Death Now "Proceeded in Death" 12" JINX 12-002 LIMITED TO 15 copies, sold as a bid offer from 370$ (??).


A strange thing is that tracks 1 to 12 on the 14 featured were previously released as a limited LP, I have never heard of. This album is the maturity stage for John in his composition way. He has grasped the strength of the words and the power of the texts in the vocal parts of Power electronics dealing with True Crime. Texts are printed in inner sleeve, lyrics are clearly understandable even if is voice adopt several tones, It is still a brutal element of his music. With such process songs become scenarios. Even musically the tracks structures, samples, arrangements are more varied. John is becoming the main character of this auditory rape, dictating the orders and commands to the listeners.


5 Impasse des moineaux 87100 Limoges FRANCE.

This label is done by Cedric of TOY BIZARRE. The next releases will be: A compilation CD titled "the sound of nature - the nature of sound" with participation of artists Francisco Lopez, Jeph Jerma (Hands to), Giancarlo Toniutti, Seth Nehil & Toy Bizarre, Eric La Casa, MNortham, Kiyoshi Mizutani.


This is a 3" CD of concrete work and outside recordings from French and American project, during a journey in the French south west mountains of Pyrenees. Recognisable sound sources are water, stones, wood, sheep, etc… This to create a climax of the nature soundtrack. This is maybe reserved to people living in towns and want to have an ersatz of fresh air and landscapes.

LUC KERLEO Un clocher MCD [FE98]

This is also another 3" CD of concrete work and outside recordings from French artist, which depict a simple small village life in the middle of France. This sounds like some of the Aube Works.

C.O.CASPAR This long lights light CD [OC98]

This is the 2nd CD from this excellent German artist after "CHoCH" on Tesco Org. For those who are not aware, this guy is 65 years old and usually creates his own instruments and installations. Here you will discover 7 tracks from different performances, including some Shaon Caton poetry reading. I would say that this CD is more varied and even develops a mystical aura. A part from the deception of the 2nd songs, the whole is appreciable organic ambient and gloom experimental music.


New address: P.O.BOX 286, 15141 LAHTI, FINLAND.

This is a young new label and distribution catalogue from Finland. Kaos Kontrol has produced with Freak Animal the magazine DEGENERATE #1 (Price:5$), The first issue of this co-operative magazine features interviews with Anemone Tube, Allegory Chapel Ltd., Death Squad, Drape Excrement, Haus Arafna, Iron Justice, Mnem and Streicher along with a few articles and approximately 100 reviews. 32 printed A4 pages in an edition of 400 copies.

Then as a label KK has produced recently TIERMES "210" 10" (limited edition of 210 copies) Remastered re-release of the 10" originally released by Freak Animal Records in 1997. KAOS EX MACHINA I double-CDR (limited edition of 250 copies) Documenting the first Kaos Kontrol festival held in June 2000, featuring Grunt/Cloama,, Putrefier, Temple of Tiermes and Dieter Muh. Coming in a double-DVD box.

The Kaos ex Machina II festival will be most probably held in Lahti. The line-up of artists performing as well as the exact date will be announced later during the summer.Jukka Mattila adds: "Everyone should ask for the latest mail-order catalogue and available releases via e-mail or snail mail."K.K. also maintain the website of MNEM:


"Kaos Kontrol's CDR side-label Nihil Market is also preparing for the first three CDR releases hopefully to be released in August. The artists featured in the first three releases are 90% confirmed as Sshe Retina Stimulants, Hinageshi Bondage and Depther; nonetheless changes may occur! The following three CDRs are to be released at the end of 2001, and although we have a few artists planned for those three already, we're still looking for interested participants in supplying us with their material. Contact for more information".


The Ep of red heavy vinyl featured 3 tracks from this newcomer, belonging to the new Finnish power electronics generation. Their mechanical loops construct the basis of their assaults, covered by usual distorted vocals. Compare to their excellent CD on Freak Animal I was a bit deceived, especially by vocal effects. But I think this is older material, so nothing to really worried about.


Kuiperskaai 17 E 9000 Gent, BELGIUM.


This has been a long awaited compilation because of the quality of the projects featured. Design in brown tons reminds me of Death In June early artworks. Der Blutharsch opens with a short track made of War samples, Inade continue with percussions ritual and German speech, Operation Cleansweep ends the first side with their excellent power electronics „Bloodface". 2nd side begins with Anenzephalia „Kill bach" cold power electronics with great backing vocals, Then Genocide Organ play a militarist pounding track, and Con-Dom concludes the compilation with a high frequencies track with no vocals. This compilation is good but maybe I was expected more from such an attractive list of acts participating.


A strange featuring in this noise-electronics zine, But remember all extreme types of music interest me. Stephen the singer from this Hard-core band from Paris is also someone I know when I was living there.

KICKBACK LES 150PASSIONS MEURTRIERES CD [7243 849686 5] Hostile Records

This Mcd of 6 tracks, after "Cornered" and "Forever War" is the third release from this tough Hard-core band from Paris. The thanks inspiration sources like Whitehouse, Peter Sotos, Ted Bundy, De Sade,…declare the interest in serial killer, and true crimes. Musically their mixing of pure New York Hard Core a la Sick Of It All and some Metal, reminds projects like Neglect, Earth Crisis, All out War, 25 ta Life to name a few. The alternative between Heavy mid tempo and furious blasts make the release not linear. Even some unusual parts like on Title track open new areas to this band. The topics and the hateful voice of Stephen give the urban warriors a more powerfull and true edge. Definitely one of the best stuff in this genre tries urban hate-core.


Crest Court Motoyawata 403, 1-23-19 Yawata, Ichikawa-shi, Chiba 272-0021 Japan.

The label from K2 has reached more than 32nd releases! with 7 tapes from K2, 1 split tapes w/ Expose Your Eyes, 3 CD "metaloplakia", "the rust" & "metal dysplasia" (for both latter see reviews), 4 Videos (w/the bulk Production), 2 split Lp one w/Grunt & one w/Macronympha, & 1 split EP with Prick Decay. The others artists involved are: The Bikini Pigs, Papa’s Murder, Spot on Panties, U.G.A.S., AMK, Dogliveroil + U.G.A.S., D.L.Saving T.X., Rptort Shoot, Toy Bizarre, Nord (CD), Blazen Y Sharp (CD-R). You can of course contact him to get some of the still available releases.


This album is a ‘96 material of typical K2 music based Metal junks noise samples and percussions. These 4 tracks of quality recording served by great sound show very good ideas. Unfortunately I have a problem with cut ups! Why does some artist want to de-structure their ideas of creations into such a chaotic stuff? I know of course that it is their aims to get such an anarchic metamorphosis, but I would prefer the artist to explore one discovered sound more than 20 seconds.


Benjamin Boudin, Hallestraat 4, 3440 Zoutleeuw, BELGIUM

This is a brand new Belgian label under construction. Check this one in the future.


72A Leslie Rd, London E11 4HG, ENGLAND.

This label from Maruta Kommand mastermind has planned to release "Folkstorm" 2LP Remix compilation with Deutsch Nepal, Schloss Tegal, Survival Unit, Panzar, Mz.412, Strom Ec,…


This is the debut album from this new English project. During 16 tracks mixing Death Industrial with EBM in the Wumpscut way. This Dark techno-noise is not far from Ant-Zen school, GGFH, and above mention band. Some tracks are ambient dark some other are gothic dance-floor tunes. One track is titled "Karmanik Jugend" (???), there are also 2 remixes, 1 by Melek-Tha and 1 by Brother Orchid. The whole is varied and more for goth than noisters.


498-9, Kamo, Kitagata, Motosugun, Gi Fu, 501-0425, JAPAN.


I am always impressed, and pleased to be so, by the way Mike is constructing and composing his tracks. Structures are successions and intermingled of noise layers. His voice tone is the most convincing one! 2nd track is a kind of unadapted speed samples. Once again Con-Dom deadly succeed to imply the listener in his demonstration process. A MUST!


C/O Babut Arnaud, 42 rue de césar 45680 Dordives France.

This is a very good French label, which has issued the first tape of IC KAOS (check review in previous issue). Since then they have done several products like the 1rst tape C-60 from French power electronics project Blasterkorps ltd to 66 copies,


This French project proposes a work based on dark atmospheric soundscapes inspired by the Second World War concept. The nice package & the music are definitely inspired by Les joyaux de la princesse, but show an interesting retribution of their own assimilation. The whole atmosphere is quite oppressing with militarist and melancholic tones. Ltd 120 this box should interest all the people into the dark symphonic war music.


C/O Robert Marzano, 412 Quentin Road, Brooklyn, N.Y. 11223-1943 USA.

This American label has strike hard and high until its early beginning with many releases but recently I do not have much news. Anyway it was a good opportunity to have a retrospective view on Robert’s work.

MAZE001 SLOGUN "The Pleasures of Death" C-60 LIM100. / MAZE002 DOGLIVEROIL "Six Physiognomies of the Disreputable and Perverse" C-46 LIM100. / MAZE003 EN NIHIL "Assertive Order of Obedience" C-70 LIM118. / MAZE004 DEAD BODY LOVE "Emetic" C-40 LIM150. / MAZE005 DISCORDANCE "Ripper" C-40 LIM100. / MAZE006 MURDER CORPORATION "Electrodynamics" C-60 LIM100. / MAZE007 ASHTRAY NAVIGATIONS "DeStalinisation Tape" C-40 LIM72. / MAZE008 STIMBOX "PoweRRR Dump" C-70 LIM100. / MAZE009 ATRAX MORGUE "Spasmosynthetics" C-40 LIM100. / MAZE010 SLOGUN "See Those Eyes/Intense" 7" LIM250. / MAZE011 DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME "Ku Da Kay (SIC) In My Basement Court" C-30 LIM52. / MAZE012 FRANÇOIS DOURIS "Le Jour Arriva" C-40 LIM79. / MAZE013 THE URGE WITHIN "Rage" C-60 LIM100. / MAZE014 LASSE MARHAUG/ALEXANDER RISHAUG/BAD KHARMA "Les Secrètes Passions Coutoises" C-60 LIM100. / MAZE015 COCK ESP/EMIL HAGSTROM "Diary of a Female Pop Vocalist" C-60 LIM70. / MAZE016 KNURL "Symbioplexus" C-90 LIM100. / MAZE017 MACROSONIC C-60 LIM100. / MAZE018 OUTERMOST "Doku No Hana" C-40 LIM60. / MAZE019 MO*TE "CUFFS" C-40 LIM53. / MAZE020 THE RITA "Possessed Nun Sleaze" C-30 LIM50. / MAZE021 MOURMANSK 150 "Life Is Elsewhere" C-60 LIM50. / MAZE022 SKIN CRIME. Format, length, etc. still to be determined.

MOURMANSK 150 Life is elsewhere C-60 [MAZE022]

This is a new tape from this French project coming wrapped between 2 pieces of wood plus insert, ltd to 50 copies, featuring 11 tracks of dark electronics with distorted vocals. Sometimes it tends to Death Industrial. This work is a lot more achieved compare to some of his other releases I have heard so far. The noise manipulations create a menacing soundtrack. On the way to improvement, to check in the future.


P.O. Box 162, Kalamazoo, Michigan 49004 USA.

Kim Ann Alexander runs Last Sigh Press, which magazine presents "Future Beat: The Life and Artistic Process of Genesis P-Orridge". Written by Mr. Greg Zobel, long time friend and ally of Genesis P-Orridge, "Future Beat" covers the life of Genesis P-Orridge from Gen's early days as a child, through his early efforts with "cultural engineering" to his current endeavours, and discusses his past and present associations in his fields of art. The first edition of "Future Beat" is due out in early 2001 in a limited edition of 1000 hardbound copies. Later a second edition of 4000 softbound copies will go to press. The book's format is 6X9 inches, includes many black and white photos and is just over 200 pages in length. It has a number of appendices covering Genesis P-Orridge's works, live performances, written excerpts by Genesis and photos of his family, friends and associated artists. The introduction is written by Carl Abrahamsson [], with review excerpts by: Karen Finley, Michael Gira and Monte Cazazza. Cover art is by Carl Abrahamsson. The next book will be A Tribute To Skinny Puppy and a series on "The History of Electronic Music".


François Douris, 12 rue du clos Vermont, 73000 Barberaz, France

The forecast of this label is a tape from Antenna 59, and of course to find projects to release, so do not hesitate to send your stuff! Fançois D. has released as a solo project many things: ‘92: a self titled LP on his label, ‘96: a recycled RRR tape, ‘97: "alors le vent tomba & il y eu un grand calme" tape on less than zero, "electronique electronique" tape on Slaughter Prod°, "Jerusalem" tape on Nihilistic/New Noise & "Micropointe" CD on his label; ‘98: "non la paix mais l’épée" tape on BWCD, "le jour arriva" tape on Labyrinth, "59ème journée de gérontologie" tape on Cat move & of course several compilation appearances. F.D. projects are a CD on KMI, a split LP on Abrect, and tapes on Ava/Es1, on Sound Probe & Spite.


I have read somewhere that this was a French Project. It was a surprise for me to listen to this release. It’s a mix of noise and Harsh sounds, sometimes in a rhythmic way or in a loop one with delay. The characteristic of this CD is the concrete compositions will reverb but unfortunately as backward always with such a way and back mastering sound. Interesting, I really like the 2nd track, but the whole album is lacking of mixing progression.


Mikko is back with his terrorism electronics. These material from ‘96’97 is specific to harsh noise power electronics. The screaming vocals in background are powerful and the very dense flow of noises molesting your ears is hypnotic. We can regret that tracks have no specific titles, and package lack of texts and booklet. A threatening release ready to explode at random listening of it.


10 rue Estienne d’Orves, 37700 St Pierre des Corps, France.

A part from the 2 releases reviewed below LJDLP has participated to the 10 MLP of Karceral Flesh on Athanor.

To which Erik comments "this has been a national mutual aid (in the technical sense of it) and a frank companionship (in the true sense of it)".

The future awaited release is the collaboration work with Blood Axis titled " Absynthe " planned on Athanor.

About this project Erik comments "Absinthe (folie verte – green madness) will be nearly released. The part from LJDLP is finished; I am waiting for the Blood Axis one. There will be an entanglement from our musical works. This project is a true collaboration. The "muse verte" (green Muse) has been devilished to which we would like Blood Axis and myself answer. This subject will be pleaded through written and sound documents".

I was wondering how Erik sees the influence of his work on some current new projects: "Some youthful acts (see: psychopathological writings dealing with the self assertion) have an uncontrollable need to follow the so called "trend". I do not have to whether judge them or condemn them".

LES JOYAUX DE LA PRINCESSE Arts et Techniques dans la vie Moderne EP LIM370

For celebrating the 60th anniversary of the International exposition of Arts & Techniques of Paris in 1937, LJDLP has conceived a impressive box packaging ltd to 60 with inserts, photos & a CD all based on this event. The 2nd release also based on this exposition is an EP, wonderfully packaged as usual, and ltd to 370 copies (60 1rst ones have been sent to the 60 subscriptors to the original project). The A side is quite calm but the B side is more powerful. Maybe not his best release.

LES JOYAUX DE LA PRINCESSE Croix de bois / Croix de feu 10 MLP + Flexi EP LIM900

I think it is obvious that Erik is now a master in the conceptualisation of a theme. After many scopes here is a link in the France history between 1rst world ward and the rising of a new movement. The packaging is an oversized book printed with the 3 colours of France flag and the croix de feu’s skull emblem. The information and the texts show how precise and far the investigation work of Erik has been completed. A great object to own definitely. Now regarding music wise, I was a kind of sceptic before the listening. I have to admit that LJDLP is imposing his sound like a very recognisable style, which is now influencing some acts. This MLP is a sequence of powerful times like on the brilliant " Douche France " and also melancholic atmospheres like on " die weirs rose ". Rarely a project has been so closed to the emotional edge spread by his sound. The key to reach such a matured and perfect alchemy between pride and spleen is the personal involvement and dedication of the artist. A MUST!


Gabriele Giuliani, Piazza A. Moro 7, 57025 Piombino (LI) Italia

This Italian label has ceased activities but has issued many tapes of power-electronics and noise. I do not have recent information regarding Gabriel who is the man behind 3 projects: DEAD BODY LOVE, DISCORDANCE and DRIFT. Some forecasting tapes were FACIALMESS, GOVT ALPHA & a compilation UNIDENTIFIED NOISY OBJECTS.


Excellent split tape coming in the usual plastic bag and A5 booklet typical to this Italian Label. One side for each project. DIKTAT presents "Man as butcher meat" typical power electronics work, including 6 tracks of ’97 material. It is clear that Daniele music is very influence by current German wave but He is doing a good shot, not original but very efficient. Discordance is as you have read above a project of Gabriel. It is a pure old power electronics product, influenced by Whitehouse music. "Graberfeld" is made of 4 tracks from 97 material. The same reflection as above, some people hate non-original ones but I think both Italian projects genuine. Recommended to G.O. and Whitehouse fans.


New address: C/O Bärn Balta, B.P. 35, 31110 Luchon, FRANCE.

This is an interesting project of broadcasting informations on noise project. Presented as an A3 page, this retrospective bulletin has done issues on the Haters, on Vagina Dentata Organ, on Whitehouse, on Trevor Brown, & on Sordide Sentimental. They are all available for 3FF or 1 I.R.C. There was also a Vagina Dentata Organ special issue in a special luxurious edition of a 90 pages ltd to 150 copies. Contact this great cool guy if your are an INCAPACITANTS fan!


6 Impasse Jean Etchepare, 31100 Toulouse France.

You should contact this cool guy that distributes new & old (raries) stuff at interesting prices, and get his long list of pure industrial stuffs that you can order in confidence. A reliable contact.


new address: PSF 241321, 04333 Leipzig, GERMANY.

This German excellent label has issued very good works of the "new wave" of German electronics, especially for ambient/ ritual (check previous issues reviews and informations). Forthcoming are the long awaited 2nd album of INADE "The Crackling Of The Anonymous" (CD/LP) and EX.ORDER "Broadcast 23" live LP with recordings from the concerts of the last 2 years. Latest releases of April/May 2001: FIRST LAW "Velochrome" CD (Loki 27) and HERBST9 "Eta Carinae" CD (Loki 28).

Still available are: PREDOMINANCE "Nocturnal Gates Of Incidence" CD (Loki 26); TURBUND STURMWERK "Weltbrand" CD (Loki 23); FIRST LAW "Violent:Sedated" CD (Loki 22); HERBST9 "From A Dark Chasm Below" CD (Loki21); T.G.V.T. "Paralysis" 10inch (PAS10).

The official Loki-web site is finally available. It features the complete discography with pictures from all releases, a monthly updated mail-order for downloading and mp3, samples from all available releases.


In the end of ‘94 Predominance arose from Wolverine. Since, they’ve released in ‘95 the "White ashes" MC & in ‘97 the "Obliteration" LP both on Loki F°. They’ve also a split 7" with Ex.Order "Unconscious ruins" on State Art, and now this MLP, on which sound quality has definitely improved. 3 tracks out of the six featured are in their usual style: Death Industrial with cold and oppressive atmospheres. The opener and the last track based on the same concept are quite a good surprise mixing Death In June influences + Les Joyaux De La Princesse sound, in a very good way, the strong voice give also some Blood Axis tones. The third track is also interesting composed in a ritualistic way with oriental typical music sound and maybe some Indian cythar sounds.


This German project of esoteric electronics is never deceiving. The Ep features 2 tracks inspired by the traditional, alchemic signs & magical symbol of Vitriol. The first track is ambient dark music with monk’s chants sounding like typical Tibetans prayers. A real ritual stuff. The 2nd track is like a glass and violin sound loop mastered in a concrete way. The whole is original and confirms that Inade is one of the best ritual projects so far.


This is the second album from this German Project, inspired by World War II. The title track which means "World On Fire" and its artwork depict the concept aimed by their experimental sound. This second release sounds more compact for me. The first part of this album is very oriented towards WAR, with Laibach martial tone. The second parts is more atmospheric and melancholic. An interesting release and a lot better than recent newcomers trying to act like warriors.


Digipack reissue from the ’93 tape released by same label, + 4 tracks from ‘94-’98 materials titled "Genius loci Pt I-IV", as well as the track from the compilation "the book of the shadow" on Spectre Label (check its review featured here). This early material is maybe more tough in its approach and nearer from usual German cold power electronics. But you could already hear that this ritual touch developed by INADE was there. Some tracks remind me of early recordings of Archon Satani, mystical and sombre. A very good retrospective item!


A wonderful book-box set with luxurious packaging featuring 2 10" and a nice large booklet with texts and drawings. This compilation is based on German occult high lodge of Fraternitas Saturni. It features 8 units:Inade with a powerful excellent track with their traditional 2 elements ritual atmosphere & grave and solemn tone. A really impressive dark and strong orchestration. Herbst 9 with a dark introspective music. Blood Axis with a track made of loops and violin covered by a powerful text reading form author Gregor A. Gregorious on the fallen Angel. First Law with an ambient track evolving through different phases to finally blooming into a nice mixing of violin, female song, guitar and arrangements. SRP with a dark atmospheric track ending in classical tone. Predominance with a good sombre rhythmic track. Endura with a gloom structure of a repetitive loop and improvised harp. Turbund Sturmwerk with a mixing of melodic structure and electronics loops, sounding ritualistic, especially the strong German voice. A very nice item to get!


This is the third full-length release from this dark atmospheric German act, if you consider their last MCD above reviewed. The progression of their sound is quite impressive. Production is really good with a powerful impact, an along these 6 tracks. Tracks ranging from dark echoed atmospheric to epic sombre hymn a la Blood Axis like on "Aurora borealis". Some tracks have deep low vocals, with whether melodic part or ambient ones. A track like "Vector equilibrium" is in the tone of early Morthond, and some others reminds me of Schloss Tegal. A big step forward for this promising project.


I have to admit that unfortunately I do not own the previous works from Andrea, a member of Turbund Sturmwerk, meaning Loki 22 "Violent : sedated" and State art 7 "Revelation 5: 2" Mcd. This second full-length album has definitely impressed me! I have surprised from their track from the Saturn Gnosis compilation, but here everything is confirmed. We are facing a great project with his own style of composing. Music is sometimes very melodic for my taste but the sounds source quality and the arrangement are nearly perfect. Vocals are usually whispers, analogue sounds are very pure, ambient soundscapes are filled with darkness or symphonic parts full of heroism. A track like "Theme for an imaginary Skinflick" remind me of the best perverted GGFH ones and some samples reminds me of Aube, Tekton Motor C., In Slaugther Natives, Bad Sector,… "Velochrome -1 to 2" stays one amazing track with its wonderful medieval folk end. This CD with an artwork based on mineral / crystal power, of 9 tracks is an excellent melting of post Industrial music with more classical element. A MUST.


Here also I have no experience from their previous works except some sampler appearance here and there. This is their 2nd CD after "From a dark Chasm below" CD loki21. Simple but nice digipack covered this 9 tracks release. Their dark atmospheric music is very oppressive with whether organic elements or tribal ones. The psalmodizing vocals drone out a mystical ambience. Some tracks are structured with doomed percussions. Production is good and enhanced the multiple juxtaposition of soundscapes. This is definitively gloom and heavy, for tombs haunters.


Concerning Power and Steel 10" series, ltd to 300 : after releasing Bad Sector "Jesus Blood" & Control Resistance "Germ Warfare", Skrol "Martyria", Endvra "Biomechanical Soul Journey" and TGVT "Paralysis", The monochrome 10" by Scottish Hailstorm has been cancelled.


This is the Texan project with one track featured on Warcomedia "Men among Mice" and a terrific interview in Descent Mag. On this release you will not find anymore distorted guitars and drum machines. This one is more into G.O. inspiration, and I would say good power electronics way with voice samples and distorted vocals, which are a bit to down. Image and ideas will surely displeased many people, but I am sure it is the precise aim of such a man. Definitely a recommended release for your next holidays in Sun City!


Nearly after 5 years of silence and 2 excellent CDs "Rinde humano"& "Terra lingua", this German excellent project is back! They still propose their own ritualistic dark music made with drones and intensive percussions but also flutes and choirs. Side A is from old material from’94 like a live ritual performance in three parts, with percussions, flutes and old school industrial tone. Side B are more recent compositions. The 2 tracks "meditation" based on ritual drumming and "paroxion" an atmospheric soundscape; are both darker but still have this particular strength of subconscious penetration.


The electronic warfare duo is back with this excellent full-length album. Music is in the German cold power electronics way with high quality sound. It is definitely a great release made of hypnotic loops and samples of voices. The whole is very various with digital noise oscillations, analogue sequences and some rhythmic parts. Featuring 8 tracks depicting different social nowadays topics such as for example the testimony of the Giant Serial Killer Edmund Kemper who has decapitated his mother. In fact the inner cover includes a very interesting text that tend to sum up the whole concept idea. A MUST!


C/O Deison Cristiano via cormons 33-33100 Udine ITALY.

LOUD! is a good Italian underground label of industrial. It is also the contact address for young project DEISON. Regarding DEISON, there is a new CD called "dirty blind vortex" released by Crionic Mind (USA). This CD is the first full-length album after various sounds-collaborations with KK Null, Thurston Moore and a couple of 7" singles. This is meant to be Death Industrial & Dark Ambient, and features contributions from SSHE RETINA STIMULANTS, GOVT.ALPHA, BAAL, R.H.Y. YAU, LASSE MARHAUG and more. Limited to 500.

The new release on Loud! are : SSHE RETINA STIMULANTS/BAD SECTOR - "Neurotransmitter actions" CD-R (see review) available for 25.000 Lires, & compilation "LOUD! IN YOUR EARS vol.2" (CD-R, Loud!02). After the sold-out vol.1 on cassette featuring Macronympha, Richard Ramirez, KK.Null,.... (see review in previous issue), this second compilation features unreleased noise and experimental tracks from various following artists : Proof of the shooting, Joshua Norton cabal, Hospital, Ames sanglantes, Moz, Deison remixed by K2, S.isabella, Stolen light, John wiese, Courtis and R.h.y. yau. This CD-R is available for 20.000 Lires.

Out on Sin Organization:

CINISE/KK.NULL  3" CD-R split-release. Planned as 7"inch, it's out on a 3" CDr format in a limited edition of 300 numbered copies. Cinise is DEISON + G Santoro (of Sin Organization) in a more dark-industrial vein. KK Null is the japanoise monster from Zeni Geva.

DEISON has also remix the track "schlingendeeph" from act DEEP. It is featured on the C-90: "the low budget tape" released by Dhyana records. ( A compilation of outtakes unreleased and live tracks from this German band. A  co-produced 7" between Dhyana Records and Sin Organisation from DEEP & FRIENDS/CINISE/DEISON will be released.


This long awaited collaboration work is really great. These two sound-sculptors from Italy are with no doubt among the most perfectionist people in this scene. The quality of their sound is excellent. Massimo present 5 tracks in his particular tone like a cyber cathedral organ, while Paolo dissect precisely the frequency oscillation in a clinical efficiency. First 150 copies are co-released by Loud! And Self Abuse's side label Solipsism (026) and come in a transparent plastic pocket. The second edition is released by Loud! with a pure white artwork in jewel-case. A Must for perfect sound researchers.


C/O Lars Dangel, gibitzenhofstr. 50, 90443 Nürnberg, GERMANY.

New label with 7"s from Japanese Jack Or Jive "a carrier pigeon" in white vinyl ltd to 258 (Dm17) inc.p.p., from the same project "Opera, Legends of Biwako" LP Composed by Chako performed by Satoshi Inagaki, Chiyoko Hara, Mayumi Inoue & the professional opera solists Mitsuo Ogata LIM300.& T.Stalk / Cicuta Virosa "trash low life scum" (title which has inspired the choice of label’s name), + an LP from German B’nai B’rith "einheitsfront" ltd to 425. Lars says "Our first priorities are to release music we would buy on our own, and always in combination with exclusive packaging and artwork. Planned are the 2nd LP from B’nai B’rith "propaganda II" & a new album from T.Stalk.


"Dead rights for human being"

C/O Jonathan Kan, 1506 Starburst drive, west covina CA 91790 USA

Here is a young very active label from the state. Check their already amazing back catalogue!

[S028] Cloama "Kontrolloitu Heikkous" EP Lim300. [T027] Old Monks' Saga / Fragments TBA (C45) Lim50. [S026] Puissance "Genocidal" EP Lim300. [T025] first human ferro aka f.h.f. "Metaballistik: Viewed under Infra-red" (C50) Lim80. [S024] Control "Praying to Bleed" EP Lim300. [T023] Jarl (Sideproject by IRM) "Wound Profile - Trauma Part 1 - 8" (C45) Lim50. [S022] Dodsdomd "Ever-Burning Evil Fires" EP Lim200. [T021] Survival Unit "Killing for Culture" (C60) Lim100. [T020] Musique:Motpol "Medical Research Part III" (C45) Lim100. [T019] Clophill "Salve Vio" (C60) Lim37. [T018] Lasse Marhaug "Sleepless Siren" (C60) Lim48. [T017] Navicon Torture Technologies "Insanity" (C60) Lim45. [T016] Guided by Satan "Rectal Ritual I and II" (C45) Lim100. [T015] Veiled Allusions "Through the Corridors of Time" (C45) Lim100. [T014] Moz "Divina Blasphemia" (C45) Lim100. [T013] (4 Various Artists) Death Kontact Project I (C60) Lim100. [T012] CPI "Dystopia" (C60) Lim100. [T011] Persona "Natio" (C45) Lim100. [T010] A Sonic Deterrent "Medical Research Part II" subtitled "Dead Brain Surgery" (C60) Lim100. [T09] Cloama "Halveksin Kuolemaa" (C45) Lim100. [T08] Vehm "Medical Research Part I subtitled " Undecided " (C60) Limited to 100. [T07] Ovum "Odds and Sods" (C60) Lim100. [T06] Spectral Aeons "Hymns to the Ashen Skies" (C45) Lim100. [T05] The Violet Grind "Sacred Order of God" (C45) Lim100. [T04] Praying For Oblivion "Bookburner's Anthem" (C60) Lim100. [T03] Lux Sexualis DeOrganism "Homicides Within....." (C45) Lim50. [L02] Lux Sexualis DeOrganism "Amermonic" LP Lim99. [T01] Lux Sexualis DeOrganism "Int-Ext XXX Suicide" (C60) Lim50.

Upcoming 7" releases: Ah Cama-Sot "Rites of the Flesh" EP. Exhortation "Our Life, A Passing Shadow" EP. IRM 2xEP. Merzbow "Hummingbird" EP. Slogun "Murder USA" 2xEP. Xiphoid Dementia "Wounds Never Heal" EP.

Upcoming acetate LP releases: Death Kontakt Projekt II (8 Swedish Artists) "Swedish Ekstasy" 2xLP. Death Kontakt Projekt III (4 Ukrainian Artists) "U.K.R.A.I.N.E." LP. NORDVARGR / DRAKH "Northern Dark Supremacy" acetate LP+LP. Vedisni TBA LP. Lux Sexualis DeOrganism "Amermonic" LP


After 2 CDs, one on Solipsism and another on SSSM, this Swedish unit comes back with a luxurious presented package. The Ep is coming in a militarist green denim bag, with dark lettering. The cover is also in nice green tones and vinyl is as well green. Dodsdomd is proposing tracks made up like electronics cracklings, reactors' drones; high frequencies, all mixed in loops and for the first time with vocals. The voice is invocating the horned lord of seven hells. Proclaimed as "Satanic noise terror" I have to admit that their music was more efficient without this religious concept which is to my mind not fixing well their original sparking noise.


PO BOX 5666 Baltimore MD 21210 USA.

Jason runs this excellent label as well as popular mag Audio Drudge. The previous releases have been some out of print like Invisible Domains compilation CD, Yen Pox "Blood Music" CD, Inade "The Flood of the White Light" 10", Caul "Crucible" CD, Orphx "Fragmentation" CD (excellent), and still available Hazard "Lech" CD (great ex-Morthond project), Blood Box "A World of Hurt" CD, the masterpiece from Iron Halo Device "The Collapsing Void" CD, C17H19N03 "1692/2092" CD, Stone Glass Steel "Dismembering Artists" CD, Caul "Light From Many Lamps" CD, Yen Pox "New Dark Age" CD, Heid "Arktogaa" CD, Navicon Torture Technologies "Scenes From the Next Millenium" CD.

Future releases will be Dusk of Hope "Flexible Response" CD (TumorCD14), Ex.Order "War Within Breath" CD (TumorCD16), featuring select (re-mastered) material from the Law of Heresy cassette, plus new and live tracks.

Some other plans are Propergol CD and A compilation "conflict and cohertion" 2LP with IRM, Genocide Organ, Predominance, Slogun Strom EC,…


This is the 2nd CD from this side project of Peter Andersson, the man behind Raison d’être. Compare to "Pariah demise" 1rst CD on OEC, this one shows some drastic changes: the concept is now based on medical true horror and sadist surgery (good idea), the music is even harsher and less common. It is in a fact an electronics version of Death Industrial, but with the typical touch of dark atmospheric music composer. All along these 10 tracks Stratum Terrror is becoming more than a "side project" but merely an act on which depict the bloody and dirty side of an operation.


This sublabel has released Catharsis/Drape Excrement "Homo Homini Lupus" split CD (Infest02), and Control – Control CD (Infest03). The future plan is – Neural Architect CD (Infest04).


This Italian act has been a very good surprise for me, I have read that he was not so efficient on his previous tracks, but here it is a very distinct music. Piero creates his own death Industrial with mechanical rythms a la Mental Destruction made of metal percussions. Some tracks feature great growling vocals and some other some voice samples. These 13 tracks of ’97 material mastered by Mister Stone Glass Steel really deserve your interest as it is a new sounding in the Death Industrial world.


Another sub label which has release Skincage "Axon" CD (Treatment01) and will release R|A|A|N "The Nacrasti" CD (Treatment*02).


P.O. Box 8183, Victoria, BC V8W-3R8, Canada.


Record label and tour promotion for experimental, strange, and unconventional performances, artists, theatre, and bands. Focus is on non-commercial, "do-it-yourself", underground culture - and support of artists whose expression is limited by their economic or political situation.

A part from both reviewed here releases available are: NNY "don't happy be worry" LP "Fifteen anthems from this classic hardrock band. Forget about Doom, King Crimson, and Iron Maiden - this is the here and now of music to piss of your parents and neighbours. So turn off your MTV, throw your shity Michael Jackson records out the window, forget about the "rave" Friday night, and check this out! You'll never regret it..."; HERMIT/THIRDORGAN "dead-tech machine gallery" CD "Solo, live, abd collaboration tracks from Hermit (obscure D.I.Y. noise freak) and Thirdorgan (Japanese power-electronic guru). Full of surprises, each track has a different ambience, from screeching electronics to reverberating metal and droning loops".

What are your future releases and plans?

Yes, they are listed above - and for future plans, I am not so sure at the moment. I am trying to help some bands organise tours in Europe - and I want to continue releasing some CDs, and vinyl when I have the chance, trying to focus more on supporting bands that don't have the possibility to release stuff.

Can you please explain what is the difference between Garbage society and Manufracture?

Garbage Society was a label more for releases of Hermit and splits with Hermit. I started Manufracture as a new label to focus more on releases by other bands, my own still too, with a higher quality level, and better distribution.

Why are you interested more into split releases and collaboration?

At the moment, I'm not so interested in split releases, but I still like collaborations - this can be very interesting. I am also very interested in live performances and recordings. It is difficult for bands to play and perform well, in an interesting way, in concert.

You have also a strong engaged attitude ecologically and socially, are you involved in specific movements?

No, I live my way the way I choose - not much more than that.

Why did you choose to come in Europe?

I find it more interesting, culturally there are more things happening. Also my parents are both European so it seemed natural.

Can you present us HERMIT?

I’ve been doing Hermit since ‘94, but I was doing noise experiments before under different names. Since I started I have released a 7" "meekohtutrah", and split 7"s with Roy Gbiv, Grunt, Napalmed, Bastard Noise, Armenia, Scab & a 10" with Yggdrasil & Eciton, and a split LP with Jalopaz. there is also the "digitrash" anti-CD, & the "pain machine" MCD. Too many tapes to mention besides the splits with Bastard Noise & Facial Mess. http.//

MAN IS THE BASTARD/BASTARD NOISE Selected Patheways To Undisclosed Planets: Live CD

This is the first live album from this popular nature warrior. It features 6 tracks from 4 live concerts in California since 1996 to 99. The different line-ups offers different sides of the project. Atmospheric layers, improvised noise treatments, or voice samples. The whole is sounding raw, true, and spontaneous. The last track is pure violent noise assault. The only weak point is the lack of track is the typical growling vocals in the Suffocation style. "Three tracks are tribute to the Italian futurist movement, with use of machines based on the concept of Russolo's "intonarumori"". A good release which provide a Live edge to B.N. for those who hadn’t the opportunity to bear it live.


This CD is a one-track length album of 38' from this Chicago/Oakland duo. It is in fact a studio arrangement of material from their 2001 European tour, the track from their previous CD "Suspended Animation Ambient Vol. 1". This release is sounding like the soundtrack of a journey into the nauseous swamp. Ambient dark music but not in the usual copied way. Something more warm but uneasy, melting concrete sounds and noise eruption. This suffocating vaporous music integrates a real orchestral dimension. Strange, interesting and enjoyable shot from this promising project. []


This release is a co-production from Manufracture with Alienation and Self Abuse. It features of course the 2 famous noise artist. Eric aka Hermit has 3 tracks, including an opener lasting 13 minutes, beginning with an heavy structure in the style of Headbutt and ending in a guitar larsen typhoon, then a great Thirdorgan remix, very dynamic and noisy, and finally a live based and continuous records loops and ambient noise. I have been really impressed by this last material of Eric very promising and varied noise experiments. To watch very closely. Now Akihiro aka Thirdorgan has also 3 tracks, including 1 great live assault of breaking out furious noise, one studio track which unfortunately lack of power form its recording level and 1 remix of Hermit based on diverting at first awful pop stuff and then great electro mechanical non stop robotic noise. All these material ranges from 98 to 99 are very recommended for real noisters! A great collaboration CD.


C/O Lord Evil, 31 rue longprés 62152 Nesles France.

This is a prolific French project of ritual Death industrial. It is very difficult for me to stay objective regarding Ludo’s project has we are old friends from our unconfessable metal background. Anyway He succeeds to make his own sounds now, far from the early influences and even try new genres. Two main concepts are driving his work: occult Satanism and future world end whether genocide or destruction. He has released many CD since his interview in the first issue of THE NOISEIST. But more over he will release many new things during this year. Let’s Ludo comment the different projects:

"M.T. will participate to the French label Uhne limited compilation Lp of 300 copies with Maruta Kommand remix of the "executioner song", Militia, MZ412, Catharsis, Maruta Kommand and Schloss Tegal (price100FF).

The LP "THE DIABLERIE MANIFESTO" limited to 300 copies on Self Abuse records. This Lp will have also a limited to 100 copies special edition with an extra CD including 7 previously unreleased or remixed tracks available only through Lord Evil directly (price:150FF).

The CD "GLORIAM DEMONDI regnia for the damned" album with a special artwork cover from a polish artist is planned on Dark vinyl in January 2002.

Then "THE PERFECT WORLD ERADICATIONn" double CDS album is more into a pure industrial vein a bit like " dehumanizer " and " decadence and genocide ", with futuristic sounds. I have involved a lot of work into it especially on the drums' work, but also vocals and effects. The whole is quite unsane, and I am looking for a label to produce it or maybe I will release it as a limited item of 100 copies in 2002.

There is also a project for a 10" picture Lp "INFERNO" with 4 new songs, including a remix of " midian graveyard ", which was featured on the first CD " astrum argentinum " to be released by Uhne Records limited to 300 copies (150FF).

Another project is a collaboration work with 47 Ashes. This should be a double CDs titled " THE EARTH ABOMINATION " to listen to simultaneously. One CD will be with the soundtrack and the other with the effects. It will come in a DVD box as 100 copies limited edition (price 140FF).

Then the issuing of a normal edition of "DECADENCE AND GENOCIDE" album on Nuit Et Brouillard in 2002"

And Finally "ONLY THE STRONG SURVIVE" new album will be released to 100 copies in a metal box packaging in October 2001 (price130FF).

Amazing!!!! You can find an interview from Ludo in the Black magazine from Germany, and Russian mag Odium. He will participate to a Turkish compilation. And the biggest news in collaboration work with ultra violent Australians from NAXZUL! Titled "DEVILISH PURIFICATION".


This box set comes in a circular box, usually used for the cinema films. It includes 3 CD and stickers. One double CD version of the Membrum Debile Propaganda "Dehumanizer" including a 3 unreleased tracks CD. 2 are a dub version of what M.T. is sounding after smoking too much pot and listening too loud to early Scorn. Last track "This is my hell purge the world" is an excellent cold power electronics blast, constructed in a progressive way. The third Cd is titled "unreleased songs Anno 9798989" with 6 titles, including a remix of In Slaughter Natives and 2 tracks of the album "Evil is too strong". Avery nice a good item.


This CD is packaged into a DVD box with a silver plastic sleeve. Music is an atmospheric orchestration of the Evil. In the vein of the first works of Lord Evil. It features a GGFH cover of the track "Plaster christ". Great but not my favourite release from Ludo.


This CD features 6 tracks very oriented into percussions. These percussions sound better than the drum machine samples from the previous works. We are not far from the last Militia album in the idea. But these percussions are altered in an evil way. The atmospheric layers are better mastered and the whole has a very ritual orientation. A good esoteric soundtrack for a tribal delirious dance to evoke demons.


C/O Silvio Kessmann Postfach 11 88, 97984 Weikersheim, GERMANY.

This is a very prolific German label run by Silvio who has released tons of great released so far under 6000 serie which has reached 54 releases so far and 7000 serie (for digipack CDR) which has reached 15 releases so far.

There is also a sub-label [DEVILISH MUSIC] which has done 3 items: (666-001) Naos "The Iron Youth" (7") lim. 666, DM6,66; (666-002) Melechesh "The siege of lachish" (7"), DM6,66; (666-003) Neither / Neither World feat. Allegory Chapel Ltd. "Devil’s lullaby" (7") Lim. 293. Sold out.

The forthcoming releases should be: (6000-50) Linija Mass "Proletkult" (LP) The first album of this band from St. Petersburg / Russia. (6000-51) Dark Water Memories "Giddy mornings" (MLP) New band from Hungary. (6000-53) Intensive Care Unit "ICU" (7") New german band. (6000-55) Grey Wolves "Pure hatred" (LP) Including best songs of the old tapes. (6000-56) Irikarah "Good morning America!" (CD) new album. (6000-57) VO.I.D "Zyihen" (CD) 2nd CD after 1rst album "Alloskren". Under the CDR’s 6000er-Serie is forecasted releases from Women of the SS, Sleep Chamber, SRP, Wappenbund, Sardh, Stabat Mors and more… There will be also a new CD-serie with special price: [5000] with (5000-01) Deva-Loka "Aural Structures For Rituals" (CD) new project from Germany. Lim. 300. Retail prices under 20 DM; and other plans are first SRP-Tape und der Bolschewiki "Luftkriege in Europa" Cdr.

All the more MDP present a very good and complete distribution catalogue with tons of labels and releases you should check for mail ordering.

INADE QUATERED VOID Picture-EP [6000-37]

First of all this a nice Picture Ep that has all the more a real cover. Then the 2 tracks set INADE as one of the unavoidable ambient act! "Crackling Void" is a great transcendant track from out of space tone with an hypnotic spiral. Beginning with vocals this minimalist track is nevetheless efficient. The low tuned effects on voice make it sounds like an astral invocation. "Quatered conclusion" is a calmer track but with an insistent dimension. Recommended


Another new album of the prolific True crime executioner. This CD is coming in an A5 sleeve with great black and white artworks. 13 tracks of saturated old style power electronics. Raw, brutal, harsh-noise making your ears bleed. It includes a remix version of one track from "Sacrifice unto me" BloodLust! Tape. Another essential random act of killing!


This is the debut album of this German project. Less experimental and mystic than their "Entbeit" tape on Art Konkret, this Lp is more aggressive. In Fact they are mixing an old school industrial way some Death Industrial and Power Electronics. Mechanical soundtracks with machinery rhythms and distorted vocals. Recommended first shot. 11 tracks of original industrial mixing.


This is also the first full length Lp of this German newcomer. A new product of the new generation of German cold power electronics. The 8 tracks are illustrating by a luxurious colour booklet. Most described concepts are mystical cultures in the IIIrd Reich history. Music in the vein of Dagda Mor or Ex Order, atmospheric but tough. To discover.


This Lp is the re-issueing of the first studio tape „Have faith" of Mike project back in ’87 on Broken Flag. It features 3 tracks that you can also find on the functional „All in good faith" CD. This re-issuing is showing on one hand the raw brutal force of the early hate explosions of this „human bomb", and on the other hand the progress Mike has done in his composition and arrangements way.


This is an interesting release from Ludo. Introducing M.T. on one hand to the old school industrial sounds, with direct recordings, like on "Inhuman conditions" where you will face the ear raping of a power hammer. But also on the other hand showing a new dimension into saturated pulsating beats with rhythms samples mixes in hypnotic fast loops. "terror squadron" based on 2nd Wolrd war genocide brings a historical level to this work. One of his best work.


C/O Romershovenstraat 24, 3730 Hoeselt, BELGIQUE.

With their great last part of the Statement trilogy "The Black Flag Hoisted" CD on Tactical recordings, (Please check the review) and their excellent performance at the Deadly Actions Festival, It is more than clear that MILITIA has set a new stone in the Anarcho-Industrial. Regarding the last masterpiece release, Frank were commenting: "We have worked with a Slovenian Choir (living in Belgium), new industrial sound installations (self-constructed) & a new female singer. We have also contacted a guy from the Czech Republic to send us a text. Beside those people we had contacted several others in different countries. All replied that they would send us a contribution to the new project, but it never came. Too lazy? Without real inspiration? Lack of creativity? Not knowing where eco-anarchism is about? Never the less the contributions we did receive are splendid and will be used in the recordings". People involved are Bastard Noise & Nick Grzelak (US), DISWA & Didi de Paris (B), Trespassers W. (H), Con-Dom, Idpa (G), 2 additional percussionist joined the project for this recording. Join the new MILITIA in their fight!


Moljebka Pvlse is an ambient drone band with only one member; Mathias Josefson. "My name is Mathias Josefson and I am the sole member of Moljebka Pvlse.( Mathias has studied musical acustics at the royal institute of technology and studied electro acustics at the electro-acustic music in sweden, ems.) I also play in an ambient band called Lykaion Eclipse. We have been playing for a couple of years but my first release with Moljebka Pvlse was on the E.o.C. (CMI). I have performed live a couple of times with Moljebka Pvlse, first at the release party of the CD, but also as support to Zoviet*France at Fylkingen here in Stockholm, and also at a festival in Turku Finland. I have also performed live with Lykaion Eclipse at two different festivals here in Stockholm ,one when the boat M/S Stubnitz was here. I have released a CD on, it is an album with guitars as the only sound source but they have been manipulated so much that you can't really tell it is guitars anymore, it just ambient drones. Currently I am working at some more rhythmical noise stuff".

The music of Moljebka Pvlse consists of both acustic and electronic instruments, as well as entirely computer generated sounds. the first full length album, koan, was created from sounds solely generated on different kinds of guitars and then sonically manipulated through digital effect boxes and computer programs.

During the fall of 2000 Moljebka Pvlse went on an American tour; "the Fields and Points tour", together with Mikael Stavostrand and Brent Gutzeit. The music of Moljebka Pvlse is based on acoustic, electric and electronic instruments as well as entirely computer generated sounds realized in SuperCollider and Max/MSP. One of Moljebka Pvlse's goal with the music is to produce hypnotic, meditative landscapes for the listener to explore. Things in the pipeline is a soundtrack for the d&d productions movie "a bird is not an animal" and a new full length album that has been completed.


1180 Colgate Drive Monroeville PA 15146-3536 USA.

This is the contact address of the great American noister Joseph Roemer aka MACRONYMPHA . Check the several reviews of some of his releases. The full length CD album "Intensive Care" CD with 12 pages colour booklet of extreme art, is available for $15 transcontinental p.p.


c/o Koji Tano 2-8-4 ohara Setagaya Tokyo 156-0041 JAPAN.

This is the most famous and prolific label/distributor in Japan. His recent live actions over Europe were really appreciable. Here is an overall view about Koji activities:


MSBR "ULTIMATE AMBIENCE 2" new CD on label 20City from New Zealand (available for $14.00). It features 3 long tracks of harsh noise + 1 track from a live recordings at Chicago in USA tour 1999. "Damkbr" collaboration cassette with AMK, Speculum Fight on Banned Prod°. Split 12" Lp with Bastard Noise on Ant-zen. One 7" on Gender Less Kibitz. And finally a split CD with Kengo luchi on Alien8 Recordings.


DENSHI ZATSUON is ElektNoiz zine+CD #5 ($14.00); Magazine for noise/experimental/electronics musics of 136 pages, written in Japanese and compilation CD.Featuring interviews from: William Bennett, Francisco Lopez, Masonna, Time Stereo & PDM, Sudden Infant, Richard Ramirez, Phonophobia. Compilation CD : Birchville Cat Motel (NZ), Black Leather Jesus (USA), Brandon Labelle (USA), Daniel Menche (USA), Eso Steel (NZ), Francisco Lopez (SP), Masonna (JP) , Phonophobia (D), Princess Dragon Mom (USA), RLW (D), Scot Jenerik (USA), She Retina Stimulants (I), Sudden Infant (CH). Check: Next issue #6 planned summer ’01.


(MR34) ARTIFICIAL MEMORY TRACE/MSBR split CDR $13.00 -(MR33) NIKO mini CDR Ltd.60 new female electronics artist in Japan. Ltd.60 copies. -(MR32) MSBR+FT "Live Electronics at end of Europa Tokyo nov.2000" CDR Ltd.100 This CD is released for Europa tour in 2000. Collaboration with FT. Ltd.100 copies. -(MR31) SUDDEN INFANT/MSBR split CDR Ltd.100 copies. -(MR30) BASTARD NOISE/MSBR/GUILTY CONEECTOR split CDR Ltd.100. -(MR27) MSBR/PRINCESS DRAGON MOM "Rotterdam Noise Feyenoord" CDR. -(MR25) MSBR/ K2/ MAGMAX CD. -(MR22) MSBR/ RoboChanMan "Australian Sunshine Madness" CDR. -(MR21) MSBR "Euro Grappling Electro" CDR. -(MR18) MSBR / Blazen Y Sharp "mass for dead insects" CD (see review in previous issue).

VIDEO NTSC format: -(MRV04) "NOISE PROGRESSION Vol.4" Compilation video of Detroit round in USA tour 1999 with MSBR, Universal Indians, Monster Island, Princess Dragon Mom, Robo Alpha. -(MRV03) "NOISE PROGRESSION Vol.3" compilation video of LA round in USA tour 1999 with Spastic Colon, Speculum Fight, Bastard Noise, Solid Eye, FIN, Babyland, Robo Chan Man, K2, MagMax. -(MRV01) "NOISE PROGRESSION VOL.2 - TECHNO KRANG" video with Force Musik, Astro, Magmax, Segment (techno unit by F.Kosakai from Incapacitants), k2, Nord. -(MRV02) "NOISE PROGRESSION VOL.1" video with msbr+ Kengo Iuchi ,MSBR, Crawl Unit, R.H.Y.:YAU:.


This very simply presented CD, in fact no cover (?!), is featuring these 3 Japan Noise projects. MSBR with a live track of a ’97 performance, which shows a structured side of Koji work. Even if some random noise blast pierce your ears this performance was more based a continuous progression than noise cut ups. Great even if the sound is not that good. K2 with 2 tracks of his typical disturbing Metal junk cut ups. Mag Max with a live sounding 1 track of average production quality and less interesting that their amazing Hands LP+Ep. Not so good release.

[FLENIX] sub-label : 1-108 Anjoji Matsuyama Ehime 791-8006, Japan.

CD: -(Flenix/Flcd-01) "Geosynclines" collaboration CD with ERG, Das Synthetische Mischgewebe. -(Flenix/Flcd-02) THU20 "elfde uni" CD. -(Flenix/Flcd-03) V/A "Psykoscifippopia" CD with Electric Helgoland, Brezel Goring, Felix Kubin, Max Kleyderstrom, Goenland Orchester. VINYL: -(Flenix/Flr-01 ) Daniel Menche/John Hudak split 10". -(Flenix/Flr-02) MSBR/Spastic colon split live LP. -(Flenix/Flr-03) Sudden infant/Runzelstirn & Gurlgelstock/Dave Phillips & Remixes LP. -(Flenix/Flr-04) Small Cruel Party/ Kiyoshi Mizutani LP. -(Flenix/Flr-05) Magmax / VETROPHONIA (Russia) split LP. -(Flenix/Flr-06) VA "SYRENS" 10" Female Noise/Experimental musics compilation. All 11 artists. with Reiko.A (Japan), Timisoara (Japan), Zipper Spy (USA), S.Isabella (G.Alpha's another unit with female vocalist), Laura Maes (Belgium), others.


A nice cut sleeve for this vinyl of ambient noise manipulations. Daniel Menche proposes an excellent progressive concrete track becoming an organic introspective soundtrack in his best composing way. John Hudak creates low echoed repetitive soundscapes in a persisting reverbed way.


I'm SORE/PRINCESS DRAGON MOM split CD (BHCD03) $12.00 1st release from new label by MSBR and K2. I'm SORE is electro acoustic noise unit by Ian Masters (ex. PAIL SAINTS from 4AD). And he makes psychedelic atmospheric noise using sore. Some parts are like sound track of movie. tracks by PRINCESS DRAGON MOM are very harsh and aggressive.

M.N.D. Records
M. Horn, Weißbuchenweg 3, 41179 Mönchengladbach, GERMANY.

German label who has released [MNDR 2005] Kadef "Da kann man nur mit dem Kopf schütteln" Tape (2x 15 Minuten), Lim. 60, Tole Ache "Break the Line" LP +7".

Forthcoming will be [MNDR 2003] V/A "Blood Box" LP+2MC lim. 160, with Verge On Reason, Morbus Gravis, Alchera, God Only Word [MNDR 2007] B.I. / a2 (Irikarah) Split 7" lim. 200.


This is the first time I have heard from this German label. The packaging is a swindle! Plastic bag with a white sheet photocopy, with no artworks and only projects and titles written on it! The vinyl hopefully is a thick and heavy one. Musically Diktat has a small track of 3 minutes or sowith a repetitive chorus "let's bomb the whitehouse" sounding a bit too punky to me. Very different from his excellent Lp! Sounding like old power electronics stuff. Then Irikarah has a track based on hypnotic metal sounds, noise electronics layers and distorted vocals. The whole is average quality stuff and I have been a bit decieve by this stuff.


For those who do not know, NAPALm is a Metal label for Black / Death / Gothic and sometimes strange projects like KREUZWEG OST.


This is a project headed by Silenius (SUMMONING, former VERBANNTEN KINDER EVAS, ex-ABIGOR) and Martin Schirenc (HOLLENTHON, MUDBREED, former PUNGENT STENCH). Musically, KREUZWEG OST is a kind of modern avant-garde and rhythmic industrial. Thematically, KREUZWEG OST's debut release documents Germany during the Second World War. Original samples taken from both Allied and German propaganda are worked into the rhythmic setting in order to create a disturbing, stormy atmosphere, sometimes even weird. Rocket launchers and artillery sounds serve as the rhythmic machinery transforming the cacophony of war into a musical experience. KREUZWEG OST Can be described as a mix between DER BLUTHARSH and GGFH. Recommended to history nostalgic, Join the Iron Avant garde!


C/O Radek Kopel Lipovà 1123 434 01 Most CZECH REPUBLIC

NAPALMED is an industrial band, that you can check at NAPALMED is also a small unofficial distribution. The actual distro list version is available by e-mail. Check NAPALMED is also a small unofficial label making the ANOMALOUS SILENCER CD compilation series of noise/industrial/experimental/powerelectronix/... ask for the conditions to join upcoming 5th issue among: STRATOSFERA [slo], FUCK THE FACTS [can], TREMOX [ger], LONGDREAMDEAD [jap], PRAYING FOR OBLIVION [usa], MOURMANSK 150 [fra], A.S.D. [usa], SKLO [cze], GUERRAETERNA [p. rico], OUTERMOST [jap], SCHROTH GUENTER [ger], SIST EN 343 [slo], MAMARRACHO [jap], TON TON MACOUTES [cze], MURDER BY STATIC [can], TREMOR [ger], BLACKLIGHT BRAILLE [usa], ONE EYED CYCLOPS [ita], SHARE THE DECAY [usa], PRESSURE [bel], LUASA RAELON [usa], NEURO [cze], DEGENHART [aut], ROBERT WARNER [usa], FAST FORWARD meets DJ DIE-SUCK [fra], HUMBERG [jap], AIN SOPH AUR [fra], MIXOMATOSIS [spa], DES CAMPAGNOLS ATOMIQUES [can], MARK LANE [usa], FRRRANCK C. [fra], DES CAMPAGNOLS ATOMIQUES [can], LAVA [ita], 3 ANT RIOT [uk], SOUND INHALER [uk], the BIBLE THUMPERS [usa], DEMENTIA PRAECOX [usa], NOISEBITCH [hol], PURULEMUNU [jap], NAPALMED [cze]. Write to Radek for ordering or even propose your participation to the 5th compilation CD "Anomalous silencer" usually ltd to 500 with worldwide noisters!

Last release from NAPALMED is "Up to the Ears in Tinnitus" picture LP, LIM100 of 2x20 minutes of harsh-noise w/industrial touch.


This Compilation CD is ltd to 500 with 25 projects from all over the earth, and is ranging to funny, to great, to hilarious, to crap. People like Government alpha, Anemone tube, Eciton, Yggdrasil, are the best stuff here, then you have interesting project but need to continue their composition process like Napalmed, Fear & Loathing, Mourmansk 150, Outermost, Tactical Eradication function, and then you have the others to forget or listen to for a good fun. Good initiatives but selection could have been from a higher level.


1-19-2, SunjiYata, HigashiSumiyoshi-ku, Osaka, 546-0022, JAPAN.

This japanese label has produced several CD, and Kazuya Ishigami is also the member of project DARUIN. Here is the list of the NEUS 318 releases :

[Neu-001] DARUIN " Rats Esion " (1stCD) ; [Neu-002] Kazuya Ishigami " Works " ; [Neu-003] THE VIOLET GRIND " Wolf Window " 1st CD ; [Neu-004] THE VIOLET GRIND and DARUIN split CD ; [Neu-005] THE VIOLET GRIND " Flying Fox " 2nd CD; [Neu-006] Compilation vol.1 Kikuti Yukinori (Billy?), TxVxG, Tile (Odubt-label), Brutum Fulmen, Daruin, Tadayuki Miura, Sand Machine (Dislocation) , K@tashima.Noise, Ambient, Exp-techno... ; [Neu-007] BRUTUM FULMEN " Spork " ; [Neu-008] Compilation vol.2 OCO (Nl), Odal (Nl), M150 (F), bokor (Aus), TxVxG (Usa), Akiwe@kobe (J), Daruin; [Neu-009] MOURMANSK150 & The Violet Grind split " Claustrophobic Violence "; [Neu-010] Compilation vol.3 Recalcitrant (Nl) , Tender Love (Usa) , SA-909 (Can) , EHI (Usa) , OCO (Nl), Ames Sanglantes (Can) , Anemone Tube(G) , DARUIN ; [Neu-011] BILLY?: " ...words of clams... " ; [Neu-012] Mourmansk 150 " Extreme Adverse Reaction " 1st solo CD ; [Neu-014] bokor and DARUIN split CD " Melbourne / Osaka "; [Neu-015] Mourmansk150 and DARUIN split CD " Unconscious Martyrdom / Muishiki-No-Junann " ; [Neu-016] Compilation vol 4 Astoro (J), Anemone Tube (G), Tadayuki Miura (J), Mikroben Krieg (Por), loveform (Ch), Charles Bascomb (Uk), Daruin and Government Alpha ; [Neu-017] Compilation vol 5 Neandertal (I), Vita-Verbum-Lux (Can), Monobrain (Nl), Tender Love (Can), Noise Dildos (Usa/F), EHI (Usa), HumanExterminationProject (Usa) , M.Nomizes (F), DARUIN and OTAS LOGI-C (Ch) ; [Neu-018] MIKROBEN KRIEG and DARUIN split CDR ; [Neu-019] Compilation vol 6 4 Frlies On Grey Velvet (Can), Brutem Fulmen, Narbenerde (G), Tender Love (Can), A sonic deterrent(Usa), Daruin, Ruben Winter (Nl), Reynols (Arg), Special Prick (Aus), and Futile Sound Of Brunswick (Aus) ; [Neu-020] MOZ and DARUIN split CDR ; [Neu-021] SISTRUM and DARUIN split CDR ; [Neu-022] Ames Sanglantes and DARUIN split CDR.

A sublabel for a sub project ? [Billy?-001] BILLY? " plays funny moods " 1stCD ; [Billy?-002] BILLY? " rhizome " 2nd CD.

The forthcoming release on NEUS-318 are split of Reynols, Remix by M150 [Killings], and a Compilation series split of Tadayuki Miura.

MOURMANSK 150 / THE VIOLET GRIND Claustrophobic Violence SPLIT CDr [NEU-009]

This Cdr comes in an A5 sleeve and features collaboration work between French unit M150 and Us TVG. M150 is harsh dense noise in structured way with collages and utups. TVG is repetitive noise manipulation in a very bald way. There is also a long track with porn samples and destroyed noise.


C/O Peter Zincken, Just Pier 22, 1506 BZ Zaandam, HOLLAND. noise/index/htlm


This Ep presents 2 long time noisters. Hyware aka Rat is a Dutch activist which spread noise attacks with frequences fluctuations and high pitches. Armenia is a Floridian act from Leonardo Sabatto who brings fast distorted drum machine modulations. The release in its whole is not so interesting but should get die-hard-core noise veterans inot it.


C/O Chris Goudreau, contact through SELF ABUSE

Chris is not only the man behind SICKNESS but also runs his own label called NINTH CIRCLE, which has released so far and not in any real order: "No Such Thing As Monsters" Tape?; "Underneath It All, It's Rotting" Tape?; "Voyeurism" CD; "No One Cries for the Death of a Disease" CDR; SICKNESS/M.N.S. "Six String Samurai" Split CDR; SICKNESS/GRUNT "Symptoms of the Disease" Split/Collaboration CDR…

SICKNESS is one of the revelation of this year for me, Chris really tears the ears with infected noise (Please check Solipsism and 7HZ, reviews).

But Sickness has also released on some other labels: "Retiscence" Comp. "The Sound of Some Body Burning? Tape - SRS Music; "RRR 500 Lock-Grooves" LP on RRR Records as well as "Recycled" Tape. NOISE TODAY COMP CD. TRACK: Obsess over me PT 2 on Noisetoday Records; SICKNESS/PRURIENT "UNDANE" SPLIT CDR on Hospital Productions. "Noise Progression 6 Video" on MSBR Records, SICKNESS / GASOLINEMAN split CDR on OUT Records and "Another Lamb for the Slaughter" CDR on Solipsism.

When did you start? Why?

The old story goes that I started SICKNESS after having no way to successfully express myself in the punk and hardcore bands I was in when I was 16 (1986). They were lazy, and unmotivated with lots of big ideas, but no real action involved. It was always "if...", "when...", "we should...." I wanted to start doing, They all had ideas of what they wanted to do based on other artists while I wanted to express something new. I wanted to do something based on what was going on in my head. So, I started doing vocals and noise, and feedback using a ZOOM effects processor. I built my own tape loop machine, and some pedals to do what I wanted. I multi- layered my tapes using the old Les Paul method of recording and as I went along after so many dubs the loops I that I was using turned out muddy and noisy. This layered with screams and a lot of delay was how SICKNESS started out. I had no idea about any other noise artists at the time. I started recording my own tapes, and quit the bands I was in to work on this project full time. It gives me the greatest freedom to do what I want.

What was your influence? and reason of choice for Sickness as a name?

I didn't have any influences in the beginning. I had no idea other people were doing noise or anything close to what I was doing. My influences at the time were disease, rot, decay, insanity, etc. I started basing my releases around these interests. . As my intersts broadened so did my subject matter in my releases. Now you have this. Hence the name: SICKNESSS. The material was born out of my interest in the subject and my own "diseases".

How do you usually compose?

If something interests me I start thinking about how I can express it through sound. As for the actual recording: I usually record source material live and then go back in and edit everything later. Adding some extra effects and making sure all the levels are high. I try and keep the results as pro as possible.

What has released your label so far?

Mostly my own work, and collaborations. I needed an outlet for my own releases. I wasn't happy in the early days with what other labels did with my releases. I have a pretty set idea of what I want out of my releases especially since they are mostly themed. So I made my own label and used my graphic design skills and ideas to make my releases some better. Though tthe underground release is still held in some esteem by people I think if you are going to disk out the cash for my release you should get something more.

How was the experience of VD?

It stands for Venereal Disease taking my interest in Disease and Taint's interest in Sex and melting them into one group. It was a good collaboration. Taint sent good material for me to use along with tons of porn.

Lucky North west American should go to "The End Of Rock and Roll Shows" TAINT/SICKNESS/SKIN CRIME/EMIL BEAULIEAU July 27th - Providence, RI at Red Rum, July 28th - New York - Brooklyn – Space.


When Keith Brewer from TAINT meets Chris Goudreau from SICKNESS what happens? An infectious plague spreading through neural transmission thanks to power noise to create new sexual pathologies! 10 tracks around sex deviance and disease, constructed with great voice samples, ultra powerfull noise-electronics with sometimes great violent saturated vocals. Original power electronics, very harsh and satured. Tracks tend to be quite long. I really like "Humilate me", Daddy's Little VD girl", "Diseased lust", etc… A MUST for all harsh power electronics fanatics.


Here is a new active organization from New York. Sasha is introducing us to the guild: " Now, regarding our activities. NoizGuild has been around since 1996, we started as a DJ team in NYC, spinning at clubs and on the radio. We later expanded our activities to organizing shows and festivals in NYC and some US tours, and a couple of years later we also started a label, World War IV Recordings.".

These activists have organized last November the ACHTUNG AMERIKA! Festival in New York with Les Joyaux De La Princesse feat. Regard Extreme, Ex.Order, Grey Wolves, Con-Dom, Inade, Predominance, Taint, CazzoDio, Control, VLK, NTT. Sasha comments "you can find the list of various shows that we've done on our website, of which the Achtung Amerika! festival was most notable, there are other fests in the planning, particularly the Days Of The Rope festival with Genocide Organ, Der Blutharsch, Deutsch Nepal, Anenzephalia, Slogun, and Vlk this summer and Achtung Amerika II in the fall".

Now regarding the label Wolrd War IV, what’s up : "As far as our releases, the Klangstabil 10" has been released over a year ago, and is now sold out. The first release (WWIV01) Live @ Atrocity will probably never see the light of day, as the recording that we have is really poor. The next three releases: Slogun, Ex.Order and Vlk will be released by the end of the year, possibly even by the end of the summer...". Infact here is the discography: WWIV01: Hydra/Exercise in Disgust/Death Squad Live @ Atrocity CD, WWIV02: Klangstabil "Mencschenhass" clear 10"/ltd. ed.10" + T-shirt edition, WWIV03: Slogun "Let me show you how" LP/ltd. ed. LP+7" box set, WWIV04: Vlk: "Sword of Justice" heavy weight 7", WWIV05: Ex.Order "Scorching Transmission" 7"/ltd. ed. Acetate.

Another thing you have to know is the connection between NOIZGUILD and "Live" SLOGUN: "about Slogun and the Deadly Actions. The two of us (Shane and myself) usually do live electronics for John (Slogun). However, I wasn't able to make it to the Deadly Actions because my passport didn't get renewed in time, so for the show Slogun was John and Shane plus another guy as a temporary replacement. Slogun was also joined on stage by Xavier (Timeless guy) to do vocals on one of the tracks. Great fun was had by all (except for me, i was stuck back in NYC, getting drunk and smoking way too many cigarettes)! Slogun is also planning to do a couple of shows in europe over the summer". So you can now contact the cool Sasha.


91 Route des romains 67200 Strasbourg, FRANCE.


This act is a side project from Joseph Roemer, who is the man behind the popular noise monster MACRONYMPHA. After several tapes and a split CD with Telepherique on Solipsism, this material is a remixing of works form Macronympha, All brentnall (Mlehst), Tim oliveira (Stimbox), Rodger Stella, Kimibide Kusafuka, Alan Lee, Elizabeth Fox and Randy:Yau. It comes in a nice gatefold cardboard packaging. I do not know if there is any relations between the book of the same name and this album concept in fact. Music is far less violent than Macronympha, it is indeed electro-noise experiments and recyclement of noise-structured. This hasn’t really convinced me, maybe you have to be in the related mood, to get into it .


C/O Biot Christophe, 54 rue Gambetta 59970 Fresnes sur Escaut, FRANCE.

This label has released so far 14 CDR available at a very nice price!

[NZP001] GOD'S CHILDREN "PURIFY FROM ALL" An international compilation LIM TO 150 featuring tracks about sects, religious fanatism and mind-control in various styles. With KNURL; ZAHAAH/SPHER; BLASTERKORPS; NAPALMED; ICKAOS/DERNIERE VOLONTE; THE VIOLET GRIND; AMES SANGLANTES ; EIGENWERT; MOURMANSK 150; DARUIN; PZR 17. [NZP002] MOURMANSK 150 "SM & PUNISHMENT" Re-issue of the deleted tape on ARCTIK Records (AR001). (Sold out). [NZP003] SUBLIMINAL ABSURDITY Show girl in Coma Collaborative project between Christopher B. and Frederic G.

[NZP004] MOURMANSK 150/ RIPIT/ THE VIOLET GRIND "SAMIZDAT" Split album featuring three extreme projects (Sold Out). [NZP005] DARUIN "ANGLER'S BRAIN" Japanese noise maker. [NZP006] EXIT "DRAWSTRING" new release by American artists of Dark/cold electronics. [NZP007] MAGMAX "FROM OUTER SPACE" Collaborative works including Koji Tano aka MSBR. [NZP008] RIPIT vs SEXOCHII "WHETHER IT BE VIOLENT OR NOT!!" Exclusive remix by MRMNSK 150. [NZP009] VITA "VERBUM LUX CORPUS HERMETICUM" (UNAVAILABLE). [NZP010] ALZHEIMER + RIPIT + MOURMANSK 150 LIVE ACTION An improbable live collaboration between these 3 frenches projects recorded on 11/30/99 in Brussels. [NZP011] DEAD! w/MOURMANSK 150 THIRDORGAN OUTERMOST STRAIGHT FUCKING MAN Split/collaboration album dealing with capital punishment and pain of death. [NZP012] UNCUTUNCENSOREDUNRATED Split-CD featuring Government Alpha and Mourmansk150. [NZP013] MOURMANSK150 Recorded loud and live in 1999. [NZP014] NZP "the anniversary compilation". This album is a furious compilation of NZP tracks that serves as an introduction to the audio work of the label: A.R.M., M150, EXIT, DARUIN, MAGMAX, SUBLIMINAL ABSURDITY, IC KAOS/DV, BLASTERKORPS, STRAIGHT FUCKING MAN, GOVERNMENT ALPHA and RIPIT vsSEXOCHII. From power electronics to extreme noise. Future release is CD 015 WHY WOULD A HOLY FATHER WANT SINFUL CHILDREN? 4 way split including KLOOD, BRUTUM FULMEN, DACHISE and MOURMANSK150.

Christophe is also doing the project MOURMANSK 150, the last releases are: participation to "Deafness is not a gift" CD international compilation CD produced by DEAFBORN RECORDS with the track "Nobody owns me" (censored version); and a EP "Resistance Strategies" limited to 300 copies with tracks "Victim or Hangman" and "Nazitronics" produced by Evil Biker Records.

The album LIE V2.0 produced last year by Parisien label "riposte rec" has been sold out in 3 months. It will be re-issued by the label "abhorrent creation tapes" with 4 bonus tracks, (


B.P. 212 59029 Lille Cedex FRANCE.

NUIT ET BROUILLARD has been so far a great distribution contact as well the organizers from the yearly event in Industrial underground: the deadly actions festival. Last year the so long awaited 4rth follower of Deadly Actions festival happended. It has been a succesfull and great event! They can be proud of such program and we all hope that they will not wait such a long time as the previous gap between these unmissable events. There will be in Autumn a web site available:

This organization has also developped aside its huge distribution catalogue a label activity:

(All following prices are excluding postage):

- TEMPLE GARDEN'S/ASCHE:"Trance/The older stuff"- C90 (NBOF) Split tape featuring two german bands recorded live. Comes with a special "photo" packaging LIM159 (40F).

- ASCHE: "Recycling-Art" - CD/Video Boxset (NBCD02) Recycling-Art reflects live performance at the Deadly Actions festival in ‘96. This edition includes a CD, a video + inserts LIM175. (190F)

Forthcoming releases on Nuit et Brouillard label are:

- "Deadly Actions I-III" Video live retrospective 1994-1996, Featuring Hybryds, Anenzephalia, Deutsch Nepal, Allerseelen, Söldnergeist, Brighter Death Now, Mental Destruction, Genocide Organ, Stigma, Dive, Endura, Predominance, In Slaughter Natives, Con-Dom, Asche, Zoviet France, Iugula-Thor, Les Joyaux de la Princesse, Anenzephalia (II), Grey Wolves/Con-dom and La Nomenklatur. Length 4 hours; Comes in boxset with inlay and silk screen printing on a steel plate... This long awaited release should be ready for September 2001!!!

- LAW: "The Black Lodge" CD NBCD04 "will be out when you'll read these lines. This will be the final full length collection of new material and the audio is housed in a special fold-out package featuring full colour images captured and designed by the artist".

Now, regarding the distribution front they’ve issued their huge yearly general catalogue (available for 4 I.R.C.)+ updating ones, proposing releases from tons of labels at very interesting prices and the usual collector & 2nd hand lists,. A really reliable and useful ordering contact!


As I have attended to these shows it is for me a very enjoyable thing to to re-live these performances by listening to these 2 great CD. First of all the packaging is great in the pure style of the featured artists, the cover is becoming a claiming poster of the cultural terrorism. Great stuff. Now regarding music the first CD is a MUST! To all Con-Dom followers. With tracks like "Hunger for Death" or "Mission To Kill" or "Hate" Mike spits his hatred of mankind stupidity with determined tone. The sound is very good especially on the electronics structure has it has been remixed by Mike. This Cd catches the unforgettable experience of a Con-Dom performance! Now regarding the second CD from the joint appearance of Mike and Trev, I would say that it is a more chaotic result. Some part of their set are cacophonic and show the mess of that these 2 strong personalities can create while working together. Even if the performance was oriented first on The Grey Wolves material and then on Con-Dom one there is a real symbiosis from both sound torturers, ending in the great last declaring title. This 2nd CD is more for noisesters with a spontaneous, nearly improvised noise-Anarchy. An unmissable item!


This is the 3rd from Jerome’s Project shows another big improvement. I think this is this CD will become a reference soon. First of all the digipack is wonderfull and shows the lovely destiny of a young hitchhiker girl who has met a road cleaner, prowling around. Then Production and sound is the first thing that will strike you at first listening. What a blast! And finally the whole album has coherency and guiding line compared to previous works from Jerome. But do not take it wrong I am not talking about linearity. Propergol still proposes his explosive Power electronics and on the other some more dark and obscure soundscapes. This mix of atmospheric and violent titles enhanced by many Films and voice sampling plus guts’ shouting vocals produce at the end not only the best Propergol release so far but a new highlight is the genre. To get immediately!

[FORCE MAJEURE] side-label from Nuit et Brouillard.

Force Majeure has released GRUNT "Someone is watching" C60 (FORCE 001). (See review in previous issue) LIM128, (35FF). Forthcoming is PROPERGOL "Redemption" CD (FORCE 004). And perhaps Catharsis "Emptiness".


This Cd of '97 material is packaged in a luxuous excellent way. You will find in this black box tons of inserts taken from various serial killer famous books but also a booklet with lyrics and many serial killers photographs and above all a proof of a vicious attack (blood+hair). Indeed hairs stuck with real blood bring to this package A new dimension to the release of John. The so-called True crimes electronics from John is powerfull and lethal. The shouting vocals molest the listener and invite him to become the paralysed witness of Horror. Straight to the mind, the harsh saturated noise-electronics inflict unbearable assaults. "Just like everybody" is a great track with its two types of vocals. "I travel" sounds like a testimony. Very intelligent lyrics show the interest of John in this fascinating topic. A MUST!


This Cd is once again nicely presented in a glossly poster cover depicting the recent tragic European wars in ex-Yugoslavia. This is in fact the reissue of the same title C30 tape of 4 tracks limited to 50 copies, but with 3 unreleased studio tracks and 4 recorded live from a June ‘99 performance in Finland. Excellent powerful material full of meaning! When the vocals in studio tend to stay in a screaming tone, the live ones are more varied! The live recording is from great quality, and really make me wish to see Mikko in a real performance! Very Recommended!

[ALTERED STATES RECORDINGS] side-label from Nuit et Brouillard.

- MLEHST: "La main bandée"&"Tied up to a man" 2xC60 CrO2box (ASR002). 120 mns of material coming in a double-crystal box with a s/m black and white laser xeroxed cover. LIM99 (60 FF).

- BRUME: "The dark tapes" C60 Cro2 (ASR004). This tape includes 60 mns of selected unreleased archive-material recorded from 1983 to 91. Comes with b/w photo and poster. LIM129 (45 FF).

- BIG CITY ORCHESTRA: "Dark at night" C60 CRo2 (ASR005). Brand new release by old U.S. project; comes in a white audio box. LIM97 (45 FF).

- BRUME/Markus.SCHWILL: "A beast..../Musik für..." C90 CRO2 (ASR006). Split tape including unreleased material by a French and a German artist. Comes in a plastic bag with a nice brown cover. LIM147 (50 FF).


c/o Pasquale Lomolino via Tagliamento 91 70031 Andria (Ba) ITALY.


Italian new label which has released : [001] INVISIBLE EMPIRE "Chants Before the Last Battle" CD LIM600. [002] MORTAR "From the Grave" LP LIM300 (side project of Moreno "MURDER CORPORATION" Daldosso). [003] TÜNGUSKA S/T CD LIM500. [004] OKTAGON sampler CD+BK LIM1500 tracks by: KIRLIAN CAMERA, TAC, AIN SOPH, CAMERATA MEDIOLANENSE, ARGINE, NIGHTMARE LODGE, ACAMOT, ABIURA FATIMA, RUNES ORDER, SPIRITUAL FRONT, INVISIBLE EMPIRE, TH26, ANIMA IN FIAMME. [005] I BURN To be announced. [006/MCR29/WAR02] ARGINE "Roma" LP LIM500. [008] "INQUINAMENTO ACUSTICO vol.1" CD coproduced with MISTY CIRCLES, LIM500 compilation with: AMON - BAD SECTOR - ClauDEDI + DITHER CRAF & SPIRITUAL FRONT - DECA - DEISON - I BURN - KLUSTER COLD - MÖRDER MACHINE - MURDER CORPORATION - SSHE RETINA STIMULANTS :STABLE: - TEATRO SATANICO CHARLES MANSON - TODAY I'M DEAD. [009] ARGINE "Memorie" CD single LIM555 co-produced with MISTY CIRCLES & WOLF AGE. Spiritual Front "Nihilist Cocktails for Calypso" CD, Mushrooms' Patience "Roma, Wien" CD. Forthcoming release is "LUCTAMINA IN REBUS" CD (Oktagon-Misty Circles-Wolf Age).


C/O Rodolfo Protti, V.le Marconi 38, 33170 Pordenone, ITALY.

The recent back catalogue of this famous Italian label is including:

For CD: 019 ANIMA MUNDI - Another World II CD the new prophet of Prague the magic city, CD 020 SIMVLACRVM - Zeugma CD Slovakian project "Einleitungszeit", 021 I BURN - Third Degree Burns Ambience CD, 022 MYIASE - Moment Magnétique CD Myiase is the project of Roger Rotor + Batchas, 2 great switzerland industrial-ambient & concrete-electronic artists, 023 - MCR 14 AIN SOPH - III 2xCD, this stuff was produced only as tape in a very limited edition of just 100 copies & never reissued. 024 - MCR 16 SPIRITUAL FRONT - Songs for the Will CD, 025 TELEPHERIQUE vs K2 CD. 027 PACIFIC 231 - Thulé Apocalypse CD, 030 TAM QUAM TABULA RASA - Fabula Rasa CD after some tapes on OEC & Misty Circles + a 7" on Drone, 032 CONTAGIOUS ORGASM / BAD SECTOR - Vacuum Pulse CD Re-issue of the legendary tape out on OEC and long time deleted, with two new additional tracks!, 033 LT. CARAMEL - La Boite de Pandore CD, 034 NOBODY - Maybe One Day CD, 035 - MCR AIN SOPH - I CD, 036 - MCR AIN SOPH - II CD, 037 - MCR AIN SOPH - Rituals CD.

For Vynil: NOVY SVET / CIRCUS JOY 7", ClauDEDI - V.I.T.R.I.O.L. 7" Re-release of a tape by the former member of Ain Soph, NA-DHA 7" Side project by Hybryds ! devoted to Japanese post second world war culture.

For future plans: Teatro Satanico Charles Manson - tba 10" One of the more obscure italian projects dealing with exoterism & industrialism . This duo is composed by Mr. Devi(l)s aka Lvnvs & an unknown "poeta maledetto" poet Nocturne - Hymn for Herest LP ECONOCON "Business Sollutions for the Active Terrorist" (new project by Mr. Ulvtharm & Mr. Nordvargar Kremator of MZ.412! Folkstorm "Noisient" 10"

Everybody knows that Italians are the masters of Café! So If you want a real awakening expresso write to: Father Rodolpho "Halleluija!"

AUBE 108 CD [018] LIM801

The sound source from this Akafumi’s work is Bells. All along these 6 tracks you will visit the landscapes of electronics exploration from harsh noise of tough mountains to soft and calm atmospheres of dreamy valleys. A good release.


This is the 3rd CD from Japanese well-known ambient-sounds recycler after Tesco’s "Voltage controlled filter" and Ant-Zen’s "The Examination of Auditory sense". This album features 2 long tracks "A correspondence course" and "Stylish Spanner" of sound sculptures in his unique way to re-work & assembling broken sounds! Structured by layer upon layer the tracks become loops with hypnotic and atmospheric soundscapes. The use of echoes gives a new dimension as well as the low direct recording of a couple gives a human edge to it. The whole is in the vein of early recordings of C.O. so very recommended even if mixing is not that great.


This is the first release from the solo project of Mr. Kremator Nordvargr.412, the man behind MZ.412. The sounds are more aggressive and in a more heavy power-electronics way. There are also a lot of sampled voices, and the strong concept of war is served by a radical imagery. Old German song or Nazi speech samples mixed with cold power electronics. Minimal approach and primitive brutal structure, the tracks are harsh and sometimes filled with over saturated vocals.


This is the 3rd CD from this Swedish side-project of Peter Andersson aka Raison d’être, following "Pariah demise" on OEC and "Pain Implantations" on Malignant (see review). The material is oppressive ambient noise but more powerful than previous work. The red artwork of the packaging gives a real bloody meat taste and look to this surgical intervention. During these 7 studio tracks and 3 live from Swedish ’98 show you can recognise unfortunately sometimes (not often) some Raison d’etre typical sounds, but hopefully feel the harsh distortion with even brutal vocals. Getting better and more aggressive at each release.


This CD from very popular Italian Power Electronics unit is very influenced by Whitehouse. Firstly the artwork and packaging presentation looks like a Susan Lawly release. Musically the influence of the English masters on Marco work is flagrant. Subtitled "Psicosesso" this album is based on the duality of minds "he/she" (remember Psycho). These materials recorded between march ’99 and January ’00, is simple analogue electronics with feedbacks and violent vocals. The whole is not far from Intrinsic Action concept. For power electronics perverts only.


In a very short time this side project act has released 3 CD, 1rst on OEC, 2nd on Cold Spring and now back with this one on Rodolfo’s label. This is presented to be a live recording at Nar Mattaru in front selected audience from march 2000 of 9 tracks. The music is poundering heavy power electronics with many samples. It is simple but damned efficient. Starngely there is a cover of a track from the Brainbombs. If you consider that this music teases and not hurts, where is the boundaries between pain and pleasure.


BUSINESS SOLUTIONS FOR THE ACTIVE TERRORIST, A NEW WAY OF DOING BUSINESS, to which degree do we have to take these slogans? Is it destined to us as a new message for any action in everyday life (fight club?) or is it purely someone trying to screw us up? Frankly speaking regarding the lack of originality and poor composition of this side project of Mister 412, I may choose the 2nd option. 9 tracks of 42 minutes from saturated rhythmic power electronics without spark. Make your own judgement.


This LP is coming in clear vinyl reminding the sound source of it: Glass. 4 tracks in more concrete and organic way than usual recent electro experimentations. An excellent work a bit in the early works way of Akifumi. I think that this sound source is usually one the best for his compositions. Recommended.


This 10" comes in a red vinyl. Sounds contribution on this release from various people like Final Solution, Sheer Terror (The great Us Hard-core skins) , Expose your eyes and Pig. Title track is typical C-D noise with powerful vocals of Mike. "Pro Judas" is based on an interesting and more structured conception. "Papal bull" is a hypnotic loop with the churched echoed vocals like for a sermon. Texts of the songs would have been a good idea. Another must to have of the hate preacher.

LAW Wading knee-Deep in your blood [LP007] LIM350

This is the 2nd album from this American project after Ant-zen’s debut. The music is still very dark with a lot of reverbs. Mixing electro-accoustic, voices, samples, distorted guitars, Mitchell delivers the demons haunting his thoughts. Comes in a red vinyl. Around 6 tracks Mitchell develops his dark atmosphere and sombre soundscapes. Noise loops based on concrete recordings, with metal tones in the old school industrial. "Sacrificial Key " has great whispering vocals, "7.62*39" has a droned orchestration. Law stays very different and original!


This Lp is the reissuing of an old tape previously released on Misty Circles, and also archives material. Music is very dark with pounding and demented invocating vocals. It comes in a pink vinyl (??) but the entombed voice over ritual layers will chill listener. 1rst side is featuring 5 tracks and second side is a 1 track is 5 parts. Recommended to ritual occultist and early Current 93 fans.


This is the third and last release in the silence trilogy from the famous Swedish Lina. The A5 packaging concept, including a "General" pin, is very martial in a NON way in fact and very far from previous ones (remember Mr Cousteau). The A side features 2 live tracks from a Stockholm show and a studio one. The B side featured 4 previously unreleased tracks. The most surprising thing on this release is the important use of vocals. The whole is sounding like a mixture of dark typical D.N. sounds with new European pagan movement. The sound is not so good especially the live side. In conclusion this tape is an average product from D.N. which will not last as the best one.


47A Barnard St. Salisbury SP1 2BJ UK.

This is A GREAT LONG TIME Tapes distributor but also the official contact for The Grey Wolves. The next Grey Wolves Album should be released on Tesco and will be titled "Division". Open Wound is a long time excellent tapes distribution catalogue. But recently Previous albums from The Grey Wolves "PUNISHMENT" (Tesco), "AGE OF DISSENT" (Tesco) & "CATHOLIC PRIESTS FUCK CHILDREN" (Dr Praxis Bearmann) have been re-issued as CDR Format, as well as a retrospective CDR "WHERE DARKNESS REIGNS" featuring 13 Grey Wolves tracks taken from EPS /COMPILATION CDS/LPS/. Contact Now the Comrades of The cultural terrorism.

Trev also said "I myself intend to do some solo work under the name of SCAPEGOAT. In fact later today I start on this project". So check this out. Regarding future plans he adds "As for next Open Wound CD compilation "transmissions of hatred" its coming along strong! Some groups / units that will be appearing are: Wertham/ Slogun/ Skin Crime/ Artificial Stomach/ Anti child league/ Stalker/ Streicher/ Kraang/ Death Pact International/ Ex Order/ Operation Cleansweep/ Genocide Organ/ Survival Unit-Grey Wolves (Kollab).


This international compilation CD which features 13 underground acts, comes in a typical Grey Wolves type of packaging: a Black and White A5 with inserts for each projects. CON-DOM with a great live version of "hate", DACHISE with echoed ambient noise with very dark tones and ultra distorted vocals, I really like his funny flyer titled "Top Gun", GREY WOLVES with archive material very powerful with jackhammer noise and violent strong vocals, GRUNT with 2 tracks: "suicide commando tropps" based on concrete noise filled with furious screaming vocals, ""forces of gulf pt II" sounding quite live with dynamic rumbling structure; ACIDFUCK is an American project very different from the other units, music is based on a mystical persecution and flyer shows a strange animal collage with A. Crowley inserted; HAILSTORM brings interesting concrete live noise in a old school way, L'OFFENSIVA on which I have no info, makes quite linear strident noise, MARUTA KOMMAND with 2 tracks intro and outro I would say. Very different from his EBM CD for 1rst one, but rather common but a lot more harsher and noisier, then his 2nd intervention is nearer from his techno side, NEVER PRESENCE FOREVER is an American project from the Holy Terror family, droning noise based on vibrations make this short track with no major progression, PROJECT HAT is old school industrial with metal smashing, SURVIVAL UNIT has the same track than one on their Ep, good classic power electronics in the German way, VICTIM KENNEL brings average ultra saturated power electronics with vocals, SMELL & QUIM are back with concrete metal sounding loop. I was expecting a little more from this compilation, but on the other is shows the return of Comrade behind Open Wound! It is available for $16 post paid world-wide.


PMB#R, 1701 Broadway, Vanc.WA.98663-3436 USA

Steve Schimelpfenig is running this label which has released: FULCRUM Ep limited edition of 300 copies with 2 racks of dark electronics. Told to be "a new dawn in Power electronics" , available for $5.00 post paid world wide. WINDHAM HELL Ep limited edition of 300 copies with 2 previously unreleased tracks of abstract cold melodic bliss, available for $5.00 post paid world wide. LANDFILL "Assassins" CD all unreleased material recorded from 1996-98.


Takamitsu Sato, 4-6-46-107 sinden miyagino sendai, miyagi 983-0038, JAPAN

This Japanese label has already produced so far split releases: GASOLINEMAN with JOSHUA NORTON CABAL, GASOLINEMAN with ROBOCHAMAN, GASOLINEMAN with FACIAL MESS split Cd and GASOLINEMAN "Born in the highoctane fuel"

And recently GASOLINEMAN & SICKNESS split CDR $10, and GASOLINEMAN & KAZUMOTO ENDO split 7" $10.

Forthcoming: OUT DISCO VOL 2 V.A. CDR with bardo connector, noizu, masaki, rival, gasolineman, etc... And GASOLINEMAN solo album.



PAIN NAIL is Marko Kokkonen and Mikko from F.A. This project has been created since '97 but there is very little available them so far. A debut album is announced on Freak Animal, with tracks from ’98 tape, live from '99 show and new material. Thay are making a power electronics with metal percussions. "Pain Nail is generated with simple equipment which quarantees noisy and "primitive" approach to the music. No clean sounding rhythm samples or too fancy editing. Expect sheer violence and aggression!". They have also participated to the "Dark Evolution of Electronics" compilation CD.

Discography: Tape 1998 (not officially distributed), V/A "Freak Animal Festival" Video, V/A "Degenerating Finland" CD, EP on Freak Animal.


C/O Meirino Francisco, Rue chaucrau 12, 1003 Lausanne, SUISSE.

This a New Swiss project of harsh noise done by Francisco. I really recommend it to all Japanoise freaks but also Amrecian style ones in the vein of Macronympha, Stimbox or Richard Ramirez. A future release on Solipsism will be released soon.

PHROQ NEKO LP LIM200 [HYHAT Records, CP 209, 1000 Lausanne 9, SUISSE]

This Lp is made of 6 tracks of ultra violent random noise. Electronics blowing into dense walls or progressive loops of samples. Components like metal, water, stone develops a droning feedback of concrete noise. A very interesting work and first shot with several influences assimilated in a vast turmoil.

PHROQ THE ADULT CRASH CD [Aka Yuki Records,] (06)

This is 4 tracks of 43 minutes of power-noise. The first 2 tracks are great violent noise assaults in the way of Macronympha or early Richard Ramirez. 3rd track is sounding more like electro-accoustic noise. Then 4rth track is a soundtrack layer with noise attacks and Asian speech samples. The whole is maybe inspired by Ballard’s book "Crash" and Japanoise. If you are into previously mentioned acts and Japanese noise, you should get this one.


1008 10th #761 Sacramento CA 95814 USA.

This is the contact address for the great American Noise explorer Joe aka CRAWL UNIT, who has issued some recent CD albums such "Transhistory" or "Stop listening". He also managing his own label from which you can order some release like the ERIC LA CASA Ep, & Das Synthetische Mischgewebe "Drum" 7".


This Cd features 12 tracks of great experimental music in the way I really like it. Concrete, varied, intelligent, this material from 92 to 94 shows the talentuous skills of Joe to create music with recycled sounds from here and there, combined in a great appreciable way. If you do not know this project, and want to check something different in sounds manipulation get this one now!


Gabriele Santamaria, via Gen. Pergolesi 21, 60125 Ancona, ITALY. +

This Italian label has released many productions and for example the MOLJEBKA PULSE „KAON" CD LIM500. Check the file on this Swedish project.


c/o Lago Emanuele via meianiga 43 35013 Cittadella (PD) ITALY.

Label from Emanuele, member of Tombstone & Immortal Agnoy who has reach 44 tapes. Some of his real underground attitude release have been Sabathan "The true sound of hell chaos" [PRC043] LIM66 C-60 Lit12000, Chöd "psychotic session" C-30 [PRC035] Lit10000, Immortal Agony "A virgin among the living dead" C-45 [PRC031] Lit12000, Arkanyus "it" C-45 [PRC038] LIM111 Lit10000, Blackshout "Perduto fra I Suonni dell' utero" Tape [522000/2] Co-produced by VULVA BATTUTA.


Po Box 481, Maidenhead Berkshire SL6 2XE, ENGLAND.

This new British label has issued the 3rd album of BODY CHOKE, the side project from Kevin Tomkins the instigator of SUTTCLIFFE JUGEND. After "Five Prostitues" and "Mindshaft", this release is a killer one!


Bodychoke the side project from Kevin Tomkins and Paul Taylor from Sutcliffe Jugend. But musically it has definitely nothing to do with power electronics. Except of course the main subject of Lyrics! Here you will hear a band with bass, guitar and drums. If you are into projects like Splintered, Headbutt, early Godflesh, Neurosis you should check this one, and if you are not get even this one! This is the 3rd album of the band after 4 years of silence. The 6 tracks featured here deal with serial killing and prowling. All texts were written by Kevin, except third one "your submission" done by Paul Taylor. The release begins with wonderful opener "Control" with larsens and cello. Its progression level around its simple but lethal bass line reaches endly a total raging force illustrating the growing control of the hunter on his prey. Strengthen by the furious voice of Kevin who explodes after the first calm statements. The long title-track sounds very depressing with its turning around heavy hypnotic rhythm. It is cut by a medley sounding like the confessions of a monster. "Your submission" is a pure sadist track beginning slowly like someone prowling and when his choice is made then music erupted with rage and then calm down surfeited. Production and arrangements are very good, especially each instrument is clearly mixed and cello is well integrated. On one hand it is well composed and strictly fit together and on the other hand an impression of high improvisation is strong which let unrestrained hatred run like a blood river; especially on last track "aftermath". The new drummer is excellent with some Killing Joke tribal drums influences. In summary a MASTERPIECE!



This Ep from which I really like the cover, is featuring 4 projects from Austria. Allerseelen with a melodic and soft track based on a "danceable" structure and female voice. Allgrena, a great independant ritual provider, with a sombre track based on ethno percussions and dark orchestrations. Der Blutharsh, risng phoenix of The moon lay hidden beneath a cloud’s ashes, with a low and melodic track here also with "danceable" rythm. And the last newcomer of Novy Svet with a Laibach inspired march with a disillusioned voice. This Ep a good opportunity to discover the Austrian scene best units.


PO Box 2130, Germantown, Maryland 20875-2130 USA.

First title is Trauma Code by Sonny Shepherd, which presents photos taken on scenes of fire & rescues calls that occurred in the mid-Atlantic US. "People involved in this work are retired fire-fighters who have spent much of their free time running and photographing fire & rescue calls" said George Maclean. This book takes a crude look the everyday violent death, a horrifying work depicting our fragile is our life. The ugly face of brutal life end is available against $24.95 excluded post charges.


425 4th St. N.E. #2, Minneapolis, MN 55413 USA.

This new American label has recently released some excellent stuffs (check the reviews). The plans announced are Law LP, Militia LP or 2Lp, & Dissecting Table (hopefully)/ Ravenloft split LP, Scatha 7", Bastard Noise / Hermit "Moby Dick" 2LP

Can you tell me what will be the future releases for Recalcitrant Noise?

The Senseless Apocalypse / Slight Slappers spilt 7" is cance1ed due to lack of communication. I won' t tolerate artists, who I've proposed projects to, not staying in contact with me. I update the artists, within a project, on a constant basis. It is common courtesy to keep the lines of communication flowing. Scatha has broken up, so the 7" project with them is cancelled. Scatha was fierce metallic punk which focus on environmental themes. The Law Lp is also cancelled. Law and I discussed the Lp project, and due to a change in his aesthetic, we decided to cancel the Lp. Law's new style is as intense and extreme as it has ever been, but I ha hopped to receive materia1 in the same vein as " Pariahs Among Outcasts ". " Pariahs. . . " is pure dynamic brutality. Law and I are still friends and continue to write each other on a regular basis. law's upcoming releases should be highly anticipated. The Bastard Noise/Hermit " Moby Dick " 2lp is a work in progress. Bastard Noise will hold side A, B, and C. Hermit will hold side D only. Michael Prime and James Whitehead (a.k.a. JLIAT) have agreed to contribute artwork to " Moby Dick ". It won’t be released until late Summer 99. Bastard Noise is Eric Wood. His past bands and project are Pissed Happy Children, Crossed Out, Cyclops, Neanderthal, Charred Remains, and Man is the Bastard. He has been involved in other projects as well. It is nearly impossible to avoid his influence within the HC world. His work is seminal in the truest sense of the word. Hermit is Eric Boros. Hermit is obsessively D.I.Y.. He has self-released a great deal of his work. In the early days, Hermit was noise with a dash sampling & cut-up. today Hermit is exploring quasi power electronics. I call it imperial electronics. despite its warmth, it has an uneasy edge to it as well. He has a fantastic sense for new concepts & new territories. He continues to evolve & explore, and this is why I am so impressed with his work. His sincerity, environmental concern, and willingness to take a particular piece through several edits are also why I continue to be interested in his output. RxNx is discussing a possible Disclose 10 " release, but this release has not yet been confirmed. Disclose is the noiseist HC you will ever hear; true buzz-saw guitars. It is nearly raw noise. The next release will be a C-60 of North American Indian ceremonial and war dances. This cassette will be very expensive, so people who may have interest in such music will be encouraged to explore these wonderful tribal offerings. This cassette may be the beginning of a short series of 3-4 cassettes documenting different cultural music. All will be limited to 20-25 copies.

Why did you choose such a name?

the word " recalcitrant " is defined as refusing to obey authority, custom, regulation, etc...; stubbornly defiant; hard to handle or deal with; to disobey. " I was drawn to this word particularly by Nietzsche’s use of " recalcitrant " in " the geneology of morals ".

You’re into HC, what about the bands you’ve released?

Avulsion is extreme intricate grind. Forced Expression is bowel-churning, tri-vocalled gutteral grind. This split 7 " is now out of print and will not be repressed. Argue Damnation is noisy, furious, fast Japanese HC. It is similar to Confuse, Gloom & Disclose. Mrtva Budoucnost is rather odd. Coming from the eastern block country of the Czech Republic, they have a primitive and raw sense of HC. The eastern block countries are very important in my view regard to all types of extreme music & sounds. Their musical styles, structures, and visions are " one-of -a-kind ", and it seems that their experience and energies provide them with an odd, yet wonderfully powerful result. I wish I knew more about the fast HC and Industrial/experimental scenes of Eastern Europe. My interests are acute in regard to that geographic region. Can anyone from there tell me more about their scene? If you are an in a HC band or Industrial project from Eastern block country, please don’t hesitate to send me a Demo or example of your music.


A split Lp between Texas noise attacker, and Finnish side project of GRUNT. Coming in a recycled cover this split Lp is interesting. Alchemy of the 20th century, brings ambient music through 1 title "Shiny objects" in 3 parts. Constructing a clever atmospheric music becoming hypnotic and shiny. "Haute-couture" noister Richard, offers 2 tracks: "… Aids related?" is a long slow noise soundscape, and "Deep in the brig" is an alternance of harsh and strident noise finishing in an power electronics way with a blasting loop and vocals. Good Stuff.


This 2 Lp is the re-issuing on vinyl from their 2 first demo tapes plus old unreleased material. I first thought that it would feature some material of their early tape "die menschzerstorung" from '95, but in fact not. You will find here 10 tracks of great Death Industrial with some atmospheric parts and some harsh ones. Vocals are great distorted cries with a desperate tone. In fact this release is a really excellent. Very recommended.


Ad Noiseam:

This is a interesting web newsletter. And they also manage as well as a new Label AD NOISEAM to check closely. Recent and coming releases are : Wilt "Amidst a spacious fabric", Combat Astronomy "Lunik", LS-TTL - "43 Hz (note: F1) " and A. de Montfroyd "Silence".


P.O Box 342 Camp Hill PA 17001-0342 USA.

This American Metal label no need to be presented. They are also releasing some Industrial stuff, remember the excellent 3CD box-set with CON-DOM, SMELL & QUIM, TAINT. For Gore-Metal heads I recommend the ugly-gory video of the resurrected legend NECROPHAGIA "THROUGH THE EYES OF THE DEAD". Last releases were ENDURA "Elder signs" 2CD; KAON "Frontiers" CD.

NIGHTMARE LODGE Blind Miniatures CD [RSR-0128]

This is the 4rth full-length album from this Italian project. Their dark rhythmic music is nothing but interesting for me. Maybe previous goth will enjoy this stuff. But for this style is definitely not mine.


Regard Extreme is a french project, who is known for his collaboration with Les Joyaux de la Princesse. Their first album "Resurgence" from 1996, has been recently re-issued by Cynfeird on CD, in a new version described to be "More powerful and mature". Featuring 6 new orchestrated and recorded tracks, 2 original versions and 1 unreleased track, presented in a digifile. Available for US$ 16 including P&P over Europe, US$ 18 including P&P rest of the world. Regard Extreme is also taking part to 3 compilations (Russian, Italian, German).


P.O Box 22060 Upper darby, PA 19082 USA.

Europe: Postfach 721147, 30531 Hannover Germany

This great American label, well known for its Metal catalogue, has also issued some industrial releases. Unfortunately it seems that they have give up to issue such style. If you are into Metal you should check cult bands such as MORTICIAN, NILE or SOILENT GREEN, or more recent NASUM,…


Ichiro Tsuji since 1986, has tortured our ears along 9 full length releases with his typical approach of mechanised rhythmed covered by extreme yells. This new CD of 4 tracks still produces his so particular music. Rythnmic basis constructed on metal junks samples turned into loops. 97-98 material cut with improvised noise explosions. Diversity of ideas and approaches all conflicted against one another. This work sounds like the achievement of an urban over saturated mind, fed with concrete, metal, crowd, pollution, etc… The "Death Metal" types of vocals are still present over powerful noise explosions. I can't help thinking of Tetstuo films while listening to D.T. For urban fighters.

MEGAPTERA The curse of the scarecrow CD [RR6979-2]

Finally this long awaited album (licensed by Cat's Heaven) from this master of Death Industrial is released, and in a brilliant manner by a major label! 8 tracks of very sombre, dark, mournful, horrifying music mostly inspired by horror movies. Orchestration, Death Industrial machinery, poundings, films' voice samples, all arrangements made this project a reference in the genre. Title track can even be considered as pre-cold electronics. To own absolutely if you have grew with the legend names such In Slaughter Natives, Memorandum or BDN.


Wolfgang Mages, Am Grabfeld 11, 93309 Kelheim, GERMANY.

This is a German second hand distributor. Industrial records and CDs, standards and rarities can be found there.


3924 Los Arabis Drive, Lafayette, CA 94549, USA

Kush is making this newsletter RESONANCE 8 in San francisco (check the site). He is also a member of Involution, and he has his own solo project called Clairaudience.. He also collaborates in an interesting site: and at that same sight you can also read an article he wrote about the state of so called Experimental music


23 Central St Lowell MA 01852 USA.

Don’t forget the new address for this cult label/distributor. Still doing his low price PURE CD series such as: A.Licht/ T.Shiraichi "our lips are sealed"; Prick Decay "Mud Sound For Car Stereos", Putrefier "Trace Element Syntax" & RHY/Yau "Contiguous". Ask for the full catalogue, featuring loads of labels. RRR500, compilation LP of various artists is featuring 500 projects! Among all Aube, ConDom, zoviet france, Morgenstern, Satori, Contrastate, Brighter Death Now, Atrax Morgue, batchas, XX Commitee, Grunt,.etc..


P. Jacobsstr. 6, 6133 AM Sittard, HOLLAND.

This Dutch artist should Any project or label looking for a crazy designer, with is own particular style and a huge sense of creativity & humour, should contact this great painter.


PO BOX 3305, Chelmsford CM1 3FB UK.

This English label has issued a long time ago a retrospective CD form the Italian project DIE SONNE SATAN, titled „SIGILLO". Recently they have also issue MISOGINYST "Songs for Woman", CD-r LIM200 from the solo project of Paul Taylor a member of Sutcliffe Jugend. OUTSIDER "Nekromusikritual" a CD-r LIM200. RUNES ORDER "Black Odal Symphony" CD-r LIM200 collection of tracks taken from cassettes & compilations released between 1993 & 1996. SURVIVALIST "For the Cold Blooded" CD-r LIM200.


C/O Imuluss P.O Box 4804, 8022 Zürich, SWITZERLAND.

Switzerland/Suisse is not only a land for banks, chocolate, and watchmaking! It is also the headquarters for these noise activists. Rudolf Eb.Er is the founder of Schimpfluch (the label) and Runzelstrin & Gurgelstock (sound-project). The Schimpfluch-Gruppe is a collective and its expression is sound and action. This bruitist collective of performers executing arduous psycho-physical training spectacles. Schimpfluch was founded in Zurich by Rudolf Eb.Er (Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock) and also features Joke Lanz (aka Sudden Infant). Dave Phillips (ex-Fear of God, a famous Grind-core band) and member of the organisation, kindly give us some news about the whole collective:

Available: "asshole/snail dilemma" CD (Tochnit Aleph) [chf25];  "morx und kotsclag" CD (Selection host series) [chf25]; "unkotoko" CDR (a.marsch) [chf30] lim100; split with Hanatarash/Eb.ersonna "tiefpunk" 12" (Tochnit Aleph) [chf16];


Lp on (Gmbh) ; split CD with Decaer Pinga on (chocolate monk) ; " rumpsti pumpsti krüppl " 12" (sieben) ; split Lp with Beast People, CD on (domizil), split CDR with Kohei Matsunaga.


" Rudolf has been living in japan since 1997, when him and me played there as Schimpfluch-Gruppe. he now works out of Osaka. he eats a lot of rice. he paints. he started A.MARSCH and released R&G's "unkotoko" and a Fear of God japan-only mini-cd. there are a couple of releases in the pipeline ".

Available: "psycho-physical tests and trainings with rudolf and r&g/schimpfluch-personnel" CD (Selection host series) [chf25].


This label has done 5 Chi.Pflug-tapes : [Pflug01] live97 / R&G (w/RLW) studio; [Pflug02] live98 / Rudolf & Dave with Masonna studio; [Pflug03] live98 / R&G studio; [Pflug04] Live97 / R&G studio; [Pflug05] R&G studio / Diabolic Art; & still available is the reviewed here "Arschloch-Onna" CD [chf25].


I also asked about Joke Lanz, long-time Schimpfluch-activist, a.k.a. Sudden Infant. " Joke is now based in zurich, after being in berlin for a couple of monthts. he's involved in quite a few live-projects. he's had a few releases recently "..

Joke can be contacted at suddeninfant@hotmail

Available: "sidewalk social scientist" LP (Tochnit Aleph) [chf23]; "Bandenkrieg" CDR (SSSM) [chf25]; split with MSBR CDR (MSBR); split with SMALL CRUEL PARTY "Stalker" Ep (eM 13n) [chf10]; collaboration with NO IS E "finals 990217" Ep (cut up constructions) [chf10].


As I have previously metionned Dave Phillips is a member of Fear of God, a famous Grind-core band founded in 1987. Everyone should rermember the "As statues fell" LP! Dave Phillips has released "III+" CD (Tochnit Aleph).

But let him express himself: "I've recently been putting a lot of effort into a new project called OHNE, featuring Daniel Loewenbrueck (Noise of Gaki, Tochnit Aleph-label), Tom Smith (ex-To Live and Shave In L.A., Boat Of, Miss High Heel, Memories of Underdevelopment), Reto Maeder (rm74, Hinterzimmer-label) and myself. I've organised a tour for OHNE, with rm74 and Tochnit Aleph Empire. (see Tochnit Alep feature). other than that, I am working on sound-material for different releases: an LP by Schimpfluch-Gruppe (Rudolf and me) for French label GMBH, including a recording of our 1997 Paris performance; a collaboration-cd with Randy H.Y. Yau on auscultare; a collaboration-cd with Humectant Interruption on white tapes. I have some offers for a new solo-cd from different labels, but have yet to complete recording. plus there's a lot of offers for contributions to compilation. Next year there is also going to be a 12" with my remixes of Fear of God tracks, on Tochnit Aleph, which will later be followed by a cd with about 40 participants reworking/remixing fear of god tracks".

Regarding OHNE Dave adds:

OHNE is Dave Phillips (Schimpfluch-Gruppe, ex-Fear Of God) - voice, electronics; Tom Smith (ex-To Live And Shave In L.A.) - voice, electronics; Daniel Loewenbrueck (Tochnit Aleph label, Noise of Gaki) - voice, electronics; Reto Maeder (rm74, Hinterzimmer label) - live mix. In OHNE, the human voice is the central source of sound, the locus through which all is explored. stage performers Phillips, Smith, and Loewenbrueck are met by Maeder, who treats the soundboard. interwoven with various recordings and through use of electronic devices the voices rise to explore the physical and acoustic possibilities of the non-self in both agitated and "natural" states. Tom Smith has been licking the walls of the aesthetic unknown since 1975. In 1980 he formed the terror cabal Boat Of in Athens, who, in 1984, transmogrified into Peach of Immortality, accompanied by a contemplative sonic shift. Smith joined Pussy Galore from october 1985 through February 1986; when that association sundered, POI mutated further. Peach's music grew dark and relentlessly experimental. In 1994 POI morphed into To Live and Shave in L.A. who unleashed the contrarian philosophy of "PRE" on an underground scene rife with meek improvisers and tepid noise merchants. To Live and Shave in L.A split in august 2000 after ten tours, nine albums, and one particularly ugly divorce. Smith has directed short films (including 1993's Harry Pussy: American Classic Rock), taught college courses, disrupted the lecture circuit with his mid-90s "Sick Sinema"-series, and, since the late 1970s, has had writings published in a variety of publications. he currently pens the "Incredibly Terrible Music" column for Bananafish magazine. Dave Phillips co-founded hardcore extremists Fear of God 1987 in central Switzerland. Since 1991 he has been a member of Schimpfluch-Gruppe, a bruitist collective of performers executing arduous psycho-physical training spectacles. He has performed in France, England, Germany, Japan, Taiwan, and Switzerland. Daniel Loewenbrueck has performed with Sudden Infant, Kroess, Column One, Joke Lanz, Black Jewish Gays, Chris Moeller, and solo as No Is E, Noise of Gaki, and Tochnit Aleph Empire. He has released a number of recordings, most notably Noise of Gaki's "Crooks Set to Strike", Column One's "Live im Hybridraum", and most recently, Sudden Infant's "Live!!!!". since 1994 he has also run the Tochnit Aleph (see label feature). Reto Maeder mixes, treats and adds to the OHNE onstage activity (for more info on Maeder, see rm74). rm74 Reto Maeder - laptop rm74 examines microscopic electroacoustics. he dissects minute sonic particles into nanoscopic components, which are then blown up, treated digitally, and formed into intricate fractal patterns and pulsating subfrequencies. On stage he presents real-time treatment and re-arrangement of sound, augmented with liquid crystal projections. rm74 has released a handful of CDs; the most recent being Mikrosport (for the Zurich-based Domizil imprint). he also manages the Hinterzimmer label; releases include recordings by rm74, Strotter Inst., and Hund. <> Tochnit Aleph Empire Daniel Loewenbrueck - playback devices representing the skills, meanings, and leanings of orhaned east berlin imprint Tochnit Aleph, and restoring danger to music with sets designed to remind audiences of the still-untapped potential of puberty".

Available: F.O.G. "self titled" Ep (far out) [chf8], D.Phillips split with Genetic Transmission "for Rudolf" CDR [chf25]; D.Phillips & Kid Commando split with The female Anchor of Sade "half human, chair missing" Picture Ep (lady godiva) [chf12].


CD on (dual plover); collaboration with Randy H.Y. Yau on (Auscultare); Split with Humectant interruption (white tapes). For F.O.G. a 12" and a CD (reworks) on (Tochnit Aleph).


This is a collaboration work between Rudolf Eb.Er, Dave Phillips and Maso Yamazaki from MASONNA, during their Japan tour. 69 tracks of 8 different live actions are featured here during 41 minutes. This mixes the extreme Japnoise from Masonna and the madness from these two long time swiss performers. Vomiting, regurgitated, noise cut-ups and direct live recording concrete noise. I think it is very hard to appreciate correctly such music seperated from its strong visual side. But on the other hand it really motivate the listener to go and see such weird aktions! If you have never experienced the delerious creations from these people, you should try this one.

Released with Japan Overseas 6-1-21 Ueshio Tennoji-ku Osaka 543 Japan;


Yutaka Tanaka, 3-430-7 Chigase-Cho Ome-Shi, Tokyo 198-0043, JAPAN

I thought it was more than worthful to do an interview from this great Japanese artist. Definitely not comparable to the harsh noise hordes from the land of the rising Sun. Yukata Tanaka has always developed his own dark Industrial, and since a long time now. I hope this interview will enjoy the ones who appreciate his works and will create some interest in those who do not know him.

Why did you choose the name S core & often the butterfly as a logo?

I want to choose an unsubstantial name the same as my unsubstantial sound. The name S · CORE implies a variety of meanings. S CORE is "core of sanctuary", "core of sacrarium", "core of singularity", "secret core" and "sacred core". The moth (not butterfly) is just one design of my artwork in 1980's.

You’re writing that your music is describing anxiety, and that’s true the loads of loops create a real oppressive atmosphere, What influences you in that way?

I just try to create surrealistic world. I tie some short sound pieces, process and pile up sounds by multi-track recorder.

What kind of material do you use, what kind of sound sources?

In the old days, I used electric musical instruments (such as synthesiser, drum machine) with sound material by field recordings. But now I hardly use electric musical instruments. Sometimes I go outside with for field recordings.

How do you see the evolution of the scene especially Japanese one, in which you’re involved since the early 80ies when you’ve released "Dross" Tape?

In early 1980s, many industrial artists started to release tapes same as S CORE in Japan. Some years later, harsh noise artists have increased. Now I see the majority of Japanese industrial artists' sounds express similar style. Though I don't deny their style, I hope that the artist who has various styles of music will be active in Japan.

Do you think that changing from label for each release is a manner to keep a freedom?

I do not change label for each release on purpose. I just reward the labels for their proposals of releasing S.CORE product.

Are you satisfied with your CD on Daft? What about your Lp on Zabriskie Point?

Of course, I am so appreciate Ben Gilbert of Zabriskie Point and Dirk Ivens of Daft Records who made a great effort to the publication of my work, and there is no discontent in the completed work. But I think satisfaction is a hindrance to progress my sound. So I have never satisfied with my works.

How are the contacts between all the Japanese noise-industrial acts?

I have not contacted any Japanese industrial artists for a couple of years. S CORE is isolated from other industrial artists in Japan.

Majority of your titles contains no lyrics, don’t you have any messages or do you think the music do it by itself?

I do not have any massages. I just create surrealistic world by unusual sound.

What are your activities besides your project?

It's impossible for me to make my living by musical activities. I am the manager of a company that manufactures and sells lighting fixtures.

How do you see the economical crisis in Southeast Asia, & the growth of China’s power?

Japanese economy is now at its worst same as other Asian countries. The economic growth of China makes dull lately. I cannot afford to take thought for the economical crisis of other countries.

Some reports here in Europe show the Japanese society as a anthill under pressure, what are your reflections about these type of stupid messages & your own view on your country?

I have no comment.

What will be your future plans and projects? Any more comments?

Now I do not have any plans of release without contributing some compilations. I want to release one CD album in the meantime.






Collaboration: S.CORE/BOGART "pilgrim" tape (AFFLICT REC.), S.CORE/MERZBOW "collaboration" tape ltd.ed. (AFFLICT 1987), S CORE/ C.C.C.C./ Xer XPER EP, SCORE/TELEPHERIQUE "RESULT OF MAIL ART" (DRAHT FUNK) Tape.

And tons of compilations on various support (too many to mention here in fact)


Hirohito Taneguchi, 17-5 Kurose Toyama-shi, Toyama 939-8213 JAPAN

This is the label from project Seedmouth. Check he Seedmouth "Titanic" CD.


This is a collaboration C-60 tape melting original material from Stimbox made with electronics and metal, and then overdubed by Seed Mouth adding electronics and radio. Violent hasrh power-noise with very dense wall of noise and low tuned bass frequencies. Comes in a plastic bag with censored naked girl from Asia as a cover.


Tommy Carlsson , Erstagatan 17 1 TR , 116 36 Stockholm, SWEDEN

Jonas Kellagher,

This Swedish label has released so far Yasutoshi Yoshida’s Government Alpha "Alphaville" LP (SEGER 1) Price $18 incl. Postage. Blod "Romantic and Deranged" 7" (SEGER 2) Price $6 incl. Postage.

The future releases will be: Merzbow/Origami Replika "Merzbow in the hands of Origami Replika" CD, Sharon's Last Party "Blue light and blue eyes/Paradise stands in the shadow of the sword" 7", BLOD "My beloved daughters" CD.

Tommy Carlsson aka TRERIKSRÖRET & Jonas Kellagher aka VEHM are both ruling this promising label. You can find some of their material on the CMI compilation " E.o.C. "

Tommy said about his project "Treriksröset was formed by myself, Tommy Carlsson, and Peter Thörneby (of P2 fame) in Umea 1996. We started Treriksröset with the clear intention of producing noise and nothing but noise. So far, all music has been produced by me, but I cannot enough stress the fact that Peter's input is just as valuable, although it may not be as obvious to the listener. Right now, we are slowly putting together a tape which will be released on Segerhuva. ".

Jonas described us also VEHM " There is no "meaning" behind VEHM except being a name I use for the material I produce in the noise/power electronics/post mortem vein. Well, there isn't much of pre-history to VEHM since " do you believe " was the first thing I've recorded for this project. During the eighties I was involved in a couple of bands as well as arranging concerts but during the nineties I've been making my on zine called SOMA. Which started out more or less like as a industrial -zine but has since evolved to become more sleazyby each issue. (Last ever issue was published early 2000 I've released a cassette on LSDO called "Medical Research". But so far I haven’t had the time to complete the recordings. When the call came from Cold Meat that the Estheticks of Cruelity compalition was being prepared I called Roger and told him that I've wanted to be on it. So after 10 years and a little help from friends I started to record again, which lead to a performance on the Estheticks of Cruelty release party that also went over my wildest expectations ".

If you are also looking for some BLOD releases you should check with them as they are often distributing the material from Jesper Forselius.


26 S. main st. # 277 Concord, NH 03301 USA.

This is one of the best American label, check previous issues reviews. Patrick announces "Upcoming plans for Self Abuse records include a LP from Taint (which should be out at the end of the month), an LP from Emil Beaulieau (which should be out very soon as well), and then a LP from Melek-tha, which I hope to have out in the fall".

But Added to Self Abuse has arisen the great sub-label SOLIPSISM which is one of the few true initiative to bring noise to everyone. Their CDR are usually from many international noise units full of a real underground spirit. Patrick O’neill who runs the label, comments "New out on Solipsism is a CD from Sickness titled "Another lamb for the slaughter" A long time fan of his psychotic, and often confrontational live shows, I had originally approached Sickness about doing a CD for solipsism almost 2 years ago. Since then he has slowly been working on this project, going back and fine tuning each track, remixing over and over again until he was 100 percent happy with the material. The results are one of the best Harsh Noise CD's I've heard in a long time, and I highly recommend this CD to fans of Harsh Electronics". "For solipsism, the next releases will be from Phroq, Dachise, Bassifondi Orchestra, Mormansk150, Outermost, Facialmess, Chaos as Shelter, and another compilation CD of new artists". " Also now available are three new releases from Solipsism. First up, is a CD from Swiss artist Phroq. This is an excellent mix of complex electronic sound manipulation, sometimes harsh, sometimes atmospheric, but always interesting, and unique. Next is a CD with three new songs from Facialmess, out of Japan. An all out total noise attack that's sure to leave your head spinning, and your brain pounding. The third is the debut CD from OMEI, which is the dark ambient side project of Harsh noise great, Sickness. An unsettling mixture of low frequency pulsating electronics, and processed sound samples. A very impressive debut, and one of the best dark atmospheric CD's I've heard in a long time. Highly recommended".

"We also hope to have a website for solipsism set up in the upcoming months".

Patrick’s own project is the well known act Skin Crime. Recently they got together in the studio for the first time in months, alongside local musicians Mutagen (who had a track on the "Solipsism 22" compilation last year). Look for material from this recording session to be possibly released as a 3" CD later this year. Patrick comments "Skin Crime recently had a new CD titled "Parasite" released on the Xerxes label in Japan. The next project we will be working on, will be a LP to be released by Hospital productions in the US. After that, I'm not sure, we already have a lot of new material recorded, I just need the time to put some of it together for release, and find some labels to release it".

The 2nd volume of compilation MUSIC SHOULD HURT, is momentarily cancelled.. Contact cool Patrick for a great distribution catalogue which is become quite big now.


For those who do not know Macronympha, I would describe this project as one of the most powerful harsh-noise from USA. Not far from Japnoise but with a particular composition process in cutting and mixing which gives a varied and dynamic soundtrack of all mind obsessions, usually provided by many photographs and texts. This is great to have a CD support to bring high quality sound to this type of complex noise. A great stuff!


This one of the recent release of the great German cold Power Electronics outfit after one tape, 2 CD and a Mini CD. Music is dark rythmned loop with distorted low vocals. Progressive layers and soundscapes to create oppressive climax. Good shot but not their best stuff.

MURDER SERIE: This excellent series has brought 12 Eps all limited to 250 of the main power electronics combos. Check all the reviews for the previous serie’s releases in previous issues.


This Ep is based on the case of Arthur Shawcross. Joseph intelligently fixes to the whole serie by providing a work in the line of the other power electronics participating people. 1rst track is based on woman lust and 2nd one is a supperposition of several layers. The whole is very impressive and unsual type of Macronympha usual music, it also comes with many documents and texts regarding the case of Arthur Shawcross.


When you look to the artwork and all the inserts featured, then you know that Tim Oliveira has been exploring the tormented mind of Purdy before releasing this excellent work. Unfortunately not many artist dare to do so and assimilate the whole concept before reproducing it. The information provided enable you to create your self view of the concept "children mass murdering assault". Music is noise but not the usual Stimbox random one. Here children cries and schoolyard sounds are mixed with gunfires and analogue synth loops. Excellent work sounding like the testimony of this event. To my mind the best work of Tim so far, and unfortunately too short. GET IT!


(01) Proof of the Shooting "3", (02) Telepherique and One Dark Eye "Body Shop", (03) Ashtray Navigations "Pearls", (04) Various "The Swingers Club", (05) K2 + Dead Body Love "Traumantra", (06) Crack Fierce "full Metal confused", (07) The Rita "Swingers Get killed", (08) Knurl "Floritura", (09) Azoikum "Menschenhass", (10) Gomikawa "Live at Yaneura 1997", (11) Skin Crime "Live", (12) Mo*Te "Stash", (13) Dodsdomd "The creation of a god full of Hate", (14) Sudden Infant "species", (15) Stimbox "caveat Emptor", (16) NP vs Thirdorgan Ver.2, (17) Birds of Tin "endless Epiphany", (18) K2 "Schizophereniak signal transduction", (19) Smell & Quim "Porn Again", (20) Sixtus V / MSBR, (21) Melek-tha "Post Nuclear Race", (22) Various "Solipsism 22", (23) Vertonen "Trigger filled", (24) Diagram A and free Security News "live", (25) Deathpile "Back on the Prowl", (26) Bad Sector/Sshe Retina Stimulants, (27) Membrana-The aids meter A cappella, (28) S*Core "Shedder", (29) Francois Douris "Colombe", (30) Thirdorgan vs Hyware, (31) Mono "T-10", (32) Anemone Tube "Forget Heaven/Angel Falls" 2CD, (33) Various "Solipsism 33", (34) P. Miles Bryson-Songs from the Alley CD, (35) Melek-tha "The Sulfurik Vortex" CD, (36) Birds of Tin/Mechanism-Votive, (37) Augur/Wilt, (38) K2 / Cornucopia, (39) TADM / Cracksteel, (40) Sickness "Another lamb for the slaughter", (42) Skin Crime/Crank Sturgeon-Live 2CD, (43) Diagram A-Communications Noise.


This can be described as a big exchanging compilation where all units work on material of the other! Featuring 12 tracks of among all people like Smell & Quim, Aube, Macronympha, Msbr, Cock ESP, HMO, Skin Crime, Blazen Y Sharp, Hyware, OVMN, Rotten piece, Pain Jerk, etc… You will meet noise, power noise, ambinet noise, dynamic noise, random noise. In summary a big noise orgy!


This Cd features 3 tracks: One track of D.D.L. with K2 sound sources during 12 minutes you will face massive noise. One track from K2 with D.B.L. sound during 22 minutes you will hear typical kinky's noise cut ups without the metal junk tone. One track of K2 material with D.B.L. voice during 10 minutes you will bear ultra furious stuff with noise mixed with raging screams.


This CD is made of 2 tracks "So sweet so dead" & "right wrongs through penetration" of more than 30 minutes each of raw noise with random improvised changes. Very primitive and harsh this noise is so dense and massive that this project is becoming really promising!


This is the first full length album from this German Harsh Noise band, after several tapes. This stuff is excellent! Structured noise with concrete sounds or electronics treatments. Titletrack even have some great distorted vocals. All along these 7 tracks you will discover a great nose unit. Come with great photographs of facial gun shots;


Skin Crime is the project of Patrick the master mind behind Self Abuse. This Cd is a collection of live assaults. 5 tracks of 3 performances from 97-98. Comes with a nice photos collages cover. Great powerful varied noise deliriums. Recommended and to consider as same level as Richard Ramirez or Macronympha.


A newcomer (to me) in Harsh Noise community from Japan. Cover announces 5 tracks but my player shows less. It has been a very good surprise to me. Progressive noise from ambient to improvised tumult. Very echoed, with metal tones and live recording soundtrack. A right and varied mix of concrete and ambient plus raw brutal noise. To check in the future.


After the appearance on the Cold Meat Industry compilation "Esthetics of Cruelty" 2CD sampler, here is the first full length album from this Swedish act. Patrcik develops his own particular style of dynamic electronics. This release features - tracks of oscillations, vibrations, modulation of high frequencies to create a torture noise tool. 1rst track is great! 4rth one is nearly tribal percussions influenced. The whole is essential. Get this great stuff making me think of the soundtrack of a giant metal insect devastating the world!


This is too me the best ever release of M.T. Very influenced by Laibach this one is based on tons of voices samples becoming layers. I still feel very nervous and nearly berzerk while hearing to the samples of the great French film "La cite des enfants perdus". A powerful release, glorification the new post nuclear race. NUKE!!


This project from Chicago is run by Blake instigator of CIP label. These 9 tracks from 98-99 material last 64 minutes. It features a booklet with great b/w artwork and a hilarious recording information (fuck record fetishism, misfits fans will understand). Music is hyper speed concrete music blasting with force. 3 tracks are long, average 14 minutes or so, with intense power noise. The others are shorter, very dense as well but I would say more structured, and even sometimes dynamic like the 1rst and 8th ones. The final track is a nice ambient-noise based on concrete sounds. I discover this project with this release and I have to say that Blake has a lot of potential!


Deathpile is finally back after a resting period I would say. Jonathan is coming with Don Poe and Brian D'Agosta, and they strike high and tough with this one! Just look the cover I you will expect the worst soundtrack of such horrendous photographs. Amazing design! 13 tracks from material dating from 98-99. Some tracks are in the same vein as usual dense heavy wall of uniform noise with ultra deep growls shoutings, and some others show a new direction for this project. I would say new composition process with more diverse and original electronics treatments. Opener is a blast and the cries of despair and pain from this girl will make you feel your blood boiling in your temples. New field as I said are exploded on great track like "Happy birthday" and Deathpile trend mark is confirm on great shot like "Breaking a doll" or "Touch me daddy". A MUST

J.Canady contact C/O Relapse (see above address).


Please check review on the Italian label Loud!01]. Excellent stuff!


This is the last release from Yutaka Tanaka (Please check the interview featured here). 8 tracks of hypnotic experimental music. It sounds like usual work from this man, very personal and dark. A gloom impression surround this recording. Ranging from atmospheric to hypnotic or noise pulsations, this very diverse release still have this particular old school tone. I like tracks like "Warp" or "Pest", and even the 5th track based on vocals. Another great work to own if you are into dark experimental music.


This album includes 3 tracks into 4 phases soundtracking a future civilisation. The Dark City film samples confirm this sci-fi orientation. This release is more atmospheric than usual work. Constructed between Post Nuclear Race and Dehumanizer, it sounds like the ambient side of M.T.


Coming in a nice red-ish packagethis full-length album features 9 tracks. Great random noise assaults with cut ups strategy and ultra dynamic raids. Hypnotic structures blind the lambs, dense death machines slay them with no mercy. The strength of Sickness lies in his sound: clear, harsh, brutal, dirty, merciless. Ultra strident piercing noise or low bass drones inflicting deafness! Recommended!


2 Rue des Quinconces, 93110 Rosny S/Bois, FRANCE.

A young label beginning with electronic avant-garde act Osaka Bondage CD "Volume 2" (11 tracks for 57’); & improvised electroacoustique free-jazz Schams CD"Erres" (9 tracks of 72’). Both first album for each act, are available against 100FF p.p. In plans is A Contre Alto album.


c/o Marco Corbelli, via Tartini, 8-41049 Sassuolo (MO) ITALY.

This Italian Label is run by Marco Corbelli the man behind ATRAX MORGUE. The recent releases are CARRION "Cryptomnesia" [SPCD14] CDR; PROGETTO MORTE s/t [SPCD21] CDR; re-issue of cult compilation DEATH ODORS VOL. I. Recently Marco is making also a CDR series with [SPCD10] OLTRETOMBA "Saltatio Imaginum In Meis Tenebris"; [SPCD09] SUBKLINIK "Cremator"; [SPCD12] ATRAX MORGUE "Exterminate". Slaughter still doing some tapes releases: [SPT116] STURMBANN "Lebensraum Maidanek"; [SPT117] N "Autofagia" 4 MC BOX SET; [SPT118] P.O.S.K. "Dedicato a De Sade: Il Cibo, Il Sesso, La Morte" 3 MC BOX SET.

Last release plan is Stratvm Terror "The Only True Septic Whore" CD.


This compilation HAS BEEN RELEASED NOW A LONG TIME AGO BUT If you do not have it then you have nothing to do with this newsletter. Featuring Italian and American power electronics unit, it comes with a nice b/w booklet. Porject featured are SURGICAL STAINLESS STEEL, TAINT, DEATHPILE, SLOGUN, SKIN CRIME, BACILLUS for USA. IUGULA-THOR, SSHE RETINA STIMULANTS, ATRAX MORGUE, MURDER CORPORATION? DIKTAT, DISCORDANCE. I am just hoping this would be released on cd one of this days!


Another opus of Marco the Italian "death" lover. I do not own or know the huge and nearly uncollectionable discography of A.M. But I have enjoyed his CD "Woundfucker" and "Paranoia". This one is a minimal improvised low-fi frequencies with distorted vocals. Very low tuned and infra bass electronics and saturated cries.


This is a side project of Marco Corbelli aka ATRAX MORGUE. This Cd is coming in an A5 sleeve and is very influenced by Swedish Death Industrial master BDN. Quite a good release "I am so" could have been a Roger track. Sometimes the pounding sound can become a bit too repetitive, but a track like "Andei Ice" is really good with electronics, vocals, pounding making it a mortuary march. Recommended to death Industrialists.


It is still obscure death industrial with suicidal vocals. This time really minimal, but still macabre and doomed. This whole is quite average but less influenced by BDN. A bit deceiving anyway, even if a more personal approach have been done.


I do not know all work of this prolific Italian project. I have been happily surprised to hear this release. Harsh noise in the way of old school power electronics, vocals are ultra saturated. Linear but progressive this dense electronics can be recommended to Whitehouse fanatics, even if some improvement have to be done form M.C. to get clearer. A promising shot.


This newcomer from Italy is playing Death Industrial in the BDN way. He integrates also to his music many second world war samples. 15 tracks with undertomb vocals and low tuned bass press stamping. The release is really obscure and depressing. Quite linear but full of nihilism. Recommended to death Industrialists.


This CD is half of the re-issuing of the last production from Peter Nyström on the Japanese label SSSM. Check the review on the previous issue. This Cd is really nicely presented. This 96 material features 4 tracks from previous mentioned tape and 4 others. Nothing much can be said that it is mandatory to own it if you are into death Industrial, even if it shows a new "electronics" orientation of the horror master.


This is the re-issue of a tape from Slaughter. If you do not have this masterpiece of perversion then get these CD of 11 tracks quite structured and powerful power electronics. Get this one and let your butcher's instinct speaks.


This is the re-issue of old material from this Italian power-noise pioneer. Firstly released as tapes these 2 old material from '83 "Necrofellatio" and "Mafarka" of sex electronics come with 1 bonus track on each CD. Ultra recommended.


C/O John Balistreri 7521 19Ave Brooklyn NY 11214 USA.

Lots of releases have been issued recently by this True Crime Electronics supplier, check the different reviews of tape "Murder" on Soffita Macabra, and CD on Force Majeure, Membrum debile propaganda, CMI Death Factory, Armed and loaded, and Jinx.

The Deadly Actions IV Show was great, with clear powerful improvised vocals on night hunting, behind "Police do not cross" banners, Noizguild people were holding the noise while John was provoking the crowd, throwing some SLOGUN’s stuffs and describing the poor future he will inflict to his preys. Xavier from Timeless came on stage to read a murder series article.

John have done some guest vocals on Bloodyminded CD "True Crime" track "Killer Next Door".

The forthcoming plans are a Ep on Self Abuse "The ultimate Evil", a LP of ambient work "The mind & the matter should be released by Self Abuse, the "Let me show you how" LP on World War IV, which will come also in a very limited edition Box version with an extra single sided 7" entitled "Judge and Jury", along with extra inserts and other goodies, The "Murder USA" 2X 7" ON L.S.D. ORGANISATION coming in a In poster sleeve. As well as "For Good", and "I Come Back" tracks on the "Two Minds of Murder" CD compilation on Ava/ES1.

John can you please tell me what will be your future plans?

"Well, I plan on doing more shows, especially in Europe, since the offers keep coming, so that's cool...I still plan on continuing Slogun for a little while, and doing more merchandise, like Baseball Jerseys, and a great five or six cd box set of the early releases. I'm also planning a cd of my 7" releases, maybe stretching it out to two cd's so I can include the compilation tracks as well..."


CP Breccia 22100 Como ITALY.

This is an association done by Depla, who is also doing "a penguin on a pogo stick" newsletter. The label has already released "Fuck Off we murder" compilation packaged in a video box with a zine (artworks+articles) & a letter from G Schaefer famous serial killer whose book is an essential masterpiece. But also a split tape of Discordance/Wertham (Depla’s own project). Plans are a split tape from Runes Order/ Near Death Experience, and a Streicher MC & a Murder Corporation 10". Wertham should do a 7" on Membrum Debile Propaganda, and tapes on Labyrinth, & Warcom. Operation Miranda is another label which announced Wertham/Lasse Marhaug collaboration LP co-produced with Jazzassin Lasse’s label from Norway.


Ok it is an old tape but worthing a short notice indeed! Ultra violent True crimes electronics all along 15 tracks. Maybe this one will be re-issue in CD has it features great samples, harsh electronics and raging vocals. Another essential work from John.


PO BOX 83296, Portland OR 97283, USA.

Please note one of the last DANIEL MENCHE work "Crawling towards the sun" mCD.


"NOCTURNAL EMISSIONS is the project from Nigel Ayers one of the remaining activist of early industrial music. He has recorded innumerable releases starting in 1981 when he and his brother formed Nocturnal Emissions. Moving from old school industrial to a distorted kind of 'revolutionary EBM (as displayed on 'Viral Shedding' and 'Songs of Love and Revolution' LPs in 1985/6). Since 1990 Nigel has released a host of formats, even good old tapes, and developed his very own and often sarcastic approach to music. He created work of a mesmerisingly ambient character using repetitive loops slowly evolving and changing. He cooperated with Caroline K and Charlotte Bill processing their sound input into new arrangements. The end of the nineties found Nigel returning to a kind of (as he calls it) electro-punk-karaoke. He froze his audience on his 1998 tour by delivering a kind of rap-rant to old and new background tracks".

Alright, this is not my kind of stuff but anyone with some music culture will recognise the mastership of such a sound worker. Very rythmned or ambient this CD is for sure a must for his fans, or for the other curious ones a chance to enter his world.


For So1eilmoon's 100th CD, here is a very very strange release. This recordings were made with early days of the label stuffs. 1949! The year when the founder Seymore Crouchly recorded his first masters. This former company collected audio material for Hollywood film producers. In 1988 Crouchly’s grandson Johnny Pinkhouse revived Soleilmoon recordings. I think release is more a commemorative stuff for the label’s owner than something worthing your interest. Anyway I would not offense the memory of its founder, but this is not interesting at all.


This CD features nine songs for 25 minutes from material of November ‘97. Even If you are not familiar with this project, I am sure you have already heard about him. I personnaly do not know his whole huge work! This release is a post mortem one as Muslimgauze instigator is now defunct. It is in fact the first record to be produced after Bryn Jones’ death. He was the man behind this acclaimed project. Soleilmoon announced that they have nearly 30 finished master recordings, that they plan to release in the coming years. Oriental electronic beats for the best soundtrack of your " couscous " party.


He is back! This a CD with here also no cover, that features a 20 minutes long track of talentuous atmospheric music. A real ambient soundscape sounding like a bell church echoed modulation. A great progression calling to dream and subconciousness escape. Great once again.


C/O Alain Le Gall, 96 rue Hoche, 29200 Brest, FRANCE.

This is a new distr./label. The list proposes more than 150 references, in industrial, noise, experimental, ambient,... The label has issued 2 tapes: Dunkelheit "necropolis" C-60 [35FFp.p.], & Element Nord "Estimation 2073" [40FFp.p.].


40, rue de la Fusterie, 33000 Bordeaux, FRANCE.

This a French label which is also a shop and a distributor. They have already produced POIRE Z " presque chic" (son-42); Erikm + Voicecrack + Gunter Muller - live at Taklos and Unlimited XIII; LAURENT DAILLEAU "supersternal nocht" (son-43) Live electronics : theremin + AKS + powerbook.

Plans are: LAURENT GRAPPE : le luxe de la reflexion ! (co-production Metamkine), JOHN DUNCAN / PETER FLEUR : the scattering, STEVE RODEN : three roots carved to look like stones.


Here is a little summary of all the recent books edited of P.Sotos, I would recommend the last Timeless issue dedicated on his work.

"Special" is a 251 pages book available to Rude Shape Productions [511 6th Ave N°325 New York NY 10011 USA] for $24 (,,

On CREATION BOOKS (, you can get "Lazy" a 333 pages book for $19.95 and "Tick" a 220 pages book for $16.95, and also "Index".

This latter book has been translated into french by "Les editions de la musardine" (122 rue du chemin vert 75011 Paris) in a book of 212 pages available for 95FF excluding post payment.

Peter Sotos has made a reading Tour during 3-week over the USA with Adam Parfrey and others to promote the newly-published Apocalypse Culture II (Feral House ISBN 0-9229915-57-1: P.O. Box 3466 Portland OR 97208 3466 USA) which includes an extensive new piece by Sotos entitled Prime Time. (

There is also an afterword by Peter Sotos on the forthcoming book The Gates Of Janus - An Analysis of Serial Murder by England's Most Hated Criminal by Ian Brady. It is published by Adam Parfrey's Feral House in November 2001.


PO Box 411315 San Francisco CA 94141-1315 USA.

This is the label from Michael Contreras, the disturbed mind behind Death Squad. Remember "Theological Genocide" CD, AUM project, C-4 tapes,…

I recommend to you to check the interview in DEGENERATE mag. DEATH SQUAD seems to have stopped but Michael continue under a new moniker: MICHAEL 9.

Death Squad first shot was great but these 2 followers are from a far higher class making them essential! DEATH SQUAD ISOLATION AS INTENT CD [SK2] This is the second full release from this American Power electronics. It features some live assaults which make me regret a lot to have missed them during their Europe Tour. DEATH SQUAD OUT PATIENT CD [SK3] This is the third full release from this American Power electronics. "Humanity is its own worst enemy" this sentence sums up the all concept of mind disturbance. Both CD includes great artwork and presentation whether the temptation of the gun and its decision to use it with lethal consequences on ISOLATION AS INTENT, or the fascinating psychotic deviances on "OUT PATIENT". Death Squad develops an intelligent music of electronics full of meaning. The atmospheres and concept are studied, assimilated and spit in your face. Comparison with research work and personal involvement of people like Mike Dando can be done. Death squad is as true as Con-Dom. Michael really take his guts out on these 2 CD. Just check "Fuck god live" or "execution" or " terminal suicide" and you will understand what I am talking about! Tracks are built in a progressive manner nearly like a story. Voice samples from broadcast or interviews set the context, then electronics grow and furious anger explodes through Michael vocals. Some helps to provide material has been given by Greg Scott from IDS/.HYDRA. Track like "Interrogation" from Michael "hostage" performance just make more and more deceived to have missed such a powerful event. These 2 CD have to in you collection soon or believe me you have a missed a real thought artist work! MASTERPIECES!


This a compilation release featuring DEATH SQUAD, RADIOSONDE and CHAPTER 23, the 3 projects that have toured Europe together. It features 7 tracks in total, 2 from Death Squad really good, 2 from Radiosonde who is playing atmospheric music based on ambient and structured noise, 3 from Chapter 23 who delivers linear ambient electronics.


"Solid Music for Solid People"

P.O Box 88 2020 Antwerpen 2 BELGIUM.

Spectre is a Belgian label run by Tom. And It has 2 subsidiaries: [10x100 Series] which released 10" ltd to 90 & 10 luxurious copies. Ah Cama-Sotz "First Circle Of Hell", Aube "Nerf Vague Minimalistique" & Asche / Tempelgarden's (sold out). [Nocturnus] P.A.L 7"


This a very nicely presented compilation with Poster, postcards and a nice booklet. The very good production presents projects like Dagda Mor, Stratum Terror (with a live harsh track), Soldnergeist (always excellent in their cold power electronics), Ah Cama Sotz (that I do not know very well even if they are not newcomers, with a somber track with vocals, Megaptera with "frozen corpse", Predominance with a pagan title in the Blood Axis way, Inade with an excellent shamanic journey invitation, Tortura with a very strong shot with Pounding Death Industrial andvocals. Get this excellent Compilation now!


Once again it is a very nicely presented Lp including 2 postcards. The whole is in a deep blue vinyl, in a beautiful design made of Scandinavian legend sea monster, and nude female shots. The 6 tracks are sub-marine atmospheric music, for a journey through abyssal world. Low bass drones and ambient hypnotic loops are covered with voices samples. The Dark atmosphere of depths domain is well transcripted by this sombre release.



This project has been a surprise to me as I have never heard about them before. It is infact a kind of hybrid of old EBM rhythmic structure with new sound. Imagine Leather Strip or Psychopomps remix in a modern sound a la Ant-Zen. Frankly This is not my taste but I am sure It can interest all Synapscape or Noisex fans.

P.O. Box 86, Elsterwick, Victoria, AUSTRALIA 3185

Richard’s zine has a promotion page at the Malignant Records website at

The new issue of Spectrum is due out in May and features: Death in June, Folkstorm, Novy Svet, Tribe of Circle, Skincage, Vox Barbara, Crowd Control Activities, Spectre Records, Middle Pillar, IRM + others. Previous Issue 4# featured interviews with: Bad Sector, Black Lung, Cold Spring, Der Blutharsch, Desiderii Marginis, Dream into Dust, Gruntsplatter, Ildfrost, Law, StateArt, Warren Mead & Yen Pox + an Inade profile, Death in June live report and over 160 reviews. All of this is packed in 72 pages (A4 size) for $8 US Including postage.


new address! C/O Hiroshi Hashimoto, 3-809 Tenzinshita 920-3 Inokoshihara Idakacyo Meitouku 465-0001 JAPAN

This Japanese label is managed by Hiroshi who is the mastermind of great project CONTAGIOUS ORGASM. Last releases have been : (sssm032) DUODECIMO/medi sessions (duodecimo are rupert cogan and paul stone from UK. Their work uses raw noises and generated tones to create soundscapes electronica and feedback. using various different forms of sound equipment).(sssm-031) DISLOCATION/inter/view, Electronic Improvised band.from Japan. (sssm-029) K2/Diazo Aesthetika, heavy Electronics,cut up,loud noise. from Japan. (sssm-035) VA/Scud Sonority Splash Mix, inc,RYNEX,qt?,Routine Engine,JAPUSSY 2000, Alienlovers in magaski,Tadayuki Miura.

The S.S.S.M label has recently released: Ultra Milkmaids + Imagho "by mail..." CD Collaboration works, "very ambient/melodic sound", from France ltd 500. And also P.Miles Bryson / Weight of the World "A Long Day's Tango..." CD. "It processes a source of field recording,various sound snippets from tango and orchestral pieces, and creates delicate electronic music beautifully". From Usa ltd 500.

Future plans are: MAIL ART ORCHESTRA collabs compilated by telepherique  material from celluloid mata, roger rotor, telepherique, contagious orgasm, vromb, ultra milkmaids, brume, salt. SUDDEN INFANT/ear-wash feat: Joke Lanz electronic shit & voice, Franz Lieberherr trombone, alphorn & yodeling love & noise.

Regarding future plans for Contagious Orgasm, Hiroshi says "A mid-August release by Contagious Orgasm "The Flow of Sound Without Parameter" CD Sound collages, loops and field recordings with a touch of Muslimgauze and a bit of ambient beats mixed in. To be released on Ground Fault Recordings". C.O has recently produced a split CDR with GUILTY CONNECTOR titled "Guilorga" on UTSU TAPES.

I also take the opportunity to give you the complete discography of this great Japanese artist:

1987 IMPREGNATE TAPE SSSM (sssm-001)


1989 THIN SKINNED TAPE SSSM (sssm-003)







N.C.W. TAPE SSSM (sssm-018) (split ATRAX MORGUE)








1998 IN MY HEART picture 10EP ANT-ZEN (act80)

1999 collaborations 1997 2tapes AUSCULTARE RESEARCH 013



2000 The music which draws something CDR SSSM (sssm-025)

When thin skin split CDR SSSM (sssm-027)



GUILORGA CDR Utsu tapes (collaboration GUILTY CONNECTOR)


Context Wire CDR SSSM (sssm-034) (collaboration GUILTY CONNECTOR)


This is the second Cd from this Swedish act. 6 tracks I would say noisier than previous 1rst album on Solipsism, but still with this so typical dynamic structures. The artwork cover is quite nice and titles also develops the zoophiliac atrocious subject. The abomination soundtrack is a great mix of constructed electronics and harsh-noise. Great confirmation.


PO Box 11453, 1001 GL Amsterdam HOLLAND.

It is always difficult to summarise such a monument in few lines. These Dutch activists have made a lot for industrial music.


This group of sound activists create what they call "Musique Korrekt". This music is in fact made by installations and constructions involving everyday objects and tools that surround us. The result is quite impressive and their performances are worthing the experience. They have recently played in Maubeuge (France) but have also done several reinterpretation of our modern soundtrack in Nantes Stirling, Amsterdam, Stralsund and Berlin. So If you have the chance to go and see them to their next misfit, do not hesitate!


This is the fifth full-length album from the GENERAL Lina. I have to say that this is great D.N. material. After all these releases Lina still strikes high with his typical music. I really love tracks like "Collapsing Surface" or "Static" which are in his pure style. Another amazing track is the old song "You're just a Toy" listen to its lyrics and you will see. Nicely presented this will remains as an essential work of D.N. So no choice get it or stay ignorant!


C41 stands for "Command, control, communications, computing, and Intelligence". C4I is the collaborative effort of three British composers: Ashley Davies (Project Dark, Headbutt, Chemical Plant, Ohms and watts, Detonator…); John Everall (Tactile, Creature Box, Multicide, Spacemarker, Ohms and Watts…); Joe Banks (Disinformation). The first album of C4I was a white vinyl Lp for Germany’s Very Good Records lim200 called "White". This second production has been inspired by the Copenacre Quarry military equipment testing and storage facility. To create such a work C4I have used laboratory and military equipment and site recordings to create ambient electronic and concrete sound processing and editing. It features 6 tracks of ambient noise, made with concrete and saturated electronics, with also some atmospheric parts. An interesting dark opus reminding the growing menace of all these disused military equipment left here and there but polluting our lives.


This CD is a collection of live recordings from this collectivists project, gathering different and various people at each performances. This is a kind of orchestra conducted by a duo: Zbigniew Karkowski and Edwin van der Heide. The material used in this CD was recorded during 3 live performances in Tokyo, Berlin, and London. People participating are Masami Akita/Merzbow, Reiko A/Merzbow, Tetsuo Furudate, Mayuko Hino/CCCC, Hiroshi Hasegawa, Atau Tanaka/Sensorband, Kasper T Toeplitz, Akifumi Nakajima/Aube, Sumihisa Arima, K-K-Null, MaSahiro Miwa, Ami Yoshida, Dror Feiler, BELL:MARK Stringquartet, Pneuma, Bastiaan Maris, Peter Rehberg, Russell Haswell. A long interesting track of 54 minutes of noise turmoil.

[ERS] Next are Masami Akita & Bara Cd and Lp s from 162 lockgroove, shifts & Artificial Memory Trace.


This collaboration work made of one single track of 50 minutes has been mastered and mixed between ’98 and ’99. The original cardboard green package with silver Kanji letters is quite nice. The sound source here is coming from a very specific and historical place in Kyoto, which used to be the Emperor’s city of Japan. Temple Chio-In has a specific „musical" corridor that lead to main rooms. Its infrastructure produces some sounds as you are walking into it. „Uguisu-bari-no-noka" has been constructed so to prevent any unexpected arrival or intrusions, as its floor squeaks like nightingales. As I have visited this place last year I would say that this work really speaks to me. Nevertheless it is an excellent calm and soft work for a nice outside summer evening soundtrack.

[GOD FACTORY] remember CD from AUBE "Magnetostriction" or S.CORE "Sediment".


This Cd is featuring 3 tracks live in Tokyo recorded during summer ’98. If you didn’t get the chance to experience this Japanese project then you are missing one of the most impressive artist in experimental concrete music. Using sampler, guitar, violin, voice, and metal percussions, he creates the most powerful soundtrack of a modern version from "No" theatre. It comes in a nice designed digipack this follower of his appearance on the "autrement qu’etre" produced by Les disques du soleil et de l’acier or "l'arret de mort" CD on SSE Communications; is definitely setting TESTUO FURUDATE has a project to keep an eye on, and a new original rising comet from Japan.



This CD is a collection of old material from Nails Ov Christ the former project of the Grey Wolves. 8 tracks including 7 from a 85 original c-60 tape, and 1 bonus from a compilation "oh no! Not another disabuse transmissions". 80ies power electronics in pure raw style, experimental echoed noise, and some samples of the soundtrack from the film Excalibur.


Koch, Roseggerstr. 2, 30173 Hannover, GERMANY.

I think before all, you have to read the recent statement of this promising German Label: "REVOLUZIONE: Revolution is an awful thing - too many victims, too many expectations crushed... Nevertheless, we're a revolutionary 'gang', and thus we're happy to take leave of some victims, expectations, phantasies! NEUEMUSIK is the magic word - and since we're not only entertaining, but living our philosophies, STATEART has decided to continually forging a new path within the 'scene', or whatever it may called... NEUEMUSIK doesn't necessarly mean a drastical change of musical delights! All of you who know STATEART, our attitude and our struggle, also know against what we've always taken position: Against clownery, self-copying hypocrisy, clich? and dogma etc. But because we see ourselves as a 'constructive' force, thus we've to talk about FOR what we take position! STATEART has started as a label that could have been called a 'concrete industrial label' at that time and certainly within the first years of our existence. At last we realized that is definitely not the path we like to walk on, because the biggest part of 'Industrial Muzak' has lost it's originality many years ago! Our statement doesn't mean we summon against the classical 'Industrial Muzak' scene, but quality - in it's musical, but also philosophical sense - has obviously lost much of it's attractivity and we're arrogant enough to say, this is absolutely not the path we like to walk on! A this point we declare our respect towards all musicians, labels and organizations, who are still following the classical quality within this 'scene' - you know who you are... NEUEMUSIK means "concrete music" - and in our radical sense, concrete music is not reduced to a certainy style and cliche! NEUEMUSIK means "concrete expression" - we unite musical and artistic work with serious attitudes, philosophies, ideologies! In brief... Expect some drastical surprises within the work of STATEART and our 'Avanguardisti', as we use to call our direct allies and artists from now! We unfortunately have to say farewell to those, who are not able to stand - but we gladly welcome a hundreds of seriously interested souls! Comments and request concerning NEUEMUSIK and our future are - of course - always welcomed... eMail:"

Now regarding their last releases: SA018 CYCLOTIMIA "New Death Order" MCD from Moscow LIM500. SA019 PPF "Propagande Par le Fait" LP (French trio) LIM500. ULTRA UNITED "Ultra Audience" CD. VARIOUS ARTISTS Collapse 18 + 19 August 2000, CD. COLLAPSE festival 2000, organized by ARS MACABRE and STATEART in Rostock, with exclusive tracks by all performing artists: ULTRA UNITED, MZ.412 vs. FOLKSTORM, HEID, PREDOMINANCE, NOCTURNE, EX.ORDER, AXON NEURON/VAGWA. SA022 NOCTURNE "Kapitulation" CD. COLUMN ONE "World Transmission 3 & 4" 2LP LIM500.

And the awaited Resisting Resistance...'martyrium' WIDERSTAND! WIDERSTAND is going to be released as a 2CD in special packaging, plus extensive booklet. 4TH SIGN OF THE APOCALYPSE, CON-DOM, PREDOMINANCE, ALLGRENA, DREAM INTO DUST (feat. Michael Moynihan), CONTROL RESISTANCE, SURVIVAL UNIT, COLUMN ONE, HEKATE, ORPHX, PROPERGOL, SRP, BLOOD CONSPIRACY (feat. Michael Moynihan), WUTANES HEER, GENITOR LVMINIS, MAISON CLOSE, THOROFON.


Soldnergeist is one of the best German power electronics unit, with cold and low drones and samples. I have to admit that I still do not understand the title " hunting french tourists " ? especially looking to the artwork ( ?). Anyway Alexis is still reaching the sensitive parts of the listener brains. Drape Excrement is Markus from Art Konkret porject. After a tape, an Lp and a split one with Catharsis, he is back here with force. 2 tracks " village on fire " and " keine reue " mixing pulsating rhythms and strong echoed vocals. Less death Industrial than usual and definitely better.


Allerseelen title " Kaferkied " is dedicated to Ernst Junger. And it is definitely a good track even if it is very rhythmic. Blood Axis track is an arrangement of an Irish traditional folk theme. " The march of Brian boru " is based on a structure from a distorted bass and then a melodic violin. Excellent track indeed.


This is a 10" in a nice dark green cover. I do not know much about this project, but I can recommend it to those who likes martial stuff. In fact the opener is a masterpiece of proud orchestration, a march to war, triumphant and majestuous. The 3 following tracks are less catchy, being very repetitive atmospheric soundscapes. Poundings, bells tone, church echoes, all the elements of classic dark atmospheric music. To get for the opening track alone!


This 2nd shot after his excellent first album, is not deceiving. This EP is based on the Trench Coat Mafia mass murdering act in Littleton Highschool. The 4 tracks featured here are really impressive. An ouverture filled with samples of the event, then the following tracks a pure violent power electronics in the Genocide Organ way. Vocals are very powerful. The last track, slower sounds more like a reflection after the storm of the social system that can breed such massacres.


This long awaited compilation was at first planned to be released on Ajna as a 2LP. It turned to this CD coming with a great booklet dealing with terrorism. EX.ORDER with a great cold ambient electronics track in their own style, SLOGUN with a convincing powerful track where vocals are always so important, THOROFORN's track is a little bit deceiving because of the vocals with no effects and not so aggressive, VALEFOR with a ritual track not really in line with the subject of this compilation to my mind, ROBERT X.PATRIOT appears with his strange rythmned music, CON-DOM with a killer track as usual "I regret nothing", MACRONYMPHA with a massive noise avalanche, T.G.V.T. with an excellent obscure track, WERTHAM with a track sounding more like a documentary, ASP with a noise track (I do not have much info about this band), THE GREY WOLVES with a excellent track, DER KAMPFBUND a German project which I do not know, playing an interesting track based on voices samples and tribal rythmn, OPERATION CLEANSWEEP with an excellent rythmned saturated electronics track. A good sampler nicely presented where great names will not deceive you!


S.U. is a newcomer from Sweden in the new generation of Power electronics. This Ep is following their appearance on Open Wound compilation and announcing their next full length Cd "Werewolf training". The Cover is in the cultural terrorism way with an interesting Manifest, vinyl is ultra thick and heavy. Music in basic power electronics well executed but 1rst track is not so exciting. Title track is a lot better, less repetitive and mixes powerful electronics loops and war Tank noise, with distorted vocals. A call to random acts of cultural terrorism!


This CD has been released for the event Collapse festival co-organised by State Art and Ars Macabre, but in fact you can find it even now to all good distributors. 7 projects are appearing on this Compilation. I would say that ULTRA UNITED a soundtrack to birds' lovers, MZ.412 vs FOLKSTORM nearly too technoid rythmn even saturated, HEID as usual dark atmospheric Reich muzak, PREDOMINANCE great , NOCTURNE better than their awful 10" on Tesco, AXON NEURON / VAGWA saturated loops with no real interest. EX.ORDER who gives the best track of this release. A blasting Cold power electronics with this ultra powerful saturated loop + voices' samples and vocals and droning noise assaults. Get this one if you are an Ex.Order follower, or forget it.


(Moostrasse 52A, 5020 Salzburg, AUSTRIA) maybe not good anymore

What a surprise! After such a long silence I thought this label has ceased activity. Strangely 2 recordings are available knowing that they were recorded a long time ago and that most of their products were sold out.


A 2LP coming in a gatefold cover with heavy vinyls. Music is a strong pulsating saturated electronics. Loops are mixed in an dynamic and aggressive way with low shouting vocals. Some few parts tend to sound like German cold power electronics, but main structures are based on noisy beats rhythms. Good but sometimes a bit too long and repetitive.


After the Ep „In der strakolonie" on the same label and the split Live Video with Genocide Organ, here is finally the full length album from this excellent unit. 9 tracks of the best power electronics with original soundsource and arrangements. Sometimes dark or aggressive, ritualistic or deep this release is one of the best in the genre! A MUST!


P.O. Box 3527 Portland OR 97208 USA.

Storm his the label run by Michael the leader of Blood Axis.

He will release this year a retrospective of the early American industrial band Factrix, who often collaborated with Monte Cazazza; but also issue the CD from Book & Sword "Sovereign" which leader sadly recently committed suicide. Storm will also be publishing a number of books. Michael excellent book about the Black Metal scene in Scandinavia with the church burnings and murders, titled Lords of Chaos, is published by Feral House press, an very well documented inquiry, unmissable for war paintings faces. You can order the re-issue of Apocalyptic folk ancestors Changes "Fire of Life" CD for $17ppd US or $20 foreign. BLOOD AXIS 2nd full-length album, will be called Ultimacy.


C/O Malan Salim, La joie de vivre, 322 Bd Massenet, 73000 Chambery, FRANCE.

This french label has released CDR from DE MANGE MACHINE "la nevrose de Mr Untel", Georges Castagne "Concerto pour cette annee et les annees precedentes". All CDR are available for 85FF postpaid. In forecasting SPHER "Cosmology".


Salim's project Naxos is now rename Eigenwert. If you remember the review of his tape "l'horizon tumefie", in fact this 2 tracks tape is included in this CD. You will find here very interesting experimental music tending to be ambient. Original arrangements including piano, sample of opera, concrete sounds, etc… Really great and original atmospheric experimental music.


C/O Jasse Tuukki, J. Tuukki, Aleksanterinkatu 29 A 27, 33100 Tampere, FINLAND

This is a new raging powerfull unit from the freezing iceland of Finland. Please chek their great releases on Freak Animal and Kaos Kontrol reviewed here. Their next releases should be a split /w Grunt TAPE (Freak Animal) August; "Neural Architect" CD (Malignant/Black Plagve) end of August. And also in a near future: "Conflict & Coercion" 2LP COMPILATION (Malignant); "Folkstorm" 2LP Remix compilation (Kokampf) with Deutsch Nepal, Schloss Tegal, Survival Unit, Panzar, Mz.412… The "Arma Christi" 7" on Freak Animal has been cancelled. Those material will be used on split LP with IRIKARAH.

I have taken the opportunity to ask Jasse what he was thinking about the underground rising wave of Finland?

How is the solidarity in Finland underground that seems to be active since degenerating finland compilation?

Its not a big scene really. Few times a year someone organizes a small festival with Finnish bands and sometimes new records are released by few labels we have here. Surprisingly most projects/bands are Power Electronics style. I've read some mail-order catalogue which mentioned: "Hail the new breed of Finland", ...So maybe there has been some recognition from abroad.


Box 1403, 58285 Gevelsberg, GERMANY.

Last releases you can check are Splintered "Noumena" Cd, Headbutt "Solvent bassed product" CD, 2 excellent English unit you have to discover if you are into heavy bass/guitar stuff. Column One "Sad Finger" 7"; Cosmonauts Hail Satan "Mortuary Sorcery" 7"; Dissecting Table "Why / Camouflage" 7"; Headbutt "Dhariah Ynohya" 7"; Manipura " s/t, LP " ; …

SPEEDING ACROSS MY HEMISPHERE: This sublabel has released Delphium Ep, Manipura "Vessels for the infinite" EP; Origami Galaktika " Lilled et... " 2LP ; Origami Galaktika " Stjernevandring Manedans " LP, …


A very nice color cover for this Ep which becomes an inner blkack and white poster sleeve. Very concrete track based on live percussions. 3 members were gathering on this recording. Varied noisy tracks, different from usual but enjoyable. If you like metal drums and noise nearly inspired by oriental folkore music with a nice girl song, check this one!


P.O. BOX 914 Edinburgh EH17 8BF UK. www:

WHITEHOUSE - CRUISE CD is out! check its cover at You can order it for US$18.99 worldwide price inclusive of first class / airmail postage. The Live Action N#87 in Antwerp was a great beer shower.

You can expect some forthcoming UK live actions on 28th September in London Red Rose, and on 29th September in Leeds Termite Club.

Forthcoming will be Anthology 2 (Come Organisations Archives 1981-1982) CD and the limited release of a special DJ 12" vinyl pressing of Cruise (Force The Truth) Vocal Version b/w Cruise & (Force The Truth) Instrumental Version.


This re-issuing on CD from 2 previous albums: "Twice is not enough" with its excellent minimalist electronic approach and "Never forget death" with its furious tone and specific electronics arrangements. 2 classics remastered in this great special edition.


A nice compilation which is not only well presented with an extensive booklet presenting each projects, but also which is a great idea "let the female speak or kick" and all the more make us discover great women. Rosemary Malign with an amazing opener in the pure Whitehouse style but with the female touch! Lisa & Naomi Totally with a violent power electronics track, Dolores Drewberry with a good ambient track, Candi Nook with a schizophrenic noise delirium, Anabel Lee (working also with Blood Axis) brings a great ferocious track of samples of dogs/wolves fight to illustrate "Lycanthropy", Mira Calix with a good experimental ambient track, Clara Clamp track with a first half based on voice samples mainly from answering machine and then fall into a great powerful rythmned track (making me thinking of Zeni Geva) with great vocals, Debra Petrovitch with a long wishpering torturous ambient noise based on 3 texts, Karen Thomas (member of Lockweld and Psywarfare) with a saturated noise distorted treatments, Betty Cannery is a furious power electronics with screams, Gaya Donadio with ultra saturated electronics loops, Maria Moran with an experimental noise electronics track, Frl. Tost with an excellent track with great sound sources and mixed vocals, Wendy Van Dusen with whispering sadistic track, Cat Hope with a great long rythmned tribal track made with chords tones looped together and concrete sounds, Diane Nelson with 2 short experimental noise tracks where vocals and balance are main raw material to melt into a strange mix. A great initiative with excellent appearance. To discover absolutely!


It is always difficult to review such a project as Whitehouse. First because you can not stay objective and then because I hate to explain why this new album still blasts continuously my ears! The things I can say is that they still progress at each release, with new ultra powerful electronics sounds or for William Bennett a new way of screaming their acid bile! Opener titletrack sets the album as a classic. "Public" is another great documents collection from Peter Sotos haunting obsessions. There is also a new version of "A cunt like you" which is definitely a master track. In the whole no justification just A MUST!


C/O R.Schimd, Schandweg 3, 89264 Weissenhorn, GERMANY.

PRAXIS DR BEARMANN, was an excellent label that has produced some masterpieces. TACTICAL task has benn very hard by taking the previous torch of the previous cult label. But It still strikes high with excellent releases. You will find here the reviews of the 2 last PDB releases and the new ones form TACTICAL.


This is the 2nd part of Statement Trilogy, in a ltd to 500 copies edition of 2Cd Studio & Live versions, packed in wooden handpainted covers & decorated with feathers & clay Knob. They‘re mixing industrial rhythms & Ethnic instruments. One CD is a studio version and the other one is a live version + 2 other tracks. Each track represent an element: air, water, fire, earth, etc… This work is based on tribal on concrete sounds of horns and percussions. This album is great soundtrack for your next raid of ecological terrorism action.


3 tracks from 97 recorded in the memory of a young 26 years old man. This CD mixing of metal concrete with dense noise walls. Harsh electronics treatments with live recording. Menacing drones with violent explosions and then a war machine soundtrack end. Great but not the best release from this American noise master.


This 11 tracks LP in heavy vinyl, is really excellent violent stuff. Intense and dense noise core with powerful vocals. Comparison with Con-Dom is unavoidable, and the spirit of Mike’s music and voice is not an easy comparison to gain. A big improvement on vocals and even tracks structures make this release one of the best in the recently outputs of power electronics. GET THIS ONE NOW!


This is the third and last part of the trilogy, coming in an excellent package: Oversized black box featuring 2 CD in cardboard sleeve, a poster with trilogy statements and some lyrics, and at last but not least a black flag with MILITIA cross. This 3rd part of Statement Trilogy, called: "The Black Flag Hoisted" involved people such as Bastard Noise, Trespassers W., Con-Dom, Idpa, etc… 2 additional percussionist joined the project. It is with no doubt a great proof of creativity through human being involvement in the music and thoughts. Anarchism, Eco-terrorism, Nature respect, Animal protection, many subject worthing a fight to which MILITIA composed its soundtrack. The result is an Amazing engaged work mixing tribal metal percussions, samples, flutes, chords, etc… A real powerful work with great vocals parts and strong statements through references to the Anarchists pillars such as Bakunin, Durutti, Kropotkin, or Proudhon. A MUST for the follower of "NI DIEU NII MAITRE"


A newcomer from Germany with a Lp in the pure vein of German power electronics. A special limited editon of 100 copies exist in Blue vinyl. The 9 tracks alternating the dark atmospheric parts nearly melancholic and aggressive ones with furious vocals. Dirk project is good newcomer in the young rising European power electronics generation!


Subtitled "A superior selection of Finest pure power electronics lovingly arranged for your delectation", this is a nice picture disc with a real cover. Inner sleeve has one page for each project. Phosgen concentrate on serial killers and mass genocide, whereas DJK focuses on sovietic propaganda. Both bring the statement of being "the witness of the decline of our dying culture". Even if both project first Lp was correct this split confirms their potential for the future. Phosgen sounds more saturated and harsher. During the 20 mintues that " operation death" lasts He will come with you to a trip into the world violent death. 5 great tracks with great vocals and cold electronics. A lot better than the first LP DJK has chosen a new direction towards ambient cold electronics during these 5 tracks. Unfortunately the inappropriate rythnmed structure of the track "need for a change" are confirmed by the crap last "dancy" awful pop track. Hope this was just a delirium. Anyway a n lp to get for Phosgen definitely!


P.O. Box 7150 WACO, TX 76714 USA

TAINT is known to be one of the most powerful and pervert act in the power electronics scene.

Replying on VD project Keith said "it is a collaboration with Sickness. He released it. We sent each other noise to process and edit, etc… VD was released by Ninth Circle Music / Sickness label. It is no longer available. Regarding a CD reissue of "Vicimology", keith comments "Remastered and broken up into separate tracks. No extra tracks, out hopefully by the end of the month in an edition of 50. "Victimology" is on BITEWORKS: my private CDR label. It will be the 4rth release. Other three releases are "TAINT/GOAT" Live in Houston LIM. TO 30 (out of print); TAINT "HARMED 2000" LIM. TO 30 OR SO; STRICT In preparation CDR LIM. TO 20 (out of print)".

TAINT Discography:

TAPES: PREY C-60 lim100 (first Taint entertainment release) / UNTIMELY SILENCE (Sounds for Consciousness Rape) re-issue of PREY with edited and live tracks / PIECE MEAL DISSECTION lim250 (Taint entertainment) / MYSOPHILIA lim27 / HUNTING FOR TONGUE (Taint entertainment) / STRANGE FEELING SHIT COMING (gross) / BAT lim50 (Stinky Horse fuckers aka Smell & Quim) / VICTIMOLOGY (rel. by Taint entertainment) / MYSOGINIST LUST (original rel. by Slaughter in LISTEN & DIE; re-rel. by Taint entertainment) / SAVAGE WEAPONS (OEC) / JUST MEAT (slaughter) / RRRECYCLED MUSIC (RRR) / Live 97 (rel. by Taint entertainment) lim20 / Human Skin Lanterns (Mother savage) collaboration with Macronympha / Sonic Sadist (side project) "Dog Love" .

EP: split with STRICT (Ajna 1001) / split with SMELL &QUIM (red stream RSR0105) / split with MSBR "acetate" lim66 (msbr) / WHEN YOU MEET A STRANGER (S.Abuse murder serie case history number 2 lim250) / HARMING OBSESSION (freak animal).

LP: INDECENT LIBERTIES (PDB TH02) lim199 come in a wire netting package with blood stains /

CD: WHOREDOM(PDB TH22) in an Ep cover/ PERVERSE (red stream RSR0133a) a part of the Box featuring Con-Dom & Smell and Quim / participation LISTEN & DIE (slaughter / see review) / daughter: VICTIMOLOGY 2 (freak animal CD006) come with blood stained shorts of young girl.

COMING SOON: VICE Lp on Self Abuse; NICOLE 12/TAINT- collaboration cd on Freak Animal (reissue of private cdr w/solo tracks by N12 & Taint).

Keith’s newsletter "Taste of Bile" is dead but he now works with ANJA on DESCENT mag.


This tape is featuring the already issued version on "Listen and die" released by Slaughter on one side and on the other side a remixed version of it plus extra tracks done one year after. Another great ultra violent power electronics based on "streetmeat"!


Finally Jeremy release a full length album of 7 tracks. If you are not familiar with his previous work, this one will blow your ears and tear your mind. He is making one of the most violent power electronics, not far from Taint in fact. And when you will hear once his demented vocals coming from the depth of his guts, then you will have a clearer image of what hatred, disgust, abhorence and violence are! A MUST!


C/O Klaus Jochim, Alte Poststrasse 39, Waldbuttelbaum 97297, GERMANY.

This German Project is one of the most reknowned sound explorer in the underground and managed by Klaus. I thought it was more than worthing to ask him some short questions.

How did this experience beguin?

Telepherique exists since 1989- but not as yet. I start creating sounds very experimental. Since 1991 (as I lived in the USA) I started with concept-work. Special thanks to Mathias Lang, Tears compilation and H.R.Fricker (A mail artist from Switzerland) and Rigobert Dittmann, who gave me many theoretical and practical innovations for my contents of work.

Why such a moniker?

Telepherique is a synonym to think of yourself, to knowledge yourself and other things like people, cultures, and the readiness to learn for the life, the readiness to change your mind, if it’s necessary and to forgive if I made a mistake. Telepherique is a synonym for a life with consciousness.

Klaus still provide great Industrial material since 1989. At that time he was beginning is label Drahtfunk Production. But since then He has stopped it.

Why have you ceased activities of Df P?

In October 1996 I stopped my label Drahftfunk-Products, because it was too much work for myself alone. Since that I have spent my time for Telepherique and work for different labels. My aim of Networking tourism is the same.

Klaus has a specific approach with his work Can you please express your work approach?

Besides the attempts to work out constructive and useful thoughts-concepts and discussion-areas. My work is often my mirror and a base of thoughts exchange. I am sure it is not spectacular. I will not create a fame about my person. I destroy it immediately. I am in the scene to talk with other artists and people about the modern problems and to learn from these their opinions and adjustment and the situation in theirs countries, cities…The music is the sign to start a contact and the forum for exchange and co-operation. For me It is more than fun, business,… It is a connection between different cultures, a connection between people who search the truth-a sense in their life."

With a split Lp with AUBE on Duebel "sample compositions", (check review) and other project in elaboration, Klaus is often working with other artists:

So there exist so many split-projects and friendship with artists all over the world. In the future I will continue this kind of work. Plans with Brume, K2, Aube, MSBR, and Contagious Orgasm exist. I want to create a mail-art-Orchestra!


[1989] C-46 "Zeitge Fühl" Draht Funk Product Rec. / [1990] C-46 "Existenz Trauma" Draht Funk Product Rec. / C-60 "Niederschlag" Draht Funk Product Rec. / C-46 "Aggression" Draht Funk Product Rec. / [1991] C-46 "1986" Irre tapes / C-60 "all tag" Red Neon Tapes / Split w/ De Fusuell C-90 Draht Funk Product Rec. + Fabriek Rec. / Split w/ Technistia C-46 "Kommunikation" Draht Funk Product Rec. / [1992] Split w/ De Fusuell C-90 "Apocalypse – money falls" Draht Funk Product Rec. / Split w/ S.core C-60 "result of mail art 92" Draht Funk Product Rec. / Split w/ Brume Draht Funk Product Rec. / Split w/ Kapotte Muziek Draht Funk Product Rec. / Split w/ Etats des stocks Draht Funk Product Rec. / C-46 "Music in pictures" Play Loud / C-46 "Treacherous idyls" SPH / [1993] C-46 "Bewegung" Draht Funk Product Rec./ Split w/ De Fusuell LP "D-W-Z" Draht Funk Product Rec. / Split w/ MSBR EP "Amalgam" MSBR Rec. / C-60 "Wegenlogisheit" Prion Tapes / C-46 "Herbstgefhüle" Tears Compilation / C-46 "Sound object" Ant-Zen / C-60 "Noise generator" Draht Funk Product Rec. / [1994] C-46 "chaos theory" Gross / Split w/ Mub Drum C-60 "Mush our" Liquid harsh / Split w/ MSBR C-60 "crepleundeste leichen" Draht Funk Product Rec. / Split w/ Thirdorgan C-46 "kuzotu stillaven" Draht Funk Product Rec. / C-60 "180°" Draht Funk Product Rec. live in essenhalen with C.C.C.C. / Split w/ Brume & Tesandalo LP "Tryptichow" on Draht Funk Product Rec. / CD "Licht + Schaten" Ant-Zen / LP + Video "Kein Teil Deiser welt" L’A Production + Draht Funk Product Rec. / Split w/ MSBR & Contagious Orgasm LP "Contact #1" Draht Funk Product Rec. / Split w/ AUBE Picture EP "dasein spanne" Ant-Zen / [1996] CD "Transzendenz" Noise Museum / Split w/ Tesandalo LP "Natur Naht" Noise Museum / C-46 "Lubjanka" Noise / [1997] CD "V=S/t" Ant-Zen / CD "Indian summer" Noise Museum / CD "Zeit des endes" Les Disques Bruitistes / Split w/ One Dark Eye Solipsism / Split w/ Maeor Tri EP "Simulations Welten" Rendez vous Radikal / [1998] Split w/ Brume LP Düebel / Split w/ Ultra Milkmaids 10" Rendez vous Radikal / C-60 "Zeit in Farkt" Liquid Harsh live in essen hall / Split w/ AUBE LP "Sampel composition" Düebel / [1999] Split Lp with AUBE on Dürbel (check review)….


Gralsstr. 8, 68199 Manheim GERMANY.

No need to present the most famous label in the current industrial scene. Its popularity is increasing as they have now included a specific distribution service for some labels/bands such as DEATH IN JUNE, FIRE & ICE. The latest releases have been: Throbbing Gristle "dimensia in excelsis" Lp [T038], German project APOPTOSE "Nordland" CD [T041], STURMOVIK "Feldweihe" LP [T042], KRAANG "Uro (1981-1983) LP [T043].

The future releases should be Con-Dom DLP/7" set, Grey Wolves "Division" CD, Operation Cleansweep "JerUSAlem" MLp, Anenzephalia Lp, Anenzephalia "Fragments of demise" CD re-issue of the RRR Lp (on Functional), Dieter Müh Lp, Genocide Organ "Remember" DCD (updated), Genocide Organ LP, Propergol "Renegade" CD, Yoris Ondera "Disease of Rectum LP.


Once again Anenzephalia proves their talent with this excellent Mini LP of cold Power electronics in pure German style. 4 tracks powerful even if they are in the usual atmospheric tone. Side B is nevertheless, harsher with 2 great tracks "A tribute" and "Final Pulse". Definitely one of the leader in the genre. Buy!


Frankly speaking I think that this release do not worth your interest. The artwork and the music are just a plagia of the other French project LES JOYAUX DE LA PRINCESSE. There were indeed some relations between these 2 people. Anyway the whole lack of maturity and originality. Even the opener with the "Adagio" from Albinoni arrangement sounds like a bad soundtrack to try to make us cry, but at the end I laugh! Hopefully 2nd side is better but definitely lack of originality. You have to find your own way!


Excellent surprise to hear a very interesting newcomer from the US in a very specific field. Experimental music all along these 7 great tracks soundtracking the urban life in New York. Really interesting concept and release mixing atmospheric with various direct recordings. An excellent original release far from many clichés.


A new Lp for this well known German power electronics act. 10 tracks are featured in this great album, which provide high range of the typical genre. Statements are strong and music incisive. Definitely recommended to listeners into units like Genocide Organ, Soldnergeist and Anenzephalia. Buy!


This is the second CD from this French project, coming in a A5 format sleeve. I do not know his previous release, but this one is quite good. Not very original as it is powerful dark atmospheric with good voice samples , vocals and some electronics. This will be surely appeal to dark vultures of the night.


This is the long awaited 3rd release of the leader of the German scene. The packaging is once again amazing with a book type gatefold cover. It not only features the last Lp but also the re-issue of their first album "Leichenlinie" as a CD. This new work is in the normal progression way of these influential guys. Except the great opener "Harmony" that reset G.O. as godfathers of cold Power electronics with powerful structure and vocals, the rest of the LP is more ambient. Constructing their typical cold power atmospheric with original sound source, 4 tracks have been set on John Murphy’s raw material. Loops and hypnotic tracks are assembled in an intelligent manner, and made once again this project one of the best current ones.


TESCO sub-label has released No festival of light "officina gentium vagina nationum" 2nd CD [013].


A very dark ambient release for this side project of German project SKALP. This CD is definitely under the sign of water. Depressive sub aquatic music, very dark and mournful. A good surprise and at the end a great release.


S. Rukavina, postfach 310222, 34058 kassel, GERMANY.

This label is preparing NOTRE DOMICILE EST L’EUROPE 4CDs + one 7". This will be limited to 150 copies and when possible it will be 5 different vinyl colours (each limited to 30 copies!!!). It will also include the book DIE GOLDENE HOCHZEIT DES SCHMERZES wich is a thriller with douglas p., albin julius, boyd rice, angelo bergamini in the main roles (???). Up to now these groups send or will send their songs for the compilation: 7": stalingrad, kirlian camera, axon neuron/vagwa, CDs: anonymous:twentieth century, no festival of light/sator absentia, spiritual front, fremdheit, melek-tha, bakterielle infektion, oraison, trylok, lady morphia, kirlian camera,werkraum, axon neuron/vagwa, egoades, sektion einheit, natural faith project, 4th sign of the apocalypse, the sword volcano complex, fear, osvit, orion, bleiburg, s.r.p., ostara, sturmkind, cadaverous condition, velebitski vukovi, gregorio bardini, von thronstahl, the soil bleeds back, in my rosary, clockwork death, leger des heils, werewolf castle, this morn omnia, westwind, la reine noir, anima in fiamme, socrates wounded, inu-yaroh. It will be ready around summer this year.


C/O G.X. Jupitter Larsen, 1355 46th Ave, San Francisco CA 94122-1112, USA.


"voice of victory" next CD on Self Abuse.

[NOISOPOLY] Manon Anne Gillis and G.X. Jupitter Larsen EP [NOP03]

This Ep features 2 tracks from 94/95 performed by both artists. I think this Ep is a very good mixture of the 2 particular sounds of these underground activists. A very good osmosis of the internal "feminine" Gillis work and the powerful tough noise of the wrestler that Jupitter is. Delicate somatic sounds and plucking mastered by the destructive noise. Percussive loop of broken glass, chains, and deep drums. Excellent but unfortunately too short. Get this one NOW! I take the opportunity to ask Jupitter about this collaboration work: "Doing the collaboration with Manon Anne Gillis confirmed for me that the least likely unions bring out the best results. It is my favourite collaboration, as well as one of my very best releases. The fact is my discography would not be complete without a collaboration with Manon Anne Gillis! In 1994 I had sent her a tape with some of my sounds to do with as she liked. She had final-edit. I told her to do whatever she wanted. I knew she would do something great. It was going to be part of a compilation, but when I got the track back from her, I enjoyed it so much that I had to do another track with her so I could release them as a record. Again she had final-edit. It took me a few years to come up with the cash to get it out, but now it's done. I'm very happy with it". And so we are!


C/O Magnus Sundström, Nybohovsbacken 43:232, 117 64 Stockholm. SWEDEN.

Some comments about this act which has a CD out on CMI 65 "a rebours". Magnus says: "I created music under the name third EYE since 1994, but changed to The protagonist in 1996 when I discovered another band with the same name. The reason for the name is that it’s a song by Dead Can Dance and they are one of my favourite project. I have been working on a more industrial side project, which I will have material for an album. Also I will finish the next Each Dawn I Die album soon together with Marten Kellerman. After that I will begin the next Protagonist release."


PO BOX 12011 402 41 Göteborg SWEDEN.

No recent news from this label, which back catalogue includes: Igloo-002 Compilation Disco-Mortem 3x7 Ltd to 750 copies with Grey Wolves / No Festival of light/ Macronympha / Hands To C.C.C.C./Merzbow. Igloo-003 Brainbombs "Obey" CD. Igloo-004 Killer Bug "Cunt explosion" 7" ltd to 500 Copies. Igloo-005 P2 "Blunt" LP Copies. Igloo-006 Endless smile ten to hope CD ltd to 500. Igloo-007 Aube "Dazzle Reflexion" CD ltd to 500. Igloo-008 Endless Smile "undone" CD ltd to 750. Igloo-010 Origami Replika/ Merzbow "Kommerz, Merzbow in the hands of O.R.".


Box 333 145-149Cardigan Rd, Leeds LS6 1LJ UK

This is also the contact address of the great english project of strange music: COSMONAUTS HAIL SATAN.

COLOSSUS "Palace of colossus"Tape [VIRC0001]

Unfortunately I do not have many information regarding this project. Very interesting tape of saturated electronic based on infra-bass structure beats. 5 promising tracks of electronic hammering with catchy rhythms. The whole is sounding like a dynamic electro-bulldozer. This original power noise will guarantee a tough impact on man’s ears. A deserving work to check out now!


2605 San Carlos Ave., San Carlos CA 94070 USA.

NOISE DILDOS Love Pussy Tape LIM23

This is the second release of this collaboration project between M.150 & TVG. This one is the "SM & Punishment" tape from M.150 remixed by VG. It comes in a nice package made of plastic box and blue cardboard/paper one. A side tracks a very linear with constant vibrating noise. Second side is better with ambient noise and loops manipulations.


C/O Gintas Kraptavicius, Pasiennieciu 18, LT - 4520 Marijampole, LITHUANIA.

Since 1997 in the evening of the Wednesdays from 22.00 till 24.00 on Radio Station "KAPSAI" FM 100,20 MHz there is an Industrial Radio Show " THE WAYS AND MISTAKEN PATHWAYS " (check: Its director Gintas Kraptavicius is also doing a group MODUS: (check:


26 Cloverhill Ave. Dundas, ON L9H 2P2 Canada.

Label/distribution from Richard the founder of ORPHX. distributing the Focus 23 CD "a snake in the glade" ($11 exc.p. p.), described as "glacial ambient minimalism & gradual sound manipulation". No news regarding the re-issuing on CD by Cat’s Heaven of tape "Obsession & Progress" (BloodLust!). Orphx will appear at the maschinenfest festival this year in october in Germany.


C/O Xavier Laradji 3 vieux chemin du muret 31270 Villeneuve-Tolosane FRANCE.

Xavier has appeared during the Slogun show at the Deadly Actions festival, and as also participated to the future 2nd CD of Bloodyminded. Xavier has released 3 excellent zines under the name of TIMELESSS: the first one was dedicated to the American scene of power electronics with interviews of DEATHPILE, TAINT, WOE IS ME, HYDRA, SLOGUN, SKIN CRIME. The 2nd one was dedicated to WHITEHOUSE. And Timeless n°3 was about Peter SOTOS. All 3 were excellent, ltd to 100 with 2 versions English/French, but also great artworks, including Trevor Brown & real laser copies of photos. Unfortunately they are sold out now. The SOTOS issue even had as a cover a Trevor Brown drawing specifically design for the occasion! A brilliant item to get absolutely! Next 3 Timeless issues should be 1 special True Crime Electronics with Bloodyminded + Intrinsic Action as well as some features, mostly graphic ones from Slogun and Deathpile. Another issue based on painter Antoine Bernhart and finally one special "On the Prowl" based on writings dealing with the "prowling". Write now for pre-ordering the excellent future works!


C/O Michel Comte 49 rue marcadet 75018 Paris FRANCE.

After a N°5 with Ep, here’s a N°6 (30FF) with CD!! TNT is still an excellent zine, featuring delirious artworks, interviews, & text, around Techno & Industrial (written in French). Definitely creative & deranged! To the same address you can contact Michel who also runs a distr.-list La Diabootik! (All zines N° 1,2,3,4,5 against 15FF p.p.). N° 006 CD is featuring 16 tracks from experimental music (some are quite interesting) to hardcore techno from which I am not too fond of.


Kopenhagener Str 14. 10437 Berlin GERMANY.

This great label run by Daniel has made many releases. I was wondering where do this strange moniker was coming from? And Daniel replies: "it’s hebrew language and refers to a plan parts of the "jewish brigades" planned after 2nd world war. I don’t want to talk too much about it!". Like those who got the opportunity to receive the post card from T.A. showing a naked male with a pierced tit, I was wondering if there was a special meaning behind it: but Daniel denies it: "It was part of a picture I made of a friend of mine Jûrgen from "Rendez-vous Radikal" Records. About one year ago there was a low budget gay porno he played in. The picture I made during a break. So the postcard is mostly about fun and a cool memory!". I wonder what have been the reactions face to this postcard, and If Daniel was an activist of the gay community? "No, I’m not involved in any "gay-movement". I can’t notice any movement of a gay-community, it now seems to be as dead as the "students-movement"

Regarding the different acts and the amount of releases on Tochnit Aleph.: you will understand why it has become fastly a trade mark to count with, all the more the packaging are always original and made with quality. The very limited edition from each release often end in a fast "sold-out" case. This high limitation imposes to contact Daniel for reserving them, with one copy for each customer (no speculation), and even for some releases no distribution outside Tochnit Aleph.

Some release from their back catalogue have been:

[TA004] DACHISE SUGAR PATH / EAGER EP LIM300 This Ep from this English well known project is coming in a cardboard box cover with inserts and printed in white vinyl. The featured texts dealing with love and pop are worthing you reading! ’97 material of succession of silent and ultra noise. It is linear and continuous low frequencies vibrations for the 1rst track. And 2nd one is more a noise cut ups sequence with some very strong harsh parts. [TA005] COLUMN ONE THX-1138 PIC12" MLP 2 live C-60, I have to admit that I do not know much about the huge and colossal works that these Berliners (who are good friends from Daniel)have done so far. Anyway I find this one as a strange experimental mix of atmospheric tone with different direct live recordings layers and some voice samples cut offs. [TA007] ASTRO M.S.G. OF ELECTRONICS WAVE LP LIM50. Excellent Lp from side project of C.C.C.C. first 50 copies comes in a box, second edition of 50 is coming in white vinyl. Based on continuous frequencies layers modulations, this album is really promising. 1rst side is really great noise vibrations improvisation but not in the typical cut off way. It is in fact more linear with good progression. 2nd side is harsher and more dynamic, nearer from the usual Japnoise but still with its own feeling that makes this release an essential work for Noisters! [TA008] NID TAM-STAD/ EJ TARM-STAD TAPE. 1rst edition of the 70 copies from NID C-60, comes with a free CD. This project from 2 members from FEINE TRINKERS BEI PINKELS DAHEIM, plus one more member from Basel / Switzerland. [TA011] DOG NO BITCH IN SEASON CD-R. According to Daniel "DOG are a really weird and strange Noise-group from California, with metals, screamings, feedbacks and sometimes really destroyed Noise-"Rock" things. So far DOG have released a 7" on Stomach Ache (Mexico) and a 7" and a Cd on Detector (USA). They also have a lock-groove on RRR500 Lp". [TA013] DACHISE IMBECILES IN LOVE CD-R. This English project CD comes in a limited to 100 copies cardboard-box like the 7", all signed and numbered. Featuring great tracks mixing Noise cut-ups or powerful concrete sounds. [TA015] DACHISE/APHASIA FIRST CD-R . The re-release of a split-tape from APHASIA/DACHISE. Originally done in 1995 on Bi-Polar Records (UK), It is not identical with Aphasia/Dachise split Cd on Realization Records (USA), lim to 100. [TA016] JOHN WATERMANN NEUROTIC JESUS CASH BOY CD-R . Brisbane, Australia’s composer JOHN WATERMANN "Neurotic Jesus Cash Boy" CD lim to 90 copies, all signed with special cover/package.

Recent releases have been so far: [TA027] ASTRO " Bio-Galaxy " CD; [TA029] Dave Phillips " III+ " CD; [TA030] K2 " Oogonia "' CD-R; [TA031] MONO " T- 11 " CD; [TA032] EVIL MOISTURE " Blood Sauce " 3"CD; [TA033] hANATARASH / EB.eRSONNA / R&G " TiefpuNk " 12" Vinyl EP TA Punk Series Volume Two with Eye.

Forthcoming release will be : [TA034] POP Album LP, collaboration works by Peter Rehberg (aka Pita) and Zbigniew Karkowski ; [TA035] ASTRO Resonance Universe CD the third T-Aleph release by this great Japanese project; [TA036] NORI NORI DAISUKE LP; [ ] the digitariat forthcoming release in the punk serie.

In plans is a FEAR OF GOD 12" release Check feature of Dave Phillips in Schimpfluch-Gruppe file. FOG is an old & legendary Grind Core band. For the release Dave will rework & -edit the complete catalogue! Daniel is also a member from OHNE. In Autumn 2001 OHNE will tour in Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Netherlands, Poland and Russia. It is a collaboration unit of Dave Phillips, Reto Mäder, Tom Smith and Daniel Löwenbrück. For this period the Tochnit Aleph HQ will be closed. Check the Ohne website!

* The long delayed Compilation "UNRESTAINED PASSION" 3lp set with Con-Dom, Grey Wolves, Column one, Maeror Tri, Dachise, & one more, so each a side, (this work is a tribute to SPK ideas & illness in general).

TOUCH/ASH International

You can also check on the same label the HAZARD (ex-Morthond) LP+CD set "Wood/filed/bridge", as well as CD "North".


One of the latest CD from Daneil Menche, Before his period of inactivity. The American famous concrete and somatic music artist. No Cover, only a strange mask is printed on the CD itself, remembering Japanese No theatre character. Musically what more can be said on the prolific talentuous artist? I would say that like many of his release I buy them blindly and enjoy their listening whether with specific attention or to come with other activities such as reading. Once again, and it is not negative, Daniel succeeds in a great release of 7 tracks.


12 Place des Bruyeres, 27800 Aclou, FRANCE.

Association with a Noise Rock Zine reaching N°9 from 68 pages (18F p.p.), featuring Kill the Thrill, Dirter, The Young Gods,.and some EP (25FF p.p;) with another association FBWL.


C/O Stefan Hanser, Bleicherstr.16, 88212 Ravensburg, GERMANY.

Stefan Hanser runs the label Transfixional, which has released so far:

Tarkatak / Anemone Tube: split cd [fix010, tp050] lim300 (12.5$). Brume: "hysterical" cd [fix 009] lim250 (13$). Fragmented: "the emotion, finally" cd [fix 008] lim280 (13$). Sor Zor Sya: tape c-33 [fix 007] lim150 (4$). Brume / Wurzelbewusstsein: "le trou dans l`eau/traumbeisetzung" split tape c-50 [fix 006] lim150 (5$). Anemone Tube: "Lowers of reality" 10" [fix004] lim318 ($7.5). Anemone Tube / Yggdrasil: "wald" split & collaboration tape c-50 [fix 003] lim150 copies (4$). Anemone Tube / Hunger: split tape c-40 [fix 001] lim150 (3$).

There is also a Sublabel Will-O-The-Wisp for Videos [Wisp003] "The evolution of the mutant species" is a compilation in collaboration with Suggestion Records. It features Dunkelheit, Jeniger Film, Maeror Tri, Azazel Butech, Contagious Orgasm, Das Grosse Fressen, Fear Movement, The Earwigs, Militia, Napalmed, Deep, Minch, Dissecting Table, The Haters, Pissed Off Orgasm, D.a.r.k., Disumana Res, Seven Minutes of Nausea and Morhoe. Ltd edition of 300 copies [$14].

Check also THIRST FOR BLOOD "Episode #43 "The Rabbit" The Butcher’s Manual CD-Rom lim75 ($12) come in a great packaging with a meathook and a defined "eat by date". This CD-Rom show a great interactive way to prepare a Rabbit. Bloody and disgusting It has been done by Stefan who is currently making some studies in Informationdesign.

I have always been impressed by German act: ANEMONE TUBE. Stefan through his releases really developps his own sound. Whether the "Forget heaven" a C-50 tape on Bawler productions (btp 015), or the "flowers of reality" 10" lp on Transfixional [fix 004], or the recent "Existence" CD on Auf Abwegen. The well structured power noise works create a dark atmosphere inviting the listener to inner mind introspection journey. Sounds are pulsating, from manipulations to deep depressing soundscapes or powerful brutal noise parts. Other releases from ANEMONE TUBE unfortunately not reviewed here are : "Forget Heaven/Angel Falls" Dbl. CDR on (Solipsism); split Ep with Tender Love "Tenderanemonelovetube" on (Inner space rec. isr008); "Allegories for the future" C-54 (Loud!); "inflicted domain" split Tape c-60 with Tender Love on (Inner space rec. isr005)

ANEMONE TUBE "flowers of reality" 10" Lp [fix 004] LIM318 (9$)

This is the 1rst vinyl release of this excellent German newcomer. It features 3 tracks: 1rst one is an alternance of pulsating drums with electronics manipulations, and harsh noise. Track 2 is a water ambient introspective trip soundtrack. 3rd track is a more old school industrial tune with noise tools. Definitely a well structured power-noise to watch out! Try this!


P.O. BOX 6254 / South Bend, IN / 46660 USA.

This American label is the H.Q. of great guy Michell Altum aka LAW. Eric and Erica are also working with him on this label. Regarding the label Mitchell comments: "I continue to perform all the graphics, website, and technical duties for the audio labelI'm a partner in Triumvirate. About a month ago I was in Chicago to see a live performance by Troum and VoS. VoS who is the solo project of Steve Hall from Yen Pox, and Triumvirate will be releasing his first full length CD "Veil of Secrecy" this summer. You can view the Triumvirate site at:".

What are your future plans? "Well, Triumvirate's first release of 2001 was the new DISSECTING TABLE disc "Memories". Next will be "Control Agents" by Geomatic, from The Netherlands -- dark and unsettling rhythms. Sounding somewhat like the music one might imagine drifting from the centipede meat merchant stalls and shadowy doorways of William S. Burroughs' "Interzone", the CD examines the artists' preoccupation with themes of mental manipulation by utilizing hypnotic, esoteric rhythms and unsettling, paranoia inducing atmospheres. Despite delays caused by printing problems, and the recent, painful personal loss experienced by the two band members, we're now bringing this first full length Geomatic CD to the wider audience it deserves.Also slated for 2001 will be a collaboration between Nothing and Michael Hensley of Blood Box/Yen Pox. There's the previously mentioned VoS CD, and towards the end of the year we'll be releasing a disc of harsh, driving power rhythms by Radial from the US. Triumvirate has branched out into online distribution of music, featuring a diverse selections of artists, all at very reasonable prices".


Regarding LAW After their first LP on Ant-zen "Pariah among the outcasts", there was a quiet time for this American project. But it was calm before the storm has no less than 3 albums have been released since then. "Wading knee-deep in your blood" on Old Europa Café, "Vindications and contempt" and "our life through your death…" on Triumvirate. "The Black Lodge" on Nuit et Brouillard will be the final Law release. From there I will be constructing music under a different title. Later this year there will be new Law interviews in Manuel Bauduin's magazine (France), and Aversion Online".


I really like the artwork from this one, red and black are the dominant colors with photographs of a gun stained with blood. "the ruger 357 Magnum revolver is the pistol my younger brother used to commit suicide" says the inner cover. The 9 tracks from ’96 material, are lasting 68 minutes and have been mastered by Thomas Dimuzio. One track has been inspired by Dr Randall Phillip (remember Extermination Zone book?). This album is tormented dark music with noise parts, orchestrations, reverbs and echoes. Many influences with difference parts depicting extreme moods. An album that sounds personal and true, released in pain. Check this one!


This is the last album from Law for the moment. It features some 1997 material. During 8 tracks Law is still following their exploration of dark and oppressive music with echoes orchestration. This album sounds really like a upset frustration delivered in a sulphuric blast. Not that aggressive but really full of hatred. A Journey into the dark landscapes of a tormented mind.


2590 Durant Ave#240, Berkeley CA 94706, USA.

C/o Phil Blankenship P.O. Box 4055 Berkeley CA 94704-0055. USA

This is a very very active new American label which brings many new-comers. Check the long list of his release whether deleted, available or forthcoming items:

Deleted items:

[TRO-01] LeftHandedDecision- without life C-60 lim48 ; [TRO-02] Azoikum- Global Hate C-60 lim20 ; [TRO-03] Petit Mal- desperation and the flaws that accompany/hourglass sand C-90 lim50 ; [TRO-04] Impaxis/LeftHandedDecision- mock motion/powertripping C-20 lim50 ; [TRO-05] Driving By Braille- 1999 C-17 lim100 ; [TRO-06] Exercise in Disgust- Ashes to Ashes C-60 lim50 ; [TRO-07] Narbenerde- bring me the head of leonardo dicaprio C-60 lim50 ; [TRO-08] Narbenerde/LeftHandedDecision- split 7" lim200; [TRO-09] The Violet Grind/Cipher Utopia/The End - split C-60 lim50 ; [TRO-10] LeftHandedDecision- Bascombination C-17 lim13 ; [TRO-11] Grimes- The Infernal Machinations of Hell's Grim Tyrant C-60 lim50 ; [TRO-12] Driving By Braille- reissue on 40th St C-30 lim100 ; [TRO-13] Gruntsplatter - Pest Maiden 7" lim250 ; [TRO-13B] Gruntsplatter - Pest Maiden C-60 available with the first 50 copies of TRO-13 ; [TRO-14] Xenium - Center CD-R lim25 ; [TRO-15] 4 Flies on Grey Velvet - Accidental Goat Sodomy C-60 lim50 ; [TRO-16] fp - ultraviolet CDR lim50 ; [TRO-17] MOZ- Zastuon C-30 lim50 ; [TRO-18] stolen light/petit mal split C-60 lim50 ; [TRO-19] stolen light - never set me free, redheaded goddess C-30 lim50 ; [TRO-21] lefthandeddecision - cracked electroniks C-60 lim33 ; [TRO-23] Baal- Selections For Biblical Studies And Multiple Orgasms LP lim80 ; [TRO-26] Odal/Teashop Madman- split C-60 lim50 ; [TRO-27] Ovum- plastic passion C-45 lim100 ; [TRO-28] petit mal/lefthandeddecision - split C-22 lim20 ; [TRO-29] covert operator- posh spice is my favorite C-60 lim50 ; [TRO-33] Sleeping with the Earth/Big Tex- live radio collaboration C-90 lim50 ; [TRO-48/TFV-01] mab-pro- schneid acetate 10" lim2 ; [TRO-49] control- live at troniksfest 2 CDR lim30.

Available items :

[TRO-20] Depth of Beyond Compilation C-70 + C-60 lim197 ; [TRO-30] Sleeping With The Earth/Combat Astronomy- split CD lim500 ; [TRO-32] StillStand- Ordnung CDR lim80 ; [TRO-34] Sult/Luftkanone- split C-20 lim100 ; [TRO-35] flaw/mab-pro- split C-20 lim100 ; [TRO-36] Sickness/neverpresenceforever- split C-20 lim100 ; [TRO-37] Comforter- The Maiming Machine C-60 lim50 ; [TRO-44] lather/big tex- split C-20 lim100 [TRO-46] marax/DMSO- split C-20 lim100 ; [TRO-47] conure/lhdswte- split C-20 lim100 ; [TRO-61] feverdreams/lefthandeddecision- split 7" lim202 ; [TRO-69] azoikum- cunt CD lim482.

Forthcoming items :

[TRO-22] Rectal Surgery- live transmission + more CD lim500 ; [TRO-24] R4/lefthandeddecision split C-60 lim50 ;[TRO-25] In Death's Throes- natural selections CDR lim100 ; [TRO-31] Foboff- Manufactured Romance CDR lim40 ; [TRO-38] Moz/Sore Throat- split C-20 lim100 ; [TRO-39] eeyow karoom/iron man avenga- split C-20 lim100 ; [TRO-40] folkstorm/lefthandeddecision- split CD lim490 ; [TRO-41] Drool- KILL USELESS PEOPLE LP lim300 ; [TRO-42] guilty connector/ames sanglantes- split CDR lim100 ; [TRO-43] Moz/Merzbow/Thurston Moore- split LP lim500 ; [TRO-45] nitrous flesh/gerritt- split C-20 lim100 ; [TRO-50] gruntsplatter/control- live LP lim300 ; [TRO-51] gruntsplatter/lefthandeddecision/moz/IFAU- split 8" lim50 ; [TRO-52] winquist/virtanen / jonas lindgren- split C-20 lim100 ; [TRO-53] navicon torture technologies- nature's violent overthrow CDR lim40 ; [TRO-54] lackthrow- immaculate dissection C-60 lim50 ; [TRO-55] Lockweld- Cesspool Orison LP lim300 ; [TRO-56] Sickness- tba cdr lim100 ; [TRO-57] mab-pro ? ; [TRO-58] jorge castro/jonas lindgren- split CDR lim100 ; [TRO-59/TFV-02] control- pleasures of rape 7" acetate lim10 ; [TRO-60] luftkanone- tba CD lim500 ; [TRO-62] diktat- 7" lim300 ; [TRO-63] aluminum noise- tba CD lim500 ; [TRO-64] lefthandeddecision/R4- split 7" lim250 ; [TRO-65] karen thomas- tba CD lim500 ; [TRO-66/TFV-03] gruntsplatter- tba 7" acetate lim10 ; [TRO-67/TFV-04] sleeping with the earth- KATADESMOS 7" acetate lim10 ; [TRO-68] john wiese/lefthandeddecision- split 7" lim400 ; [TRO-70] END TRANSMISSION.


This Split CD between both American project is a good illustration of the pros and cons of split release: Pros it is a good way to present and to give the chance to newcomers. Cons: when you like a lot one project but don’t get too much into the other, you would have wish a dedicated mini-cd rather. Sleeping with the earth sounds like a revelation to me all along these greta 5 tracks. It is excellent electro-organic noise, with loops and structures in the way of early Daniel menche stuffs meeting BDN for the violence of the assaults and Deutsch Nepal for the rhythm creation. Excellent! Now regarding Combat astronomy’s 8 tracks of atmospheric noise, I find it too various and sometimes it lacks of more research in the composition. Anyway for Sleeping with the earth you have to get this one!


C/O Ignasi Tura, Apartament 90.041, 08080 Barcelona, SPAIN.

In previous issue I am sure that you remember this strange spanish project with alarm clocks. As I wanted to now more about it, I have contacted Ignasi for some questions:

What has motivated you to do the alarm clock project?

Perhaps the idea to do something musical, concreting into obsessive and brutal material. Most of the project's initial crew never did anything similar before. Another reason was to develop the initial idea, a curious one, that made us think about doing a record based in the use of alarm-clocks. Alarm-clocks grouped and into action have an interesting rhythmic structure.

Can you tell us more about your future plans as an underground activist?

I cannot say much. I'm and I've been since August 2000 totally trapped with work. During this time I've done just some rehearsals, regarding a new album that just will use the sounds of a shower. I still have an interest, but there are no guarantees at all that anything will be released. Ah, the P.O. Box will be closed at the end of 2001. You can still reach me in my email address. The next record is a more than a little bit delayed due to organisation problems. At the time, l don't want to state a date of release, because we want to do it much better than in the previous tape, in terms of production, composition and format to put in (CD would be interesting). The next record will not be improvisational. The main basis will be the sound of a shower, and I will sing in Catalan. Actually, I don't have much more to say, because VBJJCETIT is not our principal cultural effort, but writing, specially VB and me. Apart, I have became quite disenchanted with the noise scene, So l am not very active at the moment. A track "la caiguda, dels déus (primera part) : (the fall of the gods –first part)" by Christopher Hill (lson) sung by me will appear in a compilation CD by the Argentinean Planeta X label []Planeta X, Alvear 1079, Rosario, Santa Fe, 2000, Argentina. Http://]. Apart, l've done a nice and deranged web-page regarding my muse Rei Ayanami.

Discography: Victor Bustos i lgnasi Tura: Rehearsal VIII-1997, V.B., J.J.C., I.T.: Rehearsal X-1997, 1 in a Scrotum Records compilation (still unreleased), V.B., J.J.C., D., I.T: Mort en ocelleries absolutes (death in absolute bird shops). In "the rain of fish" asplit eye records compilation, V.B., J.J.C., D., E.T., I.T: composiçio per a despertadors (composition for alam clocks) tape.


Viola Stephane, 24 rue Jean Mace, 76140 Le Petit Quevilly, FRANCE

Here is a young French Label run by Stephane. He has released already a MAEROR TRI CD "Venenum". These are 9 tracks re-issued of the original tape from Aufdiofile tapes. It comes in a limited edition of 200 copies and it is available for $14 post paid.

The forthcoming plan are a LP picture from MELEK THA and a compilation which will feature MELEK THA, MILITIA, SCLOSS TEGAL, MARUTA KOMMAND, CATHARSIS, FOLKSTORM.

I have been a little bit curious to know why Stephane started his label, and his answer was more than interesting: "Regarding the creation of the label, well it existed since October 1999. It’s an idea I have had since a long time but because of the lack of motivation or apprehension did not rise. Its materialization came from the fact that I was looking for a specific release which was in fact "Venenum" from Maeror Tri. The only existing format for this album was tape. One day I finally found one copy of it but as I used to play it over and over, the tape jammed into my recorder. So I was back to the start of this story! At this time I realize it was time for me to release this one by myself. I have then contacted the band to ask them if they would accept that I re-issue it on CD and to my surprise they have accepted. They thought it was a good idea and let me have a free hand on its releasing. Another record with MAEROR TRI was planned but it is currently stopped for now. Another possible release can be the collaboration LP between MELEK THA and NAXZUL from Australia. So here was the whole story of ÜNE, quite short but I have only started it!" Let say good luck to Stephane and support such initiative!


C/O Stefan Widman, Augarstenstr.88, 76137 karlsruhe, GERMANY

This is a "defunct" German label run by Stefan, who is also the man behind of the harsh noister AIZOKUM and the great structured noise unit NARBENERDE. I thought It was a good opportunity to remind what was the label discography: VERBRANNTE ERDE PRODUCTIONS: [ERD001] AZOIKUM In Memorium CD-R (lim10); [ERD002] CHARLES BASCOMB / STEFAN WIDMANN "M" Split C-60 (lim50); [ERD003] NARBENERDE Krebsgeschwuer in den Gedaermen der Gesellschaft C-60 (lim50); [ERD004] NARBENERDE M.A.D. CD-R (lim25); [ERD005] MADNESS INCARNATE 1 compilation C-90 (lim100) featuring Victim Kennel, Warcom, Lefthandeddecision, Lupo Di Ghiaccio, Grunt, Gruntsplatter, Azoikum, Charles Bascomb, The Violet Grind, Origami replika, Aut, Hirntod, CPI, Ecclesiastical Scaffolding, Suspicion Breeds Confidence, Nacht und Nebel, Odal, Worldhate; [ERD006] SUPERNATURAL THEATRE 10 Pfund pro Woche! CD-R (lim75); [ERD007] LEERE Consume Psychosis C-60 (lim50); [ERD008] PAGE 27/ODAL Split C-60 (lim50); [ERD009] LEERE Synapsenchaos CD-R (lim50); [ERD010] NARBENERDE God Bless Phil Blankenship! CD-R (lim1); [ERD011] NORBERT LENSKI/NARBENERDE Split C-60 (lim50 + lim. CD-R vers. 10); [ERD012] THE VIOLET GRIND/ORANGE JESUS Split C-60 (lim50); [ERD013] RECTAL SURGERY / NARBENERDE Rektalnarben Split CD-R (Lim100); [ERD014] MOZ / GOVERNMENT ALPHA Split CD-R (Lim100); [ERD015] AUT Fluor CD-R (Lim100); [ERD016] BAAL species 23 CD-R (Lim100).

[EXHUMED SERIES] [EXH001] OTAKU MAJIME Propaganda CD-R (lim50); [EXH002] LEFTHANDEDDECISION - Lost Creations CD-R (lim50); [EXH-003] AZOIKUM Dead Bundy/The Worst Of Azoikum CD-R (lim100)

Stefan kindly reply to some quick questions:

Can you confirm me if Azoikum has ceased activity?

It had ceased activity until summer '99, then I restarted working under this name and still do.

What have been all AZOIKUM releases?

Innocent ? C-60 (Chaos Tapes Inc.); Wahnsinn C-60 (Chaos Tapes Inc.); Funny Games C-60 (Chaos Tapes Inc.); Dedicated To Jeffrey Dahmer C-60 (Chaos Tapes Inc.); Mentally Ill C-60 (Chaos Tapes Inc.); Split w/ Ressin C-60 (Chaos Tapes Inc.); In Memory Of James Maybrick Split 2 x C-46 w/ Baal (AVA/ES-1); Menschenhass CD-R (Solipsism/Self Abuse) Menschenhass means misanthropist in german. I chose it because I consider myself being kind of misanthropic. That doesn't mean I hate all humans, but the most of them.; Global Hate C-60 (Troniks); In Memorium CD-R (Verbrannte Erde Productions); LHD/Azoikum - Split CD-R (Live Bait Recording Foundation); Azoikum - Cunt CD (Troniks);

Compilations: "To A Master (Theodore Bundy)" on Baited Breath 2 x Tape (Live Bait Recording Foundation); "Wrath Against Scum" on Tape Heads 6 Tape(HalTapes); "Brain Maggots" on Madness Incarnate 1 2 x Tape (Verbrannte Erde Productions); "Nicht willkommen" on Death Kontact Project 4-way split tape (LSDO); "Carol Medley" on Let It Snow ! 2 x CD-R (Zaftig Research); "Mein ist die Rache" on Salvation Bloodletting CD (Live Bait Recording Foundation).

What decided you to do Narbenerde?

Personal reasons forced me to quit work as Azoikum back in '98. I changed my mind about a lot of things, there Narbenerde came to life, regarding the background a completely different thing, no longer using topics of violence and death but more dealing with personal things. It's one side of my mind, the same goes for Azoikum, that's the reason why Azoikum came back to life.

What have been all Narbenerde releases?

Krebsgeschwuer in den Gedaermen der Gesellschaft C-60 (Verbrannte Erde Productions); M.A.D. CD-R (Verbrannte Erde Productions); God Bless Phil Blankenship! CD-R (Verbrannte Erde Productions); Split w/ Norbert Lenski C-60 (Verbrannte Erde Productions); Bring Me The Head Of Leonardo DiCaprio C-60 (Troniks); LHD/Narbenerde - Split 7" (Troniks);

Compilation tracks: "Big Hard Man (First Movement)" on Depth Of Beyond 2 x Tape (Troniks); "Deaf Is Not A Giveness" on Deafness Is Not A Gift CD (Deafborn)

I hope that this and Azoikum's discography are complete because I lost survey of all I've done at some point in the past and stopped documenting all my releases, but I think it should be complete. Watch out for the soon to be released Narbenerde-CD "BPD". This is the best material I've ever done and I'm a rather modest person normally!


This 13 tracks Cd is made of 5 previous tapes of Lefthandeddecision released by Troniks. There strangely an Hellraiser photo as a cover? Music is whether short tracks quite linear or some middle length ones with great structured noise. A kind of vibrating Death Industrial with saturated noise drones. Some longer tracks are even including some voice samples. "Forest (prism)" rises at the end of the CD as an Eruption! Some sounds integrate the metal tone of K2 or Lockweld. The final track "lovelorn (soundsources)" is a 28 minutes ambient concrete nose. LEFTHANDEDDECISION is a newcomer to follow closely.


P.O BOX 12065, Richmond VA 23241 USA.

Hard-core & noise label which has produced some releases of MAN IS THE BASTRAD & BASTARD NOISE.


Postfach 1706 116, 47181 Duisburg GERMANY.

Holger’s 3 labels have released: For Bastet Recordings some CDR each limited to 250 copies: BR 015 CD-R Wejdas – Dykra-Die Welt Ohne Rahmen (dark-ambient ), BR 016 CD-R Unter Den Linden – C‘ est La Visite Finale Dans Le Monde Érotique? (Czechian rhythm and noise / powerelectronics), BR017 -CD-R- BANDE BERNE CREMATOIRE MISSING BODYPARTS: Collection of rare tracks from the pioneering Swiss industrial project BANDE BERNE CREMATOIRE. BBC was founded in 1980 as a one man project by STR (NACHT RAUM, SWAMP TERRORISTS, HELLSAU,BR 018 DL Anthologie 2, BR 019 CD-R Patternclear – Against The Tide (synth-pop / soundtrack), BR022 CD-R Shifts - One Piece For Cymbal (Frans De Waard’s (Kapotte Muziek) new project of drone / ambient), BR026 -CD-R- DL Anthologie 3.


Presenting various interviews, an interactive discography (complete with coverart and soundfiles), live videos (covering their whole career), TV documentations and several photo-collections (including artworks and backstage impressions), two books: "The Book Of Magic" and "The Book Of Na He Ma".Comes in a limited edition of 777 numbered copies in a DVD box.


PO BOX 1175, San Jose CA 95108, USA.

This is a controversial Label with clear statements and ideas, But Industrial underground must be controversial!

The most popular release is their compilation Cd MEN AMONG MICE featuring Book and Sword, James Mason, Control Resistance, Streicher, Charles Manson, Tan Trick, Soul of Steel, Warcom, Robert X. Patriot and the White Devil Conspiracy and Coup de Grace. Available for $15 without ambiguity.

Then latest releases are: JONESTOWN REVOLUTION, described "As if you were presiding over the suicides yourself! If that weren't enough, Warcom has provided a terrible noise track composed and processed solely from the source material. And if that weren't too much, Robert X has fittingly allowed inclusion of his empathetic ode to the clean-up crew, Guyana Sunrise". Available for $10.

PLAN 8 FROM OUTER SPACE CD-R compilation of 74-minutes limited to 1000 copies and available for $10! For all items non US peolple should add $2 per item

As many people were discussing about this label I thought It was good to let Beau express himself, He kindly accept and in fact I have really appreciate his reply:

"I don't think WM statements and ideas ARE all that clear. I mean, how is one to reconcile "Men Among Mice" with "Sennacherib"? The main goal for WM is to push boundaries. If someone says an area is not to be explored, then I'll take WM there, because people say we shouldn't explore areas that they fear, and where fear lies are fields ripe for knowledge, sometimes even ripe for wisdom. And that is where much of the controversy WM has generated lies. In feared places. As you probably know, music as an avocation (at least outside classical

genres) attracts mostly immature people, often abused failures who drug their minds into oblivion, who have no sensitivity for anything but their ridiculously vaunted narcissism. It's as good a choice and way to be as any, really. But a guy like me often spoils the party. Because while so many people in this scene are addicted to the fantasies this realm of immaturity and drugs and narcissism inspires, I stick to honesty and sincerity. I'll point out how their fantasy is fantasy, I'll tell the narcissistic that their importance is a figment of their imagination. And when they try to mess with me, I'm ready to fight. And I'm capable of vile tactlessness. I can be a real pain in the ass.

That said, with WM I'm aiming to create something fresh, something different, something new and unusual. So while by vice of the work being art, I'm committed to creating depth and resonance in it. Without frills, but with great irony. You can get something like "Plan 8" and find yourself immersed in the most bizarre, demented juxtaposition of sound and message, at one moment extreme hate and the next thoughtful or silly or insane, or you can get "Sennacherib" and find yourself somehow eerily enchanted and deeply moved by the obvious honesty of emotion that went into it, an ambient elegy. I like the fact that with WM you'll never really know what's going to come next.

I'll often confuse by pandering to smug thoughtlessness. People easily get the "War" in Warcom Media, but only a few get the "commedia" part. The tragedy of comedy is what lies at the heart of most WM endeavors. So most can take a CD like "Men Among Mice" and think it a clear statement of unified idea, but it isn't that at all. Very few of the people on the CD would agree much about anything with each other. Take the Warcom track, for instance. It sounds pretty nazi in a bizarre avant-guard way, but the German words actually say over and again "I hate the crowd" and go on to castigate people who just go through life never dreaming of anything beautiful. Tan Trick—a soothing, evocative track by an amazing sex magickian. What's so extreme about that? But throw a little James Mason in the mix and everyone thinks I'm trying to start a race war! It's an awkward thing to do sometimes, to toss something unadulterated in people's ears. It confuses. I get knee-jerk reactions, people becoming puppets before my eyes. Angry, offended puppets! I quickly find who is strong enough to explore life for themselves and who can't cope with waking from the slumber of fantasy. Many of the weaker folks will look to the sensational aspects of the projects and not see past, not give it a chance. I find that interesting and entertaining. It's a red herring. The people who allow themselves to see through the surface, the people with depth perception, the people who get the commedia prt, they're the ones WM is working for".

Can you please explain me a little bit more how did you arrange the PLAN 8 FROM OUTER SPACE sampler? You have taken some older material and remixed like STREICHER and so on, Why did you get the great idea to re-arranged and rename some of them?

"Well, I had over 100 or 110 minutes of material and didn't want to exclude anything, so I thought about what Ed Wood would do in my shoes and mixed it with the simplest, cheapest decisions. My favorite tracks stand alone or mostly alone. And my lesser favorites, sometimes several tracks at once, were layered on top of each other. But not to be too predictable, there are a couple instances where I sacrificed favored tracks, because they were too long to allow to stand alone. That's not a remix of Streicher, but a pretty cover of the ugly Streicher track from "MAM." Gilda Ray was responsible for that, I think as a tribute to her enjoyment of the absurdity inherent in the original track. I think hers is an amazing track. As for rearranging and renaming some tracks/artists, I just thought, well, if these people want to piss others off by directing me to release stuff aimed at knee-jerk hateful reactions, where I'll get the brunt of animosity while they retain anonymity (and, hey, I don't actually agree with or wouldn't have done what they're doing), then let me turn things around a bit. Let me release their work in a way that will not only piss the listener off, but piss the artist off, too. "Plan 8" was the final nail in the coffin of the piss people off era. It's so easy to piss people off. The work I've done through WM is so varied and I just got tired of being considered obvious, of playing to the lowest common denominator. So adding that layer of destruction over the project was a sick, demented, mostly ineffective b-movie way of maturing the project".

Can you provide us with a full Warcomedia discography?

"I don't actually have a WM discography! I should do that sometime. Some of the best stuff was released in minimal quantities. My "Dancing in Dreamtime" C-60, released in 13 copies, sold out long ago, with no plans for any re-release, ever. RXP's rare "Black Rape for a Jew Girl" was released in 23 copies. Conquer Now! released a CD-R of four newer tracks in a limited edition of 23, including Warcom's cover of Ultravox's "Mr X" and RXP's cover of Duran Duran's "The Chauffeur." That's sold out. A few rare, long ago sold out comps had tracks never re-released".

Now make up your own idea and contact Beau’s WM.


This CD-R featuring 3 tracks. Opener from Robert X. Patriot "Guyana sunrise" self intended silly noise poppish rythmn with oriental chords melodiesand the so typical voice or Robert. 2 minutes of disturbing naiveness, evidence of a diabolical mind orchestration. Then WARCOm has a an ambient experimental noise track lasting 9 minutes "Revolution" including some Jim Jones speech voice samples. Then the 3rd and last track is the Jim Jones' "revolutionary" act actual audio recordings with the demise of 912 people in the jungles of Guyana. During 42' you will hear the guru inviting his sheeps to follow him in Death! "You must die with some dignity"!!


compilation of 74-minutes featuring: Rot.Com, Phat Ryme, Death.Com, Gilda Ray, Sepp Himmel, Robert X. Cruciate, Conflagration, NWaCriiH, Solar Solidarity, The Black Sun, James Mason, Baby 63, Goethec Ristallnach, Hledjolf, Bee Be Queen, Soul of Steel, Y.T. Bone, Charles Manson, The Ready-Mix Squeak, Blut Kampf, Winter of the Wolf, Order and Progress, and Enstruction. Well once again Beau strikes with an original idea and great result! This overmixed sampler is really one of my favorite last release! Ranging from every styles of experimentation to folk, brutal hard-core, raw unplugged guitar & singer. All the usual conflicted and unaccepted subject are here. People with no strong spirit or follower will fall by loving or hating this one. I Just say get this and start to think or stop thinking! A great essential work!!

This is limited to 1000 copies is available for $10! For all items non US people should add $2 per item


The new label output is the Novy Svet "Aspiral III" 10". This 2nd release is following Genocide Organ’s ‘Klan Kountry’and limited to just 200 copies!


Ultra limited Ep with a concept based on the KKK with the artwork with Southern Flag, a gun-swastika. But all this stay austere. A bit of information research and documents would have been welcomed. Regarding music now, 2 tracks "Klan Kountry" and "We Grow", G.O. is still developing his own sound made of electronic loops and harsh assaults. Good stuff but why such a limited edition when you are already knowing that it will be sold out before its releasing. Speculation?


P.O. Box 596, 1060 Wien, AUSTRIA.

This is the Label from Albin Julius (ex-The Moon lay hidden beneath a cloud) aka DER BLUTHARSCH. You can order directly CD/T-Shirt: for U$ 2o, Polo-Shirt for U$ 3o, Pin: for U$ 1o. CD available are: WKN 3: Der Blutharsch: Der Sieg des Lichtes… CD, WKN 8: Der Blutharsch: The pleasures received in pain CD, WKN 1o: Der Blutharsch: The track of the hunted CD. All prices including postage.

The future plans are WKN 14: Der Blutharsch: "first" – CD: re-release of the first LP.

HAU RUCK! is a sub-label from WKN. Last releases have been both French project Dernier Volonte "le feu sacre" HR11, and ICK 10" HR13, plus Russian L.C. "weltanschauliche mission" Lp HR12, HR14: His Divine Grace: Reverse Aleph – CD.

Next releases will be: HR! 15: Decadence - Romance Lover Boy - 7"EP; HR! 16: Karnnos - Bearer of Order, Bringer of Chaos - 7"EP; HR! 17: Novy Svet - "chappaqua" - CD: new; HR! 18: Tribe of Circle - The Advent of Redemption - CD: second CD of this French project; HR! 19: Sal Solaris - Outerpretation of Dreams - CD: first CD of this project from "Mother Russia". HR! 2o: Derniere Volonte: new 7", HR! 21: Reutoff: 7", HR! 22: Changes - Orpheus in the storm: brand new CD, HR! 23: Changes - Fire of Life: rerelease recording CD, HR! 24: Of the wand and the Moon: new 7", HR! 25: I-C-K - Les hemorragies Nihilistes: first CD HR! 26: Lucisferato - new CD, HR! 27: Solipe: CD with 7".

All are available through Tesco Distribution.


Is it necessary to present this great strange project? The artwork of this Ep is not so nice: a photo of mountains (which I miss a lot), but in yellow printing colors tone(?). Musically it is very dark ambient music with soundscapes. 2nd side has some voice parts, from Slawn Canton UK poet.


Zeltnerstr. 7, 90443 Nurnberg, GERMANY.

A new German label started in 96, walking in the steps from STEINKLANG if you compare the vinyl and packaging quality as well as the choice of the projects. Pedro comments "there are no politics for Wolf rec. , just good music i mean worth to release". The first release was TESENDALO "lautschrift" cassette, then ARIANE V 10" which special packaging. And then the incredible RASTHOF DACHAU album "Blut und Boden" release which is already sold out (check its review in STEINKLANG file). The next releases should be Tole Ache Lp, Telepherique Dolp, & Various Artists "lest we forget" Dolp co produced Low-life label (also from nuernberg), with : Tole Ache, Gruppe Stromton, DJK, Phosgen, Low-Fi, Bnai Brith, Jack Or Jive and so on.....


Another German newcomer, I was really pleased by this release. The whole concept artwork is original a bit in the old school style. LP is made of ultra heavy vinyl. 5 tracks of power electronics but not so typical. There is harshness and distorted screaming vocals, but in a particular way. Satured electronics treatments with samples and voices. One track "Give Me" is even a ritualistic rythmn loop by satured beats. Recommended.


New German project in the pure vein of the new generation of German cold Power-electronics. The artwork drawing looks a little bit too childish to me. Anyway G.Holger is hopefully better regarding the music side. 8 tracks of dark power electronics with many samples. Sometimes very good like on tracks "When innocence dies" or "Peace and Justice"; and some others a bit too simple like on "Immortal Hate". Anyway worthing your interest and to keep an eye on for future misfits.


C/O Yasutoshi Yoshida, 5-41-11-201 naritahigasi,suginami-ku, Tokyo 166-0015, JAPAN.

Plans for this label of Yasutoshi Y. aka Government alpha are CD-R series called (96), forecasting Kapotte Muziek, Astro, Artificial Memory Trace, Knurl, Bastard Noise & Government alpha! upcomings are skin crime cdr, F.r.u.i.t.s. (Russian experimental composer) cdr, T.E.F. (new American extreme harsh noise) cdr, Universal Indians cdr del (lasse marhaug's experimental free style rock band) tape, and Goat/Blod (Usa/Sweden harsh noise) tape Plans for this latter act are tapes on S.Isabella new cd (featuring: amp studio, felix kubin, and F.r.u.i.t.s...etc) it will be released around summer 2001.

Govt.Alpha stuff has also released out on other labels. "alphaville" lp on segerhuva (sweden; "sporadic spectra" cd on ground fault recordings (usa)

The interesting back catalogue of noise releases is still available.

[96 series cdr]: (es96:96): Kapotte Muziek-[magnetic digital responses 1-5] ltd.95 /$12; (es96:92):Richard Ramirez-[head on] ltd.92 /$12; (es96:88):Thirdorgan+Govt.Alpha-[the resemblance of the absurdity and the pleasure] ltd.88 /$ 12; (es96:45) :tadayuki miura-[auto sleeper] ltd.45 /$12; (es96:72): Artificial Memory Trace-[tashkara] ltd.72 /$12; (es96:82): Knurl-[phylomonoperistalcide] ltd.82 /$12; (es96:93): Bastard Noise/ Govt.Alpha-[the relic] ltd.93 /$12; (es96:65): Acclimate-[potato cock] ltd.65 /$12.

(Es Tapes): es01:government alpha-[doze] c-46 1994 /$5; es02:government alpha-[funeral procession] c-46 1995 /$5; es03:detroit core-[deceiver khaos] c-46 1994 /$5; es04:detroit core-[limb from limb] c-46 1995 /$5; es05:government alpha-[erratic] c-46 1996 /$5; es06:t.a.d.m./government alpha-[advisability study] c-46 1996 /$5; es07:die lebensmittelvergiftung-[nature sync.1] c-46 1996 /$5; es08:lasse marhaug/government alpha-[headache chocolate] c-60 1997 /$6; es09:d/l & s.isabella-[harmonize] c-46 1997 /$6; es10:v.a.-[the artificial nerve] c-60 1997 /$6 featuring: alpha beaulieu, kapotte muziek/govt.alpha, macronympha, magmax, meeuw, msbr, naj, pbk, skin crime, t.a.d.m; es12:naj/government alpha-[the declining sun] c-60 1997 /$6; es13:knurl-[interdisiplinary optromorphide] c-46 1997 /$6; es14:v.a.-[the artificial nerve part 2] c-60 1997 /$6; featuring:radiosonde, kazumoto endo, dead body love, knurl, odal, yukiko, separation, del, namanax; es15:ovmn/audible xxy-[live action] c-60 1997 /$6; es17:deison-[automatic pain] c-46 1998 /$6; es18:skin crime/government alpha-[unnatural disasters] c-46 1998 /$6; es19:dogliveroil/government alpha-[pop stars larking about] c-46 1998 /$6; es20:v.a.-[the artificial nerve part 3] c-46 1998 /$6 featuring:lasse marhaug, mlehst, pbk, stabat mors, r.h.y.y., k2, bastard noise, mo*te, carbonic acid; es21:government alpha/napalmed-[split] 7" 1999 /$4; es22:government alpha-[snakes and ladders] c-46 1998 /$6; es23:humectant interruption-[internal feedback] c-46 1998 /$6; es24:ames sanglantes/flutter-[split] c-46 1999 /$6; es25:sa-909-[desperate end] c-46 1999 /$6; es26:bad kharma/carbonic acid-[split] c-46 1999 /$6; es27:noisegirl/bob marinelli-[split] c-46 1999 /$6

es28:dieter muh-[the bjorn tapes] c-46 1999 /$6; es29:kevueq/moz-[split] c-46 1999 /$6; es30:lode runner-[locked] c-46 1999 /$6; es31:napalmed-[live performances] c-60 1999 /$6; es32:facialmess/timisoara-[split] c-46 1999 /$6; es33:comforter-[pleasant groove to relax] c-60 2000 /$6; es34:m.nomized-[destruktiv technologies] c-46 2000 /$6; es35:trondant/phycus-[split] c-46 2000 /$6; es36:government alpha-[kurtz:pharaoh's serpent] cdr 2000 /$12; es37:government alpha-[robo alpha 2000] c-46 2000 /$7; es38:guilty connector/praying for oblivion & tem oph ab-[split] c-46 2001 /$6.

(es CD): escd:0001:s.isabella-[point de caption] cd 1995 /$12 featuring: kapotte muziek, macronympha, t.a.d.m. etc; escd:0003:macronympha/government alpha-[obliteration] cd 1995 /$9; escd:0005:s.isabella-[pleroma] cd 1997 /$12; featuring: a.m.t., astro, bernhard gunter, connect the dots, dead body love, k2, lasse marhaug, macronympha, meeuw, msbr, odal, pbk, stabat mors, steve eto; esis:0001:s.isabella-[the wizard of ozu] c-20 1995 /$4; esis:0002:s.isabella-[s.isabella] c-20 1995 /$4; esis:0003:s.isabella-[960228 live act 1] c-60 1996 /$5; esis:0004:s.isabella-[960620 live act 2] c-46 1996 /$5; esis:0005:s.isabella-[970208 live act 3] c-54 1997 /$5.


Second CD for this strange collaboration work between many artists. It is in fact a huge melting pot of everything from noise to samples cut up of daily life soundtrack. Around Isabella and Governement alpha, you will find people like K2, Astro, Macronympha, Dead Body Love, PBK, Odal, Lasse Marhaug, Stabat Mors, and others. This is as strange as the first release. Quite arty intellectual in fact.


C/O Ricci Giampaolo, Via Jeratelli 17, 48012 Bagnaca Vallo (RA), ITALY.

C/O Franco Bacchini, Via Garibaldi, 9948010 Fusignano (RA), ITALY.

This is an excellent label, maybe one of the best European ones. They do not make many releases but each one is a must for the choice of the act and the artwork and packaging. Remeber CON-DOM "servitude" Xn001 and THE GREY WOLVES "A wealth of misery" Xn002


Japanese famous artists featuring Merzbow instigator masami Akita. The whole packaging is based on traditional Japanese painting of the sea, here printed in black and white, comes in a orange vinyl. 2 tracks of dense japanoise with very high frequencies. For noisters only.


The legendary italian sadist is back. 4 New tracks of powerful sado-electronics in the best way. Comes with a clear vinyl. Very nicely presented, this 4 tracks from ’88 material smell the rough edge of the early power electronics way. "Hole", "Kiss the carpet", "Belle fesses" nice ass in french, "bondage Part II" all feature the dirty glaucous screaming vocals over raw noise! A must for sadist and torturers.

BDN EP [Xn005] LIM486

No title, no artwork just thick dark and black package for a thick dark and black vinyl. This very sober and minimal item features 2 unreleased tracks from the swedish ear crusher. The 1rst track is made of loud poundings like huge drumls, air sirens and distorted vocals in background. 2nd is more into dense electronics drone. Another excellent Roger release to get!


Finally a new release from Greg Scott (ex-Final Solution) project, the EP poster cover and postcard by MAM (Miguel Angel Martin), designer is really great and luxurious, enhanced by the yellow vinyl. Music is excellent electronics over a low bass frequence and also a high one in back ground. "Open wound" and "Roomful of pain" are brillant by the strident noise and very calm vocals contradiction. A MUST!


10 rue des fabriques 54000 Nancy FRANCE.

This a french label & event organisator. They have issued a CD from Elektroplasma "Ambient Cinema".Zbigniew Karkowski "Choice of points for the application of force" CD, and Khaos "Lucioles session mix – Ambient Vol.1 Tape.


Another new CD from Akifumi based on brain waves from electroencephalogram. 4 tracks less ambient and more electronics oriented with rythnmic structures. The Cd is nicely design in a black CD box. Last track "build down" is a bit different but the whole is noiser than usual and definitely great. Another efficient work from Akafumi.


C/O Ben Gilbert PO BOX 3006 Colorado Springs CO 80934-3006 USA.

Previous releases were with Hands to, G*Park, Incapacitants, Sandra Bell, Blowhole, among others.


One of the latest release of this great Japanese project from the early beguinning of Japnoise scene (see his interview). Music is Structured old school noise stuff, very different from all the other projects from his country and very personal. 5 tracks of concrete layers upon layers like construction. Dark atmospheric, or sounds like airplanes in distress nearly to crashed, echoed strong soundscapes, all composed a very impressive atmosphere so specific to Score music. For connoisseurs.


P.O. Box 2627W, GPO Melbourne, Victoria, 3001, AUSTRALIA.

This label and distribution catalogue is managed by Ulex Xane. He is the founder of famous "Skinhead Oi Noise" project STREICHER. Here are some news from him:

" Since last news of Zero Cabal, activities has changed: announced upcoming releases (eg: Fraggers, Ardshiel, Pimp-Aktion Slutgun, etc.) have not been released and I am not currently doing any new Zero Cabal work. The label/distro is really finished. There will be a Streicher CD released later this year by Cold Spring (U.K.) and another by Freak Animal (FIN) - both will contain remixed, reworked versions of old tracks previously released on various cassettes. There are no plans to continue Streicher, as I will be pursuing future experimental works simply under my own name; there will probably be a Ulex Xane CD out on Cold Spring early 2002. After over ten years and as many releases by Streicher it is enough! I have interests in other concepts and sound evolutions now so that Streicher is a part of history. However, if I choose in future to do any further work in the noise/power electronics genre, it is likely that it would appear under the Streicher name. For now, my new material will occupy my time.... " So get ready to face the wrath of this mad Australian skull crusher !



This is the 4rth release from this cezch project and first one on CD format. I Only have a recorded copy of it so I do not have many information on it. Even the title is not clear to me whether "Doba Uvodu" or "Lies ist prgramm". In fact these 5 tracks make a great album with a strong Death Industrial opener including some female whispers in french language. The whole release sounds very Industrial meaning soundtrack of machinery, steel factory, press stamping, welding, metal in fusion, etc… forging noise with metal percussions, this stuff stinks grease and sweat it will leave an iron taste in your mouth. You will then become a slave of the machine industry!

IRRIKARAH Black sun / White House wishpers EP [KZR4] LIM100

After 2 Lp: one on Steinklang and one on Membrum debile propaganda, this German project is back with this Ep. Featuring 2 tracks "Black sun" and "White house wishpers". Music is excellent power electronics, very dense and pounding. A lot better than previous release, and really recommended.