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Dedicated Fans & Outstanding Winners

Dedicated Fans & Outstanding Winners


**TERESA TUNG** CHECK OUT HER AWESOME PAGE answer: Brian Littrell Um. . . cuz if you asked any of my friends about me, the first thing they' dthink of is BSB. Actually, they don't even have to be my friend and chaces are they'd know of my obsession. My webpage has only been up a week or so, and it's going under drastic changes, I still ahve SOOO much stuff to put up. I dunno why I hsould be fan of the month. Just cuz I love their music so much and they've inspired me sooo much. I'm not really the typical (well, kinda) Teeny Bopper fan. If you read some of my poetry you'd understand, it's on my page. Well, i dunno. Just figure for yourself. That was a pretty sh*ty essay, wasn't it. ha ha. Oh well, keep the pride alive.



i am their no.1 fan because i reaspect them. i think that they all are equal and majorly talented. i said before that i don't have a fav because there is so much to like about each of them. they are just five good looking guys that want to be recocnized by their music and i surely can do that. i support them in every way and i would do anything to help them be succesfull. i think that is what a dedicated fan would do. respect and encourage all their accomplishments. i just want to say that BSB rules now and even when they do fade out(if ever) that i am their no.1 and many other girls say the same but, i can say that i am totally DEDICATED. and if they ever do fade i wil always be there to support them and stick w/them w/ what ever they descide to to w/ their lives. i also want say if the BSB's music doesn't touch anyone the way they touch me that i don't care but, i am truly their No.1 fan. no matter if there is 50,000 more no.1 fans out there, they are special to me. and even if i don't win because i didn't know all the answers i will still LOVE their music more than anything.!!~~

For those of you guys who are interested, July's 'Who Said What?' was Howie D.

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