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Which Backstreet Boy Is Perfect For You?

Which Backstreet Boy Is Perfect For You?

This is an original quiz made by me, so if you want to use it please ask for permission first!

1. What's your idea of a fun date?

a. Something adventurous like bungy jumping or going on roller-coasters.

b. Working out, then enjoying a relaxing meal while listening to music.

c. Dancing until you're so tired you fall.

d. Dinner at a foriegn restaurant.

e. Going swimming then enjoying a home-made meal.

2. Your favorite movie is:

a. Pulp Fiction

b. Star Wars

c. Aliens

d. Top Gun

e. Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory

3. You think that guys look best in:

a. Dark purple

b. Midnight blue

c. Green

d. Royal Blue

e. Light purple

4. You enjoy listening to:

a. The Temptations, Silk, the blues

b. Boyz II Men, Shai, Jodeci

c. Oasis, Nirvana, Michael Jackson

d. Elton John, Prince, Billy Joel

e. Jon Secada, Boyz II Men, soul and r&b

5.. Some of your hobbies are:

a. writing poems, drawing, dancing, shooting pool, basketball, shopping

b. weight lifting, basketball, water skiing, listening to music, swimming

c. boating, fishing, drawing, playing video games, basketball

d. playing keyboards, water skiing, swimming, horseback riding

e. weight lifting, water skiing, dancing, racquetball, swimming

6. A new flick is coming out! Your so pysched for it because the film involves:

a. Dustin Hoffman or Geena Davis

b. Sandra Bullock

c. Sigourney Weaver

d. Tom Cruise or Nicole Kidman

e. Tom Hanks

7. What are you mostly likely to be munching on right now?

a. McDonald's food

b. Macaroni and Cheese

c. Pizza

d. Mexican food

e. Asian food

8. What do you look for in a guy?

a. Someone who's never boring to be around with. You love wild & exciting guys who are sweet!

b. A great sense of humor. Someone fun to be around with but also commited.

c. Someone you can take care of and want to scream because they are so baby-cute.

d. A guy who's incredibly romantic and serious about the relationship.

e. A guy who wouldn't mind eating the stuff you cook and he has to be a mix of everything.

If you chose mostly A's, then A.J. is the guy for you!

If you chose mostly B's, then Brian is your man!

If you chose mostly C's, then your perfect for Nick!

If you chose mostly D's, then you're going to be a great match with Kevin!

If you chose mostly E's, then Howie is the one for you!