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BSB's Girlfriends

BSB's Girlfriends

Before you read this page, please ask yourself if you are ready to handle the facts. If you aren't and it's going to upset you, then please leave. I don't want to hurt anyone, I only want to make this page for those of you who are interested.

Syndicated Talk Show, Regis and Kathie Lee--September 1998

Brian goes public! In this interview, Kathie Lee asked the Boys about serious girlfriends. Brian take a deep breath and a pause and states, "I'm seeing someone". Kathie Lee re-confirms and says Brian you're seeing someone? and his response was "yes".

The girlfriend Brian was refering to is LeighAnne Wallace who Brian is still seeing. She is 29, soon to turn 30. Remember the "I'll never break your heart" second version music video? She is the girl who was with Brian.

Brian's Ex-Girlfriend---Sammantha Stonies, which you might remember as the girl washing the car in "We've Got It Going" music video. After their break-up, Brian was having a hard time recovering, so he wrote "That's What She Said". When in an interview, Brian was asked what was the hardest time he's ever gone through? He answered, getting over my first true love.

Brian & LeighAnne (pics take a long time to load!)

KEV'S GF Kevin broke up with Nicki and has been seen around with a blond. I don't have much info on this yet!

NICK'S GF Unfortunately, most of you probably already know that Nick and Mandy broke up! Look for her new song "Candy", she said that it was about her old ex (NICK!)

Here is a pic of Mandy, Aaron, and Nick's sisters. (She's the one beside Aaron)


Howie is currently seeing Claudia who is Candian, but there's nothing really serious.


Most of you probably know that AJ and Amanda Latona broke up. They've been together for a long time, she is 20 a former member of the band Innonsence and also won a Miss Junior Florida Title.

AJ is currently going out with a red-hair dancer in their Millennium tour. If you've seen the New York concert, she is the one dancing behind him in Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely! Thanks to people who have shared this information with me!

These are all the information I have so far. As soon as I get some more I'll update it!