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Why Anti-Backstreet Boys Is Wrong

Why Anti-Backstreet Boys Is Wrong

This page is written for you BSB haters! It offers my opinion on why I think you are wrong. If you disagree with me, tell me in my guest book

For everything popular, even if it is perfect, there are always people who has something to argue about, whether it's something important and meaningless. I've been trying to find out if there is an understandable explanation for those Backstreet Boys haters. But surfing through lots of sites and talking to Backstreet Boys haters, I don't think they can really come up with a reasonable explanation.

We all have our opinions on what is music. For example, I went to a site and it clearly stated that music is something calm, relaxing, and soothing like Beethoven or other classicals, however I'm sure the majority of us listen to Backstreet Boys to help us relax, fall asleep, and sometimes forget about our pains and problems.

Because there is such a wide range of variety in taste of music, I believe that any type of pleasant sound can be defined as music. So even if you don't like their music, why hate them? Is it because of their negative attitude you felt? Why is it that nearly no fans have complained about that?

Secondly, anti-Backstreet Boys say that Backstreet Boys have no talent and can't dance. Well, if they have no talent, why is it that millions of people are captured and touched by their beautiful music? And for your information, most of them are have been professionally trained dancers from a young age.

Do you hate them because you are disgusted that so many fans can't stop dreaming and talking about them? But they are living a ful-filled life of dreams. What would life be without dreams? Is that really what you're concerned about or are you just jealous?

I couldn't find any more reasons for Backstreet Boys haters. If you are a hater, and you have a reason, I'd like to hear it. Sign my guest book and tell me about it, I'm sure in less than a week, you will find my arguements for it.