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Past News

Just wanted to post SOME update. I have been stacked with stuff, girlfriend, Skateboarding, Video Games, and of course watching my Anime. I promise to try to update at least every weekend and any weekdays I can. But its been pretty hard to find the stuf I am needing, like DBZ pictures cuz almost all my sources are gone, which really sucks for me. People are requesting more pictures and gifs, so I will be going on a hunt this weekend, so check in. Well, gotta go, seeya.

Hey people, boy, when I posted I would do something special the day I hit 1000 hits, I never guessed I would wake up the next day to find 1000 hits, heheh. So there you go, 3 fresh and brand new Bios, and maybe more to come today if I get bored, heh. Now people, I NEED to know, what do you guys want, more DBZ Bios or more Gundam Bios? E-mail me, sign the guestbook, anything, I serve the customers what they want. Ok, well, seeya later, bye.

Hey anyone reading this, well, I made yet another update! Almost finished with the first batch of Gundam Bios, and while I was at it, I made the Gundam Center Title heading finally, and since I could not find a picture, I settled with the Gifs, and I took 2 hours finding the right ones, so you better like them! Ok, seeya, almost have hit 1000, and by the way, once I notice I have hit 1000, I will do something special.

Hey peoples, whats up? Like the new banner, I do. Anyway, uh, yah, I am searching for some Outlaw Star stuff, but its harder than it looks. Well, seeya, bye.

Hey peoples, I have been making some changes. I just got this awsome, think HTML book so expect Frames and other advances to come. people, PLEASE sign the guestbook, cuz I will update every time I get a signing on the guestbook. Anyway, me be ditchin' now, bye.

I actually added to the Gundam Section! And I thought Past news could be helpful. Well, I will probley be adding an Outlaw Star section up pretty soon here cuz that show rocks.

Boy, I have been updating a lot, yah, sure. Happy to report though that most Fridays at least a small update will be made cuz my computer class has a free day on Friday. I will be updating through the weekend. I am also probley just going to make a new Banner minus the ball thing, but if someone finds the metalic ball, ME WANT! Ok, seeya, bye.