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Here are some pretty cool sites or sites that i think will turn into something good.

!=means great site on the subject or subjects and well created with updates (or finished).
@=means very great site but needs work and it is still being worked on.
#=means it is somewhat of a new site that is great but is missing that super greatness, but will be something big hopefully.
$=means very strange type of site that is new or very bad but will hoepfully be something big.

! Josh96's Ronin Warriors Site!
! JKwok44's Great DBZ Site!
#Nathan's DBZ Dojo#
!Ronin Warriors Dark Warlords site!
!Great Chat About Everything (disregard the Animorphs Chat Sign), I go here all the time!
!Piccolo's DBZ site!
@Very nice site on Pokemon/Digimon/Misc.@
!Awsome DBZ Forever!
@Incredibley original DBZ site@
@Funny DBZ Surviver-spoof called DragonBallSurviver@
Oh, and if you are wondering, I rate myself a #.