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Gundam Center

Welcome to the Gundam Center, a place to learn the ways of the Gundam. To people that don't know the Gundam Wing story....... After humans have colonized space, wars break out because the Space Colonies want more freedom. The wars wage out with giant humanoid robots, called Mobile Suits. In a last-ditch effort to win, the colonies send 5 Gundams (Super powerful mobile suits) to destroy the army of Romafeller (the leader of earth), and the army of earth is the (dun dun duuuuun) Orginization of the Zodiac, OZ. So thats the story, there is more, but hey, I will tell it in other places on the site.

If you want REAL good stats dead on to the Gundams and other great Gundam stuff go to After Colony and check it out, its one of the best sites, ok, bye.

Note that Wing Zero is the basis of all the Gundams, and because the Wing Zero was so powerful no one could handle it, so they split the Wing Zero into 5 stronger-together Gundams! They divided them into "Flight Power", "Stealth Power", Searching out the Enemy Power", "Heavy Weapons", and "Hand-to-Hand Combat Power".

Wing/WingZero/WingZero Custom
Deathsythe/DeathsytheHell/DeathsytheHell Custom
HeavyArms/HeavyArms Custom
Sandrock/Sandrock Custom