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Welcome to BWN! And this is a very special day because I decided today will be the rebirth of this with a whole new look on everything. Many years ago my friend KC had a site, and I liked it and I said "hey, can I right some like stupid news on it?" and she said sure, just write it and send it to me. I was stoked, and that was when my first works were ever put on the net. I just talked about a bunch of random stuff, and it was kinda lame but now its going to be better than ever. I will have sections of news, like Video Games, Love, Anime, and Random News every which way and I will update those whenever the I want to! Also, if you have anything to apear on this site, news about a new site, news on whatever, e-mail me and I will post it! Heheheh, but anyways, hope you enjoy, bye.

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