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DragonBall Info Center

On the planet earth there lived a young boy named Goku. This boy had wild, black hair and a furry tail. The boy had a supirior power to everyone else. One day Goku was out getting a fish to eat. When he was coming back home with it a lady, named Bulma, crashed into him. He was alarmed at first but then she told him about her adventure. He joined her and then and there started DragonBall!!! Years later Goku and Bulma make many friends and Goku grows up into a man. He has a wife named Chi-Chi, a son named Gohan, and his best friend Krillin. He goes on plenty of other adventures and there starts DragonBallZ. In DragonBallZ Gohan learns to fight, and becomes a big part in the show. Goku Finds out that he is a humanoid alien from space, and that was why he had great strength. He was told he is called a Saiyan. He unlocks the power of the Super Saiyan and has many fights. Much later in the show DragonBallGT happens. In this Gohan is a adult and Goku has another child, Goten. Many strange adventures happens in this part. The great story is long and, well, great.

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