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Last Update: 4/05/01

Area: Added BWN with Video Game News and Love Stuff

Well I have been kinda lazy for searching, but I am trying hard, really...... Anyway, I added a very old and great thing, Bud's Weird News, BWN. I hope you enjoy. By the way, I will post any news or site on BWN under other news/whatnot when I make that section. Okay, seeya, bye.

Bud's Weird News
Fan Fiction
My Bio
Past News
Gif Mania
Awards, Webrings, and Stuff

Thank You part

Ok, this is my thank you part. I thank Josh96 AKA Tobis96 AKA SmaugDemon AKA Silverbolt. Josh96 told me how to make my page, the links, and everything. I thank the great sites that I got the pictures from and some info, the one I thank the most is JKwok44, he rocks, he has the BEST DB site, go to it, his site is in my links. I also thank Piccolo's site for the greatest Gifs. If you want some pictures, take em, I have to prob. with it.

Man! He jumped up so high that he fused and went SSJ3 all at once, well the more people that come the more powerful he will get. It looks like some other guys are coming into Trunk's teritory but they can't find him, maybe if he had a bigger power level........ Well, we will see, ok, SEEYA!

ATTENTION! ANYONE reading this will be smart and do this. If you e-mail your site address (if you have a site) I will promise to put up your site in my links, on one condition, you link me up to your site. Please do this, if you do, both of our sites will get more hits, and that is a good thing. Oh yah, please sign my guestbook.

Or contact me on Yahoo Messenger at KIABUD20000, ok, so there!