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Welcome back!

  Grampa   &   Gramma 
Picture taken in theatre.
Allow us to introduce ourselves...
We are compatibly happily dysfunctional proudly "grandparents"   (11/22/00)   of two grandsons... with many diversified interests ...  employed in the transportation industry ... enjoy our garden suite in the 'burbs  ...  Harley Davidsons ... R&B ...  movies ... sketching ...  travel ... and cheeseburgers with fries ! 
It broke our hearts to sell our '95 FLT touring bike in '97 ...  would love have our faces in the wind and bugs in our teeth again in the future...  HD Road King  

Mr. Koen's photo's
of June 14th 2002 Line Instructor's Class.
Webmaster Cable     is a member of the volunteer technical support team for the locally produced T.V. and radio program   Dave Chalk's Computer Show .   This website has taken on a life of it's own ... ever changing and growing ... not unlike it's webmaster! (Pictures "donated" by family and friends ... thanks Tamara , Chelsea , Kyle and Ron!)

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    Great Truths About Life (thx Janie).

    Bacardi Breezer mpg (1.39M)(thx Marjorie).

    Free IQ Testing

  • Michael Loeck's "Raymond" Ron, you've done it again...
    Slower connection
    Raymond 4.6 MPG

    Fast connection
    Raymond 11.9 MPG Make sure that you have updated your media player or you will not be able to see the animation.

    Problems down loading ...check here for info

  • Wise Words to live by, Wes.
    Now we wanta share 'em with you.

  • Cloned! Just received this little cutie from Okotoks. ;)

  • Wedding Wavs

  • Ladys and gentlemen...the Man Song (624kb) Ron sent this and the following for your listening/downloading pleasure. Be prepared for a big belly laugh!!!Woman Song (865kb)

  • This picture is from an article called, "the Rescuing Hug". This article details the first week of life of a set of twins. Mommy Tamara & Daddy Anthony, this ones from/for you.

  • Something for all the boys!! Happy Easter from PLAYBOY. Thx Alex.and from9 corona

  • Your friends will love it when you send them a personalized version of the new INTERNET EYE TEST!

  • Whodaman Wav

  • I wish!! Thx Wes for this little ditty.

  • Tarzan Wav The late Johnny Wiessmuller ( 1904 - 1984 ) Visit Tarzan of the Internet for everything you ever wanted to know about tarzan2.wav(355K) tarzan1.wav(125K)

  • Now this is the guy I want negotiating our next contract!!!! Listen up people maybe you'll learn something! You tell 'em.

  • Romantic Movie lines. Included are movies such as, As Good As It Gets aggsweet.wav " Do ya Get Me Sweetheart?" --Jack Nicholson(42 K)and from my all time favorite romantic flick, Bridges of Madison County, THX baby... the audience is listening! this one's for you Cable! certain.wav " I'll only say this once. I've never said it before. This kind of certainty comes but just once in a lifetime." --Robert (Clint Eastwood)(107 K).

  • Coolest thing you ever saw. Unlimited possibilities with Microsoft Word. Be sure to follow the steps mentioned.

  • The sweetest sound there is...a baby's laugh!

  • TESTS! Online tests for such things as personality, intelligence, knowledge, games, exams and psychology.

  • Time. Quickly find out the time anywhere in the world.

  • "Spyware" is ANY SOFTWARE which employs a user's Internet connection, without their knowledge or explicit permission, to collect personal information. Download optout.exe Thxs Ray, good find!

  • Bar BabeOnce again, Ron is out there.

  • Attention Walmart shoppers!!

  • The signs of lying As a professional speaker, distinguished lecturer, author of Let Me See Your Body Talk, Freeway of Love,and Judge the Jury, Jan applies her amazing skills to show you how to take advantage of the vast world of nonverbal communication. She has been a popular guest on The Maury Povich Show, The Ricki Lake Show, The Gayle King Show, Talk Soup and The Learning Channel. Jan recently appeared on The Montel Williams Show.

  • THESE WAVS ARE FOR TELLING PEOPLE JUST EXACTLY HOW U FEEL ABOUT 'EM Wavs that speak for's all in good fun so enjoy...grphug.wav and razz.wav are just examples of what you'll find...good collection here worth a boo!

  • exercise.mpeg OUCH!!!! I didn't know that could be done...Raymond! badluck.mpeg ... nothing more be said, fast wedding ... some guys have all the luck and newspa1.jpg Newspaper clipping ... phone sex operator wins workers' compensation claim.

    *To watch these clips, you will need QuickTime 4,
    Windows Media 3, and/or RealSystem G2.

  • MORE WAVS ARE FOR TELLING PEOPLE JUST EXACTLY HOW U FEEL ABOUT 'EM Ya, we had to add another page 'cause we had so darn many of these great wavs ... prosper.wav(19K) and sensuous.wav(144K) ...GREAT collection here worthy of a boo!

  • Forget the Dancing Hampsters! Dancing pages are on the rise! Autodream has found all of them and put them in one collection. You are sure to find more than one dancing page that tickles your bones, so check them out, and forget those old aging hampsters!

  • How smart are you really? This Test has been used for over 50 years and has has pretty much done it with great accuracy. If you don't score high, remember, you can always improve. It has been said Bill Gates once took this test and scored a 3 on it. Share your score with friends! Good Luck! Thx Alex for bringing this one to our attention!

  • Dear Penis...(1166kb) Rodney sings the blues! A naughty wav. Large and worth the time to load. Ha, ha! All you baby boomers out there can relate to Rodney! Ron, if ya got never cease to amaze!

  • Laughing New Born Cathi received the baby joke from "Joke of the day", and thought it was absolutely adorable and decided to put it on a web page. She got the graphics from Graphics From GranGran,

  • The Perfect Joke! Thxs Mia for senting this cute 'ittle ditty!

  • RCMP! Here's what happens when a RCMP cruiser door meets a B.C. Transit Bus...we now have the Yield to bus legislation in place ...guess he hadn't read it! Keep 'em coming Ron!!

  • The infamous lovetrek.wav also the The Real Audio version ...hear for yourself confirmation of what we all thought for years...


  • CHIMP VIDEO ...about the funnist thing we've seen todate! Sent to us by our bud, Ron, thanks and keep 'em comin'!

  • Bartmoon.gif (27959 bytes) The SIMPSONS What collection would be complete without at least one or two Simpson wavs? Well, here you'll find a pretty large collection! Thx Mia for the, "This one's for you!" gif.

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