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Melt in your mouth Banana Pudding

4 cups sugar
1 cup flour
1 gallon milk
12 eggs
1/2 lb. margarine
1 box vanilla wafers
10 - 12 bananas
4 Tbsp. vanilla

Mix flour and sugar together, add milk mixing well, then add egg yolks and
margarine and cook over low heat until thick. Cook slowly, stirring all the time, 
 add vanilla when cooked and taken off heat.

Put vanilla wafers on bottom of the pan, cut bananas on top of them and mix
together. Pour pudding over top of the wafers and bananas and mix together.
Mix 1/2 cup sugar with egg whites and beat till stiff. Spread over pudding
and brown in oven like meringue.

 This will feed 50 -75 people depending how much is given and how many
times they come back for more.

This is a melt in your mouth pudding and has always been a hit with all.

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