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Ono Macaroni Salad 

This is a typical macaroni salad from the islands. 

1 med. pkg. macaroni, or 2 boxes Kraft macaroni/cheese (only use macaroni) 
1/2 lb. imitation crab (chopped) 
1/2 box frozen peas (cooked) 
2 sm. stalks celery (chopped) 
4 large hard boiled eggs (grated) 
1/4 tsp relish 
salt/pepper to taste 
1/2 chopped round onion or 2 chopped green onion (optional) 
3/4 of a quart of Best Foods Mayonnaise as needed

Boil macaroni but do not over cook, drain & cool. Add all other ingredients to 
cooled macaroni then add the mayo. The macaroni will absorb the mayo, so you may 
want to make your salad a day ahead to let the flavors combine. You might also 
want to add more mayo just before serving. Enjoy!  Serves 10-12

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