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Shower Menu
Showers of Happiness!

Do I need an umbrella?

May We Suggest:
Afternoon (Luncheon) Shower Menu

 Have two totally different casseroles
- one with chicken and one other
Choose one:  Chicken Tetrazini  or Chicken Del Sol
 Choose one:  4 Cheese Sausage Pasta Bake   or  Swedish Meat Balls with Rice

Salads - choose two
Southwest Salad or Overnight Slaw or Easy Ambrosia Salad
or Cucumber & Dill Pasta Salad

Dessert - Choose 2
Angel Food Strawberry Roll or Mini Cheesecakes or Chocolate Mocha Trifle
or Freeze & Bake coffee cake

Punch -Choose one
Frosty Punch or  Banana Punch or Golden Punch
Coffee and Tea

TIP: Set up individual guest tables to hold extra nibbles such as Cheese and crackers Veggies & dip
or Mixed Nuts

TIP: If you have a special cake for the guest of honor, you may not want a fancy dessert, perhaps some of
the bars listed in the menu below would be all the extra sweets that you would need.

Evening Shower Menu

Serve 2 hot and 2 cold appetizers for a group of 15 or less.
Increase the variety for more quests.

HOT:  Mini Quiche or Sweet & Sour Meatballs or Party Rye Toppers
or Hot Tuna  or Crab Dip  ( Serve with Crackers or  Raw Vegetables)

COLD:  Fruit with  Fruit Dip or Texas Caviar serve with Tortilla Chips or
Chicken Nut Pate or Veggie Dip

Three or Four (or even more) of the following
Nieman Chocolate Chip Cookies  or Chocolate Cream Cheese Cookies or
Strawberry Cheesecake Bars or Marvelous Lemon Bars or
Nanaimo bars or Butterscotch Confetti Bars or Fudge Cups

Beverages:  Frosty Wedding Punch  or Lime & Rum Punch
Coffee & Tea

TIP: If having a small group 15 or less, choose two hot appetizers and two cold.  The cold could include either the
fruit dip or a veggie dip. If having a larger group I would suggest at least 3 hot and 3 cold appetizers.
Allow 5 - 6 pieces per person.

TIP: Have some things to nibble on if you are not serving the food until after the gifts are opened.
Nuts, mints, pretzels etc.

TIP:  Use small colored paper cups to hold mints.

TIP: Cookies and small bars will look fabulous if you line your serving plate or tray with a pretty paper doily.
Space the cookies etc. apart so that they are not piled up and the presentation will be elegant.  You can also place
sliced cake squares or cheesecake squares in paper muffin cups, slightly squeezing them to make 'boats'.  This
makes handling a potentially sticky item much easier for your quests.

TIP:  If planning to serve cookies and squares, those can be made, wrapped well and frozen at least one month
ahead of time.

TIP:  Provide coffee and/or tea.  Have tea bags and hot water available. Have large coffee urns or make coffee in
regular pots and use servers on a table along with cream and sugar and milk (for those that don't want the calories
that are in cream) and possibly having some mints at the same table. A pot of flavored Decaf. coffee is a good idea

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