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Holiday Menus

Oh the weather out side, might be frightful,
Even the in-laws, will be so de-lightful!
'Cause my meal's all ready set to go
Things are stress free, it's just so easy don't ya know!
'Cause the freezer is full to it's very top,
So come on friends and relatives, please won't you stop,
We'll share a fine meal and some cups of good cheer,
Having lots of laughs and fun, but remember my Dears,
It's going to be YOUR TURN next year!

It's my turn next..  No, it's gonna be MY turn 
No way, I'll cook a turkey! 

Menu #1  Traditional Turkey Dinner

Roast Turkey with Bread Stuffing
Heavenly Mashed Potatoes
Scrumptious Broccoli
Jellied Cranberry Salad or Christmas Spinach Salad
Freeze & Bake Biscuits