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Harvest Dinner at the Grange

Thanks to Doug for sharing his decorating ideas!

Warm and inviting, don't you wish you'd been there?
Tables well arranged around the center buffet, like spokes on a wheel.
It's a good idea to have the food table somewhat near to the kitchen.


In with the fall harvest theme, small pumpkins, gourds and a runner with leaves.
A mint at each place.


The Buffet Table, with a built up center section for the center piece..  
Tables put together to create a large square.  
Skirting (you can rent this) and tablecloths (rent these too), give a 'special occasion' look.


Close up of the center piece, wheat, fruit, leaves and dried corn.
A leaf vine, gives a wonderful fall feeling.
This can be adapted to an celebration or time of the year.


All ready for the food!

Extra touches of harvest decor throughout the room.

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