Costa Rica


This small Central American nation has been my home since 1981 and now, through the technology of the Internet, I would like to share a little of the knowledge I have gained about this special place. The information included in these pages is far from complete and may even contain inaccuracies as some of it is now 10 years old, nevertheless, much of the material is probably available for the first time on the WWW.


The information is divided into separate web pages as follows:

Geological History and Climate

Pre-Columbian History

The Spanish Conquest and Colonization

Since Independence

The National Parks


The Provinces:







San José


WWW This Site


All information contained within these pages is Ó Richard Garrigues, 1996. Any reuse of said material must receive the prior written permission of the author.


To see a National Geographic Society map of Costa Rica, CLICK HERE.

For a more detailed map, including many national parks, CLICK HERE.

For a downloadable Costa Rica map, CLICK HERE.


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