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Ron Chartier, Independent feature film director/actor teaches

Vancouver, BC


Some of Mr. Chartier's students have appeared and continue to appear as :

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Leads, Supporting Leads, Guest Stars, Reoccurring Roles, Principal Performers and Actor roles in various films and television shows.
Selected Credits Include the following:














(Please note these classes are held only in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)


These are ongoing practical classes for Advanced adult actors.

Classes allow for intensive scene work and lots of individual attention.

Audition coaching is also available.

We work in an environment that is a balanced blend of experimental laboratory and the "on set" experience with some of its technical demands.

Practice auditions, scenes, monologues and "cold reads" are extracted from feature films, movies of the week and television episodics.

We work intensively on each scene, breaking it down to its essential, emotional constituents.

Employing script analysis devices such as; ACTIONS (objectives), ADJUSTMENTS (strategies), ACTIVITIES (physical behavior and movement), BEATS, POSTS, VALVES and HITS etc., we do our detective work to get at the heart of the scene.

ACTORS receive instruction and direction that applies to specific acting strengths and weaknesses. Later, the actor gets to watch the recording to observe the level of emotional commitment expressed in the work or the lack thereof.

All work is recorded.

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The instructor's task is to assist the actor in:

improving auditioning skills

improving their chances of finding acting work in the film and TV industry

improving memorization skills

developing script analysis techniques

developing acting range

tapping into exsisting networks both in the independent film scene and the mainstream film industry

developing an appreciation of rudimentary script writing skills

learning about stock characters presented in film and television scripts

acquiring technical skills that allow the actor to adjust the performance to the type of shot (extreme close up, close up, medium, wide etc...)

allowing emotions, thoughts and actions to flow out in front of the camera

finding one’s vulnerability.
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allowing the impulses to sink deep enough to find the emotional truth in the scene.

investing as much of oneself as possible.

affecting and being influenced by others.

adjusting on a moment by moment basis to others in the scene.

listening with ears, eyes, body, mind and heart through the filter of one’s objective.

using the technical tools of the medium to help the film maker tell a story (i.e. are the lights, camera, sound and crew helping or hindering the actor’s performance?)

play the role at a size that fits the medium.


Ron Chartier

Ron has taught in both England and Canada.

In London, Ron taught and directed at The Academy of Live and Recorded Arts, the Unicorn Theater and several other centers throughout the greater London area.

Vancouver teaching credits include acting classes and workshops at various centers and colleges across the Lower Mainland including the William Davis Center for Actors, The Vancouver Film School, The On-Camera Acting Intensive, The Actors Film Factory and Video In.

He is a graduate of the National Theater School of Canada and has been directing plays for many years.

Directing credits include productions in England and Canada.

As a film actor, some of Ron's selected credits include: Cold Squad, The X-Files, Voyage of Terror, Sleepwalkers, Intersection, Saving Grace, Out of the Blue, Arctic Blue and many others.

In 1999, Ron completed his first 35mm feature film, Dark Water which Ron produced, directed and co-wrote. You can visit the Dark Water/ Simpatico Pictures web site link on this page.

Ron now has a second feature film, a black comedy entitled THE TAXIDERMIST in development which he will produce and direct.



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