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Goku's Movies

This is the movie section of Goku's Dragonball Page. I only have a few movies right now, but like in my picture gallery, I will have a whole lot of movies very soon. You must have Real Video Player or Windows Media Player to view these movies. Check back to this section next time you are here.

Goku's Movies
Name of Movie Description Length Size
SS1Goku.mpg This movie is of Goku turning into Super Saiya-jin for the 1st time! Right in front of Frieza. This is probably the best movie on this page! I want to thank GOKU930612 for this movie. He let me use it off of his site. Check his site out, Dragonball Z Is Sweet!!! 52 Seconds 3.02 MB
56.mpeg This movies is on the third season of DBZ. Jiece is admiring Goku's power level of 117,000. The voices are sorry, but oh well. I want to thank my friend for this movie and the next one. He allowed me to use these two off of his page. Check out his page, Trunks9990's Anime Battery 40 Seconds 1.87 MB
Movie7.mpeg This movie is a 3 second clip of the first part of Frieza's death. It is a very good movie for just 3 seconds. Of course, Trunks is in it. 3 Seconds 316 KB

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