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Here you will find a collection of original foundation Curlies that were used to produce our Curlies of today. Many of these Curlies were crossbreds and came from a variety of different breeds. Foundation (f) numbers were issued to all Curlies under the number 2000 registered with the ABC. Many Curlies are from the Damele herd (photo of Bean Flat corrals used by the Damele's, built before 1885, Bob Eddy in photo with Curlies) also BLM`s and Missouri Foxtrotter bred Curlies and many others.

[*Note- the pictures on this site are shared photos from those wishing to contribute. If any photo posted is not with the owners permission, and you would like it taken off, please let me know at- If you have Curly (f)foundation photos to share, please let me know.

Foundation Curlies #1- #290 (

Charming Prince 270

*Colonel Austin 148

*Colonel`s Bay Blaze 277

*Colonel`s Fiesty Fella 203

*Copper D 2

*Crispin 234

*Curly Lady 124 (Fedrell)

*Curly Q 4

*Curly Riser 86

*Dakota Rain 190

*Dakota Surprise 142

*Dan J 70

*Dry Creek S 210

*Gold Streak Sunny 195

*Grant`s Dusty D 198

*Hedge`s Dolly 28

*Lady T 91

*Lonnie J 74

*Mel`s Bathtub Gin 200

*Nellie T 112

*Nevada Lander C 129

*Nevada Q Chip 109

Pat's Comet 7

*Peacock D 100

*Pella Cheno 18

*Peter J 1

*Peter Paint 226

*Prince Charming 93

*Quiniela Q 45

*Shanka Misha 159

Shoshone D 172

*Sir Patrick MJT 274

*Spartacus 237

*Spot`s Painted Chief 250

*Spotted Cossack 235

*Sue`s Kizzy Q 143

*Sunshine Ka- Xan 194

*Sunshine Kypchak 260

*Sunshine Mirazh 261 (foal)

*Sunshine Schaianne 193

*Sweetie D 183

*Sunshine Tzar- Xan 262

*Terry M 134

*Xanadu D 120

I want to thank everyone who shared photos for these webpages, it couldn`t be done without you. Thank you Sue Weaver for all the help & photos to start the project.

Foundation Curlies #291- #455
Foundation Curlies #456-#750
Foundatin Curles #751- #1148
Foundation Curlies #1149- #1600
Foundation Curly #1601- #2000
Foundation Curly Straights