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BLM Curly Horses

Most of our original Curlies were found roaming on the range with America's Mustangs. The Damele Curlies came from mustang herds, the Canadian line of Curlies came from wild caught Curlies from the Dakotas. Curly haired horses have been found in several areas of the western US. Nevada, Wyoming, Oregon and other areas. This is a list of BLM and mustang Curlies that were wild caught. We owe alot to our wild Curlies because without them, most of us would not have Curlies we know and love today. If you have a BLM Curly please share a photo and where he/she was captured so we can document them for a very important piece of our Curlies history. Send info to Bunny:

Fish Creek Curly "Fishy Boy" still on the open range.

Frostfire Shaggles, wild caught in Wyoming.BLM 87818243

Curly Q~ one of the early Nevada mustangs caught, was owned by Sunny Martin, Ely, NV

Ebony Zarina BLM 81-510599 curly mare 582

Eponym Mara BLM 87-818251 curly mare 1018

Boo BLM curly mare 639

Goldberry BLM 84-818259 curly mare 1017

RF Timber Baron BLM 86-818241 curly stallion 1092

Early registered Curlies with BLM/ferel parents. If you have photos, please send them for the webpage. Thank you.

L'enfante Trouve' BLM curly mare 119
Mel's Proud Smoke BLM 76486355 curly stallion 166
Loop and Loop BLM 804967 curly mare 217
Sunday's Curly Girl BLM 804928 curly mare 220
The Red Baron BLM 79-804906 curly stallion 227
Anduril BLM 516 curly gelding 231
Fancy's Delight BLM curly mare 243
Punkin BLM 78-5106555 curly mare 473
Pac Man BLM 83-510554 curly stallion 477
Maria BLM 83-814659 curly mare 514
Sky Lite BLM 86-204824 curly gelding 547
B & W Nevada Gambler BLM 84-506820 curly stallion 578
Sirrocco of Larmie BLM 84-814697 curly stallion 611
Bingo BLM87818326 curly stallion 640
Flash BLM 87818240 curly stallion 641
Diamond Head BLM 80818343 curly mare 990
T-Bone BLM 77818245 curly mare 960
Wild Wyoming Rose BLM 85-818283 curly mare 715
Curlie Ann BLM 83814950 curly mare 735
Jmars Koko BLM 85-518400 curly stallion
Peggy Sue BLM 84-520976 curly mare 873
Brenda BLM 87-521016 curly mare 874
Paper Doll BLM 86-520790 curly mare 875
Natures Curly Spark BLM 85523576 curly gelding 880
Indian Magic BLM 85-818654 curly mare 881
Jack Black BLM 86-520800 curly stallion 915
Sazzie BLM 86-818684 curly mare 949
Wyoming Sunshine BLM 85818660 curly mare 950
Pia Sedona BLM 87-521006 curly mare 970
ND Sassy BLM 86-518498 curly mare 974
ND Strawberry BLM 84-520990 curly mare 991
ND Curlee Shurlee BLM 84-521044 curly mare 992
ND Willie II BLM 80-52808 curly stallion 993
ND Joker II BLM 86-518389 curly stallion 994
Coyote Curly BLM 87-820046 curly gelding 995
ND Purple Sage BLM 84-520049 curly mare 1081
ND Mike BLM 87-521003 curly stallion 1084
ND Amigo BLM 81520835 curly satllion 1085
ND Windwalker BLM 80-518427 curly stallion 1086
Q-Dance BLM 86818233 curly gelding 1163
Rambo First Blood BLM 86818328 curly gelding 1164
Prairie Moon BLM 84-821058 curly mare 1264
Eagle's Wing BLM 88-821047 curly stallion 1265
Star Fire Lady BLM 87-821137 curly mare 1267
Oh-No's Cindy BLM 91543047 curly mare HB80
Scarlet Curly mare, Ferel parents HB81
Dr Nevada Black Gold curly mare, ferel parents HB82
The Austin Sorrel BLM 86-542940 curly mare HB92
The Austin Dun BLM 88-543024 curly mare HB93
The Austin Black BLM 90-543001 curly mare HB94
ND Cassidy curly stallion ferel parents HB104