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Get Into The Swing


The items below are all CDs unless otherwise noted. The prices etc are probably out of date but this gives a general idea of where you might find these things.

Chaos Music

78 Records

Greg's Music World

NoizeNet Australia

Flying Nun Records


Don't forget to harass your local music store for imports.

Note: Though I've seen it in more than one (US based) online store's listing, "No More Questions" is not by the same Swingers.

Videos and Ads

"Counting The Beat" appeared in Australian K-Mart (Coles-Myer) ads around 2000.

The Swingers appeared as themselves in Starstruck, and "Starstruck" and "Gimme Love" (One Good Reason) are on the soundtrack.
Starstruck at Internet Movie Database
Starstruck review

"Counting The Beat" appears in the movie User Friendly (and on its soundtrack of course!).

The Swingers appear very briefly in a top twenty countdown clip included in the Tall Dwarfs' video for "Nothing's Going To Happen". See it here!

More Music

Phil Judd / Split Enz / Schnell Fenster
Midnight Oil
Bones Hillman / Hunting Party
Suburban Reptiles