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Bones Hillman

Dwayne "Bones" Hillman (aka Wayne Stevens) was born in Auckland, in 1958 (or roundabouts). Besides the Swingers, he was also a member of The Masochists, Bastinados, Thunder Downunder, and Suburban Reptiles with Phil Judd and Buster Stiggs. They reformed as the Swingers in 1979, and Bones was a member up till their breakup in 1982. In 1983 Bones joined Coconut Rough which had a few minor hits including "Sierra Leone". Coconut Rough broke up in 1985.

Bones spent much of his time hanging around Neil Finn's place until Neil recommended him as a bass player to Rob Hirst, as Midnight Oil had been looking for a replacement after Peter Gifford left the band in 1987. The rest is history as they say, and Bones has been with the Oils ever since. Besides his musical talents, he is credited with maintaining a sense of humour in the Oils camp and he is a favourite for interviews, in which he always comes up with a few witty comments.

Bones met his wife Alexandra when she catered one of the Oils' tourstops in Berlin.

Bones has a side project called The Hunting Party which is described as a more moody lounge-type music.