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Audio Clips

Here's some audio clips to tide you over while you're waiting for your copy of the album to arrive in the mail! (the only really plausible excuse for anyone not to have it already) ;-)

Song File type Size Length Quality
Counting The Beat .wav 170 kb 21.25 sec 8kHz, 8 bit mono
Funny Feeling .wav 178 kb 22.34 sec 8kHz, 8 bit mono
Lovesick .wav 201 kb 25.22 sec 8kHz, 8 bit mono
More .wav 190 kb 23.72 sec 8kHz, 8 bit mono
One Good Reason .wav 182 kb 22.75 sec 8kHz, 8 bit mono


These clips are provided without permission for personal use only!
I am not responsible for any other use of these clips. If I catch anyone scamming them for commercial use (though I'd like to see what you could do commercially with something as crappily recorded as these) I will track you down and flog you with instant noodles. Thank you.