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OK, you have just shot a nice deer or other fine-eating big game animal. Now what? Well, it's really important to field dress it and transport the carcass to an appropriate facility (cooler, etc) as quickly as possible. First, let's get the field dressing done!

The following method is just one of a multitude of similar techniques and is no more correct than many others. However, this way of dressing big game animals - from antelope to moose - is the one I have used for decades and it is easy, thorough, and clean.

First, a little preamble. It is stressed time after time in hunter training programs, hunting forums, and innumerable other places that quick, humane kills are of paramount importance. This usually means a spinal or heart/lung area shot. The latter not only kills the animal expeditiously, but results in a well-bled carcass. Hence there is no need to slit the animal's throat. This merely makes a mess and, should the animal be one you wish mounted, ruins the cape.

NOTE : THE NEXT SEVERAL PAGES, BECAUSE OF THEIR VERY PRACTICAL INTENT, CONTAIN HIGHLY GRAPHIC MATERIAL. If the sight of blood offends you or you are otherwise squeamish concerning dead animals, I highly recommend you go no further.

For all you others, let's get started!