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Brisbane Bombers Player of the Month :

JUNE 1999.

Star Performer


D.O.B : 27/08/1969
Height : 190 cm _ Weight : 94kg
Recruited from:
Games:96 _ Goals:29
Career Brownlow Votes:5

Dean Wallis, the name provides plenty of talk around footy circles both within Essendon and the AFL. Now in his 13th season at the Club Dean has been a valuable contributor to the cause, missing only his first game for the year in Round 10.
Now closing in on 100 games, our most lingering memory of Dean's play will no doubt be the earthg shattering bump that he provided on Mil Hanna in the 93 Grand Final.
Now back in full fitness after a full pre season, Dean provides the physical presence that allows players such as Fletcher and Wellman to display more creative play and get the Dons running out of the backline.

Football Superstition:Don't sleep on footy trips or you will lose something.
Sporting hero:Mike Tyson.
Last book that you read:AFL annual report.
Favourite music for relaxation:Meat Loaf.
Favourite holiday spot:Las Vegas, Fort Lauderdale.
Favourite piece of clothing and why:My footy jumper - having the opportunity to play for Essendon.
What makes you angry:Sore losers, bad sports and sooks.
Biggest risk you've taken:Rooming with Peter Somerville.
Coaches favourite saying:"If it's not done right, 400."Lacerated kidney during a game in 1995.
In your dream game of golf who would you play:Pamela Anderson,Mike Tyson, Chopper Read.
Favourite Book:Melways.
Favourite CD:The Wiggles.
Favourite Movie:Silence of the Lambs.
Favourite TV Show:60 Minutes / Getaway.
Favourite Magazine:The Picture

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