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ET Bracket Racing Heaven

Here are some hit racers ,with ICQ # and country they are from

Please sign our guest book
Bulletion board for now we are just looking for input on the site and ideas
Classifieds?? go ahead use them
Dimitrov Racing ICQ #13774497.....Canada
Island Drag Racing Association.....Canada
Dialogue Motorsports ICQ #28733812.....USA
Dunn Jr. ICQ #21574074.....USA
Go For Broke Racing ICQ#766296.....USA
Malibu Heaven.....USA
Runnin' Wild.....USA
Stu's Drag Racing.....USA
Blue Bandit Racing.....USA
Dunn racing ICQ #52185054.....USA
Lindkvist Bros Racing (Newest link)
Talbot Racing

More coming soon as we recieve them. This site will be a way for other racers to find each other.

Our goal is to have more racers in contact with each other. We will get cars and info on as soon as possiable.

Please pass the site on so others know we are here. Thanks. If there is a e-mail address or an ICQ #, feel free to contact the drivers.

If you would like your car on this site please just e-mail us with your site info and we will add a link to your page, or picture of your car and info and we will create a page for you for the site. Free of course.