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Binay's Photo Hi! I am Binay. You are now entering my zone. Enjoy your stay. Close the door in your way out. Leave your comments via e-mail to me on

This site is not updated since 2003, but I am not changing it, as it is a memory for me, of my first website! I learned html for this at that time! The services on this site may not work, as a lot has changed since I put these online, but you can try.
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I am an young IT Professional and I would like to share my views as well as experiments with all of you. I also invite like minded people to join me as friends. This page will remain under construction as I will be adding my articles on my recent IT experiments as well as experiences. I am constantly updating myself with the latest technological advancements in IT field. This site will keep records of my updation. This site also features my latest resume. In case you require a computer professional with a good skill in Power Builder, Sybase, Internet & Intranet, I am available. Click here to load my resume. 

Enjoy ! And don't forget to send your comments to me on Do come back as I am adding new services from accros the Net for you.

And let me thanks Angelfire for providing this space for my work. Also ZapZone Network for provising e-mail service to me. Tech Aid also provide some very interesting services to me for my site. Thanks

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