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the pla 250!!!!

here you will find out stuff about my home town terrace b.c. in Canada. i have pay phone numbers, and what phreaking is like in this small town of 17000 people. I made this page with html, but i started it with the "basic editor" thing. i am part of a group called wraith tech, which is a very cool group that you should visit. also visit the faq, it is very informative about this site, me, and my town. this is also now a pla site! the pla of 250! if you want to submit something to this site, ill put it up. note, that in the last few days this page has been slightly changed so if my info tech teacher wants to see this page, it is appropreate for the class room. one more thing, there is a new, better pla 250 page, way way better than mine. check the new pla 250 page here. soon i will take this page off of the pla list and the new pla 250 will be the only pla 250. thats it, thats all.
oh, and this page is under super heavy construction!!!! i would find that man/shovel thing, but im too lazy.
my page: [faq|payphone#|terrace|loserz|links]