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Waipawa (Hawkes Bay) Census 1867

Note: You can use your Browser 'Find' option to locate specific surnames - however I would also like to point out that the 'find' option will not take into account variations in spelling (which was very common in the early periods), you would have to search each name seperately!

The following names were people living in the area and within 2 miles of the Settlers Hotel in Waipawa.

ABBOTT, Mr - Runholder
AVISON, Mr & Mrs plus six children & man - Sheepfarmers..........................Lyall Mitchell
ARROW, Mr - Schoolmaster (his family were at Patangata)
BRITTEN, Mr & Mrs plus one child & servant - Butcher
BENNETT, Mr & Mrs - Farmer

BIBBY, Mr & Mrs plus 4 children - Storekeeper
(This family was Edward & Mary Ann BIBBY. Edward was from Condor, Lancashire, England and he married Mary Ann (nee WOODHOUSE) in 1860 England. Mary Ann was born in 1838, Condor, Lancashire. They arrived in Waipawa in 1862. Three of the 4 children were James, Edward and Thomas. Mary Ann was much loved by the Maoris and was called 'Pipi' by them.)

BRESSENHAM, Mr & Mrs plus 2 children - Blacksmith
CARMICHAEL, Mr & Mrs plus 4 children - Labourer
COLLINS, Mr & Mrs plus 8 children - Farmer
CLARK, Mr & Mrs plus 2 children - Labourer
COWPER, Mr & Mrs plus 5 children & man - Publican
DAVIS, Mr & Mrs - Farmer
DOWD, Mr & Mrs plus 5 children - Labourer
DURAND, Mr & Mrs plus 1 child - Saddler
DUBOIS, Mr - Laborer
ENGLISH, Mr - Artist..................................................................Rachel Alliston

GILMOUR, Mr & Mrs plus 3 children - Labourer...............................Cris McDonald
(This family was William & Isabella GILMORE. William was born c.1823 and Isabella (nee SCOTT) was born c.1833/34. She came from Montrose in Scotland and arrived NZ in 1862 on the 'Arabella' to Port Nicholson. The children mentioned here would be Margaret, Jane & Isobel)

GRENSIDE, Mr & Mrs plus 4 children - Labourer
GREGORY, Mr & Mrs plus 2 children - Labourer
HALPIN, Mr & Mrs plus 1 Man - Publican
HANCOCK, Mr & Mrs plus 3 children - Labourer
JONES, Mr - Carpenter
HAMELING, Mr & Mrs plus 4 children - Farmer
LIDDELL, Mr & Mrs plus 2 children - Labourer
McGREEVEY, Mr P. - Tailor
McGREEVEY, Mr & Mrs plus 4 children - Carrier
MARONEY, Mr & Mrs - Publican
MOFFAT, Mr - Constable
McDOUGAL, Mr & Mrs - Carpenter
MUIR, Mr & Mrs - Blacksmith
PHILLIPS, Mr & Mrs - Carpenter
RATHBONE, Mr plus 2 men - Storekeeper
ROBERTS, Mr & Mrs - Baker
ROSE, Mr & Mrs plus 1 child - Labourer
SEBLEY, Mr & Mrs plus 7 children - Carpenter
SMITH, W.W. Mr & Mrs plus 4 children - Labourer
SMITH, J. Mr & Mrs plus 1 child - Brickmaker
STEEL, Mr plus 5 men (family at Patangata) - Blacksmith
TAGGART, Mr plus mother and sister - Laborer
TODD, Doctor - Surgeon
WALDRON, Mr J. - Labourer
WALDRON, B. Mr & Mrs - Farmer
WINSOR, Mr & Mrs plus 3 children and servant - Bookmaker

If anyone should find family on this list - I would love to hear from you. If it was ok I would like to enter your email contact next to the relevant entries. This way others who search the names or are also related can make contact. GOOD LUCK!

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