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Old Napier Cemetery - Burial Records 1850's-1870

Note: You can use your Browser 'Find' option to locate specific surnames - however I would also like to point out that the 'find' option will not take into account variations in spelling (which was very common in the early periods), you would have to search each name seperately!

GLENNY, George 14 April, 23 yrs Shopman
BROOKING, Annette Caroline Stewart, 13 August, aged 40 yrs, wife of Henry
LAVIN, Harry, 12 August, aged 7 mths (inf. John Lavin)
BURGESS, Mary Elizabeth, 14 Dec, aged 2yrs (inf. Richard Burgess)

McEVOY, John, 2 Feb, c.25yrs, Labourer
WEBSTER, Henry Edward, 28 Mar, aged 5 mths
GOULD, Elizabeth, 4 May, aged 21yrs (soldiers wife)
HARRIS, Joseph, 11 May, aged 32yrs, Servant
SIM, Jane, 28 Jul, aged 3mths (inf. John Sim)

PARKER, Charles, 22 Jan, died at Onepoto, aged 16 mths Inq BRAY, - nil (F), 6 Feb
WILLIAMSON, Charles, 11 Mar died at Cape Turnagain, age 31yrs, Inq. Farm Servant
GRIFFITHS, Christopher, 11 Mar, died at Cape Turnagain, age 20yrs, Inq. Shepherd
McQUARRIE, Angus, 5 Feb, age c.45yrs, Farm Servant
INMAN, Henry, 22 Feb, age c.31yrs, Farm Servant
PARKER, John, 9 Mar, aged 35yrs, (Sgt 65th Regt)
NOONAN, Peter Joseph, 10 April, age 3mths (inf. Peter Noonan)
GEORGE, William, 17 Nov, age 2yrs
DAVIS, William, 1 July, aged 37yrs, Boatman
DICKSON, Jeremiah, 3 July, aged 21yrs, pte 65th Regt.
HARDING, Marie Louise, 23 Oct, aged 1yr (inf. John Harding)

GOLLAN, Frederica, 6 Feb, 28yrs, wife of Donald
FANNIN, Julia, 3 Feb, 33yrs, wife of George Thomas
DONNOVEN, Hannah, 28 April, died in Napier, 6mths
GRAINGER, Hannah, 5 May, died Napier, 34yrs, wife of William
MARSHALL, Edward, 27 May died Napier, 36yrs, (Ex 65th Regt)
KELLY, Frederick, 4 June, died Napier, 6 wks
TAYLOR, Dougall, 7 June, died Napier, 6mths (inf. Thomas Taylor)
SKEET, Thomas Frank Ayers, 15 June, died Napier, 8mths (birth reg. as Frank Edmund Ayers SKEET)
LIMPUS, Edward, 19 May, died Waituhia, 1day old (inf. Charles Impus)
DONOVAN, William, 28 July, died Napier, 2yrs (inf. Richard Donovan)
HESLOP, Ellenor, 4 August, died Puketapu, 9 yrs (inf. John Heslop)
MUNN, Jessie, 18 May died Napier, 40yrs, wife of Daniel
HARVEY, Sarah Ann, 20 August, died Puketapu, 4mths ?, Thomas, 16 August, died Puketapu, 16mths (inf. John WILSON)
WILSON, Mary Ann, 24 August, died Puketapu, 30yrs, wife of John Wilson
McDONALD, James, 28 August, died Napier, 14mths (inf. William McDonald)
McROBERTS, Sarah, 13 Sept, died Napier, 20mths (inf. Richard McRoberts)
MASON, John, 17 Sept, c.40yrs, Whaler
LINGARD, Joseph, 10 Sept, died Napier, c.20yrs, Inq. Shepherd
AUSTIN, William Thomas, 30 July, died Kaikoura, 18mths, Inq.
THOMAS, William Ronaldson?, 8 Oct, died Napier, 4yrs (inf. Mary Thomas)
THOMAS, William, 13 October, died Napier, 25yrs, Settler
BARKER, Robert William, 4 October, died Napier, 3mths, son of Robert sgt 65th Regt.
YATES, Catherine Emilie, 22 October, died Napier, 7wks, dau of William WARD
ELLINGHAM, Thomas, 15 Sept, died Poukawa, 21mths (inf. William Ellingham)
EVINSON, Anne, 16 Nov, died Onepoto, 50yrs, Licenced Victuater (inf. Sam? Evinson 65th Regt)
JERRARES, Charlotte, 7 Dec, died Napier, 2mths, Inq. (inf. Thos Jeffares)
SMITH, Thomas, 14 Dec, died Waipawa, 8yrs, Inq.
TURNER, Daniel, 25 Oct, died Napier, 50yrs, Shipwright, Inq
ORMOND, Weston de Burgh, 31 Dec, died Maraekakaho, 1yr (inf. Frederick Ormond)
YORK, Charles, 5 Dec, died Napier, 30yrs, Labourer
HEATH, James, 23 Dec, died Onga Onga Stream, 23yrs, Labourer, Inq.

ORMOND, Frank Ross Isbell, 19 Jan, died Maraekakaho, 3yrs (inf. Frederick Ormond)
HUGES, Alfred Edward, 30 Jan, died Tuki Tuki River, 6yrs 6mths
SULLIVAN, James, 14 Feb, died Napier, 30yrs, Labourer
NEAD, Amelia, 25 Feb, died Napier, 25yrs
DOHERTY, Wilson, 12 Mar, died Napier, 5yrs
VILLERS, Ada Amelia, 10 April, died Petane, 4mths (inf. William Villers)
HAMLIN, James Francis, 12 March, died Clive, 5mths
GOLDFINCH, Sarah Jane, 10 March, died Napier, 8wks. dau. of Richard Goldfinch, Carpenter
ARTHUR, Andrew, 10 May, died Napier, 47yrs
PATRICK, Phoebe Elizabeth, 20 May died Puketapu, 12yrs
DAVIS, Fanny, 28 May, died Ngawakatatara, 3yrs 6mths
GAULTON, Catherine, 5 June, died Napier, 85yrs
RUPELL, - (M), 16 May, 1hr, inf. Purvis Rupell
SLATER, John, 15 June, died Napier, 64yrs, Tailor (inf. John Slater Jnr)
GARDINER, Louisa Abercrombie, 18 May, died Napier, 1yr
SEBLEY, Ellen, 24 June, died Napier, 44yrs
GARLAND, Thomas Benjamin, 18 June, died Napier, 15yrs, Clerk, (inf. H.L. Skeet)
GARLAND, Dorcas Kate, 30 June, died Napier, 20yrs (inf. HL Skeet)
MUDGWAY, William, 10 Jan, died Clive, 27yrs, Labourer, Inq.
HARDY, John, 23 Jan, died Napier, Pte 2/14th Regt. Inq.
ARMSTRONG, William Henry Frederick, 12 Feb, died Petane, 27yrs, Settler, Inq.
BOSTOCK, Thomas, 5 March, died Havelock North, Cook, Inq.
CLINT, George Leonivas, 29 June, died Waipukurau, 17yrs, Shepherd
MUNRO, - ,30 July, died Napier, 1hr, dau of John Munro
CARMODY, John, 4 August, died Napier, c.34yrs (ex Sgt 65th Regt)
TYSER, Emily Isabella, 21 August, died Napier, 46yrs
TAYLOR, Florence Brooke, 29 September, died Napier, 3wks
TAYLOR, Arthur Brooke, 1 October, died Napier, 3wks
GELDEX, Henry, 23 August, died Napier, 33yrs, Sailor
MATHERSON, James, 10 Dec, died Napier, 15mos. Inqu.
KINN, Richard, 29 Sept., 24yrs, Pte 2/14th Regt. Inq.
BURKE, Michael, 29 Sep., 21yrs, Pte 2/14th Regt. Inq.
MOSLYN, Ellis, 10 Nov, 22yrs, Pte 2/14th Regt. Inq.
KELLY, John, 29 Sept, 19yrs, Pte 2/14th Regt. Inq.
McDONALD, Campbell Donald, 22 Oct., 20yrs, Shepherd, Inq.
FERGUSON, Margaret, 28 Dec, 42yrs

NEWMAN, Isabella Desanges, 5 Jan, 3yrs 8ths, died Waipukurau
HAGUE, Lydia Ann, 11 Feb, 6 wks (inf. William Hague)
BENTON, Charles, 8 Feb, 50yrs, died Napier, Labourer
RUSSELL, Ebenezer, 15 Jan, died Waipukurau, 24yrs, Shepherd, Inq.
B?URWASH, Caroline, 4 March, died Napier, 40yrs
JANRIE, George, 3 Jan, died Petane, 32yrs, Grazier, Inq.
STEWART?, William, 14 Jan, died Wakaparata, 35yrs, Inq. Miller
BOOVER?, Emily, 8 April, 17mths
MURRAY, Annie Elizabeth, 20 April, died Napier, 13mths (inf. Thomas Murray - Harbour Master)
HARLAND, John Sandon, 7 May, died Manahuna, 33yrs, Veterinary Surgeon
YATES, George Gordon Noel Byron, 12 May, died Napier, 7mths (inf. William Yates)Printer
TAYLOR, Frederick, 30 May, died Napier, 32yrs, Sailor
HAMMOND, John William, 27 May, died Napier, c.35yrs, Ferryman, Inq.
BULL, William, 11 July, died Napier, 34yrs, Labourer
JOHNSON, William, 11 July, died Napier, 26yrs, Overseer of sheep station Te Kopanga, Inq.
PORRLES, William Plummer, 18 Sept., died Meanee, 30yrs, Licenced Victualer
SEARLES, Mary, 26 Nov, died Napier, 47yrs
VILLERS, William, 9 Nov, died Petane, 54yrs, Licensed Victualler (inf. John Villers, Publican)
SPEEDY, David John, 8 Nov, died Wainui, 8mths
OLIVER, - (M), 28 Dec, died Napier, 3 days - son of William, Bricklayer

JARVIS, Harry John, 8 Jan, died Clive, 7wks, son of William - storekeeper
WATTS, Sarah Ann, 14 Jan, died Clive, 16days, Inf. George Watts
WILKINSON, John Highfield, 26 Feb, died Wai, 28yrs, Storekeeper
FLEETWOOD, John, 24 Jan, died Havelock North, 45yrs, Pianist, Inq.
RABONE, Isabella, 17 March, died Napier, 8yrs (inf. Edward Rabone- Carpenter)
RABONE, Jane Susan, 7 April, died Napier, 4yrs (inf. Edward Rabone - Carpenter)
WILLIAMS, Annie, 10 April, died Napier, 19yrs
ARNOTT, William, 19 March, died Te Aute, c.35yrs, Labourer, Inq.
HAYDEN, Catherine, 29 April, died Napier, 6wks (inf. John Hayden - Carter)
MILLER, Thomas, 30 May, died Napier, 42yrs, Shepherd (inf. Peter Miller)
MACKY, Mary Robertson, 31 August, died Puketapu, 21yrs
BROWNE, Mary, 31 October, died Napier, 25yrs (inf. Alexander Browne)
McDONALD, Archibald, 18 September, died Napier, 34yrs, Ligherman, Inq.
Known as "Little Bill the Cook", 12 Dec, died Napier, 45yrs, Ship's Cook, Inq.

GILL, Charles Alexander, 2 Jan, died Napier, 11mths (inf. Joseph Gill - Publican)
FOUGERE, Emily Helen Florence, 18 Feb, died Havelock North, 2yrs 10mths
BARNABY, -(M), 6 June, died Napier, 6hrs (inf. Thomas Barnaby - Gaoler)
WILSON, John, 12 June, died Mangaone, c.35yrs, Labourer, Inq.
BRIDGE, Thomas Andrew, 20 April, died Napier, 26yrs, Chemist
REARDON, John Edward, 26 July, died Napier, 5yrs 6mths
MUNN, Daniel Marquis, 12 August, died Napier, 49yrs, Licenced Victualler
ROBOTTOM, -, 19 July, died Napier, 10yrs
ROLFE, John, 5 Sept., died Napier, 58yrs, Boat Builder
READ, Susan, 22 Oct, died Napier, 1 (or 11)yrs
MORRISON, Ann, 3 Dec, died Napier, 18days dau. of Thomas
BLAIR, John Malcolm, 13 Dec, died Napier, 1yr - son of Alexander - Master Mariner
GARRY, Frederick, 20 Dec, 7wks, died Napier

ASHTON, Catherine, 7 Jan, died Napier, 9yrs
BRETON?, Thomas Edward, 13 Jan, died Napier, 6mths
MARSH, Octavius John Blake, aged 36yrs, 13 Jan, died Napier, Ex. Capt. 65th Regt. Inq.
MASTERTON, Francis Caulfield, 10 Feb, died Napier, aged 14mths (son of J. Masterton))
STUART, George Edward, 18 Feb, died Napier, aged 9mths, son of George
PATON, James, 10 Feb, died Clive, aged 8mths
CARVER, Robert, 21 Feb, died Napier, aged 6 days (son of R.W Carver - Chemist)
TRASK, Hugh Lamont, 24 Mar, died Napier, aged 1mth, son of John Henry - Storeman)
DINWIDDIE, Elizabeth, 3 Apr, died Napier, aged 6yrs, dau. of Peter - Clerk
YATES, Francis William, 11 April, died Napier, aged 2yrs, son of W. Yates
LINDSAY, Stephen, 16 April, died Napier, aged 2yrs
SUTTON, William Frederick, 16 April, died Napier, aged 3yrs, son of J. Sutton
DALTON, Eliza, 9 May, died Napier, aged 3yrs 6mths
TAYLOR, Edgar Brooke, 9 May, died Napier, aged 3wks
GILL, Frances, 16 May, died Napier, aged 4yrs, dau. of Joseph
CONNELLY, Mary, 21 May, died Napier, aged 5mths, dau. of Patrick
HAWKINS, Frances, 19 June, died Tutaekuri, aged 4yrs
BARCLAY, Mary, (Ex. Montrose, SCT) 28th May, died Napier, aged 32yrs (inf. Peter Barclay(husband)-minister of St Paul's Presby Church)
HIBBINS, Eugene, 21st June, died Napier, aged 57yrs, Shepherd
WEBB, Frederick Arthur, 1st May, died Napier, aged 12mths (inf. A.E. Webb - Clerk land office)
MURRAY, Thomas, 8th Sept. died Napier, aged 45yrs, Harbour Master (inf. Thomas MURRAY, Pilot Service)
MARTIN, Arthur Leonard, 29th August, died Meanee, 45yrs, Settler?or Seller?
CHARLTON, - (M), 18th Oct. died Tuki Tuki, 1 Day
HALLASEY, Michael, 23rd Oct. died Meanee, aged 9mths
PEACOCK, Isabella, 5th Oct. died Meanee, aged 6mths, dau. of Gavin
SHAW, Cartwright Langley, 22nd Nov, died Havelock North, aged 5mths, son of W.H
LYNDON, Percy Edward, 1st Sept. died Napier, aged 13mths, son of J.W. Lyndon

YATES, Frederick William, 2nd Jan, died Napier, aged 6mths (inf. W.W. Yates - clerk)
FIELDER, John Hamilton Francis, 24th Jan, died Napier, aged 11mths, son of J.B. -Bailiff H M Court
FERGUSON, James B., 18th Jan. died Napier, aged 58yrs, Gentleman
MARSHALL, Maria, 3rd March, died Napier, 34days
WIGGINS, Ellinor, 20th Feb, died Napier, aged 68yrs (inf. William Wiggins - Policeman)
PRICE, Laura Marthanna, 7th April, died Napier, aged 12mths
UTTLEY, George Joseph, 12 April, died Napier, aged 14mths, son of G.J - Carpenter
ROBJOHNS, John Nelson, 14 April, died Napier, aged 6mths, (inf. John Robjohns - Merchant)
MONTEITH, George Dalrymple, 1st May, died Napier, aged 33yrs, clerk
MILLER, John Alexander, 2nd May, died Napier, aged 16mths
GOLDFINCH, Richard George, 21st May, died Napier, aged 2yrs 6mths, (inf. Richard Goldfinch - Carpenter)
LEE, Harry George, 30th June, died Napier, aged 10mths (inf. Edward Lee - Solicitor)
TAYLOR, Alice Brooke, 11th July, died Napier, aged 13wks
FLANAGAN, Mary Ann, 14th July, died Napier, aged 36yrs
TODD, William, 28th June, died Meanee, aged 2mths (inf. Alexander Todd - Carpenter)
BELL, John, 25th July, died Napier, aged 2mths
UTTLEY, John Bealey, 7th Sept. died Napier, aged 6mths, son of G.J
PILCHER, Alice, 3rd Sept. died Napier, aged 8yrs
CATCHPOOL, Ann Margaret, 20th Sept. died Napier, aged 59yrs
WILLIAMSON, Thomas, 6th Sept. died Puketapu, aged 69yrs, Publican, Inq.
CURTIS, Simon, 2nd Nov, died Napier, aged 57yrs, Labourer
YATES, Emily, 6th Nov, died Napier, aged 36yrs (inf. W.W. Yates - Clerk)
NELSON, John, 29th Nov, died Napier, aged 55yrs, Shipwright
WANE, Robert, 4th Dec, died Napier, aged 25yrs, Carpenter
SCHON, Karen Maria, 11th Dec, died Napier, aged 16wks (inf. Thomas Schou - Master Mariner)
WALLACE, Matilda, 28th Dec, aged 28yrs

SUTTON, Frederick Arthur, 2nd Jan, died Napier, aged 2.5wks, son of T. - Storekeeper
BROWN, Thomas Robert Macdonald, 18th Jan, died Meanee, aged 9mths, son of James - Fellmonger
CORRY, Agnes Annie, 26th Jan, died Napier, aged 9mths, dau. of John - Carpenter
HARDIE, Agnes Daw?, 25th Jan, died Puketapu, aged 13mths
LAWSON, Andrew Hugh, 13th Jan, died Napier, aged 9mths, son of Andrew - Military Settler
FREEMAN, William Thomas, 22nd Jan, died Napier, aged 2mths
WARD, Ellen Matilda, 7th Feb, died Napier, aged 6mths, dau. of John Young - Accountant
McCREEDY, Mary Jane, 11th Feb, died Napier, aged 6mths,(inf. John McCreedy - Sgt Military Settler)
FIELDER, Francis Joseph, 7th Feb, died Napier, aged 5mths
TUXFORD, Mary Maude, 12th Feb, died Napier, aged 9mths, dau. of Franklin - Storekeeper)
CORNIOLLY?, John, 11th Feb, died Napier, aged 32yrs, Military Settler
DAVIDSON, John Alexander, 31st Jan, died Napier aged 5mths
COOPER, John, 31st Jan, died Havelock North, aged 9mths
STEWART, James, 25th Feb, died Napier, aged 60yrs - Licenced Victualler
BOYD, Elizabeth, 27th Feb, died Napier, aged 2wks
WILLIAMS, Sarah, 18th Feb, died Napier, aged 50yrs - Nurse
CATHERALL, Helena, 6th March, died Napier, aged 6mths
ALGAR, Fanny, 4th March, died Napier, aged 4days
COLLINGE, Francis, 18th March, died Puketapu, aged 13mths (inf. John Collinge - Farmer)
PILKINGTON, James, 17th Feb, died Napier, aged 50yrs. Pvt Ex. 65th Regiment. Inq.
WALLACE, Margaret Maria, 27th Feb, died Napier, aged 5mths
McKAY, - (F), 10th March, died Napier, aged 5 days
McKAY, Margaret, 14th Mar, died Napier, aged 25yrs
BRADLY, -(F), 13th March, died Meanee, aged 2.5yrs
FRANCE, Henrietta Jane, 18th March, died Meanee, aged 6mths
CUDENHEAD, alias SMITH Peter, 13th March, died H B, Master of Cutter 'Duncan Caweron?', Inq.
PARKER, Helen, 20th March, died Napier, aged 9mths
MOODY, James, 26th March, died Napier, aged 22yrs, Brickmaker
WHITE, Christine, 10 Jan. died at sea (inf. J.H McKenzie - Master of the 'Montmoreneg')
STANFORD, Thomas Albert, 11 Feb, died at sea (inf J.H McKenzie - Master of the 'Montmoreneg')
FORTZES, Adelaide Ellen, 9th March, died at sea (inf J.H. McKenzie - Master of the 'Montmoreneg')
O'BRIEN, Catherina, 13th March, died at sea (inf J.H. McKenzie - Master of the 'Montmoreneg')
BATESON, John Moses, 13th June, died Napier, aged 32yrs, Surgeon (inf Cor)
LANGTRY?, Robert, 29th April, died Napier, aged 28yrs, Ex. Lieut 2/14th Regt.
ELKINIFEN?, Arthur, 3rd May, died Napier, aged 28yrs, Deputy Asst. Commissury General
BURSTON, William John, 5th May, died Meanee, infant (inf. Henry Burston - Smith)
CHASE, Fanny, 10th June, died Clive, aged 3mths
MITCHELL, William Alfred, 8th June, died Napier, aged 3.5yrs, son of A.
SHEPHERD, Thomas, 5th June, died Napier, aged 40yrs, Carpenter
RIGBY, Henry, 2nd July, died Eskdale, aged 10yrs
ORR, Margaret Malcolm, 3rd July, died Napier, aged 20yrs (inf. William Orr - Farmer)
McCONNACHIE, Annie, 26th July, died Napier, aged 8yrs
LAVERY, William John Eden, 25th July, died Napier, aged 1.5yrs, son of James - Carpenter
GLACKIN, Patrick, 11 July, died Napier, aged 26yrs, Labourer
CALDWELL, Oswald Arthur, 2nd August, died Clive, aged 10mths, son of Samuel - Licenced Vitualler
McCREEDY, Alfred John James, 12th August, died Napier, aged 3yrs
ORR, Thomas, 19th August, died Napier, aged 29yrs, Clerk (inf. William Orr - Farmer)
KNOWLES, Charlotte Rosamund, 6th May, died Napier, aged 27yrs
LARGE, Ernest Hadfield, 30th August, died Napier, aged 18mths, son of J.S - Carpenter
LOZELL, Samuel, 23rd July, died Napier, aged 17mths
BROWN, Ellen, 6th September, died Napier, aged 32yrs
SCULLY, Gertrude Matilda, 17th July, died Napier, aged 8hrs (inf. Thomas Scully - Inspector of Police)
ROBERTSON, David Charles, 1st September, died Napier, aged 3mths, son of William - Blacksmith
GRAHAM, Anne, 14th October, died Clive, aged 30yrs (inf. Thomas? Graham - Policeman)
MORNEY, -, 16th Oct, died Napier, son of James
RENOUF, Winter Henry, 28th October, died Napier, aged 14mths, son of Henry
HICKS, Richard Henry, 21st Sept, died Napier, aged 3days
PATON, William, 3rd Dec, died Napier, aged 16yrs, Labourer
DONOVAN, Maria, 9 Dec, died Napier, aged 5mths, dau. of Richard
CLEARY, Thomas John, 29th Dec, died Napier, aged 4wks, son of Timothy
VAUTIER, Theodore Arthur Ernest, 31st Dec, died Napier, 16 days, son of John
MACKENZIE, Flora, 14th Dec, died Pukahu, aged 4mths, dau. of John

CURLING, Edward Spencer, 3rd Jan, died Te Kopanga, aged 52yrs, Runholder
ROBERTS, Edward 4th Jan, died Napier, aged 55yrs, Labourer
JEW, William John, 6th Jan, died Napier, aged 2yrs 3mths (drowned)
MORTON, Henry Luttrell, 7th Jan, died Napier, aged 42yrs, Publican
MILNE, Isabella, 7th Jan, died Napier, aged 2mths
HARRISON, Alice Ann, 10th Jan, died Pakowhai, aged 6mths, dau. of H.
PRINLOK?, Peter, 10th Jan, died Clive, aged 54yrs, Farmer
CAULTON, Guy Stapylton?, 14th Jan, died Napier, aged 4mths, son of Hapylton? Catton
KILGOUR, James Ernest, 16th Jan, died Clive, aged 4mths, son of Robert Jnr
RAMSAY, George Henry, 19th Jan, died Clive, aged 15mths
O'BRIEN, Margaret, 11th Feb, died Napier, aged 8mths, dau. of James
MURPHY, Annie, 18th Feb, died Napier, aged 8mths, (inf. Ellen Hunt - Aunt)
LANGLEY, Annie, 20th Feb, died Napier, aged 15wks, dau. of John
BRUNSKILL, John, 27th Feb, died Napier, aged 5.5mths, son of John
LEE, Alphonsus Joseph, 1st March, died Napier, aged 7mths, son of Thomas
FENWICK, John Richard, 29th February, died Napier, aged 1mth, son of Ralph Green
MARSHALL, Matilda Isabella, 13th March, died Napier, aged 11 wks
TORR, Maud Mary, 25th March, died Petane, 15wks, dau. of Thomas
IRVINE, Alexander, 26th March, died Napier, aged 45yrs, Merchant
WHITE, Thomas, 23rd April, died W.Clive, aged 8mths, son of John
CAMERON, John Angus, 24th April, died W.Clive, aged 3mths, son of D.
SEEENEY, Patrick, 25th April, died Napier, aged 40yrs, Labourer
PEACOCK, Elizabeth, 26th April, died Meanee, aged 19yrs, sister of Gavin
TANNER, Henry Silwood, 22nd May, died Napier, aged 7yrs
FRENCH, Charles, 2nd June, aged 76yrs
McCONOCHIE, Eliza, 8th June, aged 8days (inf. Joseph McConochie)
CULLEN, Mary, 14th June, aged 3yrs (inf. John Cullen)
BROWN, William, 13th June, aged 26yrs, Labourer
THOMPSON, William - alias PORNPAY ?, 17th June, died Meanee, aged 45yrs, Labourer
PEACOCK, John, 3rd August, aged 3days
FINUCANE, Michael, 31st July, aged 47yrs, Labourer
STUART, Daniel, 4th August, died Clive, aged 54yrs, Labourer
CROTTIE, John, 26th August, died Napier, aged 42yrs, Labourer
GOSGROVE, Edward George, 26th August, died Napier, aged 12days
BARDER, Elizabeth, 15th Sept, died Napier, aged 29yrs
WILSON, William, 24th Sept, died W.Clive, aged 2.5mths (inf. Isaac Wilson)
HARRISON, Valentine, 24th Sept, aged 76yrs, Settler (inf. Alfred Harrison)
CLIFTON, Kate, 29th Sept., aged 6mths (inf. Ellen Clifton)
BAXTER, Andrew, 27th Sept., died Napier, aged 60yrs
GILBERT, Stephen, 5th October, died Napier, aged 27yrs, Grocer
WILKIE, George, 7th October, died Meanee, aged 43yrs, Painter
ASHTON, Henry, 14th October, died Meanee, aged 7yrs (inf. James Ashton)
WILLIAMS, John, 16th Oct., aged 67yrs
POCOCK, William Henry, 18th Oct., died Napier, aged 10wks (inf. James Pocock)
CANLTON?, Handley Sterndale Cotton, 27th October, died Napier, aged 3yrs, son of T.C.
HERBERT, John, 4th Nov, died Napier, aged 10mths (inf Cor)
TORRE, Anna Helena, 30th Nov, died Napier, aged 5mths, dau. of J.J.
LARKIN, Elizabeth Sarah, 9th Dec. died Napier, aged 4mths, dau. of William
WILSON, Alice Sweetman, 17th Dec, died Napier, aged 30yrs
MCDONALD, Barbara, 27th Dec, died Havelock North, aged 2yrs 10mths (inf. Donald McDonald)
MAXWELL, Charles, 26th Dec, died Napier, aged 45yrs, Labourer

BOWER, Winnefred, 8th Jan, died Napier, aged 7days
ELLISON, Mary Beltai?, 7th Jan, died Te Mata, aged 20yrs
RUDMAN, -(Stillborn Male), 14th Jan, (inf. H Rudman - Father)
LEE, Ellen Maud Mary, 17th Jan, aged 6mths
GRAHAM, Elizabeth Ann, 22nd Jan, died Napier, aged 15mths
HOUGHALAN, William, 25th Jan, died Napier, aged 5mths (inf. Patrick Houghalan)
McLEES, James Nehemiah, 28th Jan, died Napier, aged 1yr, son of P.M
BRUNSKILL, - (Stillborn Female), 25th Jan, died Napier, dau. of John Brunskill
STEEL, Agnes Harriet, 20th Feb, died Napier, aged 3mths, dau. of John Thomas Steel
ROBINSON, Joseph, 28th Feb, died W Spit, aged 32yrs, An out pensioner of Chelsea H M 65 Regt fort
BRENTON, Benjiman Robert, 10th March, died Napier, aged 9mths (inf. Rob Brenton)
McFARLANE, John, 9th March, died Napier, aged 2.5yrs
KIRKPATRICK, Duncan, 21st March, died Napier, aged 15mths (inf. Duncan McFARLANE)
HENN, Mary, 29th March, died Napier, 15 minutes old (inf. John Henn)
CLAY, James, 5th March, died Napier, aged 27yrs, Labourer
WALKER, Margaret, 25th April, died Napier, aged 7mths
MABBETT, Herbert John, 12th May, died Puketapu, aged 4yrs 7mths, (inf. John Mabbett)
BAINFIRTH, Samuel John, 14th April, died Te Aute, aged 3days, son of Elizabeth FIRTH
BASLUFULD, George, 11th April, died Napier, aged 31yrs, Labourer
MALTBY, William, 14th June, died Napier, aged 47yrs, Merchant
CHARLES, Elizabeth, Jane, 29th June, died Napier, aged 8days, dau. of John
CONNOLLY, Margaret, 2nd July, died Napier, aged 6mths, dau. of Patrick
MONOGHON, Michael, 12th July, died Napier, aged 14days, son of John
BLAKE, Mary, Cecelia, 14th July, died Napier, aged 18days, dau. of Aua? H
EDWARDS, Sarah Vernon, 15th July, died Napier, aged 14mths, dau. of J
SMITH, Elizabeth Young, 20th July, died Napier, aged 55yrs
HARRISON, Isabella, 17th July, aged 15days, dau. of R
HARRISON, Hannah Dean, 18th July, aged 16days, dau. of R ,died Havelock North
CARR, John, 23rd July, died Napier, aged 44yrs, Pensioner
MARTIN, Agnes Barclay, 25th July, died Napier, aged 2.5yrs, dau. of John
GEBBIE, Elizabeth, 1st August, died Meanee, aged 81yrs, mother of Thomas
SIM, William Alexander, 9th August, died Napier, aged 17mths, son of John
WALDROM, Jane Mary, 10th August, died Meanee, aged 57yrs, wife of Thomas
WILLIAMS, Arthur Edward, 13th August, died Napier, aged 3mths, son of Henugh?
McGRATH, Arthur Edmund, 16th August, died Napier, aged 3minutes, son of W.
SEYMOUR, Eliza, 16th August, died Napier, aged 4mths
CONNOR, Margaret, 16th August, died Napier, aged 1mth
FIELD, Charles, 18th August, died Napier, Discharged military Settler
MURPHY, C, 20th August, died Napier, aged 2yrs
HOWARD, Henry Edmund, 17th August, died Napier, aged 3wks
COTTERILL, Alice, 25th Aug, died Napier, aged 14mths, dau. of Henry J
FRAME?, Henry Edward, 27th August, died Meanee, aged 7wks (Inf. Alexander Todd)
CLAREBURT, Frederick Charles, 30th August, died Napier, aged 10mths, son of John
ZABELL, Henry Thomas Alder, 5th Sept. aged 10mths, son of C.H
McCONOCHIE, Mary, 8th Sept. died Meanee, aged 3days, dau. of T
HEYTHUYSEN, John Williamson, 13th Sept, died Napier, aged 31yrs, Settler
HAWKEN, Clara Jane, 5th Oct, died Clive, aged 3mths, dau. of Henry
DOLBELL, Annie Isabella, 27th October, died Napier, aged 10.5mths, dau. of Richard
TOPPING, Ellenor, 30th October, died Napier, aged 33yrs (inf. James Topping)
DEEGAN, James, 28th October, died Napier aged 36yrs, Labourer
MARSHALL, -, 22nd October, died Meanee, aged 29yrs
TORR, Frances Joseph, 4th Nov, died Napier, aged 4mths, son of J.A
BURSTON, Henry, 8th Nov, died Napier, aged 42yrs, Blacksmith (Inf. cor)
HAMMOND, John, 20th October, died Napier, aged 35yrs, Milkman (Inf. Cor)
GOLDFINCH, Leonard Henry, 25th October, aged 14yrs, Settler, son of Richard
PALMER, Samuel, 22nd Nov. died Napier, aged 1 day, son of W.
DOUGLASS, Sarah, 7th Dec. died Clive, aged 29yrs
ANDERSON, Charles James, 7th Dec, died Napier, aged 33yrs, Settler, Inqu.
GILL, Alice, 17th Dec, died Napier, aged 2mths (inf. Joseph Gill)
WALL, William James, 7th Dec, died Kereru, aged 1yr 9mths (inf. Elizabeth Wall)

HANNAH, David, 3rd Jan. aged 48yrs, Master Mariner
SCHEENE, John, 2nd Jan, died Napier, aged 25yrs, Inq. A.C
McKENZIE, Ann, 1st Jan. aged 37yrs, died Pokahu
PRICE, Catherine Isabella, 11th Jan, died Napier, aged 1yr 5mths, sis of Francis W
MacKAY, James, 31st Jan, died Napier, aged 54yrs, Labourer
REARDON, Francis, 31st Jan, died Meanee, aged 5mths (inf. William Reardon)
RICH, George Ludlow, 3rd Feb, died Napier aged 4mths, son of Edwin
RICE, Mary, 3rd Feb, died Napier, aged 1 day
BRUDSKILL, Elizabeth, 31st Jan died Napier, aged 11mths (inf. Elizabeth Brudskill)
HARWOOD, Ellen, 4th Feb, died Napier, aged 46yrs
MARSH, Susan, 7th Feb, died Napier, aged 17mths, dau. of Herbert T
NOTT, Rosa, 8th Feb, died Napier, aged 7mths, dau. of Henry
AIKIN, Alexander Stuart, 15th Feb, died Petane, aged 43yrs, Farmer, Inqu.
JEW, Samuel, 14th Feb, died napier, aged 3mths, son of samuel
STUART, Annie, 19th Feb, died Napier, aged 9mths, dau. of George
BENNET, Elizabeth, 22nd Feb, died Puketapu, aged 29yrs
HORN, James, 26th Feb, died Napier, aged 35yrs, Carpenter
DOUGLASS, Theresa Murielle, 25th Feb, died Patawata, aged 4mths
BOWDEN, Francis, 11th March, died Napier, aged 48yrs, Club Keeper
LOPDELL, Emily Maude, 14th March, died Napier, aged 3mths, dau. of James
PALMER, William Frederick, 15th March, died Napier, aged 36yrs, Carter
FLYNN, Elizabeth, 29th March, died Napier, aged 69yrs
CLOUD, Mary, 2nd April, died Napier, aged 47yrs
HUDSON, William, 4th April, died Napier, aged 25yrs, Clerk
SHEPHERD, Mary, 30th March, died Napier, aged 15yrs, Domestic
PERRY, Edwin Devon, 13th May, died Napier, aged 30yrs, Shepherd
LORKIN, Ellinor, 15th May, died Napier, aged 24yrs
COLLINS, Thomas, 31st May, died Napier, aged 39yrs, Labourer
REILLY, Patrick, 3rd June, died Napier, aged 42yrs, Labourer
JEFFARES, Thomas, 1st June, died Napier, aged 3mths, son of Isaac
BROWNE, William John, 11th June, died Napier, aged 56yrs, Clerk H M Customs Napier
FIRTH, George, 13th June died Napier, aged 41yrs, Schoolmaster
HOOK, John, 14th June, died Napier, aged 50yrs, seaman
GILL, Joseph, 21st June, died Napier, aged 45yrs, Publican
KENSINGTON, Emily Selina, 24th June, died Napier, aged 23yrs
WILLIAMS, Charles Edward, 28th June, died napier, aged 4days, son of Henry
POTTER, Thomas, 13th June, died Napier, aged 26yrs, Butcher
LAMPLOUGH, Edmond, 13th July, died Tongoio Beach, aged 25yrs, Mail Carrier
WALSH, Joseph Edward, 8th August, died Napier, aged 14yrs
RAWLINGS, Mary Ann, 17th August, died Napier, aged 42yrs
PALMER, William Bantoffts, 22nd August, died Napier, aged 72yrs, Surgical Instrument Maker, Inf. Charles
CURNIN, William John, 30th August, died Napier, aged 33yrs, Farm Labourer, inf. Cor
HILL, May Florence, 9th September, died Napier, aged 2mths
CLAREBURT, William, 15th September, died Napier, aged 9mths
BUNYAN, Maurice, 24th September, died Napier, aged 29yrs, Ex 57th late attached to Armed Constabulary
POTTINGER, Elizabeth, 29th Sept. died Napier, aged 69yrs

For further burial records past this date (ie Sept. 1870) can be sourced (members only) via the New Zealand Society of Genealogists (please refer index page for their web address). If you are not a member - why not consider joining and gain access to their wonderful sources of information.
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