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Adventure in Lindau

Picture courtesy of Larry Elmore

Welcome to Lindau, where sunlight filters through the leaves and dapples the forest floor, and sometimes if you're quiet and still, you might catch a glimpse of satyrs giggling and running hand-in-hand between the trees. Where on moonlit nights, you can still see the fae folk celebrating their feasts and dancing until dawn around their bonfires, or playing among the fairy rings. Where dwarves' pickaxes and hammers ring in the clear frosty night from their mines and forges, and dragons' breath is considered the worst form of pollution.

In the dark of the forest, strange things lurk, mostly unseen but sometimes felt, and will-o-the wisps lead folks travelling at night on merry chases or to deep wet graves. Adventure can be found around many a corner, good fortune and bad always at hand waiting for the prudent or the foolish to choose them.

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Here is your adventure, just waiting for you to choose it.

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Adventure in Lindau (enter)

For Jeremy

Um, yes, I know that I don't have the second adventure finished today. It is about half written, and so shouldn't be very much longer. Happy Canada Day! and happy July 4th soon for all my American friends and visitors. Be patient; if you enjoyed the mage's adventure, you should enjoy the cleric's.
Strawberry,July 1, 2001

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