'Not In Our Town'

Hate Crime Prevention Project - Surrey, BC, Canada

'Not In Our Town" is a hate crime prevention initiative based in Surrey , British Columbia, Canada. This project aims to involve groups of local residents in exploring the issues related to hate activity (racism, sexism, homophobia, or any other form of discrimination that victimizes our community); to discuss their hopes for community, interpersonal relationships as they relate to 'diversity'; and to develop goal orientated action plans.

There are currently over 6 billion people on the planet Earth. No two are the same; diversity is a fact and a reality in each and all of our lives. The real question is how do we want diversity to manifest itself in our lives? Individually/personally and collectively? Clearly diversity can, and has resulted in conflict, division and hate activity/crime or, conversely, it can enhance the quality and beauty of life we each, and collectively all experience. The choice is 'ours', as individuals and as a community.

This Initiative will assist groups in articulating their shared vision of a diverse community, in exploring the issues/activities incompatible with that vision (racism, sexism, homophobia, and other forms of discrimination and other forms of hate activity/crime) , and in agreeing upon an action plan that will address the internal issues of the group and identify what contribution the group can make, no matter how small, to advancing the vision of a diverse, harmonious community.

Participating groups will be supported by Project staff and volunteers in implementing their action plans and in creating synergy between participating groups , and in renewing/replanning these action plans every 3 months.

To become involved or for further information contact Dave, Sepia, Kim, Dalbir, or Anita at:

Tel: (604) 596-4321 local 102

Fax: (604) 572-7413

Email: dave@options.bc.ca

Mail or drop in: 6846 King George Hwy.

Surrey, BC

V3W 4Z9

We look forward to hearing from you. You or your organization can become involved as a:


-advisory committee member






An Initiative of OPTIONS: Services To Communities Society, funded by the Attorney General of the Province of British Columbia.

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