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Everyone the site is moved to xoom on a ftp server now so i don't have those annoying adds for angelfire and i have as much space as i will ever need(some sections of the page are yet to be on xooms server so don't think its an error if angelfire adds pop up). I am pround to say that i finally have master html and ftp servers. Next on my list java script and then hopefully sometime in the future linux. Oh yeah, I updated the episode guide, the chat room section, and expect more to come once i get everything moved to xoom (notice that i also put up a new message board).


I added the fanfic section today!!! Also Simon_B and I have decided that we are going to merge with the Captain N Network. We our currently in the process of moving over to there server. It might be awhile untill I update the sight because of this. Once we are on the other server, Simon and I's section is gonna cover the classic captain n and n-finity and sparticus are gonna cover the new parts such as fanfic,fanart,comic books, ect.


Today I have worked alot. My good friend at Pokemon Palace created me a banner. Its the one that you see on the main page. I will be putting up a link soon as to how you can link to me. I got the message board up also. Its pretty nice. The chat room is also really nice, its a pain to register a name, but its still nice once you've gotten through that. I also started a Captain N web ring today. Its being a real pain. I am gonna have to put some time in to that. Also, if you would like your site to be a member of the web ring, contact me. Thats all for today, I have the whole week off though, so expect some more updates throughout the week.


It's official. I have the word that Simon_B is the new co-webmaster of Captain N: The Game Master. Also Captain N: The Game Master and CNN: The Captain N Network have become sister sites. We will share are information together in hope that we can become the central source of Captain N information on the net. Expect some huge updates coming soon such as the finishing of the episode guide section, the new music section, a new opening image, and maybe even a Captain N web ring. Keep on coming back to see whats new!


I just got the word that I am out of school all week!!! Well I got my icq panel up and the about me section. Expect a music section to get up soon.


Alright, I have some time off from school because of this hurricane so expect some updates. So far today I have gotten my counter and guest book up. Expect more before the day is over. Also, I am still looking for help with the episode guide section. If you can help I will give you credit on the page.


Got the page started!!! The opening page is looking pretty good I think. I need to get a counter and guestbook which I will probably get up once I have the time to worry about them :-) I also started the episode guide section which definetly needs your help. If you can help email me!