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N Patrol: The first capture

Note: This takes place 10 years after the series ended Lana is now dead. Kevin has longer hair. Megaman has a new body and is 5'7. And Simon grew out his hair. They joined the N Patrol with Samus Aran. The Patrol also has Chrono from Chrono Trigger with a wrist laser. Ness from earthbound with a laser gun. Kyle Rieger from earth with a laser bazooka. Duke Nukem with his weaponry. And Protoman. They are all adults now. Also videoland is under menace from a gang called the warp jumpers. Also Mother Brain is in permanent confinement and Dr. Wily has turned good and is helping Dr. Right try to save Lana from the shot she received. The warp jumper's leader is unknown. King Hippo and Eggplant wizard are now good and help the team some times. "Lets go Kevin the warp jumper went into Dr. Rights workshop," Kyle said. "Ok I'm moving I'm moving," Kevin Replied. They were going after one of the most notorious Warp Jumpers, Jimi "Flesh Eater" Walkins. Catching even one of the warp jumpers was monumental but catching one of the top 50 notorious warp jumpers it would put them on the way to heaven. They would be gods. When they got to the workshop he was gone. Right told them, "He opened a warp and climbed right in. It probably led to the warp jumper's hideout." "Ah Shit," Kyle said. "Kevin open a warp to headquarters I wanna go ok." "Ok dude." In about 4 secs they were back a head quarters. Everyone started looking at how dirty and bad they looked. "What the hell happened to you." Simon Asked. "You look like dog shit." "It looks like you got your asses Kicked man," Duke said. "We almost caught public enemy 37 Baby." Kevin said "Yeah but he warped out before we could." Kyle Said. "Good work Kyle and Kevin," Samus said as she kissed Kyle. They had an on and off relationship. "Thanks," Kevin said as they washed up then. Kyle walked over to the computer. He popped in the Master Pak, which had every game world beside the warp jumper's world on it and loaded it up. "Ok lets see where the is a disturbance." Kyle said. He looked in the NES zone, "Nothing there." Snes and N64 were the same. "Ok listen up Proto, Mega, and Chrono you have patrol tonight." Which meant they had to stay up all nite incase there was a disturbance. "Kevin and I are gonna go see Dr. Right and Wily anyone else wanna come?" Samus said, "Yeah I'm in." Simon said, " Yeah I need to see Dr. Wily anyway." Duke said "Nah I'm gonna play some games with Ness to see who's the real bad ass." "Ok," Kevin said as he opened a warp. The walked into the warp and were in Dr. Rights workshop. "Hey Doc," Kevin said "How's the treatment going." "We may have a way to have stop this from happening but it will take weeks to configure." The bizarre thing with Lana was she was still aging even though she was dead. "Yo Dr. W do you got the new attachment for my Bazooka that I ordered?" Kyle asked. "No in a few weeks." "Ok that's cool." "Dr. Wily do you have the Wideneder beam for my laser Gun?" Simon asked. "Yeah here you go." Wily said as he handed him an attachment. "Cool." Simon said. "Yo Simon wanna get in a game of Bloody Mercy live action?" Kyle asked. "Sure why the hell not." They went to the arena. "Bloody mercy, with one bazooka, and one laser rifle." Kyle said to the machine. The weapons popped out and the game began. The game was a hard game but Simon and Kyle beat 6 out of the 7 levels in the game. "Good game," Simon said. "Yeah a great one but we gotta go." Kyle said as he opened a warp. "Mega man sent me a message about someone terrorizing Final Fight world." They warped to headquarters and heard Megaman talk about how the attack started 5 minutes ago. Kyle, Kevin, Samus, and Simon had volunteered to stop the menace. "Ah Final Fight we haven't been here since Hagger had been attacked by the skull cross gang." Kevin Remarked as the patrol stepped out of the warp. Kyle was dressed like Cody, Kevin like Guy, Simon as Hagger, and Samus as Jessica. They walked over to Mike to see what had happened. It had seemed Jimi Walkins and PE 47 Johnny "Strange man" Jones had started a riot and ditched the Arena where it was. They were last seen at the subway. "Ok Patrol I'll open the warp." Kyle said then opened the warp. They wound up in the station they were all fighting the losers. Then Andre Jr. and Andre fought Kyle and Kevin. Then Kyle said, "He losers can you say dead." Then they whipped out their guns and shot them. They soon destroyed all the enemies and went on to Sodom he was dead quick. They kept on going and soon were on Rolento. Once they got their they Saw PE's 37 and 47. Jimi said as he opened a warp "Bye patrol losers," as he stepped into the warp. Johnny was following but Kyle Threw down his memory Pak and captured him. "Where is Warp jumpers world. Who is your Fucking leader? Tell us bitch." Kyle said. "Fuck you, you piece of shit." Johnny replied "Ok that's it give me the blade," Kyle said. Samus handed him a blade and started cutting little bits of skin. "Ok Ok I'll tell load my Pak in the computer that will tell what is our zone is." "Ok now who is your fucking leader." "I believe Mr. Keene knows 3 of them." "Huh why would I know them." "Well the ones you know are Kid Icarus, Billy Bayou, and Little Mac." Kevin said. "What the hell happened to them?" Kevin asked. "There was a kid named Steven Timothy Doyle who was brought here before you Kevin. He was supposedly the game master but was brought by Mother Brain. He was given cybernetic implants and killed 2 original N teamers. He joined up with mother brain and worked behind the scenes this was before Simon and Mega Joined up. Then when Mother Brain was put under confinement he went mad. Then in 3 years he Killed Lana and turned the guys into evil bastards." "So that's how Lana was killed." Kevin said "Yeah well that's the story." "We won't kill you but you will be under confinement."