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This page was last updated on 2 March 2000, at 09:05 GMT

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RVLC's Bamberg Crew Memorial Page

This page will be dedicated to all those who ride with us, but cannot feel the wind as we do.....

Guenter "Johnny" Schmidt

- 28 February 2000
Early member of Rhein Valley Legion Chapter,
and key player in Bamberg Crew.
Previously a member of The Bats MC,
and lastly, driver for the Lord Mayor of Bamberg.
It was a sudden illness that took him from us,
but his love of Harleys and riding that brought him to us.
A comrade, a friend a brother of the road!

Countless Veterans

Yesteryear - Present
Let us not forget all our
Brothers and Sisters who gave their life,
their limbs or their freedom.
We do not hear their voices anymore,
some are listed in black granite,
others as POW/MIA.
They will continue to ride along side you,
as long as you don't forget.
"Bring em home, or send us back"

then PRESS

Email: The Bamberg Crew

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