Why I Hate AJ

Why I Hate, ok Dislike AJ
Who let him off his leash?

It's very hard for me to stop disliking Mig the most, we've had a long history of hate, but after witnessing this years VMAs I've come to a realization, I hate AJ more than I could ever hate Mig. *Gasps* Yes I know it's a shock, but I've been avoiding this moment for sometime now, and I can deny it no longer. Mig just annoys me, but AJ is a nasty, stage humping, vigara stealing, balding crackbaby that annoys the hell out of me...Can you see the difference? No? Then to put it simply, AJ you nasty~! Here area few reason why I dislike AJ the most...

1.) *Shudder* Those queer tattoos.

He has 11 so far and not one is even close to decent. I mean what did AJ do, go into the parlor and say, "Hey, I want the tackiest design there is." Well, AJ give yourself a pat on the back, you've found 11 hideous designs that scare that living shit out of me.

Little Skank- "AJ has some phat tattoos~!" Bullninny, those things are hideous just like his face.

2.) He reminds me of a clown.

Perfect example of this was the Disney concert...the hair, the tattoos, the clothes....When did the circus get into town? God I hate clowns, therefore I DISLIKE AJ.

See...he looks like freakin Ronald MacDonald Pimp Supreme...hey is that like a new kind of Extra Value Meal or something?

3.) He's overly sexed.

If you start to find stages attractive and feel the need to molest them with your love button, then perhaps it's time to, SEEK THERAPY~!

Some find this sexy, I find it repulsive.

4.) He's beyond fashion victim.

This boy was beat with the fashion hideous bat. His tacky tattoos go hand in hand with his tacky hats and taste in woman. Amanda, tacky ass bitch? Hells yeah. I mean, no no, I uh, like Amanda?

Nice pearls AJ, I think my grandmother has a pair just like those...

5.) He doesn't sing, he screams.

AJ use to have a good voice, in fact his voice use to be my favorite, but now it's *Shudders* worse than Nick's. AJ, newsflash, when you're singing a ballad it's not a good idea to scream the lyrics.

AJ- "I'll never break your heart" It's not my heart I'm worried about, it's my eardrums.

6.) He sculpts his goatee.

The freak actually spends a half an hour everyday sculpting his facial hair. Does anyone else see how totally fucked up this is? AJ, words of advice, shave the goatee and just use a black magic marker instead, it'll look exactly the same and save you loads of time.

Trust me AJ, if you use a marker, no one would be the wiser.

7.) He's an Evil Balding Treasure Troll from Hell.

*Screams* How can you people think he looks cute? Ugh, he looks like this treasure troll I use to have. Well, actually he looks like it after I ran over it a couple times with my car, set it on fire, popped out it treasure gem, ripped out it's hair, and then colored over it with a black magic marker. But hey, the resemblance is there.

AJ=Nasty? Duh.

8.) He thinks he Latino.

Now before I get tons of email screaming at me that he said he was Latino, I have a little question for you. Can't he lie? Duh. That crack monkey is a white boy, don't let him fool you. If I were Latino and this guy was claiming to be Latino, wrecking my nationality's good name, I'd get Paco and Horae on his ass. Latino ha if he's Latino then I'm the Easter Bunny.

You can't fool me cracker, I'm on to you...

9.) He annoying as all hell

He annoys the shit out of me. The way he talks, sings, dancers, his hair, clothes, tattoos...it all annoys me to no end. Can't we just put him in a big box and bury him? Please?

10.) My God he scares the hell out of me.

All my AJ posters must be taken down because they scare the hell out of me. I wake up in the middle of the night and he's staring at me with his cocky ass grin, now that's some scary shit, and I've seen Chris. I have this huge poster of him on the back of my door, *Shudders* 69 tattoo, tacky but scary, dopey ears, funny but scary, clown hair, nasty but scary. *Cries* I want my mommy~!

Oh God, make it stop smiling at me~!

C'mon I don't actually hate AJ, I just don't like him as much as the other guys...Duh, it's called exaggerating.