BsB Funny Picture Gallery

BsB Funny Picture Gallery

Ok now before any of you little skanks try and steal these pictures I just want you to know that they=mine and if I see them on your webpage and I didn't give you permission then there will be hell to pay. Ya know it takes time to make these so KEEP YOUR PAWS OFF!

Look out RuPaul here comes Nikki. Just look at Nick strut his stuff...he's a natural cross dresser and I thought Howie made a good woman! They must go clubin together, in fact I could have sworn I seen them going to the Blue Banana one of Miami's many gay night clubs. Like I've been saying there's something going on between Nick and Howie, i.e. They=Gay Lovers.

Well Hello Kevin~! Gee have you been working out cause ugh your lookin fine. What's in the back-pack, your S&M equipment??? Oh I got ya keep it on the problem your secret's safe with me. All I can say is Yee Haw! HEY I KNOW IT'S NOT REALLY BUT IT'LL HAVE TO DO...UNLESS..."HEY KEVIN IF YOUR OUT THERE AND YOU WANNA GIVE ME A REAL PIC, JUST EMAIL ME ANYTIME BABY~!"

Oh Howie what happened to ya body??? You look terrible...don't worry I'll find the bastards that did this to you, they'll pay. I mean who would do such a terrible thing??? Oh yah I would....ha ha!

Yes, it is the Backstreet Boys, they just switched some features. Lets see...Howie and Kevin switched mouths and eyes. LoL look at Kevin he looks like Mr. Ed and Howie looks like a wife beating mugger. Now Brian and Nick also switched mouths and eyes. Nick looks an autistic little girl and Brian looks like this scary guy I know named Bob who chews on toothpicks and says "Turkey's Done!" ::SCREAMS:: Last but not least there's AJ. This is what AJ will look like next year.

Hee hee, I'm so mean.

Does this picture frighten anyone else?

Kevin- "Britney's not the only one who likes silicon~! And baby, I make this good good~!" ::snaps fingers::

Looks like Nick found himself a new hobby...


Poor Kevin, but I told him not to hang out with that crackhead AJ.

Hummm....I never knew the BsB shopped at Sears. You'd think with all the money they make they could at least afford K-Mart.

Ugh~! No thanks I'll pass...

Um, nice sign Howie....