Title: "The Vomit Tea Party" Featuring NTAP Split Release



"The Vomit Tea Party" (Oct 2021) Seralight Records

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The Vomiting Tea Party

NTAP - Nowthatisaprostitute

01. NTAP - Idio Diablo Pt. 6
02. NTAP - Gotta Move Gotta Die
03. NTAP - Floating History to Nothing
04. NTAP - There were no moves

Neurotic Carousel

05. The Scratching
06. Drunk Humpty Dumpty, bled out his rotten yolk
07. Idescribable thoughts, images and colors
08. Telepathic Mannequins

Bonus Mix Tracks:
09. NTAP - Mind Crush (Live)
10. NTAP - Candy Corn Bath Salts
11. Neurotic Carousel - Make the Clowns go Away...
12. NTAP - Untitled With No Exits
13. Neurotic Carousel - Dead Toys

.100% Vomit Approved music for the awesome! Gluten free. All rights reserved. (C) by Neurotic Carousel and NTAP 2021. Property license under Seralight Records. Austin, TX.

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Title: "Nightmares From Grinding Machinery"



"Nightmares From Grinding Machinery" Ep Digital Release (2013)

1. Cherub heals Amy

2. Katie's Doll House

3. Make the Clowns go away...

4. Magnetic Needles

5. Telepathic Mannequins

"Nightmares From Grinding Machinery" REVIEW : Here

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Title: "The Ghost Orb Light"


Title: "The Ghost Orb Light" Pro-pack Sleeve CD (with Art insert)

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Official Track Listing:
1. My Presence, Here Resonates..Eternal (Intro)
2. Beyond Twilight
3. Trance to the Spinning Blades
4. Pneumonia
5. Our Days (A Reflection..A Memory)
6. Ghost in a lonely Realm
7. Dried Pills of Lassitude
8. Mania of the Poltergeist

(Release Date: November 2008)

--Independent Self-Release

--Description: ""The Ghost Orb Light", is a full-length demo-album from compilations of all our oldest music we've made from our past sessions of writing and composing that we've decided to form into a musical album. With various combinations of style and sounds, a mostly dark acoustic ambient set. Operatic ghost chantings, clean vocals, to tortured muttered harsh screams and cries, held together with soft whispers of a cold night Siren; from the hypnotic atmospheric echoes that entice you with vibrant high octaves meshed into a type of somber glossy synchronization. Gripping you into the isolated walls of an amnesiac, to a faint baby crying somewhere in an antique Room with a random banjo playing chords to a person who just overdosed in a Hospital Bedroom. Faltering the continuous cycles of a depraved poltergeist wandering itself within its unknowingly prison in search to resolve the compensation of his or her own past life.

The Woman in the Attic Room calls out to the Spirits at night, as these restless Hauntings' in the darkened depths of shadows around her every corner unveil slowly. From Realms beyond our own; they find a new place to dwell inside and all around the listeners ears. Conjuring ghost orbs in the Lantern. One by one, as each tells a story. Neurotic Carousel's "The Ghost Orb Light", guarantees to throw you into a trance-like dream state. One in which you cannot so easily pull away or escape from.
--Credits: The Ghost Orb Light- Front
and inside cover art photographs taken by Mark Cavazos Trevino.
Back cover photograph insert by Kamil Kowalczyk.
All songs written by Neurotic Carousel. Published 2008. Copyright 2008 by Neurotic Carousel.
All rights reserved.

--Front-cover Concept: The woman in the picture is nursing the ghost orb. The spirit dwells inside the lantern. The knife she's holding is a guarded weapon of protection and the room they're in. She is in the upstairs attic. (See stairs leading to the attic on back cover). They are manifestations of the haunted home, symbolizing illuminations of a nurturing soul.

"...The Spirits must be heard..."

Genre: Dark Acoustic-Experimental Ambient Rock-

Haunting. Dark. Cold. Resonating. Somber. Operatic. Hypnotizing.

--NOTE: Art insert sheets will be given to those who purchase the cd since they are sealed but the sleeves are not packaged together. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Limited to 100x Copies

-"Within this atmosphere, these ghost orb lights shall guide us.."




-The Midnight Gallery (2005)
-Faint Whispers, Behind Glass (2006)
-The Ghost Orb Light (2008)
-Hospital Walls (2010)
-Nightmares From Grinding Machinery (2013)
-The Scratching (2021)
-The Vomiting Tea Party (2021)


Title: "Hospital Walls" CD 2010

--(Full-length CD - Shrink wrapped in slim jewel case)

--Independent Self Release

Official track Listing:

1. Mnemonic

2. Silver Symmetries

3. Hospital Walls

4. In this Sleep

5. Attic of Delusions (featuring Jenni Ramirez)

6. Escape Garlands

7. Breathless

8. Release the Ghosts

9. Mania of the Poltergeist (Version 2-Remake) *Bonus track

10.Broken Mannequin (Digital Album Only) *Bonus track

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--Neurotic Carousel's most traditional based release. Set as a Trio, with special female vocalist on "Attic of Delusions", Jenni Ramirez. A more Progressive / Alternative Rock sound, with an Ambient Dream-like Experimental rock based, turning point. Foundational tracks. Original Cover Art by Mark Cavazos. Creepy Clown peeking through silkscreen curtains. Dreamlike Psyche musical experience of The Mind and beyond. Front Album Cover and inside artwork photos by Mark Cavazos. All music Written by Neurotic Carousel. Excluding Demo-session tracks, composed by Mark Cavazos Solo elsewere. Copyrighted and Published 2010. All rights reserved.


TITLE: "Faint Whispers, Behind Glass" (2006)


Title: "Faint Whispers, Behind Glass" Ep (2006)

[Out of Print]

Official Tracks:
1. Lost in the Mirrorhouse
2. Ghost in a Lonely Realm
3. Lucid Webs
4. Wax Freaks
5. Embracing these Scars
6. A Room Inside A Mirror

--"Faint Whispers, Behind Glass" takes you into a trapped-atmospheric theme within the Mirrorhouse. Allowing the listener to travel deep into the depths of the Mirror halls and rooms, discovering what lies within and beyond their reflection. (2006) Self released Ep.

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"Faint Whispers, Behind Glass" REVIEW : Spirit-of-Metal



[Out of Print]

-Notes: This was an extremely rare demo only given and handed out to the audience that came to Neurotic Carousel's first live show, to the Halloween Performance in 2005. Not many copies were printed. This title was only a demo and completely self-released.

However, these tracks resurfaced on the "Tentorii Cerebrium" solo side-project and "Trance to the Spinning Blades" was featured on The Ghost Orb Light album.

Official Tracks:

1. Dead Toys

2. Agateophobia

3. Mercury's Clairvoyance of Epilepsy

4. Trance to the Spinning Blades

5. Horrifying Adrenaline Visuals











- Other Music Projects -



"Moth Shadow Silhouettes" (Solo Piano) Album by Mark Cavazos

Now available!

After a little over a year, Mark Cavazos finally delivers his first solo debut, "Moth Shadow Silhouettes" (Solo Piano), Full length Album - Winter 2017. Now available! Digitally released for sell on Seralight Records.




Tentorii Cerebrium >>>>>> ((?)) Solo Side-Project