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The Guys and Wives

Chester Bennington

Before Grey Daze, when Chester was 15 he played in a band called "Sean Dowdell and Friends" in which he was the lead singer. Currently the only existing evidence of this band is a 3 song tape that includes the following songs: "Painted Pictures" "Kill The Flies" and "God's Afraid".

Chester's siblings are children from one of his step-parent's previous marriage.

Chester's biological parents got divorced when he was 11.

Samantha gave birth to a baby boy, named Draven Sebastian Bennington, on April 19th, 2002. He is the couple's first child.

Samantha and Chester have recently divorced, (separated December 04 after eight years and two months of marriage) Chester had been married to Samantha ever since October 31st, 1996. Chester was 20 years old when he married Samantha.

Chester has a new girlfriend called Talinda Bently. (she is a topless modal for play boy) The discovery of this caused outrage and shock amongst a lot of Chaz and Sam fans and supporters.

Chester has designed some clothing for a company called Replicant, owned by Korn's Head and Orgy's Ryan Shuck

Somewhere around 10-14 Chester was into hip-hop.

Before Linkin Park, when Chester was 16 he played in a band called 'Grey Daze' which recorded two albums, 'No Sun Today' and 'Wake Me' until later breaking-up.

Mike Shinoda

Mike Shinoda AKA Michael Kenji Shinoda

Born: 11-Feb-1977 Birthplace: Agoura, CA

Born to a Japanese father and a Russian mother (who is reprotedly a distant decendant of composer Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky), Mike Shinoda was raised in the Los Angeles suburb of Agoura, where he resided for all of his pre-adult life. In his early teens Shinoda's musical interests found a source of encouragement in the person of guitarist Brad Delson, with whom he started to write and record songs in a makeshift studio set up in his home. Shinoda's first instrument had been the piano, for which he spent a decade studying both classical and jazz techniques, but during this formative period he added the guitar -and, eventually, rap-style vocals - to his repetoire. By the end of high school, drummer Rob Bourdon had become involved in their musical ventures; the trio formed the band Xero, and began to make a more serious attempt to pursue a career in the music industry.

After high school, Shinoda enrolled in the Art Center College of Design to study graphic design and illustration. It was here that he made the acquaintance of DJ Joseph Hahn, who, along with Delson's college-mate Dave Phoenix Farrell, was soon added to Xero's line-up. Shinoda eventually completed his college training with a degree in illustration, securing himself a job as a graphic designer right after graduation. It was just prior to this, in the final year of his studies, that the band (now called Hybrid Theory) brought in second vocalist Chester Bennington. Only one 6-song EP would be released under the new name before legal issues forced them once again to change it - and thus it came to pass that Shinoda and his bandmates ultimately were to inflict themselves upon music consumers as Linkin Park.

Throughout 1999, Linkin Park continued to expand their following amongst L.A. club patrons. This growth in popularity made a record contract an even more urgent concern for the band, and Shinoda was forced to juggle his college finals with talent showcases for various major labels; while the former obviously went well for him, the latter failed to accomplish any positive results until the year was nearly over. Several labels had passed on the privelege until, finally, Warner Brothers made the decision to add the young band to its long list of musical hostages. The first fruits of this unwholesome union surfaced in the fall of 2000 as Hybrid Theory, sporting a cover designed by Shinoda himself; before long the album had found its way high into the charts, launching Linkin Park as one of the most popular exponents of the so-called 'nu-metal' genre.

From the start Shinoda was closely involved in the techical aspects of the band's recordings, and over the subsequent releases that role continued to expand, with the singer tackling a fair amount of the production duties for the Hybrid Theory remix album Reanimation (2002). His musical role also evolved, and the sophomore release Meteroa (2003) saw him assuming a more prominent role as a guitarist. By the release of the Linkin Park/Jay-Z 'mash-up' album Collision Course in 2004, he had his hands in every aspect of the release, from performing and producng to mixing and graphic design. Production and remix work for various other performers (including The X-ecutioners, Handsome Boy Modeling School and Depeche Mode was also undertaken from time to time.

Father: Leslie Shinoda Mother: Kim Shinoda Brother: Jason Shinoda Wife: Anna Lovejoy (m. 10-May-2003)

High School: Augora High School, Augora, CA University: Pasadena Art College

Joe Hahn

Mr. Hahn will be making his movie directorial debut when he takes on China Miéville's "King Rat". Joe was given the book by his agent and he bought the rights to the movie in September 2003.

Joe worked on special effects for 'X-Files', and the short series 'Dune'. (This is IMDB)

"Remy" makes the introduction to 'Cure For The Itch'

Mr. Hahn has directed 9 music videos so far in his 3 years in the music industry. (Now A LOT MORE)

Joe came up with the idea for the One Step Closer video. It was filmed in an abandoned subway tunnel over 60ft under Los Angeles.

LP's most successful single and video, In The End, was a brainstorm of Joseph Hahn. The weather changes with each emotional change in the song, from a downpour during the chorus which is laden with heavy riffs, to a beautiful sunset during the piano near the end. The video features a flying whale named keiko (kee-ko), rapidly growing grass and moving statues.

Joe directed the video for Papercut also. It was released only in the UK as a thank you to their European fans. The video has many special effects, such as moving pictures, odd creatures, and overgrown fingers.

Joe helped direct and create the POA video for the single off reanimation. The video is basically a big robot war with a final fantasy vs. star wars theme. The video is quite possibly the most high-tech music video in history.

He has an alter-ego know as "Remy"

Joe has a recent girlfriend called Karen Benedict. She is NOT camera shy, as you will see in nearly every picture of Joe. It is said she will also be posing on the promotional posters for Linkin park. (Joke)

Brad Delson

Brad writes a monthly column for beginning guitarists for Guitar World Magazine. (this is not published in the U.K)

Brad, whether he means to or not, says "like" in between words A LOT. It got so bad that the guys threw in a "like counter" on the Frat Party At The Pankake Festival DVD when Delson spoke.

You can hardly ever see Brad without his cell phone to his ear when he's not in interviews, performing and obviously, sleeping. His cell phone has a conference feature, where he can have conversations with multiple people at once.

Brad claims to be a fan of Britney Spears, whether it's the music or her physical appearance, we may never know...

Brad always wears custom constructed headphones made by Mike and himself, which he says tunes him into the matrix

BBB stands for Big Bad Brad, which is he signs on fan merch and site posts

Brad went to Aguora High School with Mike and graduated from UCLA with a Bachelor's Degree in Communications

Brad is married to Monica. Pictures of her are very rare as she is camera shy. Information is also scarce.


Phoenix was born and grew up in Plymouth, Massachusetts until later moving to Mission Viejo, CA

After touring with 'The Snax' for about a year and a half, Phoenix rejoined Linkin Park in time to make it into the Crawling video

Phoenix was the bass player in Xero, Linkin Park's original name

Phoenix was previously in a band called 'Tasty Snax' until returning to Linkin Park a few months after Hybrid Theory's release. Mark Fiore from the retitled 'The Snax' is seen several times in 'Frat Party At Pankake Festival', Linkin Park's DVD

Phi is married to Lindsey (last name unknown)

Rob Bourdon

Bourdon was inspired to become a drummer after he saw an Aerosmith concert. His mom actually knows the drummer of Aerosmith, so Rob had a very close-up look at the band performing.

Rob has been drumming ever since he was 11. His first real performance was at "The Roxy" in Los Angeles in 1995

Rob's first performance ever was at a party in Grade 6.

Rob went to school with Incubus.

Rob was born in Calabasas, California on January 20th, 1979.

Rob didn't have to re-record any of his drum samples for reanimation, so he was appointed to listen to each track on the remix album and voice his opinions. If he didn't like it, he would say so, and they would change it to make it better. You could say Rob helped improve the album. Great Work!

Rob’s Girlfriend is called Susan, yet there is very little information on her.

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